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Cultures Collide by Demonic Angel
Chapter 43 : Never Say Goodbye
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I'm not done having my fun so I'm not giving them back :P~

A/N: Before I get started I would like to give a big huge THANK YOU to my son 'Firewalker' for his time, patience, and support in me writing this. He is my biggest critic and has no problems at all letting me know when something sucks or doesn't make much sense. I love him more than anything else and to be honest I don't know where I would be today if it weren't for him.

Another Thank you goes out to Severitus,
without her posting the challenge my muse would have never have made a debut and this would have never been accomplished.

Many of you may not realize but there are close to 200 different 'Severitus Challenge' fics in the HP Fandom world, If you are interested in reading the original that started this all (even though she has yet to finish it...grrrr) you can find it over at '' titled "A Father's Sin" by Severitus. It is well written and we are all hoping she will finally finish it one day.

A final thanks goes out to all of you who reviewed, you kept my spirits up and helped retrieve my muse when she went into hiding on me when she sould have been working with me on my followup to this one. Well I believe I have made you all suffer through my babbling long enough....I hope you enjoy the ending to this story. Just remember it's not the ending to the series....BB, D.A

Chapter 43 - Never say

Everyone stood in silence and holding his or her breath while the only sound that could be heard was the heart monitor. As the seconds dragged on the beeps were further and further apart. Finally all anyone could hear was one solid tone.

Meanwhile in the room Severus just sat there staring at his son's body while people were giving him their condolences but he didn't hear a word that was
said, it was all mumbled noises. Dr. Butler then turned off the monitor and walked up to Remus and Dannie, "Tell him that I'll notify Poppy for him."

"Thank you doctor." Remus replied then he glanced around the room "Luv, where's Bria?"

"I saw her go out in the hallway."

"I'll go get her, it's almost time for you to leave."

"Thanks, I want to talk to Severus alone." she replied. Remus stepped out of the room as Dannie watched the others go up in small groups trying to talk to the man but he just sat in the chair starring into space. Finally she walked up to him, knelt down infront of him and placed a hand on his knee which caught his attention and he turned to her. "I know your already tired of hearing how sorry people are and...."

"Please don't say it."

Dannie just nodded and said, "Do me one favor."


"I heard stories on how hateful you use to be and I remember how you were when we first met. For his memory, don't become that person again."

"I haven't changed that much."

"Yes you have. You two were good for each other and he would be highly disappointed if you let your pain take over."

"I know."

"We'll only be gone a few weeks, maybe a month at the most but I'm only a letter away if you need to talk."

"You really should get connected to the Floo network." Severus informed her

"I think I have enough surprises for papa. I'm not quite sure how he'd feel if he saw your ugly mug appear in the fireplace. Although it would be quite
hilarious. Who knows, maybe when we come back I'll have it arranged."

Severus then glanced at the clock on the nightstand. "You had better go or the two of you will miss your flight."

Dannie nodded as she stood up then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek before she stepped into the hallway where Remus and Bria were waiting for her. "Aren't you going to say see-ya to Professor Snape?"

"He won't care if I leave, he probably prefers to never see me again." Bria replied

"Still go on. You need to, we'll be right here." Remus said.

Bria took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Severus looked at the girl then sighed as he rose out of his chair and approached her. He opened his
mouth as if he was going to say something but Bria was quicker, "I just wanted to say how sorry I am, I didn't mean to this to...."

Severus then surprised the girl by embracing her, "Sssh, don't apologize. Unfortunately this was bound to happen sooner or later. He hasn't had one year in our world where his life wasn't at stake and he has always run straight into it without thinking. I want to thank you for all that you did."

"What did I do?"

"You cared about him. If it weren't for some of your own little stunts, I don't think we ever would have really gotten to know one another." Severus then pulled back and continued "Just because you won't have all of us around does not mean you need to be causing your mum any unnecessary problems."

"Um, yes sir."

"Good, I will see you when you return." Bria nodded and the three of them headed down stairs to the waiting taxi while leaving Severus alone in the room with Harry.

Once down stairs everyone was still gathered in the lobby and while Dannie and Remus said their own see-ya's Bria listened to her friends tell her they
would see her at the ceremony and how they would owl her. Deep down inside the girl was still very uneasy about returning and felt if she could do anything to keep from returning then she would.

