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Cultures Collide by Demonic Angel
Chapter 42 : The End (or is it...)
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No I absoutly refuse to hand them back over....I'm not done playing with all of them yet. Oh and I hope nobody minds if they aren't in as good of shape as they were when I started to play with them....should I have asked that before I killed Lucius?

Chapter 42 - The End (or is it?)

Remus was outside the cave removing the body binds from the three students and telling them to head up to the school when he heard a howling "Noooooooooo!" coming from inside and he ran to find what was wrong. As soon as he reached the small entrance to the room he noticed Hermione standing on the outside of a cage hanging onto the bars and shaking as she stared at someone hunched over someone else and hanging onto their hand tightly. As he started to enter the cage he heard a small growl coming from the girl as she moved to shield him from any further harm. "Bria luv?"

She then looked up and peered at him from behind the hair that had fallen into her face and mouthed "Help him." Remus then he quickly moved to check over the boy.


Severus and Sirius were slowly walking the exhausted students back to the school when they too heard a faint howling. With all the time they had spent with the child they knew the sound as well as their own children's voices and they went running to where it came from. As they approached the cave they saw Dannie and Ginny running towards them from the school. "Where is she?" the woman asked, "Ann told me that they found her."

"Stay here with the children" Severus told her as he followed Sirius into the cave.

As soon as Sirius saw what was going on inside the room he quickly turned around and blocked Severus "You don't want to go over there."

"Get out of my way Black!" he said as he looked over Sirius' shoulder.

"No. Sev, I can't let you."

Severus shoved Sirius to the side and rushed towards the others. He had immediately noticed his son lying on the ground while Remus was checking for any signs of life. Severus composed himself the best he could while fighting back the tears and pain he felt and said "Is he?"

"Not yet, but I'm afraid his pulse is almost nonexistent. We need to get him help." Remus stated as he tried comforting his daughter. "Sirius, run and tell Poppy we need her to meet us in the hospital immediately." But Black was already gone before the sentence was finished.

Severus quickly looked over his son to see where he was injured when he noticed a burn mark in the center of the boy's chest. He then picked up Harry into his arms realizing how cold and lifeless the boy was and carried him back into the castle and to the infirmary as quickly as possible while Remus helped Bria walk behind them. The rest of the group followed behind as the sun slowly started peeking up over the horizon. Due to the previous evening's event and the early hour the corridors were empty with the exception of the students who had been involved.

When the group arrived at the infirmary Pomphrey made everyone other than Severus stay in the hallway. The boys tried comforting their girlfriends, Dannie sat next to Bria trying to comfort her as she rocked back and forth, Remus paced the hallway, and Sirius was talking with the Weasley twins. Severus quickly left the room and headed down towards the dungeons. "Sev, where are you going?" Sirius questioned as he stepped infront of the man.

"The antidote, it's in my lab. There's only one ingredient left that it needs." he replied.

"Sev, you are shaking. You're in no condition to be collecting a potion that is this important. Get back in there and sit with him while I get it for you."

"You expect me to trust you alone in my lab? Knowing you, you will destroy everything in there."

"Which would you rather do. Take a chance on dropping it yourself or worry about a small mess that I may leave behind trying to find the stuff? Besides the best place for you to be right now is in there with your son." Sirius stated

"If you spill one drop of it...."

"I know, you'll cut my heart out with a spoon, hang me in the dungeons by my entrails, etc. I've heard it before. Just tell me exactly where it is and I'll get the stuff."

Severus then sat down and tried his best to collect his thoughts and with a deep sigh he told Sirius where he would find the potion he then went back into the small room. As he entered he heard a slight moaning coming from the curtain and his heart sank. He then entered the secluded area and sat down in the chair next to the bed and stared at the much younger version of himself. He sat there completely silent and even though only a few moments had passed he felt like it was taking a lifetime for Sirius to return with the potion. Harry then let out another painful moan as he started squirming and his breathing became highly erratic. Without thinking Severus moved closer to the bed and took the boy's hand into one of his own as he brushed the sweat soaked hair off the boy's face softly murmuring "Sssh relax you'll be better soon I promise."

