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Lost Memories by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Lost Memories Prologue
By: Gryffindorgirl153

Graphic by: Me.

Time doesn’t always heal your memories or the hurt you went through. Time doesn’t take care of the past nor does it help you forget. Time is just there so you can move on, and eventually you don’t find yourself dwelling on your past.

Hermione and Draco were scared of the pain that they would go through once everything was over. They were scared that they wouldn’t last, and everything would go wrong. They saw it as a mistake and they promised themselves that no matter how much they wanted it again, they must stay away from it. This plan lasted for about a week when they found themselves talking in an empty corridor while both heads were patrolling the castle. Talking lead to flirting and flirting led to other things and they were back together again.

This mistake started in 7th year when Draco and Hermione noticed the changes in each other. When they found out that they were Head Girl and head boy, Hermione and Draco both made a pact that they would act civil towards each other. Since they both shared a common room, they both found themselves having late night chats, sharing tales with each other and they were soon falling for one another.

Of course, with me telling the story, and you listening, you’d think that this was a good thing, no? Well it wasn’t a good thing. Rumors started flying around the school and these rumors were brought to Lucius Malfoy. He was enraged with the fact that his only son was going out with a mudblood and he set off to Hogwarts to find him.

When Lucius found Draco, he tortured him using ever curse he knew, and what worse was that he was being tortured right in front of Hermione who was screaming and begging for him to stop. When Lucius left, he gave Draco one last warning. They had to be separated or he’d come back and kill Hermione.

Draco was scared, and for once, it wasn’t for his own life. He was scared for Hermione, and what might happen to her. He knew his father was not a merciful man and he knew that he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. Draco told Hermione that he wanted to break up, and she agreed knowing that he would be in danger too if they were together any longer.

During the time of their break up, it was hard for both of them to act as friends around each other especially since they shared the same common room. It was awkward for both of them to speak to one another, since it wasn’t the same anymore and they still felt the same way about each other.

One night while they were patrolling, they both met in an empty corridor and one thing led to anther. The next thing they knew, Hermione was pushed up the wall with Draco’s mouth on hers. After this incident, Hermione and Draco knew that they couldn’t last that long. So Draco went out and bought two heart shaped lockets and put Hermione’s picture and his picture on both sides of the two identical lockets. They cast their memories of each other away that night and the next day, they saw each others as enemies again, but they still had the lockets around their necks.

A/N: short? i know. it's just the prologue though. read and review please.

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Lost Memories: Prologue


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