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All Pent Up by Cedrics_gurl
Chapter 9 : Because I Love You
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Disclaimer: J.K owns everything but the plot and the title of the song mentioned, which is owned by Whitney Houston, my mum's favourite singer lol...Oh, yeah...and I own the plot...

Note: Bellatrix and Lucius are deliberately at school with the Marauders etc, it was not accidental, or a mistake. I know this isn't the best of chapters, but it will be better when I have edited it and filled in the long gaps which you will all have noticed! Please tell me what you think!

Lily Evans had had an amazing day (well as amazing as a day consisting or double Potions, History of Magic, Arithmancy, and Defence Against the Dark Arts could possible be). But that was until it came to dinnertime.  

The Great Hall was full of the sound of laughter, talking and knives and forks scraping the golden plates that were over-flowing with food. At the centre of each table lay mound of chicken legs, sweet by the thousands covered in candyfloss made to look like spiderwebs and potatoes piled so high on the plates that the pupils had to crane their necks to view the person opposite them.

“And then, you won’t believe this, she told him that it was over!” said Alice excitedly, talking about the well-known couple Bellatrix Black and Lucius Malfoy. 

“But they were so cute together!” exclaimed Hannah, “Don’t you think, Lils?”

Lily’s concentration had wavered and she had failed to notice that she had been addressed. The Marauders had just entered the Hall later than the rest of the school, looking rather smug. She stared at them, hoping for the life of her that the boys would sit down as far away from her as possible.

“Lils! Hello? Lils!” Lily jolted around to face her friends who happened to be waving their hands in front of her face. Lily read their expressions to mean, ‘so – do – you – agree?’ 

“Erm … no …” said Lily, hoping that her guess of an answer would satisfy her gossip-hungry friends.

“You don’t?” asked Hannah, looking rather taken aback. Lily decided now was too late to change her reply so she repeated herself.

“So, your trying to say that Bellatrix and Lucius are not meant to be even though they have dated for five years?”

“Yes.” Lily confirmed, hating the fact that every girl within earshot was staring at her as though she were insane.

“So?” they leant in further. “Who should she date?” her friends asked in unison.

“Em …” Lily looked around, “Bellatrix should go with … Pettigrew,” her friends all replied with an almighty “ewwww”, “and Lucius should go with … that third year called Narcissa.” Hannah and Lucy seemed to approve of this match and started whispering about how “Narcissa Malfoy” sounds so much better than “Bellatrix Malfoy”. Lily, who was not really as captivated in this topic as her two friends were, took it as her job to say “I agree” or “tell me about it” when her friends drew breath, leaving her time to contemplate whether or not the Marauders smugness should have been taken as a warning sign or not.

She finally tucked in, trying to savour the taste of her succulent chicken, the sweet bitterness of her lemon flavoured ice-cream, but she couldn’t seem to taste anything as her brain was rested on matters further down the table. After a further fifteen minutes of nodding to Alice, pretending that she was listening, and sipping her juice, Lily retired to her Common Room, convinced that some time on her own would help her get him out of her mind … how wrong could one person be?

Lily stepped in through the portrait hole and headed for a slightly less boisterous atmosphere up in her dorm. Big mistake.

The moment Lily opened the heavy wooden door, her eyes met a banner saying, “Lily, Admit It”…but that wasn’t all, she could have coped with an ordinary banner that didn’t sing or show embarrassing slideshows, but this was the limit.

On the banner was moving picture of her and James kissing against the wall in the Common Room, Lily assumed it must have been taken on the night of the Dare game over two months ago…and then the banner began to sing. It began singing her favourite muggle song, I will Always Love You, tacky and cheesy, Lily knew it was, but no matter how she tried, she couldn’t deny that it was slightly romantic.

She shook her head and told herself that, for the last time, he had toed the line. Did he really expect her to take this? For years she had told him that she would rather date the Giant Squid than him, but for some reason, he never gave up.

Before she knew it, she was standing in front of him in the Great Hall, with hundreds of on-lookers, shouting about how he had gone too far. 

“How dare you!?" James opened his mouth, ready to respond with countless 'I-don't-know-what-you're-on-about's' and 'what-makes-you-think-that-was-me's'.

Lily, however gave him no time to wrap her around his little finger. "How could you even think about coming into our dorm? What did you do, just fly up the stairs and plot ingenius ways of torturing me?" - (meanwhile Peter whispered to Remus "I told you she'd like it! She called us ingenius!!!" - "And as if that's not enough, you filmed us kissing in the Common Room! This is too far, even for you!

The whole room echoed with silence, everyone sat deadly still, waiting for James' fast tongue and way-with-words to dig him out of yet another hole. The teachers made no move to break up the argument, for reasons even they were unaware of. “If you didn’t agree with what the banner said, you would think of it as a joke! Can’t you see?” he had raised his voice as well, but not to the extent she had. “Why do you care so much, Lils?”

 “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, YOU IDIOT!” she roared. Her face was no longer holding a look of disgust, nor was it contorted with rage, it was shocked, she was shocked. 

“What did you say?” James asked, quietly, yet in a strong voice. Everyone sitting along the wooden tables looked at each others' startled faces.

“Nothing.” Lily replied calmly, the anger that had been boiling ferociously only seconds ago had now evaporated. 

“Lily? What did you say?”

“I – I – I love you.” She looked astonished with what she was saying. She felt as though someone else had said it, like she had blocked her emotions for so long that they had found a way of controlling her, of proving her that she can’t hide forever.

“Do you mean it?”

“I – I think so.” Her voice dropped to a whisper as she lowered her head until she was staring blankly at the floor, trying desperately to hold back the tears that were welling up behind her glazed eyes. James held out his hand and cupped her face in his hands. He tilted her face up until their eyes locked. 

“Do you mean it?” he asked again.

“I – yes.” She replied. Their eyes remained locked. He leant in towards her, put his hand behind her neck so that her hair flowed over his hand. He placed his other arm around her waist. He brushed his lips against hers. Sparks, fireworks and electricity passed through them. He removed his lips from hers and let her murmer softly, “I’ve never hated you.”

 I know, it was short, lacking in detail, cheesy and a little sickly, but don't you think they're adorable together? Only one way to tell me if you agree hint hint lol...

I don't care what you say as long as you tell me your honest opinion!!! Oh and please give me a rating! And don't lie to make me feel better, if you honestly think I deseve a 1, then tell me lol! I won't get upset!


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