The two females then rode off in the cab while Remus headed back up to the room to help Severus pack up all Harry's cards and flowers. While they were boxing everything up one of the nurses entered, "I'm sorry sir but we need to take him down to the morgue."

Severus nodded and replied "What ever you need to do. I assume that Dr. Butler has informed your people of where they body is to go afterwards?"

"Yes sir I do believe he took care of that before leaving for the day."

"Very well, just make haste and please I ask you to keep silent."

The young nurse nodded and started unhooking Harry from the monitors when something startled her enough to make her scream.

"What is wrong with you woman? Do you not understand the meaning of being silent?" Severus spat

"" was all she could say before she rushed out of the room.

Severus then walked over to see what may have scared her as he grumbled "Of all the incompetent people in this world, we wind up with this..." he stopped instantly as he noticed a slight red glow coming from the boy's right hand. He then pulled up a chair and sat down with a puzzled look as he watched the boy's hand start to twitch.

"Sev, you do realize that the girl was young and has probably not worked with many deceased bodies." Remus stated before he noticed his friends face seemed to no longer show any sign of mourning but instead one of curiosity "Sev, what's going on?"

"Wait a minute." he replied as he picked up a piece of paper and pencil from the nightstand. Severus then wrote a note and handed it to Remus "Quickly, get this to Albus. I need for him to reply immediately." he paused. "Oh, if Miss
Granger is still here then please send her back up."

Remus hurried out of the room, down the stairs and towards the main entrance almost knocking down Sirius on his way out. "Remus, where are you going in such a hurry?"

"Something's going on and Severus asked me to take this note to Albus for some immediate answers."

"I'll take it to him since we're heading back anyway."

Remus handed the note to his friend and looked around, "Where is Hermione? Did she leave already?"

"No, her and Jamie are saying goodbye over by the elevators. Why?"

"He needs to see her too."

"What is this all about?"

"It's difficult to explain and we really don't have the time to now but you will see soon enough. Oh, make sure you stay there for a reply. He needs one immediatly." Remus then went around the corner to where the elevators were and saw the two children and cleared his throat to get their attention.
"I'm sorry to interrupt you two but Jamie your dad is leaving now."

Jamie looked down at Hermione; "I'll owl you and let you know what dad says about you visiting."

"Alright. I'll miss you."

"Miss you too." Jamie replied, "Uncle Remus, would you tell Uncle Sev that Draco is going back with us?"

Remus nodded as the two watched the boy leave. "Hermione, Severus has asked if you would come back up to Harry's room with me. He needs to talk to you."

"Um sure, just let me tell my parents that I'll be a little longer."

"Sirius is already taking care of that. Come along."

The two of them made their way back up stairs and Severus was surprised to see Remus back so soon. "Why are you still here?"

"Sirius is on his way back there now with the twins and Draco, he's going to deliver the letter."

"Does he know to wait for an answer and return immediately?" Remus nodded. "What about Miss. Granger?"

"She's right here." Remus replied as he motioned for Hermione to follow him into the room while Severus walked around to the foot of Harry's bed.

"Hermione, I need you to look away from us, and remember back to your first year at Hogwarts during the End of the Year feast."


"Don't waste time with meaningless questions." He started to rant but quickly composed himself. "Think back. At the feast, Harry had one of his hands wrapped up. Do you happen to remember which one it was?" Hermione was silent as she stood there and thought "Quickly child, which hand?"

"His right hand, why?"

"Why was it bandaged?"

"I really don't know he had so many injuries we never asked how he got each and every one."

"Did he tell you anything about the time he was in possession of the stone while he was down there with Quarrell and Voldemort?"

"Just that he was hanging onto the Philosopher's Stone and when Voldemort charged through him he fell backwards and that was how he was knocked

"Did he say which hand was he holding it in?"

"No but most likely his right hand."

"Severus what are you getting at?" Remus asked

"Was there any other way he could have injured the inside of his hand before you and Ron left him?"

"No, just some scratches and cuts on the outsides but nothing that would have needed wrapping."

"Have you ever seen the stone? Does it at all have a jagged edge or was it completely smooth?"

"I'm not sure, I've seen pictures of it but they were old and faded so I couldn't see the detail."

"Do you think it's possible?" Remus asked.

As Hermione turned around she watched as Severus motioned for Remus to stand by him as he showed him the boy's hand and how the fingers twitched as Severus ran his own fingers across the glowing palm.

