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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 23 : Chapter 23 - Nights of Last and New Beginnings
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Disclaimer: as you will have seen plastered over your tv's, computer screens and newspapers it was not i who created harry potter, but JKR. sorry to disappoint (though i don't see how you could be more disappointed about me not owning harry potter than i am) and sorry to all the little lawyer people but you can't file a suit against me, i claim no ownership to anything in this story, it all belongs to JKR and Joss Whedon who as previously stated owns Faith. the only thing i own is the plot and when you think about it, thats not worth all that much...

Chapter 23 – Nights of Last and New Beginnings
“Oh god.”

“Not again!”

“Quick, take deep breaths!”

“Someone get some tissues!”

Sirius ran over into the bathroom of the boy’s dorm.

“It’s just so sad,” Lily sniffled. “I mean we’re never going to come back.”

“I can’t find any!” came Sirius’ yell from inside the bathroom.

“We’ll settle for toilet paper!” Faith yelled back.

“Of course we’ll come back Lils,” she soothed rubbing her back.

“We will?”

“Yeah!” she scoffed. “When you and Jimmy get hitched and have lots of mini air-heads we’ll be back every few weeks to watch them play quidditch!”

Lily let out a water chuckle.

“Here!” Sirius said as he came out of the bathroom carrying a large wad of toilet paper.

“Thanks,” Lily said taking some from the top and wiping her eyes.

“You realize you could have just brought the whole roll out, don’t you?” Faith said smirking.

“Well I couldn’t get it off of the thingy so I just grabbed a whole heap.”

Faith rolled her eyes.

“Oh my!” she said suddenly, pretending to sniffle and get choked up. “We’ll never be able to argue over the effective methods of retrieving toilet paper again!”

She grabbed a handful of tissues and pretended to sob uncontrollably.

“Oh shut up,” Lily sniffled whacking her on the arm.

“Well ladies,” James began.

“Hehem!” Sirius coughed.

“And Remus, sorry mate!”

“Hey!” Sirius shouted.

“This is it!” James continued pretending he didn’t hear Sirius. “Time for dinner!”

“Our last!” Sirius said standing up next to James and placing his hand over his heart.

“There, there Padfoot. It’s ok,” James said somberly, petting him lightly on the back.

“Ok I get it!” Lily said. “I’m a blubbering mess! But I mean, don’t you guys feel it? This is our last night. After tomorrow we’ll never come back!”

“Well I don’t think they’ll want me back after what I’ve got planned,” Faith muttered but Lily didn’t miss it.

“Faith Porter! You will not ruin my last feast!” Lily cried.

“Fine,” Faith sighed.


“Scouts honour!” Faith said straightening up and giving the three-fingered salute.

The two girls got up and headed for the door.

“Aren’t you coming?” Lily asked when the Marauders didn’t move.

“I’m sorry Lily,” Sirius said. “But you two will have to carry on without us.”

“No!” Lily said shaking her head. “You will not pull a prank now!”

“Sorry Lils,” James said. “But shockingly enough Padfoot is right. It is the last night that we will be able to be the Marauders. It’s a legacy Lils. We can’t ignore the call of our childish natures.”

“Oh alright, but no exploding food, if you get food in my hair I’ll axe-murder you.”

Sirius peered at her. “It’s scary how much like Faith you’ve become.”

“Hmm…” Lily hummed.

The two girls exited the dormitory.

“Well,” Remus began.

“Well,” Sirius nodded.

“It’s been fun guys,” James smiled.


“STACKS ON!” Sirius yelled before jumping on Remus and tackling him to the floor.

James laughed before jumping on too.

“God Padfoot, you just had to ruin the moment,” Remus groaned from the bottom of the pile.

“Pfft, like I was going to let it get all mushy like that!”

They all laughed as they got to their feet.

“Onward!” James yelled before running out of the dorm.

Remus and Sirius shook their heads before following. 

“Well,” Dumbledore said as the great hall quieted. “As you can see this year’s house champion is Gryffindor!”

The Gryffindor table burst into applause.

“With 437 points, in second is Ravenclaw with 412 points, third is Slytherin with 360 points and fourth Hufflepuff with 358 points.”

Faith clapped politely with everyone else. She stopped when she heard a ticking noise.

Everyone else started whispering and looking around for the mysterious ticking sound, everyone that is except for the Marauders.

