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Look at me by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend
Chapter 2 : Who do you see?
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Part 2

Who do you see

Rosabella waited impatiently for her knight in shining armour to appear. Well maybe she was giving him far to much credit at this point but she was beyond boredom and she needed to release the energy she felt surging through her body. Soon she was happily surprised by the kisses that crashed upon her lips. She smelled his cologne and pulled him close. His muscled body sent sparks through her soft one and they were both quickly lost in their blissful moment. His hands rode up her long skirt and she wasted no time to wrap her legs around his torso, giving him full access. A not so subtle hint and he had not problem understanding her meaning.

Sirius was happy right where he was. His lips upon the girls throat and he had longed for his passion to be satisfied. She moaned out his name and he smirked a little. He still had it in him, after all these years of secret meetings he could still manage to charm her.
“Sirius we should go further to the back, otherwise we might be seen” the girl whispered in his ear and he obliged, without hesitance.
They walked further back and found a tree to lean against. If only the tree had not been occupied by another couple.
“Reggie?” the girl said softly and Sirius face went cold as he saw the girl his brother was with.
Rosabella looked up to meet the eyes of Selena Greengrass. As she looked past the girl she could see the stone cold face of none other then Sirius Black.

Regulus released the girl in his arms and Rosabella had trouble standing up straight again, her knees had gone a little weak by the passion in her body.
“Well, well look what we have here” he said smirking at the girl that stood by his brother.
“aren’t you supposed to wait for the right man? The one proud pureblood your parents want to marry you too?” Regulus sneered at the now petrified girl before him.
“Isn’t she?” Sirius jumped in while pointing at Rosabella.
Rosabella looked up shocked and was at a loss of words.
“You have no business here” she said simply hoping both he and Selena went away but she had no such luck.
For a while she and Sirius just glared at one another, neither one quite knowing what to say or do.
Regulus and Selena just looked between the two, sensing the tension yet not quite understanding from whence it came.
“Regulus I’m sorry but you and Selena have to go, your brother and I have some things to discuss.” Rosabella said softly while holding Regulus’ hand making sure he understood she was truly sorry. Sorry their moment had been interrupted, sorry she had to send him away without a real explanation. Regulus just grumbled a little and pulled Selena along with him, back inside the house and to the ballroom where all the adults would be.

“Well if it isn’t saint Rosa” Sirius muttered still glaring her way.
“and you are one to talk?” she replied sarcastically as she stepped away from the tree and towards the lake that her garden was by.
“I thought you were to wait for the one you were promised too” he said and she just laughed a little.
“Yet the one I was promised too forgot about me long ago” she said knowingly.
“Haven’t you?” she added and Sirius looked away. She just had to remind him of that, of what he had lost the moment he choose to step up against his family.
“I haven’t, but I’ve lost all the chances I had when I turned 11 didn’t I?“ he replied looking at his shoes.
“According to my parents all ties made were broken the moment you were sorted” Rosabella said and he looked up quickly.
“And according to you?” he asked her softly stepping a little closer to her. She was so beautiful and he hated to think her character was so different. Yet she had proven time and time again that she was just like all the other purebloods. Still he never understood how she could act like that and still not be happy with her lifestyle. Her eyes never laughed, they never sparkled and yet when he had first seen her at the age of 10 only just learning to speak his language, he had seen that sparkle. It had soon left her eyes. Far to quickly if you asked him.
She felt him stepping closer and her muscles stiffened. She could not understand how he could be so arrogant and cocky when his life was so miserable. She could not understand how he could be so happy. And she knew he was. Every day she passed him in the hallways at school, she saw he was happy. Happy when he was pranking others, happy when he was loving others, happy when he and his best friends were just walking around. She could see it in his eyes. How could he, when his life at home was everything but a happy environment?

“It doesn’t matter what I think” she mumbled and again felt him step closer, his body nearly touching hers. His body heat radiating, making her feel weak.
“To me it does, it does matter” he whispered in her ear and she turned to look at him. To see if his intentions were true, if he was sincere.
As their eyes met, she knew he had been. And he knew just how she felt. Slowly he bent down and pressed his lips upon hers carefully.
She replied by slipping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. For a moment they forgot about everything and everyone. Like the world around them no longer existed. Like it all didn’t matter anymore.
She led him towards a more secluded area where she began to pull on his clothes.
He felt her passion, her anxiety and her lust. He felt it all as if it were his own feelings. And they soon forgot who felt what and who wanted it more. His hands unzipped her dress and let it slowly fall to the soft ground under them, before pulling her into him a little more.
“I want you” He whispered in her ear and she moaned as he bit her lobe slightly.
“I need you” she replied pulling him as close as possible.
“I..” he began but she cut him off.
“Shut up and kiss me” she said and his lips soon crashed on hers. No more words were needed. They both knew where this was heading to and both knew the other one wanted it just as much as they did themselves.

Long after they had finished, they were laying in the grass holding one another close as could be. Content with everything. Happy with each other.
Life suddenly did not seem to bad. It all made sense and was all good.
The real world seemed to have paused and waited for them to move again. But both were reluctant to do so. Yet both knew that they soon had too. Otherwise people would look for them and that would make everything worse. Rosabella was the first to move. She kissed him one last time and put her dress back on. He helped her zip it and then pulled small twigs and leaves from her hair. She in turn pulled her wand out and made her appearance a little more presentable. She then did the same for him, before agreeing that she was first to enter the room, he’d come later. He pulled her close one more time and then she was on her way. Their peaceful moment completely over.

As she walked into the ballroom, Regulus was quickly beside her misunderstanding her pink cheeks. Luckily.
“Has he hurt you?” he asked her and she shook her head.
“I hexed him” she lied and he smiled at him slipping his arm around her waist.
“How?” he asked her later realizing he had not seen a wand.
“I am never without protection” she said and remembered then band on her thigh.
“Good thing” he said and looked as his brother walked back into the room, also looking a little flustered.
“you did him good! He actually looks less arrogant” Regulus said and held her a little tighter.
“He could do with a little less ego” she said and he laughed.
“Yes that he could” they laughed a little more before biding goodnight, as he went home and she went to her room. Not forgetting her punishment yet hoping it would not be so bad.

“you captured a Black” William said as he strode into her room and she looked up in shock.
“I knew you had it in you” he then said and she knew he meant Regulus.
“up to your standards?” she asked hoping to sound obliging instead of sarcastic. And as she saw his face she knew she has succeeded.
“No punishment for you tonight, you have to look your best tomorrow” William said and she looked a little confused u at him.
“The Blacks are coming over, who knows we could switch the brother you have been promised too” he said and she smiled at him, hoping he would think she was okay with that.

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