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Scarlet's Fangs by odd_profession
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6: Realizations and Detentions.
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Chapter 6: Realizations and Detentions.

A/n: okay so loyal readers and reviewers we all knew it had to come one day and I have made up my mind which way she’s going to be. Now to say there won’t be a tug of war battle going on inside her head… You never know what side she will wind up on. Well until the end but that won’t be anytime soon I hope. No I believe there’s quite a lot I need to say first! Ages just so you know I’m running them a little different. Scarlet 15, Regulus 15 Narcissa 15 Bellatrix 17 Sirius 17 Remus 17 James 17, Snape 17 (I’ll explain why he’s in some of her classes latter.) Lily 17 Lucius 16. Just thought you’d want to know.

Song: So I get inspired by songs to write. I thought I might tell you what song it was for each chapter. Feel free to tell me any songs that you thought of while reading this. I will post the song at the end of the chapter so I don’t give it away

Two days. Two day. TWO days. Two DAYS. TWO DAYS! Obviously, it was now only two days away from the holiday. I sat outside on the steps wearing a warm cloak and some thick robes. I was sitting with Severus who, to a very pleasant surprise was turning out to be a great friend. He told me a lot of what to expect next year. Harder classes, Aperation tests, ECT... Although when he was telling me all of this he kept glancing at the girl I meet on the first day. Lily Evens. At first I tried to ignore his casual glances, saying stuff like, “Oh, and how are you in my classes again?” even though I have been told a million times before it was because he was sitting in on learning how to teach. That’s what he wants to be, a teacher. But not only a teacher, the Defense Against The dark Arts teacher, which is weird because they all laugh when the subject brought up even himself.

“I’m sitting in on classes to see different teaching styles.” He said. He looked at Lily for a while in silence.

“You like her. Don’t you?” I asked. He quickly looked away. And coughed a couple of times.

“Who Evens? No. No way. Not a chance. She was just a friend, until I was in fifth year. But that’s it. Old friend. I don’t like her. Potter does though.-Stupid Aragonite prat, Potter.” He replied as fast as he could mumbling the last part.

“Hmm. Don’t Lie Sev, I can tell.”

“I don’t I swear!”

“Say what you like, I won’t tell though.” He nodded and switched the subject to a fish made out of Jelly. Our conversation carried on, quick glances from each of us to two Gryffindors, only being interrupted for lunch.

We got up for the stony steps, and pushed the oak doors open and walked into the great hall doubling over in laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Regulus asked as he came up behind us. Severus stopped laughing immediately. Now I wasn’t dense. I got that he liked me by now, and I liked him too. And that is also precisely why I can’t tell him the truth. We were just laughing on how we have unattainable crushes towards Gryffindors. And Sev was doing his Sirius impression by saying “Hey I know we just met but do you want to go snog?” in a deep voice and even though he was insulting one of guys I liked, it was still sort of funny.

“Chickmunks.” I spat out causing Severus to jab me in the ribs with his elbow. Regulus seemed not to see the little act.

“Chickmunks?” He asked. I could see this was going to be the squirrel conversation all over again.

“Yes, you see mentioned how cute Chickmunks were when their cheeks puffed up. And Severus, you see he didn’t know what they looked like so I well,” I puffed out my cheeks, “I did that. But for longer and he started laughing so I started laughing.” Regulus shook his head smiling.

“Tate, you have the oddest sense of humor.” I nodded, and Sev relaxed a bit. We walked over to our table, there was hot chocolate, and warm turkey sandwiches for the guys, and a nice bit of pork that popped on to my plate.

“Where are Bella and Narcey?” I asked. I popped a peace of raw meat into my mouth.

“They’re having a sister’s day.” Regulus said. He and Sev started to eat as well. The conversation wasn’t as easy as it was out side. I could tell Regulus was nervous and Sev and I wanted to talk about something we couldn’t.

“Narcey?” Sev caught my new nickname.

“Yeah, I think it sounds cool don’t you?” He shrugged and we continued eating in silence. I actually thought we were going to end that way and I stood up with Sev to go back outside when Regulus caught my arm.

“Do you have a moment?” He asked politely. I waved Sev off and told him I’d meet up with him later. I sat back down and turned to Reg.

“What’s up?” He gulped and closed his eyes, he sighed and then…

“Do you want to come to my house on Christmas for dinner? I mean if you don’t have plans. With your family. My mum said I could invite somebody and I know everyone else has plans so I asked you. Not saying you weren’t my fist choice. You weren’t a lat resort or anything. Its okay if you don’t want to-“He was talking very fast I barely caught the first sentence.

