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Playing Cat and Mouse by SkinAndBones_
Chapter 9 : [9] A New Angle
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Chapter 9
A New Angle

Draco watched the girl go, knowing there was no point in trying to get her to stay, because he might just ruin whatever confusion she had circling in her head, and that was what he had been looking for. He wanted her to be confused; he wanted that kiss to make an impact, have her thinking about him for the rest of the day. After all, confusion might just get her to rethink Blaise, and then maybe the boy would come to his senses.

That had worked perfectly really. He had been worrying about how he was going to get Hermione to kiss him first, but she had solved that for him. Draco would have never thought that the girl would have come near his face, on her own free will, but perhaps even she had the odd, unexplained attraction to him.

Yet, even though he knew his plan was working in a sickly sweet way, and even though his thoughts were as cocky and arrogant and manipulative as always, Draco couldn't let out a normal, triumphant smirk like he would have in any other situation. Draco let himself fall back down to sit on the sill of the window that they had resided by for the last hour, feeling his legs slightly weak, and taking a moment to ponder over why his mouth wasn't twitching into a grin, a sneer, a smug smirk, nothing.

He felt a sigh come to his lips, and he tugged on the lower after rubbing a hand over his face, perhaps hoping that the motion would free him of the unusual surprise he had no doubt plastered on his features. He bit at his bottom lip, attempting to bring feeling back into it, and unluckily, succeeding as he realize how harshly he had gnawed at the plump flesh, causing a shot of pain.

How was he to put what he was feeling? It was hard to say. All he knew for sure was that for some strange reason the girl had caused his heart to jump in pace when she had sighed, and her touch, so much more gentle then that of the Slytherin girls Draco usually dated, made his skin crawl in a horribly additive way. He rubbed his face again, knowing before he had that his cheeks were still warm, but for some reason having to confirm it, or prove the thought wrong. Unfortunately when he brought his finger back up to the fair skin that her lips had brushed against delicately in a sweet, juvenile peck on the cheek, it was proven that his face was still flushed.

Finally a smirk, one of slight surprise as he let out a breath that was supposes to be a toned down chuckle. His first kiss, which he had gotten at a ripe young age of seven, when he had put a spider in Pansy's hair and she had kissed him as punishment (a horrible thing at any age he joked to himself) wasn't even as juvenile as that peck on the cheek was. And yet, he found it strangely charming. Imagine, Granger and charming in the same sentence.

Perhaps he needed to get his head checked.

Draco groaned at himself, realizing what this meant. No, it was not 'love', (he almost rolled his eyes that this idea even came into his mind) lust, maybe, but not love. So he liked to kiss the Muggle-born? So she happened to cause a bit of a flush and his head to spin the slightest bit? That was not the problem, although it could result to be a potentially tricky situation, of course, any desire to make-out with a Mud-blood would result in such circumstances. The problem with this situation was that he finally knew why Blaise was acting like a love-struck puppy.

Did Blaise think it was love? Or was he really still playing the game?

Draco sighed. It was hard to tell with Blaise, because he turned out to be just as good of an actor as Draco (perhaps better, although the blonde would never admit that). After all, even though Draco did have a 'nicer' side under his arrogant, vain exterior, it wasn't that much different. Blaise on the other hand had made the whole school believe he was much more angelic then he really was.

Had the dark haired boy that Draco knew like the back of his own hand actually pulled the wool over Draco's eye's as well? And if he had, was it only the first time?

Hermione wasn't sure what she was thinking going to the library, as if no one would think of looking for her there if they really wanted to find her. Perhaps her mind was just so clouded from the stupidity of her actions that her feet just followed their most common path. She would say that was probably it, considering she didn't remember walking to the library, but just was suddenly there, walking up and down the aisle as of looking for something even though she already had more then enough books.

She was sure that they did not make books that would help her in such a situation, but while she was there, was there really harm in trying? She had to hold back a laugh at herself. Always coming back to books.

Was she completely insane? Was she really that desperate for adolescent physical contact that she would lose control over herself like that? Gosh, she was hopeless. Jumping all over the first guy to give her more then a few minutes. After all, this was Draco that she was getting back from making out with. A mere hour ago she was yelling at him for being a git! And now, a few kind words and his lips saying her name and she was swooning at his feet like the rest of the girls in the school.

