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The Tale of the Marauders by rose_from_the_ashes
Chapter 30 : Back to Square One
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any Harry Potter characters besides the ones that JK Rowling has not specifically claimed as her own. I am a mere adoring fan. thank you =]

A/N: sorry it's been a while. read the bottom AN for more details.



Suddenly Sirius became aware of what he was doing and panicked. He tried to force himself to pull back, but with Corrine tracing distracting circles on his backside he could barely think let alone move. Finally he tore himself away, but she quickly followed him and pushed him up against the railing, pinning him there physically, stronger than he expected. He then fell back into pure bliss with the thought that out of all the girls he had kissed, no one, and he did mean no one, could compare to Corrine Lee.

"Corrine," He managed to muster out, "Corrine stop, we can't--"

She kissed him hard, hoping to silence his antics, "Corrine if your sister sees--"

That did it. She pulled back and groaned out in frustration, "Sirius, honestly!" Sirius sighed as she pressed a hand to her lips and pulled away, "Look I'm sorry it's just, I would rather be your friend and keep you here, than try and pursue something with you and risk losing you altogether." Corrine turned back to him confused and flustered, her hair messy, but in a breathtakingly sexy way. "What are you talking about? You're not going to lose me!" Sirius sighed heavily, "Look Corrine, your sister said your parents were thinking about moving, and if she was willing to go with them they most likely would move you back to America. She said if I pursued a relationship with you, she would tell your parents that she would go with them, so that they would move away and keep you from me." Corrine's face softened as Sirius shook his head and moved forward to take her hand, "Don't you see, I can't lose you like that. If I couldn't see you everyday..."

He dropped his gaze, but looked back up in surprise as a warm hand reached his face. Corrine looked at him with understanding, and he felt himself getting lost in her eyes, up until the hard slap and resulting blood rushed up to his face and the stinging that ensued.

He stared in shock at her, "Ow! Corrine--"

She just held up a hand and shook her head."You wanker! Why didn't you just tell me that was what Cecilia said? We could have avoided all of this trouble of you ignoring me and me feeling like I had done something wrong if you had just told me!" Sirius looked confused, "What?" Corrine sighed, "If you had just told me what was going on I would have told you that yes, my parents were thinking of moving, and yes it would be a large incentive if Cecilia said she was going to move back with us, but my parents and I have already discussed everything in length and moving me now would be extremely stupid." Sirius' eyes widened as he let her words wash over him, "So you knew?"

Cecilia let out an exasperated sigh and turned away, "Of course I knew Sirius! Honestly, did you think my parents would consider moving me again without talking to me about it?" He had actually never thought about it at all. The prospect of Corrine leaving had been enough to make him decide that anything risking that would be worth taking precautions against. "You've known this whole time?" She nodded, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. "So I've been a complete and bloody idiot this whole time." Corrine only scoffed, "More than a complete and bloody idiot more like a moronic stupid pissing wank--mm"

She never got to finish that thought, she found herself being spun around to face Sirius and this time, herself pushed up against the railing as he attacked her. His lips pressed against hers, and this time there was fire and fervor there. All the pent up frustration, everything that he had been hoping to do with her all came rushing back and he wrapped his arms around her waist as she buried her hands in his hair. His lips moved under hers and he slowly pleaded entrance as she willingly obliged, her body reacting to everything he was doing. He finally pulled away and buried his head in her hair, both panting incredibly hard as the last few minutes relished over them. "What time is it?" She asked with a slight tremor in her voice and Sirius pulled up his watch, "It's erm...Eleven twenty seven. Why?" Corrine chuckled, "I just want to remember this exact moment." Sirius smiled, "We're a little early for the New Year, but..."

"Feels like a new beginning anyway." The two stood in silence in each other's embrace, their breathing steady and the ambiance of the night air was comforting. Sirius was the first to break it, "Can you really trust me?" Sirius asked, his head still resting on her neck. "I mean, honestly, you know my reputation, you know what the expectation is."

