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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 13 : I Mean... If You Want To
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Lilly looked back at Wood who was still lounging around in the common room. What is up with him? She thought to herself with her abrupt dismissal. If there was anything that Lilly hated, it was when people forgot what they were saying, or didn’t listen to her.

That was just rude. 

At that moment, he made her want to run up and tackle him, and beat the words of whatever he wanted to tell her out of him. “What do you mean, just go?” Lilly shouted from the top of the steps to the girl’s dormitory.

“Nothing!” he replied, a hint of sadness in his voice that she did not detect. “I just need some time to think about something.”

Lilly furrowed her brows angrily, and dropped her books on the ground, and stormed down the steps. “Just talk to me about it Wood! You know you can! You know perfectly well that I’d listen!” Usually though, Wood’s words would not bother her at all.  She usually could care less about that Gryffindor quidditch captain, yet she just wanted to know what he was thinking at that moment.

The mood in the room seemed to change like the seasons. One second, it was tense. Then, they were laughing. And now, it seemed like the start of a screaming death match. 

Oliver was getting frustrated with her. Why won’t she just go? He didn’t want to talk to her about his feelings, or whatever girly stuff she wanted out of him. After all, he was a quidditch playing man. She didn’t feel the same way that he felt for him. It was obvious to everyone around him, yet they still tried to set it all up. And they just had such high expectations. He bet that they were already arguing who would be the god mother and father of their yet to be born child who would be named after one of them.  They were planning, those weirdos. After all, he couldn’t just make someone fall in love with him just by putting them in awkward situations like those idiots were planning.

Maybe in dramas or romance novels, but not in real life.

He bet that not even Lockeheart, or whatever his name was could do it. And he had actual looks. “Just leave me alone Dillamond!” Oliver yelled. But Lilly wouldn’t let this one just go.

She grabbed the front of his robes, and held them in place. He tried to turn his head, but her hand pushed them back, making him maintain eye contact. It was one of those moments in the soap operas that she watched during the summer that usually resulted in either her jumping his bones, or her slapping him. 

Lilly decided to do neither. “I don’t know whats wrong Oliver, but I’m willing to listen!” she repeated. For some reason, she felt like crying. But she didn’t. She hadn’t cried in what seemed like forever – why start now? If she was going to show weakness, she would do it in front of anyone besides him.

She knew he could see that her eyes were shinier than usual. She felt like a needy girl – the ones that usually cried to other girl’s boyfriends, and then stole him. Except she knew for a fact that Oliver didn’t have a girlfriend. And a realization dawned up her. “Oh my gosh! Are you dating Barbie?”

Oliver’s eyes widened. Then he burst into laughter. “What? That stick? Heck no!” When he stopped laughing, Lilly noticed he was practically crying from laughing so hard. “What would make you think that?”

“I don’t know… You don’t want to get close to me, and usually that means that you are off limits. Therefore, you are dating someone else! And I’m thinking about that one girl who is always around you – Barbie!” Lilly replied, explaining her reasoning. She let go of his robe, and wiped a few of the tears that fell from her eyes as she laughed. “Gosh, now I see how stupid that was.”

A plan then struck Oliver in the head. “You know what Lilly?”

Lilly stopped laughing and looked at him, “What Oliver? Going to go track Barbie down to explain this?”

“No!” Oliver retorted, flustered. “To prove I’m not going out with Barbie, I’ll take you with me to Hogsmeade.” This way, he would get out of this Barbie situation, make Lilly forgive him, and still get her to pretty much go out with her.

Lilly heard him through, and then stared blankly at him. She pretty much choked. “You mean like a date?” 

Oliver smiled. “I mean, if you want to…” he said coyly. 

“You know about me and dates…” Lilly said, rubbing her toes against the ground nervously. Oliver thought it was the cutest thing in the world, though he didn’t plan on telling her that.  That would be just weird.

“Oh, I’m so willing to take you on Dillamond.” The smiled widened on his face. “Remember? I’m fearless!” He struck a pose, flexing his muscles.  Quidditch had done that boy good.  

“Obviously, you aren’t immune to pain though.” Lilly replied, reminding him of how he had a habit of crashing into walls and fences. “So when we go to Hogsmeade, I’m leaving you if you crash into a bush, okay? I’m not kidding. I am totally up to walking away.”

“So does that mean yes?” he asked excitedly.

“Meet me at the gate at 10:30. Don’t keep me waiting.” With a wink, she picked up her books, and went back into the dorm.

Awe-struck at Lilly’s amazing undetectable flirting skills, he stood for and watched her leave.  And when it sunk in, Oliver dashed into his room. “SHE SAID YES!” he screamed excitedly to Fred and George.

“What?” the twins replied in unison. Before Oliver could reply, Eliza, Angelina, and Alicia dashed into the room as well.  “We heard from Lilly! Good deal, good deal!”

“I got her really mad, mad her pretty much try to beat me up. And then, she thought I was going out with Barbie – and then I told her to prove her I wasn’t, I’d take her to Hogsmeade!” Oliver exclaimed happily, giddy with all the adrenaline.

Eliza sighed. “That’s just so romantic!”