Since when did his tactics work on her?

Hermione frowned slightly, his taste still on her tongue, making her feel sweetly sickened, her stomach churning at the thought of what she had just done. Merlin, he was sure to be off gloating now, telling all his Slytherin friends how he had broken the Muggle-born down. Bloody hell she could see it now. Tracey making smart remarks her way the next day, 'Sorry Draco, but I just can't bare to kiss you when it only happened just yesterday. Who knows what kind of things you picked up? Perhaps you should go to the Hospital wing?'

Hermione Granger, tricked into kissing Draco Malfoy like all the other lowlifes sluttish girls in Slytherin.

No, but it wasn't a trick. She kissed first, she had basically asked for it with her stupid peck on his cheek. It was obvious that he had been surprised, so she couldn't lie to herself and say that it had been him all along. She had acted first, he was just doing what he knew, and it was obvious that it was what she had wanted. Whether she agreed with herself that she had wanted it was a different story, but there had to be some part, something that Draco had picked up on, hadn't there?

Oh Merlin how stupid could she get? Not only was she completely unsure about this whole situation to begin with, but right when she had made a decision to see what happens with Blaise, she turned around and totally backstabs herself. How was she supposed to trust others when she couldn't even trust herself?

And what the hell was this flush that was still on her bloody cheeks!

The girl nearly jumped out of her skin when a pair of hands wrapped around her face to cover her eyes carefully. She had taken in a silent gasp as she brought her hands up quickly to try and free her now blinded eyes, but instead of letting her go they simply pulled her backward in a delicate and gentle manner. She felt herself lean back on a soft frame, another body, tall and lean, strong, familiar.


Hermione tried not to panic as she frowned the slightest bit under the hands that covered her eyes, her breathing getting caught in her throat suddenly as the smallest bit of dread settled. The hands quickly moved away after, just before she had been ready to shudder slightly, sliding down to hold her waist as lips came to her neck, a flash of dark hair before a voice came to her ear.

"The library? You didn't exactly send me all over the school." Hermione could not hide the relieved sigh that found her lips as she realized it was Blaise with his arms wrapped around her and not Draco. Fortunately the sigh sounded like something of contentment, and she caught a grin falling on his features as he brought his arms to hug around her stomach and let his chin rest on her shoulder in a very pleasant way.

"Yes well, maybe I wanted you to find me." Hermione replied, using the first thing that came to her head, knowing he had thought this was where she had been hiding from him, and knowing that he was pleased with this reply. On the contrary, she had pretty well completely forgot that it was after class and she was suppose to be playing a game of hide and seek with him, but she let her eyes fall shut as his nose nudged her neck, letting herself believe that she had been here waiting for him as he did, another kiss coming to her skin before more whispered words.

"Good answer." He breathed, and she could feel the smile on his lips, causing hers to curl ever so slightly as well, her skin shivering against the warm breathe.

For some reason, Blaise just couldn't help but hold her as he did, couldn't help but suck back that smell that he had tickle his sense earlier, orchids and coconut, or feel the soft of her skin on his lips, like Egyptian silk. Perhaps it had just been so long that he had been in a tender relationship (not that this was or ever would be a real relationship). And anyway, if he was going to have to win her over, why not also enjoy it? Now that he could kiss her openly because she had made the first move, why not take advantage of that? After all, it wasn't him who was sickly against muggle-borns, and even Draco was going to have to kiss her eventually to win this thing.

She turned around in his grasp, his hands replacing around her and resting on the small of her back when she settled again, her own rested on his chest comfortably, and when she finally brought her eyes up to his a timid smile that slide onto her lips reflected in them. He couldn't help but grin teasingly, finding it strange that the girl who had almost literally tackled him in the hall the day before was so shy now, but accepted the fact that now they were past that first kiss he could start doing the work.

Blaise knew he couldn't hold out any longer, just because it had grown silent in expectation as they stood there. So, in reply to her gaze, he moved forward to her. He paused a little over her lips, to fake a bit of apprehension before brushing his lips on hers lightly, being accepted immediately, and he had to hold back a smirk, not waiting it to seem to obvious that her reaction had been pleasing.

