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When Lily Met James by cherrypie3601
Chapter 1 : When Lily Met James
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“Now, James, listen. Be a good boy, eat right, and do all your homework.” Mrs. Potter was fussing over her twelve year old son as he stood in front of the magnificent red steam engine known as the Hogwarts Express. Mrs Potter was a woman of average height with dark brown hair, neatly tied up in a bun. She had brown eyes that reflected warmth and kindness. Her husband, Mr. Potter, was tall and skinny. He wore round spectacles that covered his hazel eyes and stood on his pointy nose. He gave off an air of authority and severity though there could be kindness and concern observed in his eyes, if one looked closer.

“Mum, please let go of me!” James said irritably as he tried to free himself from his mother’s clutches. “People are going to be making fun of me.”

The young boy wasn’t much taller than any of the other boys around him. He had hazel eyes that were gleaming slightly with mischief while his slightly long nose was centered on his face.

“Listen James,” Mr. Potter said, his voice steady and strict. “I don’t want to be getting owls from you’re headmaster. Lay off the jokes and tricks and focus on your studies, boy.”

“Yes dad,” James said, sounding very bored. “Can I please go now? The train’s going to leave soon and there probably aren’t any empty compartments left!”

“It’s alright dear,” Mrs. Potter said sweetly. “Make lots of friends and don’t be shy…you’re a very smart boy.”

She placed a warm, gentle kiss upon her son’s forehead which left slightly remnants of red lipstick. She then started to fidget around with her son’s hair which was already messy as it is. “James, didn’t I tell you to comb your hair?”

“Yes you did, mum. The question here is, did I listen to you?”

“James, stop arguing with me. Just try to tame those hairs of yours…they drive me crazy!”

“Leave his hair alone,” Mr. Potter said hopelessly to his wife. “Messy hair is heredity into our family, anyways. We Potters can never have smooth sleek hair; it’s just against nature for us.”

Mrs. Potter shook her head and muttered something about ‘Like Father like son’. Just then, the Hogwarts express sounded and the train collectors started to patrol the platform. “Last call for the Hogwart’s Express, leaving from Platform 9 ¾!” They bellowed.

“See mum! They’re going to start closing the train doors soon so can I please go now?” James pleaded.

“Oh alright,” Mrs. Potter said. “Just be sure to owl me every week and don’t forget to use the fresh towels I packed for you.”

James tried to tune his mother out and darted towards the train. A collector in red held the last entrance to the train open for him and smiled as James went inside. “First year at Hogwarts, eh?” He asked jovially.

James nodded and got into the train’s long hallways. He looked up and down each hallway, debating whether to go left or right and finally decided to right towards the back of the train. He looked through several compartments before he found an empty one and lay down lazily on the seats.

“Excuse me…”

James looked up and saw a skinny little boy standing at the doorway. He was tall, skinny and had thin, straw like hair. “Yes?” James asked sluggishly.

“May I…May I sit here?” The boy asked, slightly nervous.

James raised an eyebrow. He’d wanted to have the compartment all to himself to play with his joke products and some magic.

The boy spoke again, this time trying to sound a bit steadier. “It’s just that there are no other empty seats and…”

The boy was sweating profusely now and James started to feel a little sorry for him. He sighed and nodded reluctantly. “Yeah sure.”

“Thank you,” the boy said as he smiled and sat down opposite James. “I’m Remus Lupin, by the way.” The boy held out his hand which James took slowly and shook it.

“I’m James, James Potter.”

“Are you a first year too?”

“Yeah,” James said. “Are you okay?”

Remus was suddenly taken aback. “W…What?”

“Well, you’re sweating a lot and you have these scars on your face.” That was indeed true. Remus had multiple minute scars all over his face and arms, some even looked fresh. The sweat that had been pouring from his head had now gotten down to his cheeks.

“I’m actually okay,” Remus said shiftily.

James was about to say something but was interrupted by another person at the doorway. “Are there any empty seats here?”

James rolled his eyes and looked over at the boy standing there. He had dark hair too but it wasn’t as messy as James’. His eyes were a chocolate brown that danced with mischief and amusement.

