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Finally Going Home by SeverusSnapeisMINE2008
Chapter 20 : I'm Going To Live!
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Chapter 20: I'm Going To Live!

Harry and Lily, who was under a Disillusionment Charm, were making their way towards Severus's office. They figured that he would be grading papers. But one thing they were not expecting was hearing Draco Malfoy's voice from inside the office.

"...I know, I wasn't supposed to mess with Po- your son, or his friends but, it couldn't have been helped." He said, sounding desperate.

"Really, and why is that?" came Severus's voice, low and dangerous. Harry almost felt sorry for Malfoy. Almost.

"I could hear Weasley and Granger talking about you, and Harry and how happy they were that you two weren't alone anymore (actually, it was more Granger saying that, and Weasley shaking his head) and that they hoped nothing got in the way of that." Malfoy said, obviously wishing for Severus to understand him.

"It does not matter, Mr. Malfoy, what you said was inexcusable. You have been warned countless times about using disrespectful names. I was not joking when I said that I wanted the Slytherin/Gryffindor House Rivalry over and done with! I do not care if you tell your father. How am I supposed to help you refuse Voldemort if you do not show any cooperation? And you can be rest assured that this little attention seeking tactic shall not go unnoticed. I am banning you from playing in the next Quidditch match. I do not want to hear any complaints. I am letting you off easy. You may go now." Severus told him, and Harry quickly ducked behind a coat of armor, as Malfoy came rushing out, muttering about 'Stupid evil, Head of Houses.' Harry knocked on the door, and he and Lily entered the office after hearing "Enter."

"Do you need anything, Harry?" Severus asked upon seeing who had entered.

"Yes, Dad, it is rather important. What if I were to tell you that I had come across a Potion that brings back a dead person, and I had brewed said Potion?" Harry asked him. Severus raised an eyebrow.

"Do I even want to know?" He asked suspiciously. Harry nodded, and took the charm off of his mother.

"Yeah, see I brewed a potion, and I brought Mum back." He said, looking at his father's face for any sign of anger. Severus was, needless to say, shocked! There standing, was his Lily Flower. The woman he had loved with all his heart and soul. Lily didn't look a day older than twenty. "Dad, you can say something now." Harry said with concern in his voice.

Severus shook his head, and looked at his son. "How in the world did you manage to brew a Potion as powerful as La Mort Renversee Potion?" He asked. Harry shrugged, as if to say "How am I supposed to know?"

"I have no idea. I just did what the book told me, and before you scold me, or yell at me, I would like to take this moment to say that I was going to tell you yesterday in the Hospital Wing. But, I had completely forgotten about. Also, if it makes you feel any better, I forgot to tell Ron, and Hermione." Harry told him. Severus nodded, and walked towards Lily.

"You'll understand, of course that I will need proof that you really are Lily." Severus said. "Okay, answer this question, when, and where was our first kiss?" He asked her. Lily smiled.

"It was our sixth year, and it was down by the lake where the roses bloom." She said. Severus smiled, and nodded. Harry sighed in relief.

"I can't believe that its you." He said softly, hugging her. Harry blushed with embarrassment as he watched his parents going all 'lovey dovey'. He shook his head.

"Well, if you two 'love birds' need me I will be going to go tell Ron, and Hermione. Also, I think I will inform Professor Dumbledore. And, we need to get Mum off the Dead List, and onto the Not So Dead List." Harry said, thoughtfully.

"Fine, but later, young man, we are going to have a little chat about this." Severus said. Harry nodded.

"I look forward to it." He said, grinning, as he walked out of his father's office, and to Dumbledore's office.

Severus looked at Lily.

"You don't know how much I've missed you." He told her, holding on to her as though she was his life line. "I'm sorry for not taking Harry at an earlier age. But I had serioulsy thought you had lied to me. I can see now that that was a grave mistake on my part, and I promise to make it up to both you, and him."

"Severus, I don't blame you in the slightest." Lily told him. "And I know Harry doesn't blame you either."

Severus ran a hand through his hair. "I know, but I wish that I had made sure. You should have seen the marks on his body when I had to take him to the Hospital Wing during the summer. You would have been surprised, I know I was, and I have seen worse." He said, shaking away the memories of the First War.