Just then an intern barged in. "What are you all doing in here still? This room was suppose to be cleared out for the next patient."

"We're still here because your infernal machine was faulty. It said my son had died and now
look at him."

The doctor examined Harry then looked at Severus, "My apologies for the grief that we caused you. I don't understand but I will make sure that all our other equipment is fully functional."

"Well since we are no longer in need of your facilities I will be returning my son to his home tonight so that he can be looked after by our nurse on

"Sir, I understand how you feel at this time but due to circumstances being the way they are we will need to run some tests on the boy to find out what condition he is in."

"Tests? We have been here for a bloody month and never once has your staff once mentioned running tests on my son. Dr. Butler is well aware of our staff
nurse and if he sees fit to agree with these tests then he can contact her to make the appropriate arrangements. Now I suggest you go and obtain the needed paperwork that I am must sign so that I can take the boy home where he belongs."

"I'm sorry sir but Dr. Butler is off duty at this time and we have no way of contacting him."

"Fine then let me speak with your superior."


Meanwhile at the airport

"Bria just a moment. I need to call your Papaw to let him know we're on our way."

"Hurry up or we'll miss our flight."

"No we won't the gate is right there. It will only take a minute." Dannie then picked up the pay phone and followed the recorded instructions for her phone card. "Got the machine." she said as she waited for the message to end, "Papa, hopefully you'll be home this weekend to get this message. Nicca
and I are on our way back. We should be landing at the airport in about 10 or 12 hours, I'm not sure with this time difference. Anyway, I hope you get this so
you can come and pick us up. Love ya papa, can't wait to see you." she then hung up. "See, I told you it wouldn't take that long."

Final boarding call for flight 625 to New York and St. Paul, Minnesota. Was announced over the PA system.

"Ok you were right, lets go." Bria said as she grabbed her mother's hand and pulled her to the gate.

Dannie handed the tickets to the flight attendant as Bria ran down the passage to the plane. Finally when she caught up with her daughter she looked at
the girl and said "I never thought that I would see the day when you would be anxious to be going back."

"Yea well um, I just can't wait to see papaw again." Bria lied.

"Just remember, while we are just visiting the same rules apply as they did before. Also no saying one word to your papaw about Remus until I have a chance to talk with him first. Is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am." Bria sighed.


Back at the hospital

Sirius ran in the room. "Sev, I have Albus' reply," he said as he handed Severus the letter. Then he noticed his nephew's condition "What in Merlin's name is going on?"

"Thank you Sirius." Severus looked over the letter "Well, just as I though." he smiled.

"Would someone tell me what is going on here? He was dead we all witnessed it and now he's just sleeping?" Sirius ranted but was ignored.

"Severus, what did Albus have to say?" Remus asked

"Well as it turns out not only did the Philosophers Stone have a jagged edge but when they went to destroy it they found it was cracked ever further and a
chip of it was missing."

"Well what does that have to do with anything with Harry?"

Severus glared at Sirius "Do you remember learning what potion the stone was used for? When Harry fell while protecting it from Voldemort during his
first year he received a nasty cut on the palm of his right hand."

"So he could have gotten that from anywhere."

"No Sirius, he fell backwards while hanging onto that stone for dear life. Albus agrees that we have indeed found the missing chip."

"Imbedded in his hand." Remus stated.

The doctor then entered the room. "Mr. Snap?"

"Snape!" Severus snapped

"Beg your pardon, Mr. Snape, my intern has informed me of your intentions and as Chief of Pediatrics I must insist that you not remove your son from the hospital. We need to perform some tests on him."

"You incompetent oaf. How dare you tell me what or where I can and cannot take my son. You will not perform any such tests nor will you or your bumbling
clowns you consider caretakers step one more foot towards him."

"Mr. Snape, I must insist." The doctor stated.

"You must what? Well then," Severus pulled out his wand from his back pocket. "Petrificus Totalus." He stated.

"Sev you're going to have the Ministry on your ass now." Sirius said.

"I don't care, quickly gather up his things and let's get Harry back to Hogwarts." Severus said as he gathered Harry into his arms and took him back to
their home.

Remus thanked Hermione who was currently speechless, for her help then escorted her back
downstairs to her waiting parents "Mr. Lupin, is he actually going to be alright?"

