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New York's Secret by Avanell 2
Chapter 2 : Darned Co-Workers
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Chapter II: Darned Co-Workers

AN: Warning…some scenes were written in haste and are crap! And see notes at end for more on “Alessandra”

Six months later Alessandra was leading a good life. Well, as much as one can given the circumstances. She lived with the Lavoys, whom she adored, helping out Herman at his office and his wife Alison with household affairs. She was attending community college full-time taking communications and general education courses, all of which she was excelling at. She was seeing a doctor and a psychologist, both who were friends of the Lavoy’s and practiced in the same building.
It was late afternoon when a patient of Dr. Lavoy’s came in when Alessandra was in the office helping with billing and filing.

“I remember you,” The man said. “Your hair is different though,” He said pointing to it with a wave of his hand. She smiled, remembering his flamboyant ways.

“Mr. Kors, how are you today?”

“You remember me, no wonder you’ve stuck around.” He replied jokingly, thinking that she might know who he was professionally.

“Of course I remember you, on your way out you mentioned that you knew someone who could help me with my hair.”

“Well, you must have gone because your hair is gorgeous, darling.”

She smiled, running her hand over her hair. She had gotten one of those permanent straightening jobs and loved it, but had to save for three months from her allowance in order to get it. Of course, Mr. Kors did not know that.

“To be honest, I went to a parlor in Queens that did the job. Their rates were much more reasonable than…I’m sorry, I cannot remember the name you gave me.”

Mr. Kors raised a brow. He must have been wrong, the young woman obviously didn’t know who he was. He quickly gave her look-over. “Honey, step out from behind the counter.”

She looked at him in confusion, but did so anyway. She had also noticed the way he was looking at her, but didn’t mind since he was so obviously gay. At least, she hoped she wasn’t stereotyping him. He obviously made a lot of money, given the clothes he wore and his frequent visits. The latter she had noted from his records and from doing the billing.

“Turn around, sweetie.” He told her once she had come around the counter. “Now walk.”

She did, but it obviously didn’t meet his approval. “No, walk with air, with confidence.” He said waving his hands in the air.

She tried again.

“Hmm…not bad, not bad at all. Tell me, have you ever considered modeling?”

Two months later Alessandra walked out of an agent’s office with Michael who, she now new, was a fashion designer. He even worked on a reality show! He and his friend Heidi had taught her a lot in the past two months, and she was now signed and had an appointment with a potential client. Little did she know how Victoria’s Secret was about to change her life.
Two years pass and Alessandra has become a well known model, mostly working with the famous lingerie company. She’s made numerous TV appearances, including as guest judge for Michael and Heidi’s fashion reality show, where aspiring designers had to design a lingerie ensemble. Alessandra is happy, yet is haunted by what she cannot remember.

Across the Atlantic Ocean…

Ron Weasley sat on the barstool, laughing at something his co-worker Sara had said. “You really don’t give up, do you.” He told her.

She smiled flirtatiously at him and did a quick throw with her hair. “And here I thought you knew I didn’t get my job on merit alone.”

The two both worked as promoters for a company representing several quidditch teams across Britain. Like Ron, Sara had played on her school’s team in America.

They were friends at work, but Ron knew she had a crush on him. He had almost declined her invitation for drinks after work, but figured he could let her down in a place where plenty of other young men could vie for her attention once he left. No, he wasn’t going to leave her to the wolves on her own; they were also accompanied by a couple of other workers who were currently on the dance floor. And this way she might still feel attractive, from the way other men were looking at her, after he let her down.

Sara, a pretty witch with dark-brown hair and blue eyes, not to mention a smashing figure, had been smitten with Ron since she met him. He wasn’t like the other men she had known, and figured he was a gentleman which was why he hadn’t returned her flirtations at work. She hoped a drink or two would loosen him up.

She knew he had helped Harry Potter during the war, and that the legendary wizard and he were best mates. She didn’t know much more than that, since the war hadn’t really effected the United States. Her brother had gone overseas to help, and nearly lost his life in the process. She also had a friend from school who lost her older sister in the war.

“It’s really nice to see this side of you, Weasley.” She said winking at him. The two had been joking over their first drink the past hour, and had just started drinking their second.

“Well, it may surprise you that I used to be all fun and games during school.”

“Really? I had you for more the studious type. I mean, I’ve heard about your twin brothers, but since you work so hard I figured you likely were the bookworm type in school.”

Ron instantly thought of the reason why was going to let this girl down: Hermione. She had been the studious one, always reminding him to work on his studies. He was determined to find her, sure that she was still alive. He spent nearly all his free time searching for her or working on projects he knew she would be working on had she not disappeared.

Hermione had disappeared six months after Voldemort was killed. The two had finally gotten together at Bill and Fleur’s wedding, and their relationship was going so strong during the Horcurx hunt that when Harry had finally killed Voldemort, Ron had gone down on one knee and asked Hermione to marry him.

