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Resistance by Proud Hufflepuff
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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“We can pitch the tent here,” David said that night. They were standing in the middle of a thick forest. It was cold and damp, but a perfect hiding spot none the less. Heidi nodded and clutched Liv closely to her ample bosom. David proceeded to pitch the tent alone so that his wife could keep an eye on their baby.

“In you go,” David said about fifteen minutes later. Heidi was glad, for the wind was started to blow frigidly and she feared that Liv would catch a cold. The tent was a magical tent and was equipped with a kitchen and comfortable furnishings. Heidi set Liv’s make shift nursery up while David unpacked their things. Fear was growing inside her chest miserably. She was frightened for herself, for David, but above all, she was frightened for her daughter.

Liv had fallen asleep shortly after Heidi had finished unpacking her child’s things. She walked into the bedroom that she and David would be sharing. As she walked in, she found him sitting on the bed in his boxers. He looked up at her and patted the spot next to him on the bed.

“I love you, Heidi,” he said, his arms sliding around her shoulders. She wrapped her arm around his waist and rested the other on his stomach.

“I love you too,” she said, her head lolling onto his shoulder. He gave her shoulders a squeeze and this reassured her a bit. The fear was still in the pit of her stomach, but she felt safe in David’s arms. Anyone would feel safe in the arms of someone they loved and who loved them back.

“I’m scared,” Heidi said after a few moments. David kissed her tenderly on the top of her head.

“I know, love. It’ll all be over soon. I promise. Everything will go back to how it was,” he said. Deep down inside, Heidi wanted to believe him, but she knew that she could not. David did not know what would happen tomorrow, nor did Heidi. She sighed and curled up next to David.

More than anything, she wanted everything to go back to normal. She wanted David to crack his corny jokes so that she could tell him that he was not funny. She wanted to be able to laugh again and to be herself. No one could be his or herself with the way the world was. Heidi could not sit in the garden outside their home and think anymore. She used to love sitting outside with only her thoughts to comfort her. This was something that she had not done in just over a year. Heidi had always been a simple woman who kept mainly to herself. Around David and those she was close to, she would be a bit more outgoing. As a Ravenclaw, she had always enjoyed her books.

“When I got my letter to Hogwarts, I thought that everything would change,” Heidi said. David looked at her thoughtfully.

“How did you think everything would change?” he said, rubbing her shoulder lovingly.

“I thought that maybe, just maybe, the Wizarding World would be happier place than my home. Every little girl thinks that magic is equal to a fairy tale. I was very wrong.”

David smiled sadly. He knew about how her parents argued most of the time and typically in front of her. She had been an only child with few friends and had no where else to go. She eventually learned to deal with it, but this left her scarred for life. She watched every little argument they had when she was a child. Her parents eventually divorced, but this did not make Heidi any happier. She had only been truly happy after she had met David. He seemed to understand her, even though he came from a happy home.

“Is Liv asleep?” David said. Heidi nodded and yawned.

“You never did tell me where we are,” she said tiredly.

“We are in Germany, my dear.”

“Why Germany?”

“You always said you wanted to travel Europe. I thought, ‘Why in the hell not? Now is as good a time as any.’”

“I love you, David,” Heidi said, kissing him lovingly.


Heidi woke up the next morning to a sweet smell. She could not put her finger on exactly what it was, but it was familiar. Before walking to the kitchen area of the tent, she got Liv from her bedroom.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Heidi said. Liv was standing up in her crib and leaning on the bars. Heidi lifted her daughter from the crib and carried her into the kitchen.

“I didn’t think you were ever going to get up!” David said. Heidi smiled and set Liv in her high chair. Liv started giggling for no apparent reason, making Heidi’s smile grow wider.

“Pancakes this morning,” David said as he put two plates and a bowl on the table. Heidi grinned and leaned over the table to kiss her husband. Liv clapped and laughed, making both her parents laugh with her. Perhaps hiding from the law would not be that bad.

“How did you get the ingredients?” Heidi said as she took a bite of her food. David had always liked to do little things for Heidi, and cooking was one of them. David smirked and swallowed his mouth full of the fluffy and enticingly sweet breakfast food.

“The German Ministry isn’t after us, are they?” he said. Heidi could feel her heart pumping faster at the thought of this adventure that he had taken her on. Her stomach sunk a bit when she thought of their daughter having to suffer her parents’ illicit behavior.

“But what if our Ministry tells them? Isn’t Apparition monitored?”

“Yes, and that’s why I Apparated on the Austrian side of the Black Forest. We walked to the German side.”

Heidi breathed an internal sigh of relief and returned to eating her breakfast and helping her daughter eat the pancake that David had made for her.

“You truly are wonderful, David,” she said. He winked.

“Nah, I just have good ideas.”

“Don’t be too modest,” Heidi joked.


David walked into the tent later that evening with a solemn expression on his face. Heidi had sent him grocery shopping for a few things that they would need during their stay. She was not sure what to make of the expression on David’s face. She carefully set Liv down in her carrier and walked over to him.

“What’s wrong?” Heidi said as David thrust Germany’s newspaper for the magical community at her. He could not read German, so this shocked her even more. She could speak and read German for that was her family’s ancestry.

“I don’t know, but that picture isn’t pretty,” he said as Heidi read the paper.

“It’s not good,” Heidi said.

“I know that, dear. That’s why I’m asking you to tell me what it says.”

“It’s…it’s the list of people who did not show up for their questioning. The German Ministry is to be on the lookout for anyone on the list. I’m on the list.”

Heidi could feel tears brimming in her eyes as David held her tightly. As she buried her head into his chest and dropped the newspaper to the ground, David smoothed her hair down in an attempt to calm her.

“I’m on the list,” she repeated as she looked down at the newspaper at her feet.

A/N: Well, here's chapter two. Thanks to anyone who reviewed the last chapter. It meant a lot to me and I look forward to more great reviews from the two who favorited the story. :)

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Resistance: Chapter Two


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