"I'm not quite sure but I'll make sure Jamie keeps you updated on his progress. Do us a favor. For Harry's sake, don't say anything to anyone about
what you just saw up there alright?"

"Alright, but what about Bria?"

"I'll owl her mum tonight so that she can give her the good news since I'm not quite sure how she will take it." Remus smiled as he thought for a
moment "Of coarse I'm not even sure how Dannie's going to take this sort of news either but, she will be the one to determine how to tell her."


When Severus arrived entered the school he was greeted by a very tearful Poppy. "I received the news from Samuel and I am truly sorry." she then paused
to blow her nose in her handkerchief, "What are you doing with his body? I thought Samuel was making arrangements to transport him back." Severus ignored
the woman and started heading towards his quarters when she went to grab his arm but touched Harry by accident. "He's, his body is still warm. Severus what has happened."

"Ask Albus, I believe he may know. In the meantime I'm taking him back to our quarters."

"No you can't he needs to be in the infirmary so I can keep an eye on him."

"Don't get me wrong Poppy but, we have both spent the last month in hospital beds. He needs to be in his own room where he can properly recover in

"Severus I can't...."

"Poppy, I believe Severus is right. Welcome back my boy. How's he doing?" Albus asked as he greeted them at the main entrance."He's still sleeping but at least he has a pulse and his breathing is normal."

"Go and take him to your rooms then get some rest yourself."

"I doubt I'll be able to get any rest until he's completely recovered."

"I believe you'd be surprised it's been a month now since you've had a decent rest and I'm sure that once you are in familiar surroundings you will finally
relax enough to do so."

"I will be by later to check on him, I should also contact the Ministry and let them know what has happened."

"You've already told them of him dying?" Severus asked

"Why yes, of coarse you would think that with this child I should have known better than to by now."

"Poppy, don't tell them." he pleaded

"Severus I have to. They need to know that he's alright."

"If you tell the Ministry then the papers will be all over here and he won't have the peace he needs. Again I that you please do not inform them, at least
not yet."

"Very well. For his sake I won't say anything but, they will need to know sooner or later."

"Thank you Poppy." he said as he proceeded onto his quarters.

Later that afternoon Sirius and Remus returned to the school with Harry's belongings and after a short visit Remus excused himself and went to his own
quarters to write his family with the good news.


Hello Luv,

Although I miss both of you already I had no intentions on interrupting your visit with your father so soon, even though it will obviously take a few days
for the owl to reach you.The reason I am writing is because not long after you left the hospital something strange happened. Well it would most likely be
considered strange to you and Bria but for Harry the strangest things are the most normal for him.I won't go into detail on how or why for I will most likely start babbling and not only will this letter turn out to be quite lengthy but it may not make much sense. Even though this shorter version may not make sense as is but I hope you are sitting down as you read that I'm about to say.
To put it bluntly,Harry is alive.Yes love you can read it over and over again but the words won't change. It's too difficult to put into writing on how it's happened but Severus and I will explain it to the two of you when you
return. I'm not sure how to let our daughter know of this news so I'm asking if you will please let her know. She was so distrait when you left I hope that this
will cheer her up more than shock her as well.As hard as it is I patiently wait for your reply on not only how she took the news but also how your visit with your father is going.



He then took the letter down to the owlery and sent it off before turning in for the night.


Northern Wisconsin

Two men entered a small dome shaped house "Are you sure that Papa Jack won't mind us being here?"

"With the way the kids have been vandalizing the place everytime he's on the road I'm positive he won't mind. As long as it looks like someone is here then
they won't come around."

"What if he returns?"

"Don't worry he won't. Ever since Angel and Bria left he has been spending as much time on the road as possible. I haven't known him to be gone this much
since his wife was killed."

"That maybe fine for you to be here but what about me. You know he and I don't get along. He won't like the idea that I'm also here."

"As long as we respect his home he has no problems with you being here. Believe it or not he does like you."

"You sure wouldn't guess that by the way he acts whenever I'm around."

"That's because he was originally hoping that you would get together with his daughter instead of me." Robert stated as he turned on the television. "How
about if you get us something to drink while I check the messages. There's still a few minutes before the show comes on."

"Sure thing, what would you like?"

"Anything. It doesn't matter." he replied as he watched his boyfriend walk into the other room. He then walked over to the answering machine and scanned through the messages.