“Yes, there are,” Remus said sounding happy.

“Thank you,” he said and smiled. “I’m Sirius Black.”

Remus held out his hand. “I’m Remus Lupin.”

Sirius took his hand and then looked over at James, who hesitated a little. “I’m James Potter.”

“So we’re all first years here, then?” James asked, looking around the compartment.

Remus and Sirius nodded. “I hope Hogwarts is more interesting than this train ride though,” Sirius said, sounding bored. “There’s nothing to do here.”

“I can change that,” James smiled and reached into his pocket, pulling out three filibuster fireworks.

“Woah!” Remus said, sounding excited. “Where did you get those?”

“Snuck ‘em in,” James said proudly. “But we need to be careful, they aren’t allowed here on the train.”

Sirius began to get excited about the idea of the fireworks. He nodded in agreement and held his hand out for one. “Are those the real ones?” he asked James.

“Nah, those are only for older kids,” James said plainly. “But these ones explode in different colours when you throw them.”


“Yeah, let me show you.” James grabbed one of the fireworks and began to throw it towards the ground. Just then, the compartment door opened and before anyone could see who it was, James threw the firework and the entire room exploded in colours.

“EXCUSE ME!” the person’s voice came.

When the colours cleared up, it turned out to be a small girl standing at the doorway. She was about the same height as James but her hair was bright red that contrasted with her green eyes. She would have been kind of pretty were it not for the red, blue and green colours hanging off of her head. She was soaked from head to toe in various colourful streaks.

James and Sirius immediately began to laugh but Remus tried to control his laughter. “Can we help you?” Sirius mused, amidst loud and roaring hysterics coming from both boys.

“I…I can’t believe this!” the girl shrieked. “These were my school robes!”

“We’re…we’re really sorry,” Remus said apologetically. “We didn’t know anyone would be coming in here.”

The girl squeaked in anger and then darted back outside, grabbing the fireworks from Sirius before she left. “Oye!” James protested. “Those are mine!”

“Not anymore,” she snapped back and left.

Sirius immediately got up to chase after her but was held back by James. “I’ll get them,” he said and left the compartment.
Lily still couldn’t believe her new school robes were now red and blue in colour. She was so angry that she almost felt like going back and putting a spell on those boys.

“Hey you!” She heard a voice from behind but ignored it.

“The girl in the colourful robes! Hold up there!”

Lily immediately stopped and turned around to see the boy who had thrown the firework chasing after her. “What do you want?” she said coldly.

“I want my fireworks back,” James said, holding out his hand.

Lily smirked. “I don’t think so,” she said. “These aren’t even allowed on the train. You’ll be in so much trouble before you even enter the school.”

“Don’t act smart,” James said irritably. “I can use my wand against you, I know many spells.”

“Oh I’m scared,” Lily said sarcastically. “I probably know more spells then you do, so you should be the one who’s worried.”

James smirked and pulled out his wand. But before he could do anything, Lily had already yelled a spell. “Densaugeo!”

James teeth began to feel numb and cold and before he knew it, they began to expand rapidly causing his mouth to hurt severely. “My teeth!” he yelled loudly as Lily began to laugh.

“Now we’re even,” she said.

“Not even close,” James hissed through his giant teeth. “Furnunculus!” he yelled as a jet of blue light shot Lily. At first the spell seemed to have no effect, but soon Lily’s face was covered in nasty, red boils.

“My face!” she cried. “What is your problem?!”

“You started this all!”

“I did not!”

All of a sudden, two sparks of red light shot up in the air and an old wizard came up from behind. “What is going on here?” he said calmly, observing both Lily and James through his half moon spectacles.

“Who are you?” James asked, clearly confused by the extremely long beard and unusual robes.

“I am a teacher at Hogwarts,” the man replied.

“That’s not possible,” James snapped. “Teachers never travel on the Hogwarts Express.”

The man bent down and observed James carefully. “I see that you are no stranger to the Wizarding World,” he smiled. “I am here because my usual carriage to the school had to be cancelled for unknown reasons. It is most fortunate that I am here though – for were I not, you two would still be casting spells throughout the train.”

