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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 9 : Flight
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A/N: Hey guys, well I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to all the beautiful people who reviewed the last chapter and showed me that you do like this story! * hugs *

I’m sorry for the wait on this one, time got away from me and yeah…..i’m having a bit of writers block with a few chapters so that was the reason I didn’t update. I like to be ahead of the actually chappies I have posted, and well I haven’t written anything for the past two weeks!

I felt it was time for an update however, enjoy! 

The next morning…

Draco groaned in pain and rolled over opening his eyes, his whole body hurt! He cursed and slowly got up out of bed. He noticed that he was still wearing his blood-stained clothes, but not his boots. He smiled wirily and looked round the room, there was a pile of folded clothes on the chair next to his bed. He slowly got to his feet, wincing as the gashes on his chest pulled. The potion had stopped the bleeding, but that was all, his wounds were still raw and hurt every time he moved. Swearing Draco hobbled over to the clothes and picked them up, then he turned and walked to the bathroom on his right closing the door behind him. He needed a shower, after that he could tell the others what had happened.

* * *

Hermione tried to eat, yet she couldn’t, she was too worried about Draco. The healers had healed him as best they could; so after the bleeding had stopped they said he was free to go home, there was no reason for them to stay at the hospital when nothing more could be done. The only thing to do now was wait for Draco to get better.

She sighed and looked around at the table; the others were silent too, Ron and Harry were eating silently, while Mrs. Weasley was fussing over Ginny. Hermione looked at Diana, she was silent and lost in thought, and Matt was looking at her. Then she turned, there was movement in the doorway and Draco appeared. He held his side and it was quite obvious he was in pain, though she knew he would never admit it.

“ Draco!” she yelled, jumping up. Everyone else immediately looked up, and Diana smiled. Draco looked startled at her outburst.

“ Are you ok?” she asked. Draco just nodded. She took him by the arm and led him to an empty chair beside her, “ Sit down, we’ll get you something to eat” Draco opened his mouth to argue, but she just shook her head and he fell silent. Mrs. Weasley got up and went to the stove to get something for Draco to eat, when she returned to the table, it was with a large plate covered in eggs, and bacon. Draco just looked at the food.

“Eat up dear” Mrs. Weasley said, indicating the plate. Draco picked up the fork and slowly started to eat, he was not hungry, but he knew he needed his strength and the food was good. Hermione smiled at him. He’s going to be ok now she thought.

When Draco finished he put his fork down and looked at Mrs. Weasley, “ Thanks” he said.

Mrs. Weasley shook he head “ It’s fine dear” Then there was silence.

Hermione bit her lip, she wanted to ask what happened last night, but she wasn’t sure if she should. Then Diana started speaking “ What happened dad?” she asked. Everyone was silent; they wanted to know.

Draco took a deep breath and started “ I think it would be a good idea if McGonagall was hear,” He said “ And maybe Lupin and Moody as well” they were all silent.

The Weasley's exchanged glances, it was obviously important. Ron got up and walked into the next room, where they could hear him yelling at the fireplace. Suddenly there was a series of popping sounds and McGonagall, Lupin and Moody walked into the room.

Draco swallowed “ Diana, I want you upstairs now!” he said softly

Diana was angry “ What! No way, I’m staying here!” she yelled

“NOW!” yelled Draco. Diana scowled at him, then she jumped up, causing the chair to fall over and stormed from the room. Draco sighed

Taking Draco’s advice, Harry sent his kids upstairs to, Matt just shrugged and Jasmine snorted. She didn’t care.

* * *

Draco turned to the group of adults that stood waiting for him to continue. He sighed    “ Deatheaters escaped from Azkaban last night” Hermione gasped, putting her hands over her mouth. The others either looked horrified of angry.

Moody looked livid “ What the hell did you do?” he yelled

Draco glared at him “ What the fuck do you think I did! I tried to stop them’ he looked around at the others “ For some reason I was the only guard on duty last night” he snapped.

Harry frowned “ I thought there are supposed to be at least three every night?” Draco nodded

“ There are,” he said. The room was silent

“ Who, was it?” whispered McGonagall

Draco swallowed “ Bellatrix and her husband, Nott, at least 10 others I didn’t recognize and …” he stopped. “ and Lucius” he managed. They all looked at him speechless. Now they knew for sure that Draco had nothing to do with this. He would never free Lucius, not after he had threatened to kill Hermione and Diana.

