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Scarlet's Fangs by odd_profession
Chapter 5 : Funny Running into You Here.
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Chapter five

A/N so this chapter is written solely from reviews. I am at a complex at the moment. I have two ways the story could go that would satisfy me, however I also want to write it so you guys don’t get all pissed at me for writing an ending that sucks, not saying this is anywhere near the place I want to stop but I have to choose a path in the next couple of chapters. So Scarlet? Should she be tricked into evil? Or stick it out and be good. Either way I have a plot for both in my head. Tell me what you guys think; of course I will put some plot twists in because hey other wise this would be boring.

Chapter 5: Funny Running into You Here.

So a couple of weeks have passed sense my little chat with Regulus, Actually its nearing Christmas holiday, and incase your wondering no I haven’t made up my mind yet. I have decided I will have an answer before the end of the holiday. Ever sense the “talk” everyone in Slytherin has been how to put it nicely, intoxicate-ly kind, wow I have to work on that nice thing. Doors have fond themselves opening in my graces; chairs are pulled out and pushed in, even my clothes have been ironed, although the last one was probably the house elves. It’s not that at first these things weren’t great it was that now I barely have to do anything for myself even my homework sometimes magically disappears and the next morning it returns fully completed with correct answers, I can do something’s, I’m not stupid.

“Here you go.” A kid with greasy and untidy hair said as he held open a door, I think his name is Severus or something. I nodded and almost walked threw the door, almost.

“You know you don’t have to do that.” I said and stepped backwards back into the classroom.

“Yes, but I want to.” He replied and gestured rapidly for me to move.

“I’d actually prefer if you didn’t. Thank you very much.” He looked and was about to say something when he was interrupted.

“Oi! He’s your servant isn’t he? Stop arguing and go, because not all of us call you our Queen.” A voice said behind me that made me tense.

“Shove off Potter.” Wait I thought he was Sirius’, or am I supposed to reference him as Black’s, age? Yeah he was! So what’s he doing in my class? And how long has he been there? I mean I have been in this class all semester it’s not something you forget easily.

“Shut it Snivels. Are you going to move or are we going to have to throw down a red carpet first?” I turned around sighing softly; he was actually kind of scary, and tall. I gulped.

“You- you can go first.” I stuttered and cursed myself for it. He raised an eyebrow.

“So what you can jinx me in the back? No thanks Vang-“he didn’t get to finish that insult.

“Lily Evens is a Mudblood. A filthy little- wow Potter easy now, you wouldn’t want to break a nail.” Regulus ducked a punch that was aimed at his face and slide to my side. He motioned for me to go and I listened, that was the single nicest thing anyone had ever done for me.

I didn’t go too far cause I bumped into someone right outside the door. Causing me to drop all of my books. And guessing between what had just happened I don’t think I should be all that happy to be running into him.

“Sorry about that, just coming to pick up James. Oh shit, my bloody brothers picked another fight with him. Let me get those.” Sirius Black got on his knees and helped me gather my books. “Sorry again, but I better go and tear them apart, the teacher looks like he’s asleep or something, although how anyone could sleep through that is amazing he’s probably faking it.” He shuffled into the class room and I peered through a window to see what would happen.

Potter seemed to calm down a little once Sirius pulled him aside, but the appearance of his older brother only got Regulus to jump on him and try to wrestle him to the ground. It was a little immature if you ask me but it’s not like I could hear what they were saying. The chanting of the word “fight,” was far too loud for even my ears to hear over. Sirius was right that teacher was defiantly faking it.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Ms. Tate what are you- Oh my.” Professor McGonagall ran into the class room and charmed the boys instantly apart, I felt a tug on my arm and Severus was pulling me away.

“Don’t think Reg wants you there, you might get in trouble some how.” I fallowed and kept silent even though I didn’t understand how I could get in trouble, but I did understand the whole male ego thing.

Once we slowed to a walking pace he let go of my arm and we headed to our next class in silence. It was potions so we headed off to the dungeons, half way down the stairs he took out a book and started scribbling things down, the funny thing was I remembered that handwriting. It was the one that always appeared on my missing homework. So this is who’s been doing my homework. Huh I always pictured it a girl, with the hand writing being so neat and all.

The next class was fairly boring, even though potions was my favorite subject. The first day was rocky but I really had gotten attached to the little bottles and improved a lot of the mixtures. The class that day was interrupted half way threw by a Regulus who came in all smiles with a black eye, so I’m guessing even though he was a little damaged he had won the little skirmish with the big kids. I leaned over to Severus right before the bell rang.

“Hey can I barrow you Potions book tonight?” he looked confused account we had no homework and I had my own copy but handed it over anyway. I think I’ll give him a little gift for helping me all those times. I put the book in my pile and thanked him. The bell rang and I walked over to Regulus.