Meanwhile in the corridor Dannie noticed that Bria was clenching onto something in her hand, "What is that?" The girl just opened her hand and stared at it. "Where did you get that from?"

"Some lady told me to give to Professor Snape, said something about not being immediate family but it should still help."

"What did she mean by not being immediate family? I thought most of his family had crossed over." Dannie replied.

"Bria, did you see what she looked like?" Remus asked.

"The only time she had her hood down was when she was arguing with Mr. Malfoy before she killed him." Hermione stated.

"What you did see of her, what did she look like?" Remus asked

"All I know is that she was tall and had dark hair other than that she looked like a female Death-eater except she didn't have the mark."

"How do you know she wasn't marked?"

"Her robes were sleeveless."

"Sounds like the bitch that hit me." Ann stated.

"Is that all you remember about her?" the girls nodded.

"Remus, what's going on?" Dannie asked

He then motioned for her to follow him down the hallway and into an empty room. As soon as they entered he closed the door and they sat down. "Today when we were out there in that field and then again in the cave there was this scent that was familiar. It's the same on that I noticed outside Severus' home the night of the twin's birthday party."

"Well we thought that she was stalking us."

"That's not it. After she hit Ann and put her under Imperius, Sirius went nutters and I would have sworn he was going to kill her but for some reason he didn't. Any other time if someone had done something like that he would have but instead he just yelled something about a cruel joke and threw her face first into the dirt." Remus stood there and though for a few moments. "Before the attack on Sleepy Hollow Pattie had certain students sent here to attend school, every one of them still have living family members but it only came out to about ten families. Ever since they moved down there she kept in contact with Severus and I telling us not only of the progress the twins were making but also of the troubles they caused. She often spoke of so many different people who had children and weren't mentioned that day."

"Wasn't the service for those students who had families there?"

"Yes but there were still more than ten families with school age children that should have arrived here. Where did the other children go?"

"Do you realize what you're saying?"

"Even though I never thought of her being the type to do something like this, unfortunately I do." Remus sighed. Just then they heard Severus yelling at someone and they went to see what the commotion was. When they reached the other kids "What is all the yelling about?" Remus said as he noticed Bria running down the corridor. "Bria, Stop!", but the girl kept going.

"I'll go get her." Dannie stated then she ran after her.

"She tried to take the vial to Uncle Sev when he drug her out of the room screaming that she should have never been allowed to come here to begin with and it was all her fault that Harry was in there." Jamie stated.

"Has your dad returned yet?" Remus asked the boy.

"Yea, she went right after him."

"Thanks." Remus said then he took the vial off the seat next to Bria had sat and walked into the room. When he entered he saw Poppy putting some salve on Harry's chest while Sirius extracted the blood from Severus. "Siri, would you excuse us? I need to speak with Severus for a minute."

"If you don't mind we are quite busy at the moment." Severus replied.

"Matter of fact, I do mind. You and I need to talk now." Sirius then handed the knife over to Remus and left the room.

"Do you realize how important it is that this gets done? As it is it will take longer to extract the amount of blood needed from me than it did when it was for the two of you."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Bria tried bringing you this and you drug her out of here. What is wrong with you?"

"Her blood will not do any good for him, it has to be of blood relation."

"You didn't even give her a chance to tell you where she got it from did you? Think Severus, where would she get a blade to even extract her own blood? She has been hanging onto this ever since she was in the cave. Would you like to know what the person who gave it to her said?" Remus waited for an answer while he started to cut the man's hand but Severus did not reply. "She said she was family. I need to know now if this is some sort of joke or is she who she claims to be."

"Who she is should not concern you in the least bit."

"It does concern me when I see what she is doing to those I care for. Don't look at me like that, for after what you just said to my daughter I cannot for the life of me understand what Lily ever saw in you to get us to consider you even a friend much less a brother as Dannie puts it. Now I want to know, is that Pattie's blood sitting in that vial?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Will it help Harry?"

"It should although I have never used anyone's blood other than that of the person's parents."