I am calling to inform you that you have...deleted

We will be in your area tomorrow to pickup...deleted

"You know, I really don't see why he has this thing if the only calls he ever gets are salesmen."

You have been preapproved...deleted

Call received today at 0800."Papa, hopefully you'll be home this weekend to get this message. Nicca and I are on our way back. We should be landing at the airport in about 10 or 12 hours, I'm not sure with this time difference. Anyway, I hope you get this so you can come and pick us up. Love ya papa, can't wait to see you."

"AAAAHHHH!! DANNY DANNY DANNY DANNY!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!" Robert squealed at the top of his lungs before he heard glass breaking on the kitchen floor followed by constant cussing. Robert then went running into the kitchen. "Guess what!"

"It had better be good news. We not have to buy Papa Jack some new wine glasses due to your squealing." Dan replied.

"Oh it is. They're coming home."

"What do you mean he's coming home. When? Do we have time to replace these before he kills me?"

"No silly not he, they, Angel and Bria. They are on their way home." Robert continued to squeal from excitement.


Robert then looked at his watch. "According to her message, about 2 hours I believe."

"Fine I'll clean up the glass and you go pop in the tape. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch Farscape. No doubt the two of you will be up all night

"I don't think so. Besides who do you think it was that got me hooked on the show with her talk of the leather test. Besides, we have two whole hours to talk on the way back."

"Well if we don't hurry and get going we are never going to get back here."

"Ok ok. I'm going. Just hurry up." Robert replied as he went into the other room and set up the VCR to record the program and soon after they left.


Over the next two weeks Severus didn't venture from his quarters at all as he constantly waited for Harry to wake up. During this time Madame' Pomphrey had hooked Harry up to an I.V. insisting that he was in need of nourishment of some kind and convincing Severus that although pouring potions down the boys throat would keep it from going dry, it would also endanger him of choking from them.

Although Severus hated seeing the blasted thing hooked to his son's arm, he caved in due to not wanting to risk the boy's health any further.

In the meantime Sirius had agreed to let Draco stay with him in Jamie's room which the boys were very thankful of since Severus was once again growing more and more agitated each day that passed. Remus had written numerous times to
Dannie but unfortunately the only news that the owls had returned with were the letters that he had sent out unopened. "Remus relax. There's got to be some
explanation on why she hasn't even bothered reading your letters. Ever think that maybe it's just too far of a trip for the owls that you are using?" Severus
asked while the three men sat in his quarters eating a small lunch.

"I did think of that at first but then I even used the same owl that delivered Bria's school notice to her last year and it still came back unopened."

"I told you before Remus. She deserted you once before there is no doubt in my mind that she has deserted you once again."

"Sirius, if I didn't just see you sit there and say what you did I would never have believed you could have become so cold. I understand that you are
still angry for what Pattie did to you and the twins but I would have never expected you to become such a bitter person over it." Severus stated

"Siri, you are completely wrong with your accusations about her. Yes she did leave me along time ago but we were still young back then and although we had mated we were unaware of our actual bonding so there were actually no promises made to one another like there are now."

"Then why isn't she answering your letters or trying to contact you herself."

"That is what has me worried. I'm afraid that maybe what happened to her mum has happened to her."

"Remus, I'm quite sure that she has not suffered the same fate. If she had then you would defiantly know it. Besides do you really think her father would
allow that to happen?"

"That's just it. Her father makes his living by being a truck driver that's why he wasn't there when her mum was killed and why she grew up in a foster home. He may not even be there to help he if she needs it."

"Well after she took that bite out of Lucius and how she has been known to stand up to me once in a while I'm quite sure that she is capable of taking care
of herself and nothing of the sort has happened. Why don't you talk with Albus. It's time to send out the supply lists to the overseas students anyway, maybe
he'll attach your letter with it."

"I already have spoken to him and he is sending Fawkes to deliver her notice this afternoon."

"See no worries then. If any bird can make the trip without any problems then it would be his phoenix and it most likely won't return until it received some
sort of reply."

"I know I just hate the waiting."

"I know exactly how you feel." Severus said as he glanced towards his son's room.


Meanwhile in Wisconsin

Dannie walked in the front door and looked around at all the decorations then at her daughter. "Thank you very much for decorating the place for me." she said as she walked over and hugged the girl. "Have there been any owls today?"

Bria just shook her head.