Lily put her hand on Severus's face, forcing him to look at her. "I know, Severus, I know. But now we can make it better for him. We can finally be a family. Together." She said, giving Severus a smile, which he returned.

"Gods I have missed you." He repeated, lowering his face to hers, and placing a gentle kiss on her lips. They continued kissing as they made their way to Severus's bedroom. (AN: I won't get into details. I'll leave that up to your dirty minds. HINT HINT WINK WINK) (A/N2: Aw man…I like dirty details…maybe I’ll add a few, this is a mature story after all winks)

Severus, more excited than he had ever been to hold the woman he loved. He kissed her tenderly, caressing her back with his hands until he found what he had been looking for. The zipper of her dress (A/N2: don’t ask me why she was wearing a dress) was being pulled down as she pushed the dress off of her shoulders.

Severus inhaled her scent; she smelled as wonderful as ever. They continued to kiss and undress as Severus led Lily to his bed. She laid down, looking just like she used to…just like when she had told him that Harry was his…he had not believed her then, what a stupid mistake…

He pushed that thought away and, with the deepest thoughts of love, laid down on top of her, kissing her neck and savoring her every moan. (A/N2: you can work out the rest for yourselves)

Harry quickly made his way to Professor Dumbledore's office. After saying the password, he stepped onto the stairs. Harry knocked on the door, and walked in after being permitted to do so.

"Hello, Harry, my dear boy. To what pleasure do I owe this visit?" Dumbledore asked, eyes twinkling madly. Harry smiled.

"Well, I sort of brought my mother back to life, sir. I'm not lying I found a Potion that could do it, and I brewed it, and it worked." Harry told him, expecting him to scold him or yell. It never came. "In fact, Mum's in Dad's office right now, talking." He added. Unknown to Harry, there was absolutely no talking going on in the room except for a few sighs of the words “Oh, Severus”.

Dumbledore smiled. "Well, Harry this is a pleasant surprise." He said, smiling and eyes twinkling like the stars. "Tell me, what Potion did you use?"

"I used the La Mort Renversee Potion, sir." Harry replied.

"Well, Harry that is one of the most powerful potions known to wizardkind. I am going to ask you to go see Madame Pomfrey, and have her give you a check up." Dumbledore said sternly.

"Alright, but if I start mistaking that place for my bedroom, no one can yell at me." Harry grumbled, as he got up. "Sir, I was wondering how we are going to get Fudge to believe that Mum is back."

"Do not worry about that Harry; I will take care of it." Dumbledore replied. Harry nodded, and he left for the Hospital Wing.

"Harrison Tobias Snape!" Madame Pomfrey said in exasperation. "Why do I even bother letting you leave? It's clear that you will just find some other way to hurt yourself, thus bringing you back here."

"Sorry, Madame Pomfrey." Harry said sheepishly.

"Well, what have you done this time?" The nursemaid asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"I...Uh, sort of brewed a potion to bring back my Mum from the dead." Harry said, briefly wondering if she would believe him. Pomfrey narrowed her eyes, and that was when Harry knew true fear. (AN: I've always wanted to type/say that)

"MR. SNAPE! OUT OF ALL THE RECKLESS, FOOLISH THINGS THAT YOU HAVE DONE IN YOUR PAST SIX YEARS AT THIS SCHOOL, THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST!" She yelled. Harry winced. Holy crap the nurse could yell! "I suppose you didn't tell anyone what you were doing, did you?" Harry shook his head, and Madam Pomfrey gave a frustrated sigh. "Well, let’s see what the damage is." And she waved her wand over him to see what the diagnosis is. After she was done, she healed the cuts on his arms. "Well, I suppose I can let you leave since there's nothing, short of being crazy, wrong with you." Harry smirked at this.

"I don't like to think of it as crazy, but more of being Mentally Unstabled." He said, as he headed towards the door. "See you later Madame Pomfrey." And with that he left to go find Ron and Hermione.

An: Well, here is the revised chapter. I like the one that my co-writer added. Don't forget to review.

A/N2: Isn’t this brilliant!? I like reading what Sevismine08 comes up with even more than I do co-writing it!

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