Remus then healed where he cut Severus and put the knife in his pocket. "Well then I suggest you use it because although you said what you did, I would truly enjoy cutting you open again I know that you need to be able to finish the potion and don't need more blood loss than is absolutely necessary." he said then turned and started heading out the door. "Now I will leave you to what you need to do while I try to calm down my child."

"I refuse to let that woman's blood into my son's system." Severus said but Remus continued to walk away.

Poppy had finished putting the salve on Harry and started washing her hands while Severus started looking through the numerous cabinets in the room. "What do you think you are doing going through my things. I don't dare go into your labs and start tearing everything up."

"I am looking for a knife, where do you keep it?"

"I happen to agree with Remus so you will not be needing a knife of anything else to cut yourself with. I'm not sure what happened out there but if that is in fact your sister's blood and it is fresh then I suggest you use it quick and stop wasting time. He was hit awfully close to his heart and lungs so I suggest you use what you have and get that potion finished immediately."


Bria was sitting crying on her bed when there was a knock at the door. "Honey, can I come in?" Bria nodded and her mother entered the room and sat on the edge of her bed. Bria then curled up and used Dannie's lap as a pillow. Dannie stroked her daughter's hair trying to comfort her.

"Professor Snape's right, it is my fault that Harry is in there."

"No it's not. Although you should not have gone running off on your own like you did I know your reason."

"But I wasn't on my own, Chloe and Ann were with me." Bria replied as she looked around her dorm room. "Where is Chloe? Why are all her things gone?"

Dannie sighed. "Unfortunately there was an accident not to long after you disappeared. We are not sure on where she was going or what exactly happened but your uncles found her body coccooned and filled with spider eggs in the center of the forest."

"So I was the cause of her dying too." Bria said as her eyes started tearing

"You most defiantly are not the reason that your roommate is dead. If anything, she is one of the reasons that we have gone through all of this, and so are your uncles and I." Remus said as he entered the room and knelt down infront of the two ladies.

"You? How are you at fault? I'm the one who went running out there."

"We knew that Chloe was the spy for Voldemort and his followers but we didn't want to raise any suspicions so we kept that information to ourselves. You had already become friends with her at the time, if we had told you then that friendship would have ended sooner and they would have found a different student to use as a spy. This way we were able to keep a closer eye on her. Remus sighed. "Either way, she would have dies as soon as they felt she was no longer useful to them."

"Nothing like this would have ever happened back home."

"Not in this manner but remember what I told you happened to my mom?" Dannie stated.

"But there would have been no throwing of curses, no disappearing suddenly, and no sick old perverts trying to..." Bria stopped herself. "Is he really dead too?"

The couple looked at one another when they heard what she almost said then Remus asked, "What exactly did Lucius do to you?"

"He didn't have a chance to do anything. He started to then he was summoned. He said that if I was a good girl then he returned then he would loosen my chains so that I would be able to at least sit down."

"He chained you? I didn't see any chains when I was down there. Why didn't you try to break them when you changed?"

"They were silver and I was too busy trying to breathe. The collar was so tight and I could no longer reach the floor. If Mione and the rest didn't come in when they did..."

Dannie then brushed the girl's hair back exposing the marks on her neck. "Come along, you should have said something earlier so that we could have had them taken care of." she said as she started moving the girl's head off her lap.

"I'm not going back down to the infirmary. Not while he's down there."

"You need to be looked at by Poppy. You have had quite an ordeal and I want you looked at." Dannie stated.

"Harry needs her more than I do."

"Severus, has no doubt given Harry the antidote by now. He just needs time to heal."


Remus refused to accept her response so he leaned over to scoop her up but as he touched her leg she jumped. He then put her back down and looked at the area noticing the silver burns. "That settles it. You are defiantly going down to the infirmary and get taken care of." he stated as he scooped her up again but this time being cautious of her injuries.

A few minutes later they arrived back in the hospital wing and noticed that the only ones that were still waiting were Sirius and the twins. At that time Severus came storming out of the small room where Harry lay. "I have never seen a more incompetent witch in all my life!" he ranted.

Dannie sat down and Remus placed the girl on the seat next to her. "Severus I am sure Poppy is doing all she can." Sirius stated.

