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Rest In Peace by Bianca_Potter
Chapter 1 : Rest In Peace
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He was reluctant

She was so sure

He shook his head

She said, answer my call

I know there'll be risks but believe me, I'm ready

He laughed, that's not the point so please, just be steady

Then what is the point Lupin? She suddenly cried. Tell me the truth, don't you dare lie!

Listen to me Tonks, he said in suprise. You know the answer, you know there's no lies

I'm too old for you, it wouldn't be right

Oh please Lupin, come into the light

Please, can't you see? You're the one I want for me

You're strong, you're perfect, you are just right

Goodness, stop me now; I could go on all night

He laughed again, unconvincingly

And you're smart, you're funny and you're so darn pretty

But in this war, we're smack bang in the middle

It makes all relationships a terrible riddle

Tonks replied, that's even better

You know now we have to work together

Forever more do you want to roam, all by yourself? All alone?

Of course not, he said, shaking his head

This war, Tonks continued, taking his hand

It's about good and evil and you know what's sad?

The evil only want the best

They'll put our skills to the ultimate test

The thought of this gave Lupin a fright

Alas, he said, but you are right

Every word you have said is true

I know I've been hiding it but I love you

The love and happiness swelled in her heart

I love you too. Let us never part

The kissed like they had never kissed

Enjoying the feel of one anothers lips


After a few months, they were married

A binding love contract together they carried

But Lupin had rushed it, this marriage fling

He didn't feel ready for the whole 'together' thing

But still he stayed with her; they loved one another

Remus! One day she cried. You're gonna be a father!

A father? He thought. We'll be a family?

This wasn't right. He had to find Harry

He found the young Potter at Grimmauld Place

I'm not ready, Lupin said, hands over his face

I rushed things with Tonks, I can't handle our baby

Would you mind if I helped with your quest, maybe?

Harry was rude but his words still wise

Once out of Grimmauld he made Lupin realise

Voldemort was Harry's quest, Lupin trusted him at any rate

But still he feared his friend's son's fate

So Remus accepted his place was not here

And apparated back to the wife he loved dear


Many months passed, the death toll grew

But one little life was born anew

Teddy Remus, born to Tonks and Lupin

Together and excitedly they called the group in

Congratulations! They cried to mother and father

Thank you, they said, we've never been prouder

We wish to make Harry the godfather of Teddy

We'll be sure to show you a picture when ready


Soon after, things became horribly wrong

Lupin had to spend less time with his son

Voldemort, his impatience growing

Travelled to Hogwarts, fully knowing

That Harry would be there, weak and slow

And that's when Voldemort would make his blow

But very little did he know

That Hogwarts would also take its stand

And fight the evil. Its passion was grand

Remus Lupin was there fighting alongside others

And amognst them he thought of his child's mother

And then what should appear

But a cry in his ear

Remus! It said

I'm here! Turn your head!

Lupin did as he was told

And saw his wife unfold

From the midst of other fights

Honey! He cried out to her. Now is not the night!

I'm in the Order too! I'm here to fight with you!

So shut up and hold me!

Together in a tight embrace, they looked into their lovers face

I love you she said

As I do you. He kissed the top of her head.

But without their realising

Death Eaters were rising

From corridors they came

Blocking the couple, they called their name

The Lupins! They sneered

Your end is near

But they only replied, death we do not fear

Wands were raised at each one of the lovers

There was a cry of Avada Kedavra!

And together, still hand in hand

Tonks and Lupin fell like rain

Never knowing their many brave efforts hadn't been in vain


Another hour later, a break before the last battle

Around so many bodies, the living's breath was rattled

There were screams as each empty body had been discovered

Finally, Tonks and Lupin had been recovered

The loss of these Aurors was unexplainable

The devastating shock of finding them under rubble


But the battle was won

And under the Sun

A funeral was held for two special friends

United together, they met a horrible end

Only one tiny person didn't cry that day

One little boy, his hair the colour of a blue jay

He was tightly held by his new carer

Her hair black, she couldn't bear

To see the name of her daughter on the grave

Daughter and husband, the witty and the brave

Were left in peace forevermore


And still now, if those times are old

Remembered by their hearts of gold

The way they fought

The way they cared

The love they bought

How it was shared

Never will there faces crease

Tonks and Lupin

Rest in peace


The night was still. Nothing stirred. Only the slight rustle of leaves on the ground, picked up gently by the little wind there was. 
The night was chilly. A very thin mist hung millimetres above the ground.

A pair of yellow eyes surveyed the scene carefully. No graves were being visited: she would be safe. Stepping slowly and avoiding leaves, the vixen emerged from her hiding place behind an oak tree. Weaving her way between graves and mounds of earth, she pricked her ears for the hopefull sound of a rabbit or mouse. Instead she heard voices, whispers. Afraid for her safety, the vixen jumped back to her home and watched the newcomers with interest.

"I hope the kids don't wake up." Harry was saying.

"They won't," Ginny said, linking her arm with his. "We'll be quick. It's too cold to be out anyway."

"You didn't have to come" Harry said quietly.

"Don't be silly" Ginny said sternly. "Tonks and Remus were my friends too. I'm always willing to pay my respects."

They walked the rest of the way in silence. Finally arriving at their destination, Ginny placed the red roses she had picked on the way down on the grave.
Together, Harry and Ginny read:

Here lies Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin
Beloved friends
Loving parents
Brave fighters
Will be sorely missed and remembered by their hearts of gold.

"Rest in peace" Harry and Ginny read aloud the last line.
Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry's neck and together they stood like that until a warm fire called them home.
Once the couple were out of sight, the vixen stepped out again, listening to their fading voices.
Again, she carefully stepped over leaves that might crunch and walked over to the grave that a few moments before had been visted.
She sniffed the roses with a dainty nose before looking up at the full moon.

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Rest In Peace: Rest In Peace


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