"I don't understand. I thought your father would have written to us by now, besides your supply list should be arriving any time now." Dannie sighed as Bria pulled away from her "Don't you look at me like that. I am not going through this argument with you again. What happened was not your fault, even Professor Snape told you that. You will be going back to Hogwarts with me no matter what so I suggest you get out of this slump your in and get ready. Your Uncle Dan, Aunt Robert, and Aunt Jenny will be here anytime now for papa's welcome home party."

"You smell of grease."

"I know, I was helping Jenny out at the restraunt today. I'm going to get a shower and get ready, I've already called for pizza and the delivery boy will be
here anytime. Here's the money to pay for the food." she said. Then Dannie headed upstairs to her room. Once up there she took off her ring and placed it
in her jewelry box then climbed into the shower.Not too long after Dannie went upstairs sure enough the pizza boy arrived and while Bria stood in the open door taking the food and drinks from the boy and giving him the money.

Bria then noticed the boy suddenly jump backwards. "Whoa that's a cool bird you have there. I
didn't notice it at first but he is really something. May I have a closer look at him?"

Bria was puzzled at first but then turned around and saw the phoenix sitting there. "Um sorry he really doesn't like strangers. I had better close the door
and get him back in his cage before he has a chance to fly away."

"Well maybe next time I deliver here I can get a better look at him." the boy said as she was closing the door.

"Yeah maybe." Bria replied then shut the door all the way. She then put the food on the counter and walked over to the bird. "Shoo, get out here before mom sees you." Fawkes just squawked at her
and held out his leg. "You would be harder to get rid of than those owls. Fine give me the letter." she then took the notice from the phoenix's leg and he still remained. "You aren't going to leave until I reply are you?" Fawkes just shook his head. "Fine then wait here and don't make another sound." Bria quietly
crept up the stairs and into her mom's bathroom and then returned to the room grabbing a pen off the counter. She wrote something on the supply list and stuck it back into the envelope along with the letter that arrived with it and her mother's ring. Once she attached it onto the phoenix's leg he immediately
disappeared. Good maybe now they will get the hint.

A few minutes later Dannie came down the stairs with a puzzled look on her face. "Were you in my bathroom?"

"No, why?"

"My engagement ring is missing. I know I put it in my jewelry box before I got into the shower but now it's not there."

"I thought you weren't going to tell Papaw about dad just yet."

"I wasn't going to tell him everything just yet but I was going to let him know I'm getting married."

"Well you have had a long day. Maybe you put it somewhere else by mistake. I'm sure it will show up sooner or later."

Dannie glared at her daughter but before she could say anything there was a knock at the door. "We will talk about this later." She then opened up the door
for her friends' arrival.


That night while Severus was sleeping in his room he was awoken by a loud thud then squeaking sound. Severus jumped out of bed wondering if the noise had happened to be caused by Peeves destroying something. When he didn't see any
sign of anything in his quarters being destroyed he then checked on Harry. As soon as he opened the door Severus was both surprised and happy to see his son sitting on the floor messing with the IV that was in his arm. "Don't touch that, I'll get Poppy to take it out of your arm. Let me help you back into bed."

"No, I'm fine, I can do it." Harry mouthed but no matter how he strained the words didn't come out.

"No talking for you. Your throat is most likely sore and dry." Severus said as he ignored Harry's protests and helped him back into bed. "I will be right
back." Severus then went to the fireplace in his sitting room and threw the powder in, "Poppy, I need your assistance right away."

"Severus, do you realize it's the middle of the night? What is wrong?"

"I am well aware of the time, I was startled awake myself by a certain teenager who is determined to pull that blasted needle out of his arm." Severus smirked.

It took Madame' Pomphrey a few moments to realize what he had just said. "He's awake? I'll be right down, do not let him touch it."

"Very well, just hurry." Severus stated. He then went through his desk and found the pen he had used at the hospital along with some paper. When he entered his son's room again he noticed Harry trying to pull out the needle. "Didn't I just tell you not to take that out? Poppy is on her way down right now."

"Why.." he squeaked.

Severus gave him the pen and paper. "I told you no talking, at least until your throat heals. I want you to write down what it is you need to say." he said
then sat on the edge of Harry's bed.

Why do I have this thing in my arm?

"Because we needed a way to make sure you stayed nourished and Poppy refused to let me pour anything down your throat. She actually thought I would try to drown you that way."