"If she was doing all she could then he would have shown some sort of improvement by now!" Severus spat. Upon hearing this Bria started crying again "Would it kill you to shut your child up?"

"She feels just as bad as you do about this so I suggest you back off and leave her alone." Dannie growled."Well she should. If she hadn't been foolish enough to go running off and being captured by Lucius, then Harry wouldn't be in there. I said it before and I will say it again. She should have never been brought to this school. Someone like her does not belong in our world."

"What do you mean someone like her?" Remus asked.

"What do you think I mean?"

Remus then grabbed Severus by the arm and pulled him into the room that he and Dannie were in earlier. As he closed the door he placed both silencing and locking charms on the door."What in Merlin's name is the meaning of this. I suggest you let me out immediately."

You have two choices here. You will either sit down and listen to me without saying one word or I will put you in a body bind and you will still have to listen to me." Remus stated. Severus tried pushing past the man as he pulled out his want and headed for the door. Remus then pointed his towards his friend and started "Petrificus..."

"Fine fine, have your say." Severus interrupted then walked over to the nearest chair waiting for it to be over with.

"Sev, we have been friends for most of our lives but I will tell you now. What you have said out there shows you have sunk to a low that not even Lily would forgive you for. You wish to go around blaming everyone else for what happened? Fine then lets make a list starting with the most recent of who is to blame here. We could just blame Harry for going off after Lucius to try to help Bria; of coarse I will admit that she should take part of the blame for running off like she did. Then under the same line we could put Chloe down for luring her out there but it just wouldn't be right since she is already dead. Wait a second. That couldn't work because we would have to add not only Sirius and I but also you to the list for not warning the children about her. Or we could try blaming Ron for making sure Chloe and the whole school knew about you and Harry but then again you would be part of the blame for believing that he would adjust to the news like the others did. We could also blame Lucius, afterall he was not only is he the one who not only cursed your son but also captured Bria. On the other hand he wouldn't have even known about her or even paid her any mind if he hadn't come here to punish Draco due to his affections for Ginny. No that wouldn't work either since you also infuriated him y taking guardianship of the boy. That leaves only one other option and that's to put the blame on James, Sirius, Pattie, and I for encouraging yours and Lily's relationship. Alas once again you are to be included on that one as well since you are obviously the one that got Lily pregnant knowing damn well what would be expected of any children you had. Not matter how you look at this there is absolutely no reason you can place full blame on Bria. Everyone of us is at fault here one way or another, especially you." Remus stopped pacing as he finished his lecture and as he turned around to look at the recipient he felt his anger rise. He then walked over to the chair, bent down and made a quiet hissing sound. Severus immediately jumped at the sound but found himself and the chair falling backwards. "Did you have a nice nap?"

"That was uncalled for."

"So was the way your treated my child."

"I know, I know. I just can't loose him, not after we've come this far."

"You are not going to lose him. Pretty soon he will be up and running around with the others causing all sorts of havoc."

"I hate to say it but I am actually looking forward to that day." Severus said as he stood up and brushed himself off then headed towards the door.

"How hard did you hit your head?" Remus asked as he removed the charms from the door.

As they entered the corridor Madame' Pomphrey rushed up to them. "There you two are. Remus, Bria is in the room at the end of the hall resting. I want her here until tomorrow evening."

"Yes and thank you. Severus, I'll stop by to see you later."

Before Severus could respond the older woman started talking immediately. "Severus, I need you to sit down."

"I would rather not. How is Harry doing? Can I see him now?"

Madame' Pomphrey sighed deeply "As I promised you, I have done everything that I can to try to help him. Unfortunately even though you were able to get the potion into his system there are some serious complications regarding where it is that he was hit."

"You can heal him though. As many time as you have helped him in the past, not to mention how many times you helped Lily and I, I know you can do it."

"Severus, I wish there was something I could do. I love that boy and the twins as much as I would if they were my own kids. Afterall I did bring all three of them into this world. As I have been trying to tell you, he was hit directly in the chest and the burning has done quite a bit of damage to not only his heart but to his lungs as well."

