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The Witch Weekly Project by Lori
Chapter 1 : 1: The Assignment
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1: The Assignment


“Hey, Roxie, Catherine wants to see you.”


I wasn’t really paying attention to whatever Jen just said; I was to busy being bored out of my mind. I stare into space thinking about what I would do when I got home, a nice bubble bath reading a nice adventure or horror book.


“Oy, Roxie, you listening to me? Catherine wants to see you.”


Hearing Catherine’s name breaks my trance.




“Don’t tell me I have to repeat myself again? I said-”


“I heard what you said; I was just surprised to why Catherine wants to talk to me.”


“I wouldn’t keep her waiting if I were you.”


I nod my head and slowly made my way out of my cubicle. Catherine, who is my boss, was quite scary, she fired reporters everyday because they weren’t good enough. I had worked at Witch Weekly for about three months and hadn’t really proved myself yet. That’s why I was afraid when Jen had said her name. I made sure my blonde waves were in a neat bun, straightened my skirt and tried removing wrinkles from my blouse. I quietly knocked on Catherine’s door.


“Come in!”


I slightly jumped; I hadn’t expected her to scream. I opened the door and there stood Catherine, she was a short woman bordering on her late forties; she was looking at the stories for the next issue.


“Roxanne, right?”


“Yes, but you can call me Roxie.”


I immediately regretted saying that because she looked at me as if saying why the hell do I care.


I cleared my throat and said, “Did you want to talk to me?”


“Obviously, Roxie, I do want to talk to you or else you wouldn’t be in here.”


Oh, crap, I’m getting fired I just know it. I haven’t done anything wrong; it could have been when I accidentally bumped into her last week. I had had too much coffee and was extremely bored so I started dancing to the WWN without knowing that Catherine was behind me next thing I know I elbowed her on the boob. She had given me a glare and left without saying a word, the rest of the reporters had found it funny but I was mortified.


“I’m sorry about last week, you know when I elbowed your, um, chest.”


I had expected her to go in a rage and tell me I’m fired but that didn’t happen.


“Oh, was that you? Didn’t know, well that doesn’t matter. Listen what I’m about to tell you is confidential and very important,” when I nodded my head she continued, “I’m working on an article that could make your career as a reporter.”




“Yes, you. You’re probably wondering why I chose you, well all my other reporters are on vacation, plus I want you to prove yourself. Are you ready to hear it?”


Again I nodded my head.


“Do you know who Oliver Wood is?”


“A Quidditch player?”


“Yes, my dear but not any Quidditch player, he is the most popular and hottest Quidditch player according to our readers. So naturally any woman would want Wood, but you are the one who’s going to get him.”




My voice actually sounded like I sucked in way too much helium.


“And if you don’t then you’ll be fired.”




“Honestly Roxie, have you not heard one word I’ve said? I want you to make Oliver Wood, Puddlemore United keeper, fall in love with you and learn everything possible about him so we can put it on an upcoming article. But you can’t tell anyone especially Wood, this could be the biggest story of the year,” she finished with a huge smile on her face.


“You want me to do the biggest story of the year?”


“Like I said I want to see if I haven’t wasted my time by hiring you, every big reporter goes through a big story before being trusted.”


“How am I-?”


“I can’t tell you how to do your job, just find him, make him fall in love and find as much information. Your not that bad looking, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it. Now I don’t want you to come in here your co-workers might see what you’re working on and I want this to be a huge secret. You can work from home and owl me the progress, well ta-ta.”


She practically shoved me out the door and closed it in my face. I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself in, how can I make someone fall in love with me because I’ve never had someone fall in love with me. As if in a daze I make my way to my cubicle, Jen immediately start interrogating me.


“What did she say? What did she want? Are you fired?”


Jen was the only friend I had that I worked with, but we were totally opposites she was day and I was night. She was crazy and I was calm, she was brave and I was total coward, but we were really great friend and we’re always there for each other.


“She just wanted to talk to me,” I reply.


“About what?” she asks


Should I tell her? Catherine told me not to tell anyone, but Jen will be pissed when she finds out. I want to tell her, I wish I could, its just I need this job and I especially need the money. I’m sure Jen will understand.


“She noticed that I was getting sick, and gave me a week off.”


“You don’t look sick; trust me I would notice if you were. What your illness?”


“Oh, a stomach bug. Yeah, it’s been going around.”


“Alright, then.” I can tell she doesn’t believe be but for once she doesn’t push about it. “Well, see you later.” I gather my stuff, which is basically nothing but parchment and quills.


As I walk out the only thing going through my head is how the hell am I going to get Oliver Wood to fall in love with me?




Hope you like it, reviews are much appreciated 


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