“Hey, thanks for what you did back there you didn’t have to do it.”

“Any excuse to beat on my brother or his friends is a good.” He said standing up.

“Yeah but thanks, Sorry about your eye.” We started walking to lunch. He explained how it didn’t hurt that much and it was worth it but then he asked something I wish he hadn’t.

“Have you made up your mind yet about you know what?” I looked at my shoes hesitantly.

“Erm, no, not really sorry. I will though soon. By the end of the holiday or sooner I promise.” I started talking fast and that meant I was nervous and that was very bad. “I just need a little time to think about it with out thinking about classes or anything but I will I promise I just have to have time you see.” Oh I was sure sounding retarded by now. I tried to stop but I couldn’t its like someone cursed me when I wasn’t looking. Regulus placed a hand over my mouth.

“I get it, that’s fine.” He did something of a laugh before lowering his hand.

“Sorry.” I said keeping it short. We continued in silence. When we reached our table I put my books down beside me on the table.

“Why do you have Severus’ book?” Bellatrix asked looking over my stack. I noticed then that he had written on the spine, Property of the half Blood Prince.

“Oh just things.” I replied not wanting to elaborate on writing the improvements. I then faded in to the background as they started going on about several things I had no interest in. No my focus was on the Gryffindor table, and to be more specific Sirius Black. What was with the Blacks and being so hott? It really wasn’t fair to the rest of the boys here.

I guess I was staring because Narcissa stopped talking and turned her attention to my gaze. She fallowed it I guess because next thing I knew she was muttering the word prat under her breath. That’s when I stopped staring and looked down at my plate.

“What were you looking at?” Regulus asked and I opted to lie.

“Err nothing, I was just thinking.” He looked at me for a second before shrugging.

“Thinking about what?” Oh crap.

“Um. Squirrels.” Squirrels? Honestly? Squirrels?

“Squirrels?” He was obviously confused, I was confused.

“Yea…You see I was wondering about squirrels and how they erm, climb trees.” He nodded slowly.

“They climb trees.” He stated, well duh they did what was I thinking.

“Yes but I can’t climb trees so that makes them interesting.” He shook his head.

“You can’t climb trees?”

“Umm no. I can’t I always fall.” That was true, at least sense the last time I attempted to climb a tree that of course was when I was five.

“Huh, we’ll have to teach you that sometime.” He said before they all began talking normally together. I silently laughed to my self. Did I just have a conversation about squirrels and their tree climbing abilities? I really was a dork.

As lunch ended I had just enough time to drop my books off in my dorm, pick up my new one and get to class on time.

I was on my way back from getting my books when I ran into him. Moony. Or what ever his real name was I picked up on the fact those were just little nicknames but right now I couldn’t remember his name. Seems today I was running into everyone older than me. He even had a friend with him, the fourth to their little circle I believe but I didn’t even know his nickname.

“Sorry.” We said at the same exact time both of us scrambling to pick up each others things. I handed him his 7th year advanced charms book as he handed me my 5th year transfiguration book. The boy who was with him was hiding behind but obviously sticking out.

“I don’t bite.” I told him but all I got in a response was a “that’s nice.” No courage that one, none at all.

“Remus Lupin,” He said sticking out his hand. “And the chicken is Peter.” I took his hand and shook it firmly.

“Scarlet Tate.”

“I’m sorry if the kids have been giving you trouble, if you ever need to talk my ear is open. I’m a good listener even if you don’t want to be friends.” He said ‘kids’ as if he was a teacher or something all the same I smiled.

“I think being friends is just fine, I have to get going though I have class and you know how McGonagall gets.” I glided past him for once being graceful. I now Vampires are supposed to be these suave characters that never trip or fall stumble or crash but that was made up by the same fools who said we didn’t show up in mirrors.

I got to class and the bell rang as soon as I got in the door. Leaving a very unpleased McGonagall but what could she do? I was right on time. I took my seat next to Narcissa and got out my wand flashing a smile towards the teacher. Narcissa stifled a little laugh and became silent to work on transforming a perfectly good hairbrush into a perfectly annoying chirping little bird. I wasn’t as good at this subject and had trouble until she started to help me by moving my hand in specific way, and giving me exact instructions on how to say the spell.

My next class was Defense Against the Dark Arts, which was referenced by many of my friends as a pointless class. And I suppose they were right the teacher was so jumpy and paranoid we hardly ever got through a class with out there being someone right out side the door. Of course this person was entirely in her head but still.

I ended the day with the most dreaded class of the day, Divination taught by no one but Professor Lonilin. Craziest person you’ll ever meet. She’s still convinced I’m secretly a fairy. Yes I know how do you confuse vampire with fairy? I don’t know and don’t ask her either it will only confuse you more.