Nourised? How long have I been asleep and how did I get to my room?

"I'm sorry but you have been out for about six weeks."

Six weeks? Why so long? What happened?

"What is the last thing you remember?

Harry thought for a few moments Bria, Mione, and I were in the cave. While Mr. Goyle was holding Mione when he cast the Cruciatus curse on me and it
rebounded and hit Mione then some burning in my chest that I think Mr. Malfoy cast on me, there was also this lady there. I didn't see her earlier but I remember she said that mum would be proud of me and she then left with Voldemort. Bria and Mione, they're alright aren't they?

"Bria and Hermione are just fine. In fact Hermione is right now across the hall visiting with Ann and Jamie, and as for Bria she is with her mum. That
burning you mentioned as you probably know was Inner Burn that Lucius cast at you and the reason you have been our for so long is because I was stubborn and refused to let you die. I had you hooked up on a life support system for a month."

Life support? as in a Muggle machine?

"Not only a muggle machine but in a muggle hospital of all places."

"There is nothing wrong with Muggle hospitals" Poppy said from the doorway.

"No there isn't, just the incompetent oafs who run the bloody things and I am quite sure that at this point Harry will even agree with me when I say their way
of healing is to torture their patients." Severus replied as he pointed to the IV

Harry continued to write then tapped Severus' arm and handed him the paper. I'm sorry for flying off like I did without Uncle Remus. He was in no shape
to fly and I had to get to Bria before Lucius did. Are you still mad at me about that?

"No I'm not mad at you anymore, just like I'm no longer mad at you, although you did have us scared to death for a long time there and I was mad and blaming everyone else for it since I wasn't able to yell at you."

When will my throat be better?

Severus gave the note to Poppy at that time. "I'd have to say in a few days as long as you don't use your voice at all. I'll tell the elves that you are on a liquid diet though until you are better." she stated

Dad, that lady that mentioned mum, who was she? How did she even know who mum was?

"You don't remember her do you? Of coarse you wouldn't. You were very young when she moved away. In a way I'm glad you don't remember her, she is no longer the person she use to be. She was right though, your mum would have been proud of you for what you did, although that wouldn't have stopped her from lecturing you over it."

Madame' Pomphrey conjured up a pitcher of water and poured Harry a glass in which he started drinking right away. "Now Severus, don't lie to the boy. You
know that Lily was never one to lecture anybody, that was yours and Remus' jobs. Lily was the one who sang everytime the two of you would fight."


"Sing?" Harry painfully questioned between drinks.

"Do I have to use that tape spell on you that you used on Hermione?" Severus asked in which Harry quickly started shaking his head.

"Yes Harry sing. Whenever your parents got into an argument your mum had a habit of following him around singing something about a song that never

Harry put his water down and started writing again. How did he get her to stop?

"Your father had his ways up until seventh year when they had broken up. I had no way of proving it back then but that was the year that I treated the most
cases of food poisoning then any other year and everyone of them were from Gryffindor."

"Are you insuating that I was the cause of that?"

"No I don't but it's awfully funny that it ended as soon as the two of you made up."

"Well I am off to go back to sleep. I'll leave you two alone now. Severus, don't let him stay up too long though, he needs his rest."

"Good night Poppy, thank you for your help."

Is it alright if Bria comes by tomorrow to visit?

"Harry, when I said she was with her mum, I meant she went back to Wisconsin with her mum. They should be returning in a few weeks but when they do I'm sure Remus will want to talk to them before you can see them. We can't have you go scaring the poor girl."

How would I scare her?

"Remember when I said we had you on life support for a month? Well after that we had to turn off the machine and..." Severus took a deep breath. "the monitors they had you on had shown that you um, well you had died."

She thinks I'm dead?

"Unfortunately. That's why when they return you have to give her some time first."

Why don't you just owl them and let them know I'm not dead?

"Remus has tried but the owls keep coming back with the letters unopened. Don't worry, Professor Dumbledore has allowed him to send another letter to her with her supply list and Fawkes will be delivering it. She'll know soon enough."

"No she won't." Remus said as he walked in the room. "Poppy told me the news, good to see that you're back with us Harry."

"What is this, everyone just walks in whenever they wish at all hours of the night?"

"If Poppy hadn't been leaving I would have never stopped by besides I need to speak with you."