"The potion didn't work. I was afraid of this when I used her blood. I need to see him." Severus said as he started towards the room again.

"But the potion did help. It has stopped the burning from continuing." the medi-witch stated as she grabbed onto his sleeve. "Before you go in there I need for you to listen. His body is very weak. It has practically shut down and he's non responsive to anything."

"Is there anything at all we can do to help him?"

"I do have a friend, an old classmate I've kept in contact with who went into Muggle medicine after graduation. He works at Middlesex Hospital in London. If anything at all, we could transfer him there and put him on life support."

"Life support? You mean a machine? Sev, there is no way that Harry would want a machine keeping him alive." Sirius stated as he walked over and butted into their conversation.

"We could try it just for a few weeks. A month at the most just to let his body heal itself. Afterwards we could have it disconnected and see if he responds." she suggested.

Severus stared into the window that sat in the center of the door, "Sirius, I told Remus and I'm telling you. I refuse to lose him now. Poppy, do whatever you have to but keep my son alive."

"I was hoping you would say that. I have a portkey all ready; it will take you to an alley nearby the emergency entrance. Once you are there, ask for Dr Butler, he will know the situation."

"Fine, we'll leave immediately. Sirius please let everyone know. Especially Bria but break it to her gently. Also please let her know that she's welcome to visit just as soon as she can. I really need to talk to her."

Sirius nodded then after he sent the twins to his quarters he proceeded into the other occupied room.

Pomphrey handed a small box to Severus; "I will let Minerva know you will be away for a few days so that she can decide what to do regarding your classes."

Severus closed his eyes and bowed his head as he said "Thank you Poppy. For everything." He then walked into the room and picked up the boy and held him tight as he touched the center of the box with his thumb and they disappeared.


"According to Madame' Pomphrey after tomorrow evening you will be up and running around with your friends again." Remus said.

"All except Harry."

"He's a strong kid, I'm sure he'll be better in no time and the two of you will continue to be the cause of our hair loss."

Just then there was a knock at the door. "How's my favorite cub doing?" Sirius asked.

"She'll be just fine. In fact she should be perfectly fit for running tomorrow night." Dannie replied.

"Remus can I speak with you out here for a minute?"

"I'll be right back," he said then he headed towards the door.

"Mom, please don't lie to me. I know he's worse than you two are letting on otherwise Professor Snape wouldn't be so furious with me." Bria said as she turned to stare out the window and continued "Mom, do I have to come back to school here next year?"

"Why wouldn't you want to return?

Not only is your dad's job here but I thought you loved it here."

"I thought I did too but Professor Snape is right, I should not have been allowed to come to school here in the first place and I can't stay where don't belong. Besides it's not like anyone is going to want to even see me around here anymore especially if Harry dies"

"Professor Snape was just angry and scared. Yes Harry's condition is quite bad but he will get better. As for you not belonging here, that's an all out lie. I don't think that you would have ever received a letter inviting you here if this wasn't where you belonged. Besides if where do you plan to go to school if you don't return?"

"I could stay with Papaw and go to the reservation school again."

"We are only going back to for a few weeks to gather the rest of our things and to visit. If it's any longer then you know the rules will be like and you know the consequences if they are broken. The elders will no longer let you run in the woods, there will be no more magic, and almost everyone back there hates what we are. Are you sure this is what you want?" Dannie said as she noticed Remus stepping into the doorway.

"If Harry dies it will be no different here when it comes to the other kids. Besides I deserve worse after this."

Remus walked up to the bed and knelt down infront of her. "Look at me please." He said. "You most definitely do not deserve any such treatment. I don't know why you went out on the grounds alone in the first place instead of getting your uncles but you did. Please at least wait to see how Harry does before you make a decision."

"I don't know. If I stay can I drop Potions? I don't think Professor Snape wants to see me ever again."

"Unfortunately Potions is required every year so you can't drop it. But as for whether or not he want's to see you ever again I can tell you that he would like you to accompany me to Middlesex Hospital once you are able to."

"Middlesex? That's not in Hogsmeade is it?"