I’m paired with this block from Hufflepuff who while I share their views on our insane teacher I also think that they have the intelligence of an empty box. In other words they are really, really dumb with nothing in their head but air. She twisted a chunk of thick dirty blonde hair around her finger.

“I don’t get it.” No really?

“All you have to do is look in the cup and see if the shapes left from the tea look like anything in your book.” She dropped the piece of her hair and picked up the mug again staring at it intensely.

“No I still don’t get it.” See what I have to live with? Idiots! Idiots all around me!

“It’s not all that hard look at the picture, look in the cup see if you see the picture.” There should be a book Divination for dummies. It wasn’t that I enjoyed the class and she was ruining it. It was more, I hate the class and she was making it worse. Right when I was about to bash my head into the desk and ask why oh why was I stuck with the stereotypical blonde, instead of one like Narcissa who had a brain, when she said the single most beautiful words in the English language.

“Wait is that a flower thing? Yeah it is, I think I get it!” Wow that only took three days but at least she got it! YES!

When classes ended I headed my way up to my dormitory, and finished my homework as fast as I could but made sure I didn’t do a poor time. I finished right before dinner which meant I had all evening to work on Severus’ Potions book.

I skipped every other steep when I came down the stairs for dinner. I had a taste for raw beef at the moment, probably hamburger or something. Oh yes that’s what I wanted for dinner. I could practically taste it now.

I luckily enough I did not run into anyone while on my way to dinner a first for that day I think. I sat myself down between Regulus and Severus.

“Hey Sev, you mind if I write a few things in your book? Nothing random just a few potions tweaks here and there?” He looked at me for a moment.

“No, go ahead, potions isn’t my best subject. Actually it would probably help thanks.” He turned back to his food and began eating again. When I turned to look at Regulus I could swear I saw him glaring for a moment but if he was it was gone in a second replaced by an award winning smile. I returned the gesture although I’m sure my smile wasn’t as nearly as good.

I finished my meat and rushed off up into my dorm and got out Severus’ book. I was giddy with excitement. I don’t know why but I was so thrilled to be doing this. I got out my quill and started writing in the adjustments. I was rather proud of it when I finished adding helpful suggestions to almost all of the potions. I was about to put away the book when Bellatrix walked in.

“Hey can I see that?” I shrugged why not.

“Yep.” I handed her the book and she looked it over scribbling a few spells on the sides.

“Here tell him I wrote a few spells in it for him.” I nodded and put the book with the rest of my supplies. I was already wearing my pajamas so I just climbed into my bed pulling the covers up to my chin.

“Hey Tomorrow could you try to call Regulus Reggie or something?” She asked as she changed into her sleepwear as well.

“Uh sure, any reason why?” I asked back curious to the name change. She pulled a tank top over her head.

“I think he didn’t like it too much when at dinner you called Severus ‘Sev’ is all.” Wow I didn’t think he’d care what I called people. “Oh and don’t expect the rest of the girls back tonight, they’re sleeping downstairs playing truth or dare with the boys or something. Oh don’t worry its all rated G down there, Severus stayed.” I laughed a little as she turned off the light and I went to sleep to the sounds of laughter and dramatic nos.

The next morning I got woke up and had the devilish thoughts of murdering the person who invented 5 am again. I was getting quite inventive on how I should do the dead too. I have to give myself props for it.

I pulled my hair back today into a messy bun in the back of my head and walked down the steps and found most of my class spread out on the couches. Two people were missing however Severus and Regulus. I looked over a couple of people before I got tapped on the shoulder.

“Hey, want to go to breakfast?” Severus asked.

“Yeah here’s you book. Bellatrix wrote some spells in there too.” He nodded and we started walking towards the great hall. The conversation was scarce but we walked comfortably in the quite.

When we walked in I visibly saw Regulus frown and scrunch his eyebrows up. I walked over with Severus closely behind and sat next to him.

“What’s wrong Reggie?” I asked as my plate filled with raw beacon. His angry expression disappeared and was replaced with a smug smile.

“Nothing.” He said very happily and leaned over to grab some toast. “Nothing at all.”

A/N Hey just a note she’s not going to be a Mary sue it may look like that at the moment but you see that’s just what Scarlet knows she doesn’t know most of what’s going on…I do, she will. Review and I might write more! And remember to give me your thoughts on Scarlet being evil or not. I have to pick in the next two chapters to start working towards it! I however will not tell you which one I choose you’ll have to read for that, but your reviews always impact my writing, and brighten my day! *Hands every one a cookie just for reading this far* Thank you! I love you guys soooo much

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