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The Hard Life by killthatrat
Chapter 25 : Chapter 25 Waiting
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Mrs Weasley pulled the warm blanket covering her youngest son over his chest and arms, as she noticed the goose bumps that had formed there on his freckled arms. She affectionately rubbed her hand over her sleeping son’s face as she sat back down into the comfortable arm chair that St Mungos’ had provided, tucking her own blanket tightly around her.

Molly Weasley watched her son for a little while, before falling into a restless semi-doze herself. He had been found unconscious behind some trees on Sirius’ property almost 9 and a half hours ago, and had been taken straight to St Mungos where after some initial difficulty, the staff had been able to rouse him. They had easily been able to tell that he had simply taken a powerful stunner to the face, which was why they had found it so hard to rouse him. Other than that it was only a major headache due to the large blow he had sustained.

Since then he had been awake on and off, barely speaking a word which was obviously very out of character.

“He’s probably in a bit of shock,” a kind healer had said to Mr and Mrs Weasley that afternoon. “He’ll probably just need a few hours to adjust to what’s happened. Perhaps a good nights sleep.”

Molly Weasley hoped the healer was right, her son’s strange quietness having sparked fears of a Death Eater in disguise. Thankfully these fears were quickly squashed, and for the main part the media had not been given much to report on anything to do with the awful events that had happened.

Mrs Weasley shifted uncomfortably as she continued watching her son blearily, at the same time wondering what could have happened to Harry, who over the years had grown to be her seventh son. Early that evening, a sort of base had been set up at The Burrow, where everybody involved had set themselves up, impatiently awaiting contact from the Death Eaters. Of course she had been happy to share her home with those people, but wished desperately that things were not this way.


Mrs Weasley opened her eyes abruptly, having almost fallen asleep. She looked towards Ron who was now lying on his side facing her, wide awake.

“Yes dear?” she said warmly, sitting up and pulling the chair closer to his bed.

Ron paused before continuing, almost as if he didn’t really want to ask.

“Have they found him yet?”

Mrs Weasley sighed, wishing she didn’t have to tell him this.

“Not yet. But they will.”

Ron seemed to deflate, he relaxed back into the comfortable pillows again, nodding in a defeated manner.

Every Auror in Great Britain came with one of five ranks. There was the Chief Auror, now modernly known as the head of the department. Following the head was superintendent, senior, junior and then intern who ranked lowest of all.

The ranking of an Auror is easily distinguished by counting how many stars were magically sewn onto their Auror robes. Five stars for the one and only chief, four stars for the superintendent and so forth.

Auror Jennifer Baker had three stars, telling whoever happens to be looking that 3 years ago she had been promoted to Senior Auror, and had immediately loved her new rank which carried new responsibilities. However, the one part of her job that she hated, was her group of interns. Every year when the next generation of interns graduated from their Auror training, most Senior Aurors were given the ‘privilege’ of hosting a small group of interns, giving them continuous on the job training for six months until the blessed day that they became independent Juniors.

The different skills and personalities of each intern were assessed, and they were separated evenly into groups where they were supposed to balance each other out. However that was not how it seemed to work for Jennifer, for the past three years her group of interns were always the pushiest, the most arrogant and the most selfish, simply because no other Senior were able to handle them the way she seemed to be able to. A fact which she would happily change.

This year was her fourth year hosting a group of interns, and it seemed that this group was by far the most difficult. They had only been out of the academy for three weeks, and seemed to expect that she would be taking them on thrilling adventures where they would single handedly fight off a group of Death Eaters. However Jennifer had rejoiced in the fact that she could boss them around, make them do boring paperwork and generally run around after her. However this rejoicing never seemed to last long, especially towards the beginning of another week.

Jennifer tucked the bulky pile of paperwork underneath her arm more securely as she pushed the large wooded door to the boardroom open, where they met each morning.

“It’s not a bribe,” the blonde haired intern whispered to the olive skinned man next to her.

“Good morning,” she said in a bored tone of voice as she entered, the door swinging shut behind her. Immediately four Aurors looked up at her, dreading the work she would assign them today.

“Barcliffe,” she began. “Senior Auror Shaklebolt had asked for you to shadow him today, go.”

Monty Barcliffe stood up grinning, knowing that a day with Shaklebolt could not be too torturous.

