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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 24 : Chapter 24 - Wedding Bells and Walking With Vampires
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Chapter 24 – Wedding Bells and Walking with Vampires 

Faith dropped and rolled off to the side, finishing in a crouch. She pulled the dagger from her holster on the side of her leather pants and threw it at the woman.

The woman, with unearthly white skin, blood-red eyes and long chestnut hair dodged the knife by tilting her head to the side so fast it was almost invisible.

Faith sprang to her feet launching herself at the vampiress who lashed out with her fist.

The two continued to fight hand to hand, punching and kicking each other.

Faith barely dodged a fist to the right causing the vampiress to smile, revealing a pair of pearly white fangs.

“Come on Faith,” she teased catching her fist. “You can do better than that.”

Faith rolled her eyes and threw her other fist into the vampiress’ stomach sending her flying into the wall.

“Well I knew that Mara,” Faith smirked back as Mara landed cracking the drywall and sending dust everywhere.

Faith pulled out her wand and sent a killing curse at Mara who had stood so suddenly the motion was blurred.

Mara took the curse in the chest but did not die seeing as how she was technically already dead. The vampiress simply doubled over in pain groaning a little.

“Now,” Faith said sending another killing curse now that she had the advantage. “We can do this the easy way,” she sent another curse “or the hard way.”

Mara groaned as yet again another curse hit her, this time in the stomach, but did not reply.

“Fine then,” Faith sighed summoning a crossbow.

She pulled on the trigger sending the arrow into Mara’s heart.

The vampiress screamed as she burst into a cloud of dust.

Faith walked through the cloud, brushing herself off as she came out the other side.

She walked over to a small safe that had been knocked over during the two-hour fight and blasted the door off with her wand. She crouched down scooping out something bundled up in a dirty off-white cloth.

She pulled the cloth back to reveal a silver dagger with a ruby embedded in the end of a twisted handle.

Faith wrapped the very valuable knife up again and slipped it into her back pocket.

“Fuck!” she cursed as she consulted her watch. She was extremely late.

Heading off at a run she weaved in and out of the Peruvian mansion until she was out in the jungle-like garden. She ran the path up to the iron gates once outside, she apparated to Gringotts in Diagon Alley.

She sprinted the steps getting a couple of strange looks, though she couldn’t really blame anyone, her hair was a mess, her leather pants scuffed and dusty, her black tank top ripped across the middle revealing a large cut and she was covered in more scrapes and cuts on her arms and face.

She sprinted past the main reception all down a corridor and down two flights of stairs. She made it to her office, locking the dagger in a safe and scribbling a quick note to the guy she shared her office with.

She managed to sprint back up into the streets before apparating to the Potter’s mansion at Godric’s Hollow, which Lily and James now lived in, now that his parents had dies two years earlier.

She ran through the gates and to the front door, wrenching it open and running headlong into James, Sirius and Remus.

The boys managed to stable themselves but Faith fell straight onto her arse.

“You’re cutting it close,” James smiled as he helped her to her feet. “Lily’s about to whip out an axe and start murdering everyone.”

“Yeah, problems in Peru,” Faith sighed brushing down her leather pants.

“So I see,” Sirius said. “You ok?”

“Pfft,” she scoffed. “Takes more than a few Vamps to do me in.”

They were interrupted by a screech.

“FAITH PORTER!” Lily shrieked.

She was wearing some sweats and a faded purple t-shirt and her hair was tied roughly up in a ponytail.

She was extremely red and looked just about ready to burst.

“I’ll see you guys later,” Faith muttered giving Sirius a quick kiss, with a lot of tongue. “Have fun at your stags night.”

The three boys bid their goodbyes and left the mansion. Faith walked over to Lily.

“So,” she sighed lightly. “What do I have to do?”

“Well,” Lily cried prepearing to spiel of a big list. “First you have to do a final fitting with your dress, then there is the last minute arrangements with the ballroom, then we have a rehearsal without the guys, then there’s the hens night, THEN sleep and in the morning we’re up at five for a quick last minute check over followed by dressing and hair and make-up. The boys are arriving back at ten so we need to be read by then, guests are coming at eleven so you’ll have to greet everyone and take them out the back into the garden. Ceremony is at eleven thirty; the photographer will do a couple of shots then the reception is shortly after in the ballroom.”