Corrine nodded, "That I do. I know the reputation and that you're expected to break my heart in the near future." Sirius pulled back and looked up at her face as she smiled, "But I also know that you're different now." She again put a hand to his cheek and looked slightly sheepish and guilty at the red mark now warm and formed there, but none the less smiled at him. "Sirius, you are not Damon. You are you and no matter what anyone else says, despite how similar the situation may seem, you are always going to be you, and I am always going to be me. We are completely different people and our situation is not the same as my sister's had been. And despite your past, I know you now, as you are now with me, and I trust you. I want to be with you." Sirius looked into her eyes and leaned into her hand, finding her irresistible and feeling relieved that he no longer had to suppress the desire to sweep down and claim her lips with his.

Which is exactly what he did. He felt her smile against his lips and he too could not hold back a grin. But as he began to pull away once more Corrine felt suddenly possessive, fearing that he would begin to rant once more and this time run away from her. He laughed and began to leave small kisses along her jaw line whispering, "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

Corrine smiled and let out a giggle, "Good. Me either."


James couldn't believe what he had just seen. Under normal circumstances he would have punched the living daylights out of the Hamilton bloke, but what he saw shocked him. Shocked him to the core with grief and slight betrayal. He had seen Lily go in for the kiss, seen her move up to kiss him. She had wanted to kiss him. And that vision alone was enough for him to be utterly and completely confused. As he sifted through the crowd he was hardly aware of where he was until he found himself bumping forcefully into something,


Or more specifically a someone.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." His eyes adjusted to the darkness of the hall and he found himself upstairs again facing a very sloshed looking Rosa. "Erm, are you alright there?" She looked up at him slightly dazed, "Hm? Oh yes, yes just--hiccup--ringing in the new year." Her heavy accent was slightly slurred and James took her by the arm gently to keep her balanced. "Wow, you're pissed out of your mind." James stated, "Did you get into the bad punch? Someone spiked it with whiskey earlier." Rosa only shrugged and let out a giggle, "To be completely honest, I do not remember much of what I've done at this party. I always get this way for Corrine's birthday, it's how I ring in the New Year. I didn't miss it did I?"

James laughed and shook his head, "No, it's," He checked his watch, "11:30. We have half an hour before the new year." Rosa laughed, "Good, happens every year like clockwork." James chuckled as well, but it was rather strained as he looked around, "Do you erm, want to wash up a bit before heading back downstairs for the party?" Rosa giggled again but nodded none the less. "Might as well, I'm cutting it a bit close this year." James nodded, "Alright, here let me help you." He stood and reached out to pick her up as well, feeling slightly awkward as she clung to him. He wrapped an arm around her waist and she rested her head on his shoulder, "Mm, you smell nice." James laughed nervously, "Well, thank you." She looked up at him with wide glazed over eyes.

"Siete molto attraenti"

"Oh erm...Grazie I guess--mm!"

She pressed her lips to his and he let out a very unmanly squeak as he quickly pulled away. Thankfully, Rosa took that opportunity to slump in his arms and begin snoring peacefully. James sighed in relief and shook his head, taking hold of her legs and carrying her wedding style through the guest room doors thinking, 'Thank Merlin no one saw that.'

Lily stood shell-shocked. She had spent the last twenty minutes looking for James and when Nikkila finally admitted to seeing him go up the stairs she followed, hoping to explain. But now she was the one who wanted an explanation. She was furious. Completely furious. He fled from her, thinking that she had kissed Jeffrey and had not stayed for the truth only to come upstairs with another girl and enter a room with her?! She was right about him in the first place! He hadn't changed at all! He had assumed that she was with someone else so he just dropped her like that and gotten into the sack with another girl!

'The nerve of him! The absolute nerve!'

As angry as she was she felt hot tears reaching the corners of her eyes and feverishly wiped them away. 'I was beginning to trust him. I was beginning to think that he was different! How completely and utterly stupid of me!' She took off down the stairs like a bat out of hell and headed for the door, she heard her name distinctly being called out by two different voices but ignored it  until a hand reached out and grabbed her arm, "Lily? Lily are you alright?" She turned and saw Jeffrey looking at her with concern, "You have some nerve Hamilton!" She spat with disgust. Jeffrey flinched but none the less followed her out the door, "Oh come on Lily, I'm sorry. Listen, I'm sorry alright? I just, I really do like you, and I saw the opportunity to kiss you and I just couldn't help myself." Lily scoffed and took off, "Well how nice for you, you won a high and mighty conquest, now you can go back to your buddies and gloat!"