“Peterson,” she began again, taking one of the folders out from under her arm and handing it to the wizard with spiky brown hair. “You can do filing again today, seeing as you did a half job yesterday. Organize them, file them alphabetically, then you’re going to write me a 6 inch essay on how to properly file your paperwork”

Anthony Peterson scowled as he looked through the large folder of paperwork he was supposed to re file, thinking savagely about wasted time.

“Walker, Jefferson in emergency needs someone to cover in the distress call center. Remember to take the distress call, hand it over to a junior, write up the paperwork and file it. File it properly or you’ll be redoing it.”

The blonde haired witch who had been talking when Jennifer entered sighed internally at the thought of giving practical assignments over to the juniors, then having to do their paperwork.

“Pulous,” Jennifer said to the olive skinned wizard. “You’re going to sit in on this mornings session of court in courtroom 3. I want a full essay on laws regarding ‘broomstick flying while under the influence,’ and a complete notes on the court room proceedings.”

The blonde hair witch sitting next to Pulous glared at him as he stretched back happily in his chair, glad for his chance to watch a trial, essay and all.

Jennifer tucked the rest of the paperwork more firmly under her arm as she continued, still speaking as though she were mildly bored.

“I’ll be out in the field this morning so y’all going to have to work extra hard not to screw up, because I won’t be here to fix your mistakes. Try not to get in any bodies way today.”

She stepped back as she was about to leave when the three interns left suddenly swarmed towards her.

“Senior Auror Baker,” the blonde haired addressed her. “I was hoping that I could assist you today out in the field, maybe do a minor procedure. I think I’m ready. Mocha Latte?” she finished, indicating to the take away coffee she had bought for her. Immediately the other two interns began talking over each other.

“If she goes I go-”

“I’d like another try at fi-”

“It’s my turn in the field Auror Bak-”

Frustrated, Jennifer held her hand up for silence.

“Every intern wants to do field work,” she said, with the air of having explained this many many times before. “That’s not your job. Your job is to make your senior look happy. Do I look happy? No! Why? Because my interns are whiney, and pushy. Do you know what will make me happy?”

She looked at each of them individually as she continued. “Having someone cover in emergency, having someone sit in for that trial, and having someone file their paperwork properly for once.”

She pursed her lips at them as she took the Mocha Latte she had been offered as she turned around and began to leave.

“No body goes into the field until I’m so happy I’m Mary freakin’ Poppins!”

“Who’s Mary Poppins?” Peterson whispered in an undertone voice.

Jennifer turned around as she reached the door, looking at the still interns incredulously.

“Why you all standing there move!”

Jennifer turned away as she left the boardroom, annoyed with her pushy interns who managed to bring out her bad side. She walked past the many cubicles where various Aurors sat, going about their regular work. She took a sip of the drink Walker had tried to bribe her with as she approached the large reception desk near the doors that led out of the head quarters.

“Morning Yvonne,” she said with genuine cheerfulness. “How’s the work load this morning?”

“Awful,” Yvonne said from the desk. “It’s chaos, most of the Super Intendents are working overtime looking for the Potter boy.”

“I know, I’m off there now. Here’s the paperwork from last month you asked for.”

“Lovely, thanks,” Yvonne said as she relieved Jennifer from the heavy stack of paperwork.

“Yah welcome,” Jennifer said as she left the Auror office at a brisk walk, riding the elevators to the Atrium floor where she could apparate to The Burrow.

She stepped out of the crowded elevator when it reached the atrium, her long black Auror robed billowing around her feet as she stepped. She briskly walked towards the closest apparation point when she heard someone calling her name.


Jennifer stopped just in time as the Head of the Auror Department caught up with her.

“Morning Cory,” she said. “Just coming back from The Burrow are you?”

“Yes,” he said breathlessly. “That’s where you’re going right?”

She nodded at this and he continued, fiddling nervously with his goatee. “If the Death Eaters make contact notify me straight away.”

“Yes Sir,” she said with a nod as he began to head back to the office.

“It’s not looking good is it?” she called out to him.

He twisted his head around far enough to shake it, answering her question. And he was right, Jennifer thought as she entered the home of the Weasley family, kindly introducing herself to everybody there.

“Hi, Jennifer Baker,” she said to Mrs Weasley whose flower patterned apron was covered in some kind of flour.

“Feel free to call me Jenny though. How’s your son going?” she continued kindly.