Hermione had her hand over her mouth “ Lucius’ she whispered, Draco just looked at her his eyes sad.

Suddenly Hermione jumped up and ran from the room “ Diana!” she yelled.

Draco heard her call his daughters name and guilt washed over him, Lucius would stop at nothing to hurt Hermione and Diana. It’s all my fault he though.

* * *

Hermione ran up the stairs, tears streaming down her face “ Diana!” she screamed, her voice hoarse.

Diana appeared on the landing. “ Mum, what is it?” she yelled.

“Pack you suitcase now! Were leaving,” she shouted to her daughter.

Diana stood frozen in shock, “ What!” she managed to choke out.

“NOW!” yelled Hermione.

Diana stood still for a second then she turned and ran to the room she was sharing with Jasmine. Matt who had been watching the exchange followed. Hermione let out a sob and continued up the stairs, moving to the room she was staying in she grabbed her suitcase and started shoving clothes into it. She was crying again. Suddenly she stopped and brought her hands to her face, it was too much. She let out a sob and sank onto the bed, he shoulders shaking. Oh Merlin! She thought 18 years . . . 18 years I’ve been waiting for this day to come. 

* Flashback *

“Come on Hermione, it’ll be all right” Draco said. They were in Azkaban to visit his father.

Hermione bit her lip “ Draco, I’m not sure if this is a good idea…”

Draco just smiled at her, reassuringly and Hermione stilled her protests. A year had passed since the Great Battle. The last anyone had heard from Voldemort was him running away, leaving his deatheaters at the mercy of the Order. Lucius Malfoy was one of them. Draco took her hand in his “ He can’t do anything Hermione, there is no way he is getting out of here!”

Hermione nodded, to scared to speak. She had a right to be scared. At 19, she had been married to Draco for the past year. It had shocked quite a few people when she told them, especially Harry and Ron. But everyone could see the way they loved each other. Hermione looked down at her swollen belly and caressed her expanding middle. At 4 months Hermione was just beginning to show her pregnancy. It was the reason they were here. Draco wanted his Father too know about her and the child, too accept them, as he had never been accepted. Hermione wasn't convinced that Lucius would do any such thing, but she went with her husband, supporting him, and hoping.

They reached the door to Lucius’s cell and Hermione swallowed, nervously.

The guard walked up to the bars and called “ Mr. Malfoy, you have visitors” then he turned and walked a short distance away to give them some privacy.

Lucius stood in front of the bars and stared at Hermione with loathing “So” he said, turning to Draco “ You married the mudblood, I see it didn’t take you long”

Draco’s eyes narrowed “Don’t talk to her like that “ he hissed.

Lucius smiled, a twisted, cruel smile.

Hermione grabbed Draco’s hand, and Draco took a deep breath, calming himself “ I have something to tell you father “ he began. Turning to Hermione he continued, “ We’re going to have a baby!” he smiled.

Lucius was livid “WHAT!” he roared “Well get rid of it!” he hissed.

Hermione gasped “ How dare you tell us to get rid of it!” she yelled. All hope faded as she saw the pure hatred in the older man's face.
He will never change she thought sadly.

Lucius ignored her “ I will not have a half-blood brat heir to the Malfoy inheritance!” he yelled.

Draco sneered at him “ Well father, whether you like it or not this baby is going to be a part of our lives!”  He was furious at his fathers indifference to the fact he was going to have a child, an heir. I should never have come here he thought.

Lucius fumed “I’ll give the money to Bellatrix, if you don’t get rid of it!” he shouted, desperately trying to change their minds.

Draco shook his head “ You think I care about money! Keep it! I don’t care”  he was practically shaking with anger, as if he could ever be bought with money! The mear mention left a bitter taste in his mouth, and he began to realise just how different he was to his Father.

Lucius glared at him “ Just wait” he whispered his voice menacing “ as soon as I get out of here I will kill that brat of yours and that filthy mudblood you call a wife!”