Her lips tasted faintly of strawberries, probably remainder of a lip shine she had put on, and he couldn't help but let that held smile twitch ever so slightly as they parted for a moment, before she replied with a deeper kiss. Blaise would have thought it would be a lot harder to get the girl to act like this, but then again, he wasn't complaining. Maybe the quiet ones are always the most surprising, and he couldn’t help but think that maybe this was why Weasley was still so hung up on her. Had he managed a kiss from her before they had broken it off?

Her hands slid up his chest and around his neck, pressing into him, lost in the moment, in his touch and his sudden comfort. Hermione wasn't sure what it was about him that made her so trusting, but there was just something, something special, because he was not Draco Malfoy. He was not the average Slytherin.

She let another sigh come from her, this time truly content as he kissed her, and smiled when she felt his lips curling into one as well. But, the moment fell away when a panic struck her as his tongue grazed her lip delicately. She had parted her lips slightly, but then pulled her face away, having a dreadful thought that Blaise could perhaps taste Draco on her. Hermione realized how quickly she had pulled away, then cleared her throat, seeing the confusion that had fallen over Blaise's face at her move.

"Sorry, but, maybe we should just take it slow." She said, reflecting the very small thought in the back of her mind that perhaps they were getting into this to fast, which she knew was true but for some reason was the least of her worries. Blaise couldn't help but laugh slightly.

"You weren't saying that yesterday. If Draco hadn't pulled me away from you, you would have let a lot more happen then what did." He whispered, a teasing tone as he brought his lips back to hers, as good as rendering her mute and paralyzed. Before long he was easing her mouth opened, which took very little effort, then let his tongue flick over hers, not to overwhelm her.

She had melted back into his arms again, finding her mind clouded once more after he had touched his lips to hers. It was like the lack of oxygen that she was breathing was making her dreamy, venerable as she was at their first encounter, a pray-animal being gently devoured by a predator. He used her vulnerability and moved his lips to the tender neck right under her ear, and she couldn't help but let out a quiet moan of bliss. Of course, it didn't last long, because reality was falling over her again like a heavy black cloud.

As her hand tangled in his hair she thought for a moment that it was blonde and not the dark contrasting black that it really was, and as she pressed herself against him his scent seemed for a moment to be that of the spicy cologne that she had been engulfed in moments before, instead of pleasantly fresh like it really was.

It was too much, and she couldn't help but let the smallest sob out as she pushed him away, freeing herself quick and moving to the opposite side of the aisle that they stood in. She hugged her own stomach, wishing he would not ask what was wrong, but know he would eventually.

"Hermione, what's going on?" He asked, suddenly serious, and she knew she had to tell him, just because of that look he was giving her. She sighed, her forehead furrowed and she found her lips pouting slightly. Who would have know she would feel so horrible for cheating on a boy that she had done nothing with but kiss.

"Draco, he, kissed me today." She managed to choke out, and Blaise let his eyes show realization before annoyance. He couldn't help but find something churn in his stomach at the words, whether it was realization that he was not so far ahead in the game as he thought, or that Draco had perhaps cheated, or maybe something else, he wasn't sure. All he knew was that the feeling caused an annoyed flicker in his eyes after she said it.

"Did he trick you? Did he kiss you?" he asked, and watched her face contort more as she shook her head.

"I'm so stupid! He was being nice, he helped me put my books away, and, I just. I don’t know, I just had to thank him somehow, and I kissed him on the cheek. He must have gotten the wrong idea. Oh I'm horrible. I was basically asking for it." The words spilled out of her mouth like a waterfall and Blaise couldn't help but let himself sigh as he realized that Draco had played fair, covering his reaction by moving forward and wrapping arms around the girl in comfort.

"I'm so, I'm so confused. He says he fancies me. I don't know what to think. I usually know when he's lying, but I couldn't tell this time." She muttered into his chest as her arms found around his neck again. He let his chin rest on her head for a moment as she spoke, her hair soft. He felt his jaw setting slightly in annoyance, finding himself overly angry that Draco had so quickly snuck up on him and had swayed the girl's opinion on the situation.

It took a moment for the idea to sink in beyond his anger, but once it did he couldn't help but smirk the slightest bit. He then set his face again, and pushed the girl away, holding her shoulders to explain what was 'really' going on.