“He’s going alright, St Mungos let him home this morning,” Mrs Weasley said, sounding slightly as though she had a head cold. “Are you from the Auror Department dear?”

Jennifer nodded. “I’m a senior Auror, but I specialize in situations such as this.”

Which was true. She had completed many courses, which gave her extensive training for dire situations such as kidnappings, which is why she had been specifically asked to assist in this case. Things like this were mainly kept to the Super Intendents. She saw Edward Proctor standing in the corner of the room beckoning her to approach him. Leaving Mrs Weasley she approached him as he began talking quietly, giving her the run through of the situation so far.

“Who is everybody?” she said as she looked around.

“Uhh Sirius Black, Potter’s legal guardian,” he said indicating to the man with dark hair, sitting quiet and pale on the couch.

“Ron Weasley our only witness, he’s upstairs, parents are Molly and Arthur Weasley. Uhhh,” he scanned his eyes around the room when they fell on the two teenage girls sitting at the dining room table.

“The red head at the table, Ginny Weasley, she’s been Potter’s girlfriend since the last school term. And the brunette, that’s Hermione Granger, another close friend of Potters.”

Jennifer’s eyes looked towards the bushy brown haired girl, who sat quietly at the dining room table, head in her hands, tears rolling down her face as Ginny tried to comfort her as best she could.

“She’s supposed to be with her Muggle parents in London, but she’s at risk so we had her brought in only twenty minutes ago. Poor thing didn’t know anything about what had happened.”

Jennifer watched the two girls for a few moments, hating whoever was responsible for this.

“So what’s the plan of action?”

The air was thick with tension when Bill Weasley arrived home from his honeymoon early to be with his family, Fleur was due to arrive also as soon as she could. It was early afternoon when the team of Aurors sat down with Sirius, Bill and Mr and Mrs Weasley, the two teens having been sent upstairs to see how Ron was doing.

“We know from your son’s statement, that this is definitely the work of Death Eaters,” Proctor began.

Sirius seemed to deflate at this statement. For the last day he had been clinging only to the hope that Harry had run away for some reason.

“There isn’t much we can do at the moment except wait for them to contact us.”

“When will that be?” Mr Weasley asked.

“Usually the first 24 hours,” Jennifer began. “But it just depends on what’s happening at their end of this. If things aren’t working out they way they planned they will probably wait longer to contact, but if things are going smoothly for them, kidnappers would act pretty fast.”

“Another thing that need to be brought to attention is the media,” another Auror sitting near the end of the dining room table said. “We need to keep you-know-who out of the loop as much as possible.”

“The same goes for information which is shared amongst ourselves,” Jennifer said. “You-know-who has many spies in places we might never think to look, which is why what goes on here must not go to far.”

There was silence for a few moments before Sirius said tentatively,

“So, we’re just waiting?”

“Until we get some more leads,” said Proctor. “That’s all we can do.”

They sat in silence for a few more moments before Mrs Weasley stood up, and said in a strained voice,

“I think I’ll make a pot of tea.”

Sirius took a breath and spoke again.

“So what happens when they make contact?” he said as Mrs Weasley began pottering around in the kitchen.

“Most likely they’ll want to talk to you Sirius,” Proctor answered.

“But what? What do I say?”

“Our first concern,” Jennifer said, before continuing gently. “Is asking for ‘proof of life.’ We need them to prove to us that Harry is still alive.”

Sirius leaned back into his chair, raising a hand to his face as he closed his eyes for a moment.

“They’ll be prepared for that. Secondly we need to know what their demands are. Ask them specifically what needs to be done to get him back. What ever their demands are, we have to meet them.”

Sirius nodded absentmindedly, thought after thought racing through his mind. Silently, he stood up and left the table, stepping outside into the backyard as he tried to clear his thoughts. He sat down on the grass near the large oak tree, the sun shining down on him, a stark contrast to his feelings inside.

Sirius put his head into his hands as Arthur followed him outside, gingerly sitting down next to him. Arthur put his hand on Sirius’ shoulder, speaking softly.

“Don’t worry mate, we’ll get him back.”

Sirius nodded, taking in a shuddering breath as he took his face out of his hands, hoping that he was right.

A/N well here's another chappie! hope you enjoy! uhhh there's a scene greatly inspired by Miranda Bailey from grey's anatomy so keep an eye out for that! couldn't resist putting it in. don't forget to review! each one makes me want to....*does happy author dance*

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