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All I could hope for by tookool4you
Chapter 2 : In the states
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The next morning Ginny was the first one awake at 5’clock in the morning and started bouncing on Hermione’s bed. Hermione hit Ginny in the face with a pillow a few times before Ginny kicked her out of her bed.

“Geez Ginny,” said Hermione getting off the floor.

Hermione and Ginny tip-toed to the boy’s room and poured an iced cold bucket of water on Ron’s head which made him scream. He ran around the room in his boxers trying to catch the girls, before Harry got up and pinned Hermione on the bed. He did that as Ron tickled her to death.

When Harry finally let Hermione go her stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Hermione gave Harry a death glare which he only shrugged off and winked at her. Hermione could feel her cheeks growing hot and turned away to look at Ginny whom was sitting on Ron’s bed. She just smiled at Hermione, but she knew Ginny saw Harry wink at her.

“Ginny it meant nothing,” whispered Hermione.

“I know, so when are we going to leave?”

“I believe right after breakfast, our plane leaves at 9:30”

“Ok, who am I going to meet? Any cute guys?”

“You’ll see when we get there,” said Hermione winking at Ginny.

Hermione walked out of the room and went downstairs to help Mrs. Weasley with breakfast. Mrs. Weasley thought of Hermione as one of her own children as she did Harry. She still didn’t know why Hermione and Ron broke up. Ron told her they just had a big fight and Ron broke up with her there on the train.

Breakfast was for the first time that Hermione had ever been at the Burrow quiet. Hermione was feeling very uncomfortable. Ron made eye contact a few times before he looked back at his plate. Harry was the first one to speak.

“So Hermione, Ginny says we are going to go to the United States,” said Harry

“That’s right. My family lives there. It was also where I grew up before I was 8 when my father got a job offering in London.”

“I never knew you lived in the United States,” said Ron.

“Yep, on a little farm”

After breakfast Mrs. Weasley took the kids to the airport. Hermione’s carry on was a little backpack, Ginny’s was her purse, and the boys didn’t take anything on the plane. Ron had a window seat and when he looked out it his face turned a light shade of green and Hermione thought he was going to throw up.

“Ron close your window and take deep even breathes,” said Hermione.

It was nearly 5 hours of listening to Harry and Ron talk about Quidditch until the plane finally landed in North Carolina. Hermione’s aunt Kelly was waiting by the metal detectors when they got off of the plane. When Hermione saw her she ran and gave her a hug which nearly made her aunt fall.

Kelly had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a pink tank top with a black skirt. She gave all of Hermione’s friend’s hugs before going down the escalator to go get their luggage.

“How did you like the airplane?” asked Kelly getting into her silver topless convertible.

“I am never going to get on one ever again,” mumbled Ron.

“Ron it wasn’t that bad,” whispered Hermione.

The ride to South Carolina was quiet until they turned on the road Hermione walked down as a kid going to the bus stop with her cousin. To Hermione being here, living in the middle of nowhere was home. Hermione could remember the day her father told her they where leaving. Hermione ran to her room and cried until every box was packed and they were in her fathers truck.

Hermione had butterflies in her stomach as they drove up the long driveway. When they finally stopped at a little white two story house with a tire swing in the front she started crying. She could see all the horses in the back yard and the wood in the back of the house. She also could see the four wheeler tracks all around the house and could hear the roar of an engine.

Just then two four wheelers came out of the woods and one did a wheelie before stopping at Kelly’s car. One of the riders had a blue shirt and blue jeans with a black helmet. The other had a silver helmet and had a black shirt and blue jeans.

“Hey sexy, take your top off,” said the one with the silver helmet to Hermione.

“Excuse me”

The guy with the silver helmet took off his helmet and Hermione ran and gave the guy a hug. He had blue eyes and black hair. His shirt stuck to his skin with sweat and mud. The other boy on the four wheeler took off his helmet and had curly brown hair with brown eyes. He looked a lot like Hermione and he had mud all over his jeans and shirt.

“Fuzz you’re an idiot,” laughed Hermione.

The guy with black hair made a small smile and looked at everyone. He whispered something to Hermione making her blush and then he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“It was all my fault. I told him to say that to you Mi,” said the guy with brown hair with a sheepish grin.

“I sort of knew you had to be behind this Kru. Kru, Fuzz these are my friends,” Hermione pointed to each of her friends and introduced them to Kru and Fuzz.

Kru smiled at Ginny with a little wink. Ginny just smiled. Her face grew hot as she looked in his perfect brown eyes. Ginny knew she just got there, but she had a feeling this was going to be a good summer.