A month later Hermione had gotten a job working as a researcher for Potions Department at the Ministry. She had been working on a new potion when it had exploded. No body was ever found, but Harry’s contacts at the Ministry had said it was some sort of memory holding spell. During the trials Hermione had her memory misplaced but, due to someone else’s error, she had disappeared.

Ron shook his head, bringing him out of the memories.

Sara immediately noticed something was wrong. “I’m sorry,”

Ron shook his head. “No worries. No, you might say my mates and I broke nearly every school rule…and not just once.”

Sara laughed. “Tell me about your school days, Ron.” She said in a low voice.

Ron could tell she was raising the stakes in her plan, but wasn’t about to give in. Still, he did tell her about the Triwizard Tournament and his and his mates first year encounter with “Fluffy.” By the time he was finished Sara was nearly doubling over in hysterics.

Ron finished his second drink. “Well, I must be off. I have some things to take care of before sacking in tonight.”

“Can I help you?” Sara asked in a slightly suggestive tone.

Ron shook his head. “No, but thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow at work.” With that he left her alone, making sure he waved goodbye to the others so that they knew Sara was now sitting alone.

“You’re wasting your time, you know.” A feminine voice said from the seat on her other side.

Sara turned to the witch sitting beside her. “I’m sorry, do I know you?” She asked with a frown.

The woman shook her head. “No, but I used to date Ron’s older brother, Percy. I’m Penelope.”

“Nice to meet you. Pardon for asking, but why am I wasting my time? He’s single, straight…wait, he is straight, isn’t he?”

“Yes he is, but he is definitely not single.”

“But he lives alone, I’ve never heard him…”

“He won’t likely tell you. Let me tell you a story about Hermione Granger…”

After Ron left the bar he apparated home, finding a hungry Crookshanks waiting for him. He picked up Hermione’s beloved cat, now also his cat, and went to fetch them both something to eat. As he prepared their meals he thought of Hermione and her disappearance.

There are still no leads, but the search was still on. Harry, now having influence with his position at the Ministry, made sure Hermione’s case got all the attention it deserves for several reasons. First, he’s Harry Potter. That alone gave him the influence they need. Second, the potion Hermione was working on was top secret. They had to find her. Third, Arthur Weasley was the new Minister of Magic. A Minister who cares not only for his family, but his beloved employees as well.

Meanwhile and several hours later…

Alessandra shut the door and quickly locked it behind her, leaving her dinner companion at a loss. Stefan had been nice enough, but she just didn’t like him for some reason. When he leaned in to kiss her, hoping for an invite, she bid him a quick “goodnight!” and shut the door on him. Of course, it has nothing to do with my dreams, now does it? She thought sarcastically to herself.

Meow! Came a noise from down near her feet. Her eight-month old kitten Snowy was wrapping herself around her mistress’s leg.

“Someone certainly wants attention,” She said as she scooped up the pure-white kitten into her arms. “I’ll bet you’re hungry, too…mommy didn’t come home after work, now did she?”

Alessandra now had her own flat in Manhattan, but still spent her weekends with the Lavoy’s (bringing Snowy with her now as well). She had gone straight from work to have dinner; her first date since she woke up in the middle of Central Park. Of course, many men since had asked her out (or at least tried to bed her) but she had always turned them down. Not only didn’t any of them “feel right,” but in her heart she knew there was someone else.

Her dreams only intensified her feelings. She never saw his face, just an unknown presence who seemed to have been by her side for a very long time. True, she knew she was not old enough to had been married or been in a relationship for very long, but somehow…somehow she must have known this person during her childhood.

As Alessandra walked toward the kitchen she noticed Snowy playing with something. It was the “stick” she had found in her jeans the morning she had woken in Central Park.

“Now, how did you get that out of its place?” She asked, knowing full well that it had been placed on her shelves along with trinkets she had purchased during her world travels.

Two weeks later…

Parvati and Padma Patil were anxiously awaiting the fashion show to begin. After opening their own boutique in Diagon Alley nearly a year ago the two been desperately trying to gain entrance to one of the world’s fabulous fashion shows, and finally gotten lucky when a client of theirs had two spare tickets to an event in New York City. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, one that could help their business.

The lights dimmed, the music started. They were mesmerized as a model strutted down the catwalk wearing only her knickers and a bra, as well as enormous wings attached to her back. As the model drew closer, the twins eyes nearly popped out of their heads. They looked at each other in disbelief, thinking the same thought. Hermione Granger?!!

AN: I forgot to mention in the opening chapter that this story is also one of indulgence.

Also, as mentioned some of the characters mentioned in this story are real. In fact, when I conceptualized this “indulgent” story I had a VS model in mind. I started typing after seeing a posting on her page at IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) that remarked on how she could play an adult Hermione! I was like, I agree! In fact…well, venture on over there to see the post and the model…but it’s really the catalog pics that made me think so, not the ones at IMDB. Or, look at Google image, but beware – some are not her.

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