Hermione put her hands to her mouth horrified. He wouldn't, he can't  she thought desperatly. Draco glared at his father then taking Hermione’s hand stalked from the room. He was so angry! How dare the man threaten his wife!

“ Draco! We have to do something,” Hermione whispered when they were far enough away from the cell.

Draco shook his head “ He’ll never get out Hermione, I’ll make sure of that!”
  he told her reasuringly. I'll never let anything happen to her he vowed to himself.

*End Flashback*

* * *

“Mum, mum” shouted Diana, shaking Hermione’s shoulders.

Hermione looked up, her eyes red and swollen “ What?” she whispered. She let out a sob “Right “ she muttered“ Ok, come on were going” she got up and zipped her case up.

Diana looked confused “ Mum, I don’t understand! Why are we going?”

Hermione didn’t answer. She turned around and started to leave the room but Draco stood in the doorway, his arms folded across his chest. Hermione scowled “Move!” she snapped. Draco shook his head moving into the room, “I can’t let you do that” he said softly.

Hermione blinked at him shocked and watched as he turned to Diana, giving her a meaningful glance. Diana sighed and slowly walked from the room. Hermione’s frown deepened how dare he! Her eyes narrowed “Get out of the way Draco, it’s none of you’re damned business what I do!” She moved forward, trying to get past him.

Draco stepped forward, blocking her way with his body. “I’m not letting you leave!” he snapped back, angry now.

Hermione glanced up angrily “ I don’t care what you think! I’m going and you can’t stop me!”

Draco reached out and grabbed her shoulders; Hermione struggled “Hermione. Hermione stop!” he said desperately “Just listen, ok!” he snapped.

Hermione glared at him but she stopped struggling. Draco let out a sigh “You’re better of here” he muttered “Think of Diana, she’ll be safer here then at you’re house” Hermione blinked and bit her lip he was right

Draco could see that she was seriously considering his suggestion. “At least until she goes back to school” he whispered “That way she will be safe” he said softly.

Hermione looked up at him startled. She nodded slowly “Aright” she whispered giving in.

Draco smiled warmly at her, Hermione glanced down and Draco suddenly seemed conscious of his hands on her shoulders, He let go slowly, letting his arm fall limply to his side he gazed at her for a few seconds before he sighed. Hermione bit her lip he looked so sad “Draco” she whispered reaching out and taking hold of his hand “are you ok?” she asked softly.

He nodded slowly, his eyes never leaving her face, Hermione breath caught in her throat as he blinked and suddenly seemed to come to a decision. He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, Hermione’s eyes widened in surprise and she stiffened. Draco immediately stepped back, he looked at her wide eyes and stiff posture and mistook her surprise for fear.

He backed off “Sorry” he muttered ashamed of himself, turning he walked swiftly from the room.

Hermione was left in the middle of the room, her hand stretched out in front of her, she brought it too her chest and tried desperately to stop the tears from falling. She let out a small sob and turned back to her suitcase, she started to unpack. Drying her tears on her sleeve her thoughts began to wander, she found herself thinking of the last time she had packed her bags ready to leave, he didn’t try to stop me then she though miserably.

Draco stomped down the hall to the guest room he had been in and stalked into the room, slamming the door behind him, he strode to the bed and lied down, staring up at the ceiling you are such an idiot he thought to himself, can’t you see that she doesn’t want you anymore! He was disgusted with himself for kissing her back there, she’s not you’re wife anymore he thought to himself, you can’t go kissing her anymore. The thought brought a lump to his throat. It was painful. I need to get out of here he thought desperately.

Getting up, he grabbed his wand and his clothes and walked out of the room. He didn’t see anyone as he silently made his way down the stairs and towards the door. Pausing, he glanced back up the stairs seriously thinking about telling Hermione he was leaving; but decided against it, he had stayed here long enough. Staking his head he turned and opened the door. It was light outside, a stark contrast to Draco’s foul mood he scowled up at the sun. Then he turned and started walking away, he was too weak to disapparate. Maybe the walk will clear my head he thought. 

A/N: I am absolutely having so much fun writing this story! I hope you’re having as much fun as I am! Anyway, I hope this chappie cleared up any questions you might have had. Please, please review!

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