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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 19 : Chapter 19: Lost and Found
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Chapter 19: Lost and Found 

A.N.: Who's better than Overdose x3 who made all the amazing banners? Even if she is a bit emo, screamo, and country. lol, jk. you probably don't get that... I know I seem crazy, but just read and admire the beautiful banner!

The month of February passed and along with it March, April, and May. Jamie would always say that she would tell Sirius about Rory tomorrow, but then he would smile and then she forgot. Rory was getting so big Jamie couldn’t believe it. James and Lily and Sirius and Jamie’s relationship was all that anyone could talk about. Everyone was waiting for an infamous James and Lily fights or a Jamie-Sirius cry feast. But there never was one. They were perfect to the school.

“Can you believe we have a week left of school?” Lily sighed leaning against the tree by the lake. James nodded as she put her head against him. They both looked at Sirius who was staring at Jamie who was biting her nails staring at a book. Sirius grabbed her hand then the book from her.

“Will you relax,” He asked her as her knee started bobbing up-and-down. Jamie squeezed his hand back but began biting her nails on the other.

“Look, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a pain in the arse but we only have one more N.E.W.T.S. test left. And I need to get an Outstanding. I know that I got Outstanding on every other test, but if I don’t get an O on this one I won’t be able to get,” Jamie took a deep breath to finish her sentence but Sirius, James, and Lily cut her off,


“Yes,” Jamie said smiling weakly, “And I have to beat Lily. Do you know how hard that is? And of course my test is on a class I barely attended.”

“I know this does suck,” Sirius said.

“Thank you,” Jamie said, grateful that someone was finally backing her up.

“I mean business class was supposed to be an easy O and here we are having to take a N.E.W.T.S. on it? What a rip-off.” Sirius sighed, “Misery.” Jamie just grabbed her book back as James and Lily laughed.

“Jamie, please calm down,” Lily said gently putting a hand on Jamie’s lower back, “I swear if I beat you for Valedictorian I will argue how unfair it is. I know you are a better student than I am. Plus I am a terrible public speaker; James is making the Heads speech for the both of us. I just wrote it.” Jamie laughed with everyone else before saying,

“Let me finish this chapter then I will put it away until after dinner, okay?” Sirius nodded before lying back and staring at the clouds. Jamie finished in the next ten minutes and put her head next to his. Sirius intertwined his fingers with Jamie and turned his head to the left to stare at her.

“So after this week, what are your plans?” He asked quietly.

“Well I figured I’d live with my parents for one more summer while I try to find work. Then come September I’ll move out, get an apartment, and start a life of my own.”

“Now where shall this apartment be?”

“I was thinking just outside London.”

“With me?” Jamie quickly sat up and stared at him. His eyes were serious with a bit of playfulness behind them.

“Really,” Jamie asked, stopping herself from saying, ‘seriously?!’ because Sirius always managed to find a joke from it.

“Yes, but I was think house, not apartment. I found an amazing house just outside London. It’s in this countryside town called Charlestown. It’s a white house with blue shutters, a wrap around the house porch. Jamie the moment I saw it I knew it was the perfect house,” Sirius said his eyes lighting up with each word.

“Sirius, that sounds great,” Jamie said, “But can I have a few days to think about it?” Sirius’s face immediately fell, “It’s not the moving in with you part I have to think about! It’s just the job options and money that I do.”

“I understand,” Sirius said nodding, “But money is not a problem. I have plenty, Jamie.”

“I’m not going to make you pay for it all,” Jamie snickered. Sirius began to tickle her.

Lily sighed snuggling into James’s shoulder. “I wish we could stay like this forever.”

“I don’t,” James laughed, “I want to grow-up, have a family.”

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“Of what?”

“Voldermort? The war that’s coming?” James looked at Lily for the first time during this conversation.

“Lils, I know I’ll be ok,” James said in a soothing voice.

“How?” Lily said weakly, “How can anyone know?”

“Because I got you.”

The next day after her final N.E.W.T.S. test Jamie was extremely excited. Not only was she sure she absolutely did fabulous, but she also found out tomorrow whether or not she got valedictorian.