She said it all very fast and in one breath before inhaling.

“Wow,” Faith said. “Good thing I’m not getting hitched, it sounds like a total nightmare!”

“Well it would have been better if you had been here an hour ago when you were supposed to!” Lily scolded grabbing her arm and leading her up the stairs.

“Well I’m sorry I was busy risking my life whilst recovering stolen treasure in exotic places.”

Lily just scoffed and dragged her into the bathroom.

“Well you shower,” she instructed flinging a towel at Faith. “I am not having you get only what I can assume is Vampire ash all over the dress!”

She stormed out of the bathroom leaving Faith there to laugh to herself slightly.

“Ow!” Faith cried ducking out of Lily’s reach.

“What?” Lily cried.

“That hurt!”

“Well if you stopped moving so god damned much,” Lily muttered as she continued to pin Faith’s hair back in a curly up-do.

“Hmph,” Faith huffed.

“There!” said Lily stepping back and examining her work.

Faith’s hair was loosely pinned back in a bun-like structure with random locks falling out around her face.

Faith screwed up her face a little as she examined her reflection in the large gold-framed mirror in the bathroom that they were using.

“Right now the make-up!” cried Lily as she dug through a vanity case pulling out some compacts and a few lethal looking tools.

“Fine,” Faith huffed flopping back into her chair.

Half an hour later Faith was finished, with foundation, small tinges of pink on her cheeks, gold shadowing her eyes and some black liner and mascara.

“You’re as bad as G,” she sighed.

“How so?” Lily questioned as she began applying her own make-up.

“She used to make me play Barbie doll when she got new make-up,” Faith explained grabbing the large brush off of Lily and applying the blush.

Lily sighed and sat down allowing Faith to finish her makeup.

“Faith better gut her arse down here,” James muttered out of the corner of his mouth to Sirius as they both greeted guests.

“Yup,” Sirius muttered back, smiling as he showed an elderly couple to their seats.

“Ok,” came the flustered voice of Faith as she stumbled into the entrance hall. “I’m here!”

Sirius and James froze when they saw her.

Her dress was short and made from a gold satin with a tight bodice and flowing skirt.

She rolled her eyes and walked up to Sirius who was openly staring.

“You might want to close your mouth love,” she said tapping his chin gently. “You never know what’ll float in there.”

The day had been close to perfection. The ceremony went without a glitch, the reception was spectacular but even more so when Lily revealed during the speeches that she was in fact pregnant.

James looked as though he’d died and gone to heaven, picking Lily up in a bone crushing hug and twirling her around until she looked a little sick.

Everything was going well, that is until Faith and Sirius began arguing loudly.

“What do you mean two years?” he yelled at her causing half of the ballroom to turn in their direction.

“Exactly what you think!” she screamed back. “Two years!”

“But it’s two years!”

“I think we’ve established that!” she cried rolling her eyes.

“So you said yes then?” he yelled in a slightly quieter tone.

“Yes,” she breathed heavily.

“So that’s it then? Your just going to up and leave?”

“Not for another week-”


“It’s my life,” she all but whispered before storming out of the ballroom and into the night. 

A/N - CLIFF HANGER!!!!! omg! shudder, gasp! sorry, seeing ass how it is the second last chapter i had to. in case your a little confused with the argument at the end i wouldn't worry it sort of explains itself in the next chapter. ONE MORE TO GO! god this has been fun, you guys are awesome.

i think that i won't leave a note in the next chapter i'm pretty sure it will be over kill so i'll tell you now that the sequal is called Dirty Red Bandana and the first chapter is ready to be posted after the next one of this.

if i don't leave another note in the next chapter i'd just like to say: it has been great, you guys have been awesome. as i've said before i was near-wetting myself when i got my first review and then when i saw that i had one hundred reads i was ecstatic!!!!!! now i've had over 10,000 reads!!!! i mean are you fucking serious????? well obviously not but i sure as hell wish i was. hehehehehe. i love name puns.

i really do love you, all of you. a lot. seriously. for now though i bid thee farewell!! :o)

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