After getting their trunks to each of there rooms Hermione told Ginny more about Kru. Ginny wasn’t listening much, she was just thinking about how cute he was. From all she got out of that conversation Ginny knew Kru was her cousin and Fuzz was his best friend. Also that Hermione and Kru had always been very close.

Then there was a knock on the door and Fuzz walked into the room. He was in black trunks and Ginny could see every muscle in his toned abs. She wondered if Kru’s would be alike. Ginny felt happy with the picture she got in her head.

“Mi we are going to the lake, you coming?” asked Fuzz with hope in his eyes.

“If Ginny wants to go I will,” said Hermione batting her eyelashes at Ginny.

Ginny rolled her eyes and nodded at Fuzz who told them to be downstairs in 10 minutes or they were going to leave without them. Hermione was wearing a black bikini with pink flowers on the bottoms showing off her flat stomach. Then she put on short shorts with flip flops. Ginny wore a plain white bikini and a short skirt with flip flops. When they got downstairs all four guys smiled widely at them.

Fuzz put his arm around Hermione’s waist as they walked outside. Hermione could see Ron’s ears get red with jealousy, but decided to ignore it because she was here to have a good time and she was not going to let Ron ruin it. Hermione looked up at Fuzz whom was looking at her and gave her a crooked smile that made her heart skip a beat.

“There is only three four wheelers so Hermione could ride with me and Ginny can ride with Kru. Then Harry and Ron can take the last one,” said Kru.

Hermione wiggled out of Fuzz’s grip, she had a better idea.

“How about Ginny rides with Kru and Ron ride with you, Fuzz. Then me and Harry can ride the last one?”

“I don’t feel comfortable with that Mi”

“Why not? Harry and Ron have never rode on a four wheeler and it wouldn’t be safe having them drive”

”Mi has a point, you know,” said Kru.

Fuzz let out a deep groan and got on a four wheeler. Obviously Hermione got her way. After they got on the four wheelers Hermione turned on the four wheeler and heard the engine roar to life. She let Fuzz lead the way to the lake. Hermione loved being behind the wheel of the four wheeler and the wind blowing her hair.

At the lake there was a rope hanging on a tree limb by the end of the waters edge. The sun was beginning to set and it made beautiful colors on the water. Hermione sat down on the green grass and looked at the colors in the sky. All the pink, purples, and oranges looked like it was painted in the sky.

“Mi?” yelled a voice behind her.

She looked behind her and saw that everyone was in the water and waiting for her to get in. Hermione stood up and began to take off her shorts, but someone came up behind her and threw her into the icy cold water. Hermione looked up at the guy who threw her in and saw Harry looking at her triumphantly. Hermione splashed him in the face and he grabbed her and threw her as far as she could go.

From under the water she could hear Ron yell her name and Kru telling him to calm down. Hermione could hold her breath for long periods of time in the water which when she was younger scared her parents most of the time. It was like she could somehow spend over three minutes in the water without coming up for air. Hermione never really thought about it or how she could do it. All she knew was that she could do it and she used it for her advantage.

Hermione swam behind Harry and dunked him under the water. Fuzz didn’t look surprised but Ron looked relieved. Kru had Ginny on his shoulders and wanted to play chicken. Hermione got on Harry’s shoulders and in the matter of minutes beat Ginny and Kru easily.

After a while the water became cold and Hermione got out to dry off. She went toward a black berry bush and began to eat the small berries. She didn’t hear anyone come behind her; someone put their hands on Hermione’s waist and gently kissed her on her neck. Hermione turned around to see none other than Harry Potter looking down at her. Hermione opened her mouth to say something but Harry put his hand over her mouth to silence her.

“I know what you’re going to say. You can’t be with me because Ginny is your best friend and Ron is a half minded twit whom you loved and he broke your heart and you’re still not over him. Through all that I don’t care. I love you Mione and I always had.”

Harry removed his hand from Hermione’s mouth and she just looked into his beautiful green eyes. She had been waiting so long to hear that but why did she feel this was all wrong? Ginny was her best friend and she shouldn’t be back here with Ginny’s ex as he confesses his love for her.

“Harry we shouldn’t be doing this. Ginny is my friend and she still loves you. I can’t do this right now.”

Hermione turned to go, but Harry grabbed her hand. Hermione turned back around to look at Harry. He bent down and placed a small gentle kiss on Hermione’s lips and then grabbed a black berry. As Harry grabbed another Hermione grabbed it from his hand and put it in her mouth. With a smile she walked back to the others not looking back.

Harry laughed a little ruffling his hair up gently with embarrassment and followed after Hermione.


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All I could hope for: In the states


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