Both James and Lily looked down towards the ground. “You are both first years, I assume?” the wizard asked.

They nodded quickly. “What are your names?”

Lily looked up first and said quietly, “Lily Evans.”

The man nodded and turned to the boy. “James Potter,” James said.

“I am Albus Dumbledore,” the wizard said. “You’re headmaster.”

“We’re in trouble with the headmaster already!” Lily cried. “Look at what you did!” she bellowed to James.

“It’s not my fault you can’t take a silly joke,” he snapped back.

“And what kind of a joke was this?” Dumbledore asked.

“He used a colour exploding bomb in the train compartment,” Lily said quickly. “My new robes all got spoilt and so I took them from him to tell a teacher but he used a spell on me.” Lily gestured to her boils.

“I suppose, Ms. Evans,” Dumbledore interjected, “that Mr. Potter’s teeth are like that naturally?”

Lily looked away quickly. “She did that to me, sir!” James said immediately. “My mouth really hurts!”

Dumbledore looked at both of them with a disappointed expression. He held out his wand and pointed it at James face. Then, without making a sound, he moved his lips and a gentle white glow emanated from the tip, causing James’ teeth to recede. He did the same to Lily and removed all the boils from her face.

“Ms. Evans,” Dumbledore said, turning to Lily. “I have no reason to believe that you do not have another set of robes. When we arrive at the castle, the house elves will gladly wash this current set for you.”

Lily nodded immediately. “Yes, sir.”

“Mr. Potter,” he said. “I think I’d like to have a look at those fireworks.” James gave Lily a nasty look and placed the fireworks in Dumbledore’s hands.

“These will make a nice addition to my office,” he said happily. “I trust you do not have any more of these things in your backpack.”

“No, sir!” James lied. Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled behind those half moon spectacles as he smiled a little.

“Very well,” he said. “You two may go back to your compartments. Perhaps we can pretend that his conversation never took place. Off you go.”

“Thank you, sir,” James and Lily said together and turned around to head back to their respective compartments.

Dumbledore smiled to himself as he stared at the fireworks. “James and Lily,” he thought to himself. “I must remember those names.”
“What happened back there?” Sirius asked as James entered the train compartment.

“I hate that girl,” he said grumpily.

“Did you get into trouble?” Remus asked.

James shook his head. “Not really. I sort of met the headmaster though.”

“Professor Dumbledore?” Remus gaped. “Is he nice?”

“Doesn’t matter,” James shrugged. “I’m just really hungry right now. Let’s buy some food.”

As if on cue, the lady with the food cart floated by and offered the young boys many treats. The three decided to pool their money together and buy a whole lot of everything. James sat down on his seat with his lap overflowing in chocolate and candies. He reached for a red coloured chocolate bar when Sirius stopped him.

“Don’t eat that one,” Sirius cautioned. “That stuff makes your mouth go purple.”

James smiled mischievously. “Does it really?”
Lily sat in her compartment with her four friends, still complaining about James Potter and his stupidity. All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door.

Lily got up to answer it and saw it was the three boys standing at the doorway. James, Remus and Sirius smiled like innocent angels and held out a candy bar covered in a red wrapped.

“We’d like to apologize,” James said kindly. “So we’ve come to offer you this delicious candy bar.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “Really?” she said sarcastically. “Why thank you!”

The boys smiled and then turned around while Lily closed the compartment door. “How stupid do they think I am?” she said, sounding annoyed. “It’s so obvious that some stupid joke.”

The other girls laughed. “Those boys are so stupid,” one of them mused.

Lily looked at the chocolate bar and threw it into the garbage. Before it fell to the ground, she got a glimpse of the red wrapper falling off and a firework dropping out instead of a chocolate bar. She yelled really loudly but it was too late. A second later, her second set of school robes along with everyone else in the room were painted red, blue, green, orange, pink and any other colour imaginable.

Outside, the three boys were rolling in hysterics on the floor, laughing their heads off. “JAMES POTTER!” Lily yelled through the door. “I HATE YOU!”

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When Lily Met James: When Lily Met James


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