"I'm sorry but no. It's a muggle hospital in London there's some equipment there that Harry needs at this time. Poppy made a portkey for everyone to travel by."

"Equipment? Why not have it sent here?"

"Honey, I have to tell you it's not good. Harry was sent to London to go on Life support."

"Then why would you say Professor Snape would like me there?"

"Because he would like to talk you, that's why."

"I don't know if I can face him."

"Your mum and I will be right there. I don't think he will be stepping out of line again. If he does I just may let your mum have a go at him, remember she can be quite intimidating when she wants to be." he said with a smirk.

"Ok I'll go but only if you don't leave me along with Professor Snape."

"Very well. Listen it's been an extremely long day. If you're going to get better you need to get some sleep. Alright?" Dannie stated

"Alright." she replied. The couple each bid sweet dreams to their daughter then they slowly headed back to their rooms.

When they arrived outside Dannie's door when Remus wrapped his arms around her. "Do you realize how much I enjoyed yesterday morning?" he asked.

"What tracking through the forest with Sirius? I'm sure he will be happy to hear that."

"You know that's not what I'm talking about."

"You must mean that the cuddling thing. I suppose you could say it was nice."

"You suppose huh?" he said as he started tickling her.

"Alright I'll agree, it was nice." she replied as she tried squirming away. He then captured her mouth with his and passionately kissed her.

"Alright you two, do you want to break it up?" Sirius asked as he noticed the two.

They quickly broke the kiss when Remus glared at him saying that it had better be good but she quickly said, "I really need to get some sleep. I'll see you at dinner." then retreated into her quarters.

Remus watched as she closed her door then turned back to his friend, "You really have some bad timing there. What's so important?" he asked.

"You know I hate interrupting you two at a time like that but in all the commotion I almost forgot that Severus told me to grab this from his lab for you." he replied as he handed Remus his monthly potion.

Remus sighed as he took the vile. "Listen, I have been meaning to talk to you. Do you have a minute?"

Sirius nodded then followed Remus into his quarters then stayed in the front room as Remus went into the kitchen to quickly drink the potion. "What did you need to talk to me about?"

Returning from the kitchen he sat down and replied "I know this may be a touchy subject for you right now but I saw what happened out there yesterday with that woman and I was wondering how you are holding up."

Sirius closed his eyes and tried lying "I'm not sure I know what you are talking about or what you think you saw but I'm holding up quite well."

"Sirius this is me you're talking to. We've known each other for almost thirty years. Yesterday you had that Death-eater on her knees infront of you. Now any other time you wouldn't have hesitated once in either killing her or cursing her into insanity for what she had done. At first I didn't understand why you had let her go like you did but now I do and I need to know if you are going to be alright."

"I already told you I am holding up quite fine. The only reason I did not kill her is because I was needed elsewhere."

"Are you going to tell the twins who she was?"

"What is there to tell them? At first I thought they reminded me of someone but I was mistaken."

"Siri, come off it. You know good and well who she was; you see her face everytime you look at Ann. She was in the cave with the kids this morning and gave Bria a vial of blood to use for Harry's potion. I'm sure that Bria and Hermione have already figured it out and it's only a matter of time before the twins know as well."

"What am I to tell them? How do you tell your children that the death-eater that has been trying to not only kill their uncle and take them away from their home is the same loving, caring mother that they mourned the death of for the past eight months? Ann still clings to that photo album of hers. Every night she spends here she lies in bed looking through it while she cries herself to sleep. Do you know how badly I want to go in there and destroy that album now?" Sirius sighed then continued. "I know they need to find out who she is, but right now all I can say is that the person that was out there was not the person we knew."

"Well if you need help breaking the news to them, just let me know."

"Thanks. I guess I'll see you later." Sirius said as he left.


~A few days later~

As requested via owl Remus stopped by Severus' quarters and picked up a fresh supply of clothes for him since he had spent the past few days and nights at Harry's bedside waiting for some sort of response from the boy. Although Sirius had visited the previous day, he did not bring Severus a sufficient supply of clean clothes not to mention he had completely forgotten about the man needing underwear as well.