“Jamie,” Lily asked during down the muggle record for a moment. Jamie looked up from asking Rory how to say ‘Valedictorian.’ Rory just kept looking confused before clapping. Rory’s hair had grown to her shoulders and was currently in two pigtails. She was wearing pink overalls and looked adorable. She also looked exactly like Sirius. “Are you doing to tell him?”

“Tell who what?” Jamie said looking up confused.

“Tell Sirius about Rory,” Lily said, “I heard him today talking about moving in together.”

“I…I can’t tell him, Lily. I can’t tell him that I’ve been hiding the fact that he has a child from him,” Jamie looked frightened, “It’ll be over.”

“You don’t know that, Jamie.”

“I do,” Jamie sighed picking Rory up and twirling her around, “He’ll get mad, and that’ll be it.”

“But Jamie,” Lily said taking Rory out of Jamie’s arms, “If you don’t tell him it’s going to be over anyway. He’ll find out by coming to your house without warning or something.”

“Yeah,” Jamie said, “I guess. Will you watch Rory? I’m going to go for a walk.” Jamie wandered the halls quietly enjoying the silence. When she was walking down one hall only one other person was there, “REGULUS!?” Jamie ran towards him and jumped into his arms. He looked tired. There were deep black and purple lines under his eyes. His skin had a yellowish tint to it, and his beautiful grey eyes were bloodshot. His normally smooth face was stubbly and have five o’clock shadow. And his lovely black hair was filled with grease that looked as if it could match Snape’s.“Where have you been? I’ve asked everyone, you’ve been incognito for months!”

“Hey, Jamie,” Regulus said stroking her hair, “I’m sorry I’ve been distant. My mother was really sick.” Jamie pulled back and looked at him.

“Is she ok,” Jamie asked sympathetically.

“Unfortunately, no,” Regulus muttered, “My mother passed.”

“Oh, Reg, I am so sorry,” Jamie said hugging him, “If you need anything, please let me know.” Jamie immediately wondered if Sirius knew, but figured it would be better off not to ask.

“Jamie, I have worse news,” Regulus added.


“Well I was gone for a really long time. But however, I left my stuff here. Which, now that I think about it is a really stupid idea because as Sirius’s brother people are obviously going to charm it. Which is probably why I have rashes. Remind me to kill someone for that. I also have to check the rest of my stuff now, which utterly sucks, especially since I am pretty sure that this spell is like one that spreads. Never mind, I’ll just buy a new wardrobe. What kinds of stuff do yo-” Regulus babbled on.

“Regulus,” Jamie stuck out her arm to stop him, “You’re rambling.”

“Right,” Regulus took a deep breath, “Anyway, I left those pictures I took of Rory and you during her birthday?”

“Yeah,” Jamie drew out.

“Well…they are missing.” 

A.N.: Heyy alll!!!!!!!!! I finished Harry Potter 7 on the 21st and although I finished please don't leave a review about it! Not everyone has finished. If you would like to talk to me about the book you can talk to me over aim at goodbyetoyou1212. If you need to talk to me at all just im me there, or on my authors page. Ok so did you likey? Yeah so uhhh REVIEW! and REVIEW! PLEASE REVIEW! WE GOT 1000 REVIEWS LAST CHAPTER!!!!!!!! Thank you so much to all my loyal reviewers, you guys have really made this amazing. Thank you so much. Ok please go back to earlier chapters and look at the amazing chapter banners by overdose x3!  They are gorgeous!!!!! Ok so please Review, here is a preview!!
“Jamie,” Lily said softly and gently, “Maybe, just maybe, this is a sign?”

“A sign,” Jamie said looking at Lily confused. She looked down at Rory who gave her a toothless grin. It surprised Jamie on how happy Rory was, she hardly ever cried.

“A sign that, I don’t know, maybe you should tell Sirius,” Lily said softly. She was slowly spinning around in a computer chair, always keeping her eyes on Jamie.


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How To Save A Life: Chapter 19: Lost and Found


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