Jeffrey sighed and grabbed hold of her arm, "Look, Lily it's not like that, it's not--" When he saw her face, tears threatening to stream his concerned expression winced in pain, "Look, I'm sorry, if I had thought it would make you cry I wouldn't have done it." Lily shook her head, "It's not is slightly you," He rubbed the back of his neck in shame, "But it's mostly James. He saw us together and took off. Then when I found him he was kissing some bimbo and heading into a guest room with her." Jeffrey nodded, "I'm really sorry. I'm sorry that I messed that up for you." Lily shook her head, "No, that's not your fault. If Potter really was the man I thought he was he wouldn't be upstairs with that girl," She sighed, "I just...I want to go home."

Jeffrey nodded, "Well, look, I can take you home. Is side-apparition alright?" Lily looked up at him surprised, "You would do that for me?" Jeffrey smiled charmingly, "Of course, it is partly my fault you're here crying, and don't worry, this is strictly a platonic favor. I promise not to try and kiss you" He wiped away a tear and she smiled, "Thanks. I almost forgive you for stealing that kiss." Jeffrey laughed, "Well, it's a start." As she took his hand a cry came out from the garden of the Lee house, "Lily? Where are you going?" The two turned to see Corrine and Sirius walking toward the front door and Lily looked at Jeffrey, "Just wait a minute?" He nodded and Lily walked over to the two of them. "Lily! What's wrong?" Corrine asked as she noticed Lily's make up splotchy, her eyes puffy and her nose sniffling, "It's a long story, don't worry about it. Just go inside and enjoy the rest of your party." She looked down and noticed their intertwined hands and smiled, "I see you two worked things out."

Sirius grinned roguishly as Corrine blushed, "We've come to an agreement." She turned to Lily with concern, and so did Sirius, "Are you sure you're alright Lily? Where's Prongs?" She scoffed, "I don't know." She lied, "And I don't care." Another lie. She looked down in shame as Sirius and Corrine's expression widened in shock and curiosity. "What? But, I thought you two were doing so well tonight? Did something happen?" Corrine asked and Lily shrugged, "It seems, that my expectations of him were...much too high." She sighed and shook her head as both Corrine and Sirius tried to protest, "Look, Jeffrey is going to take me home. I'm really not feeling well and I think if I stay I'll only be a damper on your party. So, I'll talk to you tomorrow or something alright?" The two nodded and Lily hugged both of them goodbye, first Corrine then Sirius who whispered, "Did he hurt you Lily? Because if he did I swear I'll kill him." She laughed, "No, it's alright, don't worry. I'll see you both later." She turned to Corrine, "Happy Birthday love and congratulations to both you and Sirius."

Corrine smiled in thanks, but concern never left her eyes as Lily turned and walked to Jeffrey. He smiled comfortingly and waved goodbye then grasped Lily by the waist and with a pop they were both gone.


Remus pulled Nikkila to him and swayed to the music as she laughed into his jacket. They both hadn't seen any of the others for some time, but, at the same time, the two were completely comfortable with simply each other as company. "I dare say Mr. Lupin, you have become quite an accomplished dancer." Remus smiled and shrugged, "Well, what can I say? I'm a man of many talents." She giggled and sighed as he pulled her closer to him, "Well, don't you both look cozy." The two turned to see Corrine and Sirius smiling before them, oddly enough holding hands. "Well, the birthday girl and her gent, where have you two been?" They shared a glance as Sirius smiled, "Working things out." Nikkila squealed, "Oh! Finally!" Remus smiled, "Good on ya mate."