"Draco is a git, and a liar. He found out that I liked you before I could get a chance to really do anything about it, and now he's determined to see that his friend is not running around with a Muggle-born. He's trying to get you to ditch me and go with him, to forget about me, and then once you have, he'll leave you. He fancies you no more then he fancies me." He almost showed his amusement in that last sentence on his face, the strange irony that it held making him laugh a little in his head, but he kept his face straight as he looked at the girl, searching her face to see if she understood, if she realized. And then he saw it. A mingling of comprehension and then complete malice and slight betrayal shined in her deep brown eyes, her pink lips opened to speak.

"I always thought he was a liar, but he was being so nice. I shouldn't have given in so quickly. He always has a motive, that bloody foul pure-blood ferrety git." Hermione's words came flying out of her mouth after Blaise's explanation, the boy recognizing the look on her face as the hatred that she reserved for only one blonde haired boy.

"Well, I'm just going to have to tell him to get over it because we're going to be together whether he likes it or not." Her voice was determined, spiteful, and then she paused, getting a bit of a nervous look before glancing his way and saying.

"Unless, of course, you don't want to." She said, and Blaise couldn't help but smirk slightly, cupping her cheek and kissing her again.

"Of course I do." He caught her break out into a grin before kissing him again, and he allowed himself to enjoy the pleasurable moment before pulling away again, realizing while mid-kiss, a flaw in his plan.

"But you can't tell Draco." He said. If Hermione told Draco that she wanted nothing to do with him, the blonde haired Slytherin would realize how badly he was losing and do something drastic to win. That was just the way he was. Draco was a Drama Queen if anyone was. Blaise only wanted Draco to stop advancing in the game so quickly; he wanted his competitor to simply feel like he was comfortably leading, like Blaise was no longer a threat.

Perhaps getting Draco to lay off was not so much about the game anymore either, but then again, what else would it be about? After all, what would Draco do if Blaise simply put him out of the running? Why wasn’t he letting Hermione just tell him off so that her and Blaise could just continue until she told him that she loved him. What could Draco do other then tell Hermione about the game? And he couldn’t do that; he wouldn't do that, because that was against the rules. Draco wouldn't break the rules to win, because that wouldn't be winning.

Out of everyone Blaise knew, Draco had to be the noblest when it came to stupid things like their games.

"And why not?" Hermione asked, pulling away a little again to see Blaise's face, to perhaps read it somehow, even though he seemed quite hard to read sometimes. Perhaps this was because he himself wasn't completely sure about his logic.

"Because if you tell Draco he'll do something dire to end us. We have to make him think that you fancy him, so that he ends it on his own." Blaise explained, hoping that somehow he had managed to twist his logic enough so that it sounded honest and authentic in her clever mind.

"But, what would he do?" she asked, her question mirroring exactly what Blaise had thought. He held back a wince, for he had been hoping this question would not be asked.

"Don't underestimate the things that boy can come up with. I can't even begin to guess at what he would think up." Blaise replied, proud of himself for coming up with a reply, but feeling his gut twist in guilt that he was lying so much in such a short time. It was strange, because in all the games before, the manipulation had never made him feel bad. But at the moment the boy felt as if his throat was in a knot, and with ever word he spoke it kept getting tighter and tighter.

"Will you talk to him though? Soon? Tell him that you don't think I fancy you anymore?" She asked, getting more comfortable and allowing herself to be hugged by him again.

"Of course, soon. I promise." He replied, taking advantage of her trust again by pulling her into him and setting a quick kiss on her lips. He couldn't help but smile when she did, glad that their plan was worked out, but feeling like he was now drowning in the deception of the game.

Never had he played Draco while in the midst of a game. It was like he was lying to his best friend as much as he was the victim. Usually both the boys were very opened with the way that they were playing the game, whatever the game might be, but this time Blaise was going as far as lying to his best friend just to keep one step ahead. He was devising with the victim, who had no idea what she was twisted up in. It made him feel nervous, lying, sneaking around behind Draco back, because the blonde was powerful, despite what some people thought. He could make things happen.

But then again, for some reason there was something telling Blaise that he had to win this. He wasn't sure what it was, but all he knew was that if Draco won, he wouldn’t be able to live it down.

Was he even talking about the game anymore?

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