“Not really…” Angelina muttered.  After all, what was romantic about ticking a girl off?  They had seen Lilly mad, and she wasn’t exactly a pretty face in those moments.

“It’s not romantic Liza! That’s just a player at his best!” George insisted, giving Wood a high five. “You, are amazing. And pretty much a first timer too!”

“It was beginners luck.” Alicia retorted. “But you better not break her heart.”

The room went deadly quiet. They could all remember that time when Oliver invited Lilly to play quidditch with him, and the night was crashed by Barbie. Even more vivid was the way she took out her anger, and spent the night crying. Everyone in that room was friends with Lilly, and already in their mind, if her heart came back smashed to pieces, they’d smash Oliver.

Because they were just good friends like that. “I hate to break it to you,” Fred started, “But if you can recall Barbie always getting in your way, please make sure that you avoid her on your little date tomorrow?”

Oliver nodded gravely, he could remember how mad Lilly had gotten last time.

“Oh, what are you going to wear?” Eliza then piped up, immediately changing the mood of the room. “You can’t be too uptight, that’s just lame. Look at Percy.” Everyone in the room groaned at the thought of Oliver being like Fred and George’s brother. Practically everyone in Hogwarts loathed the thought of Percy strolling up to them unless they were a prefect. Because he was a head boy, all he did was take away points, and lecture people.

And he could lecture forever so it seemed.

Eliza would not let up, “So what will you where?” With a flourish, she was at Oliver’s closet. “Is it safe to open?” she asked in forewarning.

“We did a couple experiments in there…” Fred started, “So it might take a while to get used to the smell.” When he thought about it, he got up, “Oh, just let me open it!” As Eliza backed up, he opened the door.

Angelina and Alicia peered at the closet from the bed. “Oh, it’s quite clean Oliver!” they commented. “How about those jeans and that polo?”

 Oliver, who couldn’t care less, just went with it.

The girl’s dormitory was unusually empty.  At this time, eight at night, shouldn’t the girl’s be bustling about, wiping off their makeup, struggling to do their homework, or taking a shower?  Nothing could be heard except the ticking of the clock, and a lone shower in the distance.  It was as if every seventh year Gryffindor girl had died or something.  But everyone knew better than that, what were the chances?  Unless You-Know-Who had become a voyeur and decided to kill every girl or something like that.

Which was just wrong. But the dormitory wasn’t completely empty.

Lilly lay on her bed. Did I just accept a date? She thought to herself, again and again. How weird is that? She was perfectly aware that boys thought she was unattainable. Most of the time, when they asked her out, that was one of the key points that they always mentioned. And to guilt her into it, they’d always add ‘You are unattainable!” Not like she cared anyways.

But where did Alicia, Angelina and Eliza go? It wasn’t every day that Lilly accepted a date. And they would usually be fluttering about her, trying to give her tips on an outfit, or do her makeup even though the date wasn’t until a week later.

They were just so easily excited. Chances were, they were spreading the news that Lilly Maria Dillamond had a date, or in other terms, attained.  She could practically imagine Eliza going to the Great Hall, and standing on the Gryffindor table to scream out ‘DILLAMOND’S GOT A DATE WITH WOOD!’ How un-feminist of her though, choosing to call herself an object that could be kept.

She knew that by tomorrow, some immature Slytherins would be calling her Mrs. Oliver Wood, or Lilly Wood.  As if being called Lily Maid or Dick Almond, they’d now have something else to add to their repertoire.  

Just that thought made her want to march into the boy’s dormitory, and tell Oliver that the two would go to Hogsmeade together, as friends. But she knew for a fact that that would be the biggest disappointment for Wood since they had lost the Cup last year.  She heard that he spent an hour in the locker room showers, doing who knew what.  But she still kept that option in mind. Goodness, no wonder everyone thought she had a stick up her ass.

Yet she couldn’t help be excited.  After these several months, she had been feeling something for Oliver, that wouldn’t be just considered family-like or good friends even.  He made her flutter.

And Lilly Dillamond did not flutter.

Oh! How she hated that feeling! Not the fluttering, but the feeling of, what was that word?  Love. Or maybe not that, that was an extreme, I want to marry you! Sort of thing. What was she feeling then?

It wasn’t hatred, she had already gone through that for Wood, and she knew for a matter of fact, that it wasn’t that.

She hated not knowing. It was the enemy of any book worm, not having the answer.

For some reason though, that feeling of mystery made her happy. And that was all that she wanted to feel at the moment.


A/N: So… I’ve finally written a chapter that actually has two thousand words in it.  Be happy, this doesn’t happen often. I’m usually happy to manage to make one thousand, nonetheless twice that!  What do you think of Lilly and Oliver, finally going on their first date?  I’m not the biggest fan of this chapter, if you aren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t be able to catch what was going on, but I hope that you guys are okay with that!  Sorry for the wait for this chapter: I’ve been working on End on a Musical Note.  I’m thinking about ending this one soon, so I can dedicate more time to my other stories.  I have just around four stories now (End on a Musical Note, Ultimate Mortification, Advice, and now this.) Like most people, I only want to work on stories that people like, and without feedback, I don’t know if you like it or not!

Now, lets wrap this up?


Tiffany - mWaH

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