They smirked knowingly when the ticking stopped.

There was a loud bang as the Gryffindor banners exploded showering everyone with water. The thousands of candles floating above the table stared shooting of sparks before exploding like fireworks everywhere.

Sirius waved his wand and large orbs that had been strategically placed around the room floated into the air before exploding and showering everyone in glitter.

Everyone started screaming and laughing at the same time. They were covered in the glitter that had stuck to them because of the water.

The crowed Oohed and Aahed at the fireworks until there was a giant blinding explosion and everything went dark.

Suddenly the candles flicked back on.

There standing on the teachers table looking confused were sixteen Slytherin seventh-years (Snape included). One by one they were levitated into the air and flipped upside down. Their robes fell over their heads to reveal letters had been printed onto their uniforms spelling out FAREWELL HOGWARTS.

The hall burst out into laughter and applause.

Sirius and James jumped up onto the Gryffindor table taking a bow as the crowd cheered.

“Wow, that was different,” commented Lily. “They didn’t destroy anything.”

“Wait,” Faith smirked. “Three … two … one!”

There was an explosion of purple smoke and when it cleared James and Sirius stood there coughing, wearing nothing but their boxers.

“The crowd burst out laughing as they read the message that had been written across their chests in what looked like lipstick.

Now we are even, It said.

Sirius read James’ chest before looking down at one glitter-covered Faith Porter.

She smiled and blew him a kiss.

He just rolled his eyes before jumping down off of the table and grabbing the robes conveniently placed on their seats.

“Couldn’t have you miss all the speeches now could I?” Faith smirked.

“Well,” Dumbledore said lightly as the hall again fell silent. “That was rather magnificent now wasn’t it?”

The hall burst into laughter again.

“Now back to business. Would this year’s valedictorian Lily Evans come to the front please!”

Lily stood brushing some of the glitter of her robes before walking to the front.

“…And lastly I would actually like to call Faith to the front for this.”

Faith smiled and ran up to the front next to Lily.

“We actually have a bit of a confession to make,” Lily explained.

“You see a little while ago before the Easter break,” Faith continued. “You might remember an eventful breakfast where we were treated to the musical styling of our favourite transfiguration teacher.”

“Our confession is that it was actually us who slipped you the potion causing you to sing, not Sirius and James. We were in the middle of a prank war, which we won I might add. We are sorry for any embarrassment but as they say, ‘All’s fair in love and war!’”

“This is where we make our grand exit,” Faith added pulling a handful of something and throwing it down at their feet. There was another explosion of smoke, this time deep blue, which engulfed the entire hall.

The two girls ran down the aisles beside the tables grabbing the Marauders as they went and exiting the hall.

“So where will you go now?” Lily asked.

Faith, Lily and the Marauders were sitting in a train compartment on the way home.

“Well the Potter’s are giving me a lift back to Godric’s Hollow where I am going to grab all of my stuff and Sirius and I are moving into an apartment in London,” Faith explained.

The train started to slow as King’s cross came into view.

The group gathered their trunks and climbed down off of the Hogwarts express.

“You ready?” Sirius asked as they followed James over to where his Parents stood.

“As I’ll ever be.”

A/N - hey there! that is it it is over, the last of this story!!!!!

hehe... just kidding, two more chapters to go! i'm sorry i couldn't help myself. i wanted to see the looks on your faces, though you are reading this over the net i won't be able to so really it was pointless. ah well. it's the thought that counts!

i am not going to mention anything about the deathly hallows because i'm well aware that not everyone finished it six hours after purchasing it like I did so i wont ruin it for them but i will say that it was awesome and i cried. A LOT. i am quite literally a blubbering mess. anyways. well that is actually the last of hogwarts for this series because i will probably only mention it in casual passing in the next installment.

i think i'll just mention now that in the next story, because i've already written the first three chapters, i am not doing it in compliance with DH because then i lose the main plot thingy because the character required for it is dead. So it will take place after HBP and i'll invent my own way (using some JKR inspiration) of defeating our dear lord voldy-shorts.

hope you enjoyed this chapter! i know i did. i have come to the conclusion that the little dialog box bellow is there for a reason so reviews would be loved, if not then i'll set my rabid squirrel on you, once i find him, that be.

hehehe thanks for all your support of the past couple of months! keep waiting for the next chapter!

freddy, the sexiest frog with the ability to write such awesome fanfic :o)

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