“Sure” I had to cut his misery short. “I’d love to. My family isn’t normally big on Christmas.” He nodded.

“Fantastic. You can floo over. You know how to floo right?” I nodded “Alright then be there around four thirty, five o’clock okay?” I was going to his house on Christmas! A boy invited me! He was grinning ear to ear as he left and didn’t even notice James and Sirius mocking him. Wait. Sirius. Sirius, his brother. Oh dang it I was so caught up in the fact I had forgotten about him having a brother a BROTHER who would be there on said day. Oh great.

I got up, my breathing now quite quick. I walked past Sirius and James (the later of which was sticking out there tongue at me,) and outside to Sev.

He almost immediately notice the look of horror on my face. He got a bit of a worried face and urged me to sit down.

“What? What is it?” He asked desperate to find out why I looked so terrified.

“Regulus asked me to Christmas dinner.” I stated. He looked confused.

“I thought that was a good thing. I thought you liked him too.”

“Yes I like him and I thought it was a good thing.”

“Then why isn’t?” He would think me to be crazy if I told him the real reason so I told him a version of the truth.


“Ah yes, Mrs. Black can be a little scary good luck though.” He thumped me on the back before he started chatting on about Lily and how one year her family invited theirs to Christmas feast. It was a very interesting story, complete with an evil little sister who insisted they were freaks and ended with said evil sister dumping pudding all over Mrs.Snape and Mr. Snape. All the same I could barely keep my attention focused for more then a few seconds. What was I going to buy for presents? I waited to the end of the story asking a few questions along the way, before I asked what I should get Regulus and the rest of his family.

“Well, for Regulus any thing to do with Quidich or Slytherin should do he’s outright obsessed with them. I don’t know what to get anyone else. I guess natural things, a box of chocolate for his mum you know.” I nodded. So I knew what to get for Regulus and his mum and dad but what I wanted to scream was what should I get for Sirius? I mean it’s not like I know him all that well and it’s not like I’m friends with any of his friends- wait! Remus! YESS YES YES!!!!!!!

“Thanks Sev, I got to go though have a great holiday if I don’t see you.”

“You two and you will see me you’ve got to eat remember?” I nodded and rolled my eyes, of course I would.

I ran inside, with a sliver of hope that when I found Remus Potter and Sirius wouldn’t be there. Potter because the kid hated me. And Sirius because it’s not really like I couldn’t really asked Remus what he wanted with him sitting right there. If I was an unusually smart 7th year were would I be? The library!

I ran up the blasted stairs that insisted on moving. It took about fifteen minutes to get to the library when it should have taken five, but it was worth it. Sitting all alone at the table smack dab in the middle of the room was a one Remus ‘Moony’ Lupin.

“Remus, can I ask you something?” I asked sitting down next to him. He looked up from his book looking like he was a little startled.


“Okay so what do think Sirius would like for Christmas?” He looked at me funny, I don’t get why. “Sirius has been and okay person to me this year, I thought I’d let him know I appreciate it.” I stated. I didn’t want everyone to know about me going to their house and then it get back to Regulus and scare him off or something.

“Oh, well anything from the joke shop or something with a little bit of a different se then it looks he’d like. Don’t get him a book. Sirius doesn’t read for the fun of it.” He muttered of doing that last year, and never even seeing him crack it open. I nodded.


“No problem, are you going to buy it tomorrow? I could go with you if you like and help you find something. I’m sorry I couldn’t narrow it down much.” He was really helpful.

“Thanks for the offer but I can’t very well buy your present too with you standing right there.” He laughed a little.

“You don’t have to but okay I let you be then. Oh and don’t get him anything that dyes peoples hair, he seems to like to use those on me.” He told me sounding as if he was recounting the memories inside his head.

“Well then I got to go. I hope your studying goes well.” I walked down stairs feeling much better about what I was going to do.

I was woken up in bed at midnight. Some one was shaking me.

“Wake up! Scarlet wake up!” the voice whispered in my ear. “Scarlet!”

“Go away!” I groaned back.

“SCARLET!” He yelled.

“Huh what?” I sprang up at the loud noise.

“Regulus? What is it? It’s midnight.” I looked around in my dorm. “Where are Bella and Narcey?”

