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Jealousy Between Twins Over A Potter by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT
Chapter 1 : Summer Loving, Having A Blast!
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George was at his house in the burrow in the kitchen doing the washing up. His mother was punishing him and Fred for apparating in the house in front of her making her drop her favorite vase and was making him do all the jobs by hand the Muggle way.


She had bloody magic to clean up the stupid vase he thought at least I’m not cleaning the cellar like Fred is.


He chuckled to himself

‘ Hey George what are you laughing at?’ asked Harry now standing next to him watching him clean a plate

‘ Fred has to clean the cellar’ he said laughing again

‘ You do know your mum is going to make it dirty again with magic so you have to swap?’ said Harry smirking

‘ Oh dam’ he cursed and shoved the plate in the rack.


‘ You missed a spot’ said Harry pointing at a clean plate and George started to mess up his hair even more if the was possible. They ran round the kitchen with George trying to get Harry into a headlock.


‘ George Weasley leave Harry alone!’ said Mrs. Weasley walking over and pushing George off of Harry

‘ He said I missed a spot on a plate’ George said the last

bit quietly realizing how ridicules that sounded

‘ I don’t care what he did now get to it!’ said Mrs. Weasley and walked out the kitchen leaving them there and George went back to the sink

‘ Why cant you just do it by magic?’ said Harry

‘ She took our wands and me and Fred don’t know how to do magic without magic, we couldn’t be bothered to learn it’ said George and Harry laughed and then met a full blast of water over his front. George had just taken a bowl full of water and soaked him all over and he was laughing his head off.


Harry dived his hands in the sink and soaked George all over. While Harry was laughing his head off George put the whole bowl over Harry’s head

‘ Right’ said Harry laughing and he chased George out the kitchen.


George ran outside, Harry chasing him fast down the hill. Harry then tripped half way down and banged into Georges back and they fell down the hill wrapped up in each other.


Then something happened neither of them even knew was real. While rolling down Harry could feel lips bang onto his and he pushed his tongue into the persons mouth.


They landed at the bottom of the hill with a thud and both had their eyes closed, and had their lips locked together, tongues in each other’s mouths.

They both opened their eyes and stood up going red in the ears. They kept their backs to each other and didn’t say anything just stood the ere wondering what had just happened.


The feelings George had were so eager but felt guilty for kissing him- wait, who kissed who?


Harry was thinking the same thing. Who had kissed who? He was pretty sure it was him, but their lips met at the same time together. Had they both leaned in for a kiss at the same time?


The answer came to Harry like a bullet.


Harry looked round behind him and George had done the same time and they turned back round. Harry then felt arms go under his own and hands rested on his waist. Harry new it was George and felt warm all over.


He turned round and soon he was hugging George. He pulled back a little and looked into George’s eyes. George was just a little taller than Harry but not much. George leaned in and kissed Harry fully on the lips and he kissed back.


George started to move his lips and Harry followed getting lost in the kiss. George could feel Harry’s tongue tickling his lips and he let Harry’s tongue in his mouth.

George now had his tongue in Harry’s mouth feeling his tongue. A feeling he never thought he would feel. He had dreamed of it yes but this- this was pure bliss.


Harry felt the same and ran his hands up and down Georges back. They broke the kiss for a breath and breathing deeply they smiled at each other and sat down on the grass, Harry’s head on George’s lap and stared up at the sky.


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Jealousy Between Twins Over A Potter: Summer Loving, Having A Blast!


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