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Breakaway by searching17
Chapter 1 : Breakaway
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A/N: Hey guys, it's me agian! (yes, the annoying author that strays off her stories to write one-shots instead!) This one-shot/song-fic includes Snapey-poo and the song, Breakaway, by Kelly Clarkson. Enjoy.
Dedicated to CrimsonEmeralds - the greatest banner maker ever. *hugs*
Thanks for always being there for me. 


Screams filled the air. Two adults stood in front of me, shouting and yelling. Waving their fists and shooting threats at another as I sat, crouched in the corner, trying to find a way out.



I was used to them arguing with one another, but never, never had they argued over him. Most of the time, they argued over money, the house, and each other. But now, I was to blame for my parents' argument.

I couldn't stand it. They constantly fought - day and night. Their screams echoed in my ears and their harsh tones were etched in my memory forever. These people were my parents - they were supposed to take care of me and make sure I was happy, just like in the stories.

But soon enough, I realized that this was no happy-ending fairytale - this was a nightmare. To see the two people that had once loved each other and had brought you into the world - fight. I could feel my heart tearing, bit by bit.
I could feel the gaping wound in my heart, eating even more away.

But I wasn't going to cry - oh no - i wasn't going to cry again. I screwed up my eyes and squinted.

Still, a single tear fell down. It burned against my cheek. But I suddenly wiped it away fiercely.

But now I had enough. I never tried to interfere my parent's fights - for once they started, they acted as if I weren't even there. I would go outside - the place I was free. But today, I had had enough.

"Mummy, Daddy, please stop! Please!" I shrieked as I ran in between my parents.

They both stopped and hesitated. Mummy looked at me like she never saw me before. But Daddy just sneered and pushed me away roughly. I hit the wall hard before crumpling to the ground.

Mummy looked like she was going to say something but Daddy started yelling agian. And screams filled the air once more.

I held my head gently in my hands, as tears that were so carefully held in poured out. It was throbbing with pain.

But the hardest and most damaging blow was the way my parents treated me.

I ran out of the room with surprising speed and agility. I clutched at the front door, begging it to take me away. But my hopes slowly faded as I faded as I slowly opened the door. Rain fell, pounding the gravel street before me. Thunder and lightning clashed somewhere in the clouded murky sky.

Fighting back a new sheet of fresh tears, I backed into my house and closed the door softly.

I sat on a chair near the window and stared out into the endless rain, hoping it would drown out the yells. I sighed, as tears rushed down, as quickly and as harshly as the rain.

Grew up in a small town,
And when the rain would fall down,
I'd just stare out my window.

Other kids want a bike or a skateboard for their birthday. But I only want one thing - I want my parents to stop fighting. I wanted them to love each other, just as they did when they got married and had me. But somehow, I knew that they weren't going to stop fighting, that I would be stuck here, helplessly watching my very own parents tear each other to bits.

Dreaming of what could be,
And if I'd end up happy,
I would pray.

I remembered all the days I had outside, escaping the constant arguments. They weren't happy days. Although I had escaped one terror, I had reached another quickly.

The kids that played in the park nearby didn't want to have anything to do with me.

"Go crawl back to your cave, Greasy!"

"Why don't you go find friends somewhere else?"

I tried to make it seem like I didn't care, but I ended up bursting into tears the minute I turned around and started walking away from the tormenting kids.

Trying hard to reach out,
but when I'd tried to speak out,
felt like no one could hear me

I was unwanted by my family and my so-called 'friends'.

Wanted to belong here,
But something felt so wrong here,
So I pray,
I could breakaway

Then I'll remember the place Mummy told me about when she was in one of her good-moods (usually when Daddy was at work): Hogwarts.

"It's a big, wonderful castle for witches and wizards. There they learn how to do magic. They meet other wizards and make great friends. It was the best time of my life. There are clubs you can join. Like the Gobstones Club, or even a Quidditch team. Quidditch is a wizarding sport. You will have loads of fun there. You will be a great wizard one day, Severus," Mummy would say, a dreamy look sliding into her dark eyes when she mentioned Hogwarts.

When I turn eleven, Mummy said that's where I'm going. Hogwarts. There, I can make friends and I would be far away from my parents and their fighting.

And I'll be the best wizard ever.

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes 'til I touch the sky
And I'll take a risk, take a chance, make a change,
and breakaway.

I will learn everything and study hard so I can get good grades. And then my friends and I will play Quidditch with each other. That would be great. Having friends. Being a wizard.

But I knew, that even twenty or 40 years from now, I wouldn't forget my parents. Even though they fought often, I still loved them, for they were my parents.

Out of the darkness and in the sun,
But i won't forget all the ones that I loved
I'll take a risk, take a chance, make a change,
And breakaway.

I would become the greatest wizard in the world. I wiped my tears away and for the first time this week, a small smile graced my lips. 


A/N: I really hope you liked it! Reviews are very welcome!

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Breakaway: Breakaway


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