"I'll be right back Harry." Severus said as he left the room with Remus. "What is wrong?"

"Albus came by with this." Remus replied as he handed the letter to his friend.

Severus then opened up the envelope and pulled out the supply list. Noticing that there was writing on the back of it he turned it over and read it.

Professor Dumbledore,Thank you for sending the list of needed supplies for next year but I will not be needing it. For reasons I cannot state at this
time mom and I will not be returning to Hogwarts again.Please give this back to dad and tell him I love him.

Yours Truly,Bria.

"Remus, I don't know what to say. I'm at a loss here."

"Your at a loss? I want to know why it is that she's having Bria tell Albus about this and why she can't come to me herself and tell me. Hell the least she
could have done was to have replied to the note I sent her and told me in that. She didn't even open the bloody thing to read it."

"Are you sure she even got it?"

"Of coarse she got it. Bria even replied to the letter."

"No are you sure that Dannie even got the letter. If I remember right Bria was blaming herself for Harry's death and was contemplating on not returning."

"Then explain the ring."

"I don't know. Lily use to take her's off before bathing in fear of it going down the drain. Maybe Dannie thought the same way and somehow Bria got a hold of it during that time."

Remus started pacing "I'm not sure. It's possible but I need to know something definite. There are just too many possibilities at this time and I need an answer. Obviously for some reason she's not telling me anything."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to go find out myself what is going on here. If she's ending this engagement after all that we have been through then she's going to tell me herself and not drag our daughter into it."

"I take it your going to Wisconsin. Your not going to get lost on us again are you?"

"Yes I'm going and don't worry, this time I at least have an address on where to find her so I won't be lost."

"When are you leaving?""The end of the week."

"Can I go with?" Harry asked.

"What have I told you about talking? Get back into bed."

Harry then leaned all his weight against the wall as he wrote on the paper As you told me I have been in bed for six weeks now. I am sore and I need to
move around. May I go with?

"Harry, Remus isn't always going to be able to look after you while he's over there afterall there will be a full moon while he is gone and who do you think
will look after you at that time? Not to mention you have your studies to get caught up on if you don't intend on repeating your fifth year."

If there is going to be a full moon then won't he need someone to make the potion for him? I do know that it won't remain as potent as it needs to be if
you make it for him this far in advance. Which means you will also need to go with him since there really is nobody else that he would trust enough to make
it. As for my studies, my Herbology professor is already there, my charms professor is leaving, I'm sure Sirius won't mind helping me with DADA once I get back and since he needs the potion and you will be going there as well then you can help me with potions and Animagus studies like you promised. Besides with you leaving, where else would I go? I can't stay here by myself and I highly doubt if you would leave me with Sirius all that time. Your only other option would be the Dursley's and we no longer know where they are living.
Harry then tore off the paper and handed it to Severus while Remus read it over his shoulder, "You have to admit he does have a point there."

"Do you mind?" Severus said as he snatched the note away from Remus' view. "Harry, what about History of Magic?"

I can learn more about that in reading the book than I can from falling asleep during the lectures. Come on dad let me go with. Please?

"I will check with Poppy, if she says you are healthy enough to go with then we will see." Severus said as he escorted Harry back to bed. "As for now it's still the middle of the night and I know I have to get at least some sleep."

Harry then climbed back into bed and Severus pulled the covers up over the boy and as he turned to walk out of the room he heard Harry say in a soft but
scratchy voice "Goodnight dad, I love you."

Severus' chest grew tighter as he turned back around and approached the bed. He then leaned down and softly replied "Goodnight Harry, I love you too." then he kissed his son on the forehead before heading out the door and closing it behind him.


Starting on Friday I will start posting the follow up to this one....I've been working on it for awhile but I must state, the chapters will not be posted anywhere near as quickly as these were. I'm a single parent with a full time job....The only reason I had these done is because they were downloaded on my comp already from a different site that the story is located on. Yes this story is in fact a little over a year old and was actually written before OOP was released. In fact the last two chapters were written when I was only half way done while sitting at the drive-in opening weekend to see COS (I live in FL so it was still warm).
I'll probably start posting "Collision" on a weekly basis....warning for anyone under will be rated R and it will mainly be based on Remus and Dannie.
Thanks for reading
The one and only
Demonic Angel
(proud owner of Severus' loin-cloth)

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