Remus then arrived at Dannie's chambers with a port key provided by Poppy. "Are you two ready to go?" he asked. Dannie nodded and they walked over and touched the small box that Remus held out. They quickly arrived in a small alley just off Mortimer St. then headed over to the hospital. When they finally were able to find Harry's room. Remus knocked on the door and after a few moments Severus stepped out into the hallway.

"Bria, I do apologize for what I said earlier, I was upset and unfortunately you were the first one to blame when really this was nobody's fault except Lucius." Severus said as Bria just glared at him. "I understand if you don't wish to accept my apology but I do ask that we at least get along while in Harry's presence."

"That I can agree to. Please tell me honestly, how is he and what is going on. Dad didn't fill me in on why he was here."

Severus explained the situation and they agreed that Bria would be there to sit with Harry everyday after school and on weekends while he was able to get some much-needed rest. While Bria was in the hospital room and sat talking to Harry their parents stayed behind in the hall.


For the next month Bria kept the daily routine of showing up after school everyday and weekends she would bring their friends with. Due to the knowledge Pattie still being a threat in trying to capture at least the twins Dumbledore, who was back in full health by now, had some wards placed around the hospital to try to keep out any possible attacks. This made it hard for daily visits because the drop off point changed on an hourly basis.

Back at Hogwarts classes resumed as if nothing had happened although it was quite obvious by the student's behaviors that this was not the case. As a punishment for what they had done during the small battle the Weasley boys received Saturday detentions with Filch that at first started out with gathering up the bodies, whole and partial, that they had removed from the graveyard and had to bury them again without any use of magic. This wound up taking up three of the four weekends due to the forest creatures dismembering the bodies and scattering parts throughout the area.

Due to the time Severus was spending at the hospital, Albus arranged for Potions to be an every other day class. One day would be the morning classes while the next day were the afternoon classes. The students were quite relieved at this mainly since those days that they were in class Professor Snape happened to be even more demanding than ever before and had no problems deduction points from all houses.

Final exams came and went until finally they arrived to the day that they would be turning off the machines. Bria hadn't visited the evening before due to the End-of-year Feast in which seemed to the group no reason at all to celebrate anything since their minds were all on their friend. That morning Bria and Severus were alone in Harry's room as she described what all took place at the banquet. She told how Professor Dumbledore added and subtracted numerous house points the whole first half-hour and surpassingly the outcome was the following:

Fourth place went to Gryffindor at -85 points (which happened to be the first time in history that any house ended with a negative amount of points)

Third place went to Ravenclaw with 130 points

Second place went to Slytherin with 294 points

Finally first place was awarded to Hufflepuff with 582 points. (This is currently under investigation since during the month of April the temporary Transfiguration Professor issued former house member an extreme amount of points to the house, also former house member.)

Dannie and Bria were already scheduled to fly back to Minnesota to gather the remainder of their belongings and give Dannie's father, Jack, the news he had been waiting over sixteen years to hear. Their original flight was suppose to leave first thing in the morning but due to circumstances the way they were they were able to exchange them for an afternoon flight. Unfortunately it was scheduled to depart only two hours after the 'plug pulling'.

Instead of taking the train back to Kings Crossing, the Weasley children, Hermione, and Draco floo'd from Hogsmeade to The Leaky Cauldron where Mrs. Weasley was waiting for them before they piled into the Granger's mini-van to go to the hospital. Sirius and the twins then took on of Poppy's portkeys and met everyone at the hospital.

Finally it was quarter to one when Dr. Butler walked into the very crowded hospital room. He greeted Severus and explained what would take place he then asked him if he wanted to be the one who turned off the machine. Severus was so distraut that at first he started to nod but quickly shook his head.

At one o'clock two of the nurses walked in and one monitored Harry's pulse while the other one gently but quickly removed the tube from the boy's throat and mouth. As soon as it was out the machine was turned off by the doctor.

Everyone stood in silence and holding his or her breath while the only sound that could be heard was the heart monitor. As the seconds dragged on the beeps were further and further apart. Finally all anyone could hear was one solid tone.

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