“They’re wait for us I’ve been trying to get you up for the last half and hour.” He complained. He pulled me out of bed and motioned me to fallow him. I hesitated.

“Isn’t it against the rules to roam the halls at this hour?” I asked.

He sighed, “Yes but just come on.” He picked up my hand and pulled me out of the room and down the stairs. I couldn’t think. He was holding my hand!

He kept holding my hand but we slowed down a little and he swung them gently. We walked all the way to the fifth floor. He pointed at a blank wall.

“Their in there. Come on.” He walked me right up to the wall. “After you.” He motioned at the wall. Huh? Was I supposed to walk threw the wall? Well it wouldn’t be the first time I did that in the wizarding world so why not? I walked right up to the wall with out stopping and walked flat into the wall.

“Ow!” I said rubbing my nose which now was burning. Along with every other part of my body that had made contact with the wall. What kind of joke was this? “That wasn’t very nice! I thought it was one of those special walls that you can walk through! Not a plan wall that burns.” I glared at Regulus.

“You mean you can’t see it?” He asked.

“See what? The wall?”

“The door, the door to the room of requirement.” Just then Bella’s head poked out of the wall.

“AH!” I screamed before I got shushed.

“What took you so long? Were you two snogging?” Bella asked.

“She wouldn’t wake up.” Regulus said apparently he didn’t hear the last part; either that or he was ignoring it. “She can’t see the door by the way. Do you know why?” Bella steeped all the way out.

“No.” She took out her wand and swiftly waved it at me. Nothing happened except a couple of pink explosions looking similar to mini- muggle- fireworks popped from the end of it.

“Now, now Bella, trix are for kids.” A deep voice said at the end of the hall. Bella’s and Regulus eyes narrowed but mine I’m sure got wider. We all turned to face a one and only Sirius Black.

“Get out of here Black!” Bella said threw clenched teeth. Sirius took another step further.

“Can’t. You see Tricks, the kitchens are over there and I am over here. I am going to the kitchens so I must walk through here. You don’t mind do you? Good.” He said not even waiting for a reply on her behalf.

Regulus took out his wand and pointed it at Sirius. Sirius went for his pocket when he realized he must have left it in his dorm. Regulus smirked and was about to cast a spell.

“Wait! Stop! Don’t jinx him!” I yelled. Regulus stopped waving his wand but kept his eyes on Sirius.

“Why not?”

“Because! Uh Because, the teachers might hear you, and umm, I really don’t want to get caught out of bed at this hour, and Sirius- I mean Black why are you looking at me like that.” Sirius’ face had sunken in and looked slightly scared.

“I think it’s too late for that Ms. Tate.”

“AHH!” I screamed as I turned around to see the face of my transfiguration teacher. Ms. McGonagall had one of those faces which in the dead of night lit only by the moon had the ability to scare me half to death. “Ms. McGona-g-g-all pleasant seeing you tonight, you look well.” She frowned.

“In my office all four of you come on.” I tipped my head down to look at my slippers as I walked down the hall.

She sat down in her chair and took out a big book, and four slips.

“I’m ashamed, all smart intelligent students. What were you thinking?” She didn’t give us any time to respond. “I’ll tell you what you were thinking! You could get one over on your teachers because tomorrow is the last day before winter holiday! Well that may be but I’ll tell you that will not be the case. Your detentions will be served when you get back. I think three detentions will cover it would you agree?” No one said anything in response.

“Good. Here are your slips don’t loose them.” I sighed and put them in the pocket of my pajama pants.

“Now get back to your rooms immediately, and don’t let me find you out of bed again!”

I woke up around noon and threw on some clothes; all I had clean was a white wool sweater, and a long dark brown skirt. I pulled on some boots and grabbed my scarf and coat on the way down the stairs.

When I got down to the great hall I sat with Bella and Narcey. Folding my jacket and scarf across my lap. As they ate they talked about what they were getting there boyfriends and what they expected in return from Lucius and Ralph. They were practically glowing about the jewelry they had gotten last year. It was odd but kind of cool to see them like this.

I walked out into the sunny yet very cold day to be greeted by a chill of freezing air blowing at me. When something, or rather someone caught my eye….

Song: The Great Escape by Boys like girls. Don’t ask why. It otld you its just what inspired me. If you think another song is better let me know.

A/n: Okay so it’s shorter and some what of a cliff hanger. I plan to update soon though so it won’t be too bad. Please review!

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