Sirius smiled ruefully, "Thanks. Hey has anyone seen--"

"Prongs? I was just about to ask that." Peter showed up and gave a happy smile, "Hey guys, congratulations, I see everything worked out for the best?" Corrine nodded, "Where have you been all night Pete?" There friend merely shrugged, "Just around, hey I saw Lil--"

"Would the birthday girl please come to the stage/. It's nearly midnight so she is almost nearly officially seventeen." Andrew stood in front of the crowd on the stage with the band and smiled down, looking for his sister. "Corrine Lee! Where are you?" Corrine giggled and made her way to the front of the stage, pulling Sirius' hand with her, "I'm right here Andrew!" Her brother's booming voice laughed through the sonorous charm, "There she is."

The crowd watched as Corrine and Sirius both made their way up the stage and Peter sighed turning to look through the crowd for any sign of James, "Alright everyone, so we've got the birthday girl and as tradition, nearly 30 seconds to midnight let's start the countdown." With the sight of the huge clock behind the stage Andrew and the rest of the crowd started chanting in countdown."







"Hey Peter, where's Lily?" Nikkila's question interrupted the three's participation in the countdown but Peter none the less turned his attention, "Oh well, I saw her leave."






The three turned to see the face of James Potter finally appear, "Oi, where have you been?" Remus asked. James ignored the question, "Lily left?" Peter seemed hesitant while Remus and Nikkila turned their gaze to Peter as well, "Yeah, erm--she seemed kind of upset and so I called out to her, but she ignored me. Didn't turn until that Hamilton bloke got to her and followed her outside." James' color dropped and Remus and Nikkila both shared the same uncomfortable glance.




"Did you see where they went?" He asked, almost fervently, looking as if he was losing his composure by the second. Again Peter hesitated, "Well, I saw them from the window by the archway and they were talking." James nodded as Peter continued.




"I moved toward the door to go out and talk to her but when I got there I saw them disapparate." James' stomach fell to the pit of his stomach. "They disapparated?" Peter nodded.



"They left together."

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" The festivities around erupted into cheers and chants of Happy birthday, along with a Happy birthday song and a very happy endearing lovers' hug on Sirius and Corrine's part. But James only felt upset in his stomach, as if he had drank too much too fast. He sighed and shook his head. He knew something had happened. He knew that she had wanted to kiss that Hamilton bloke. Suddenly the dawn of the New Year did not look so bright and James shook his head in confusion before striding out and up the stairs passing Rosa on the way who was cheering and motioning toward Corrine, "Nuovo Anno Felice! WOO!"

Peter, Remus, and Nikkila watched him go, suddenly too feeling a bit deflated from the party. Nikkila sighed, "I think we're back to square one gentlemen." The two boys nodded, "Yup. Back to square one."


A/N: So, it took me a whole 13hrs to finish the 7th Harry Potter book, [sorry no spoilers here. go out and read it] But anyway, it made me truly sad. A lot has happened and it's I never knew a fictional group of characters could affect me to much. *sigh* But anyway, that does not explain why this new chapter is so late.

Well, in all honesty I was researching the new book and trying to actually get on board a few of my other fanfictions [like for instance there are four stories in relation to this one] that I just...i was having trouble really focusing. Plus...gah. James and Lily were fighting but I didn't know quite how to break it to James that Hamilton brought her home. *sigh* None the less, he's a bit lost at the moment.

Also, in speaking of Lost, I'm at a loss for whether or not I should really continue. Not to say that I don't enjoy writing for you guys it's just, that with the last book and everything to write this fanfiction and the subsequent ones after seems hard now. Hard because I know the real story and this wouldn't be cohesive at all to how it pans out. But then again, this is a fanfiction, so I should just continue, it's not like I'm changing the actual story.

*sigh* I just don't know. I've been debating with myself for the last 10 hours if it's really a good idea to continue. It seems wrong to change certain known facts about the series to fit my own personal story, which is another reason this update is late, but again, this is FAN FICTION right? That's it's purpose. *sigh* I just don't know.

I like how Harry Potter ended, it's hard to think of how I would change it, mostly because I wouldn't. So then, I guess we'll see where God takes us eh?

Hey, FINISH READING THE BOOK. it is totally the best by far and the fifth movie, TOTALLY LOVED IT! I mean, in relationship to the book, yeah, it bugged me, but at the same time, as a movie, on it's own, it totally kicked BUTT!. *sigh* alright. REVIEW ME PLEASE!


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