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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 18 : Chapter 18: Golden Again.
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Chapter 18: Golden Again

a.n.: overdose x3 is amazing. Might I just comment on how she managed to get exactly what James looks like in this chapter banner, but she also managed to make the disgruntled teen look hot...she's my hero.

"And she ran from the room crying?" Sirius asked a very depressed looking James.

"Yes, Sirius, for the millionth time."

“Wow, mate, I didn’t know you were that bad of a kisser,” Sirius smirked, but as he felt James’s glare of him, he realized now may not be the best time to make fun of his mate, “I’m sorry, Prongs. I bet there is a reason.”

“None that are looking good, Padfoot,” James sighed bitterly, “I was going to tell her I love her tonight. What if she ran away because she doesn’t love me? And that she really hated me all along?”

“Yes, she hates you,” Sirius said mockingly, “That’s why she dated you for six months! I have discovered the truth!”

“Padfoot you are not helping!”

“Because you, my dear boy, are being insane! I bet there is a perfect reason that Lily left! Maybe she wants to wait until marriage or something. Just go to bed, Prongs. It will all work it’s self out in the morning.” James just nodded before climbing into bed and turning off his light. Sirius sighed and turned to Remus’s bed. Remus had been asleep when they both got in. So hadn’t Peter. He would just have to tell his friends his good news tomorrow.


Lily woke up the next morning to the smell of wonderful food. She sat up and turned to Jamie’s spot only to find a tray with bacon, eggs, pumpkin juice, and a little flower in a vase. Lily couldn’t believe Jamie did this after all the hurtful things that she had said to her and about her. Lily turned to the clock on the bedside. It read 11:04 am. She couldn’t believe how long she slept. Luckily it was Saturday, and there would be no classes today. 

Lily ate slowly and got dressed in the clothes Jamie had left out for her. Lily quickly noticed that they were her own clothes, meaning Jamie went to the Gryffindor Tower and got them for her.

Lily went into the living room to see Rory sitting on Jamie’s lap as Jamie read her a story. “I don’t deserve you,” Lily said quietly as she stepped into the room.

“I know,” Jamie said not looking up at her. After a moment she sighed and looked Lily straight in the eye, “You know, it’s not the best situation I could have been in, but I think I’ve done as well as I could have.”

“You have Jamie,” Lily said, tears filling her eyes, “You are the best mom Rory could ever have. Everything I said was out of anger. Not even anger directed to you, but at me. I was cruel and completely unfair.”

“You really were, Lily,” Jamie replied, placing Rory on the floor. She was wearing simple jeans and a cotton white shirt. It was there that Lily fully realized how much Jamie went through on a day to day base, “I know that you and I have fought before but never have I ever said anything that ever questioned you as a person. Last night, I was right, wasn’t I?”

“You were.”

“Ok, then,” Jamie said picking up Rory, “I never want to talk about what you said last night ever again, ok? I just never want to talk about last night again.”

“Are we…”

“We are fine,” Jamie smiled, opening her arms and hugging Lily. Lily felt a few tears drop out of her eyes. She knew she could face James now. With a best friend like Jamie, you feel as if you can conquer the world.


“I can’t do this,” Lily said quietly, “I can’t face this.” Jamie and Lily were sitting outside the Great Hall just waiting. Waiting for Lily to feel ready to face everyone.

“You can,” Jamie said. They had been sitting on the steps for at least fifteen minutes, and Jamie was being amazing. She wasn’t pushing Lily to go; she was just sitting there, with her best friend.

“You know what,” Lily said standing up and brushing herself off, “I look amazing, you dressed me up, there is no point sitting here.” And that was true. Lily was wearing a light pink off the shoulder top with light blue jeans. Jamie let her borrow her black, leather, knee high boots which her jeans were tucked into. Then she had heavy eye make-up and clear lip gloss. Her hair was tussled. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and nothing like normal Lily.

“You sure?”

“Yes. Let’s go,” Lily linked arms with Jamie and the entered the great hall. The noise level dropped slightly but not so much that it was dead silent. Lily avoided looking at James, so turned to look at the Ravenclaw boys that jaws were slightly ajar. But Jamie looked straight at him. His hair was sticking up more than usual and from what Jamie could see he was slightly paler than normal. His head was in his hands until Sirius caught sight of Lily.

Sirius elbowed James in the rib discreetly. “What,” James said turning his head sideways to look at Sirius. Sirius only nodded towards Lily. James looked over, and his jaw fell, “Bloody hell!”

“Prongs, are you and Lily still together?”

“I have no idea.”

“Well for your sake I sure hope so.”

“Prongs,” Remus’s voice cut in as he looked up from his book, “Just go talk to her. You love her, right?”

“Of course I do,” James said looking at Remus. He looked exhausted, “Have you not been listening to me for the last hour?”

“Then tell her.”


“Lily,” James said walking over to Jamie and Lily. They both looked up at him, and Lily could feel herself begin to shake slightly, “Can I talk to you outside?” Lily nodded, and with a discreet pat on the leg from Jamie, stood up and followed James. Once they reached outside, James turned around and looked at Lily who was leaning against the wall. “You look nice.”

“Thank you,” Lily said stiffly. This was awkward and uncomfortable. For both of them.

“Why did you leave last night?” James asked sounding hurt and confused. Lily suddenly felt bad for leaving James last night.

“Look James, I am sorry for leaving you last night, but I’m not ready to have sex. I want to wait for someone who loves me and I know it’s going to last, and I know-” Lily was suddenly cut off by James.

“You think I don’t love you,” He said incredulously.

“Well you never said it to me, and you were always pressuring me to go further,” Lily mumbled, “And I couldn’t do it. I’m sorry.”

“Lily, I love you more than anything in the world,” James said grabbing her hand and forcing her to look at him, “And I wasn’t pressuring you. I only was going to do it because I thought you wanted to! I was probably more nervous than you were.”

“Oh, shut-up,” Lily said moving to sit on the stairs, “It’s not like you are a virgin. You’re not even close. What do you have to be nervous about?”
“No, I’m not,” James said coming to sit next to her, “But I love you. I’ve never loved any of the other girls. And I am willing to wait until marriage. I am willing to never have sex again if it means I get to spend one more day with you.” Lily sighed and leaned into him. “I love you, Lils.”

“I love you too, James.”


“Did you shag?” Was the first thing Sirius said when James and Lily came back hand-in-hand.

“No,” James said grinning at Lily, who blushed in return.

“Pay up,” Jamie said to Sirius who just groaned and muttered something about James no longer being a guy. Jamie just slapped him off the back of the head.

“What was that for?” Sirius said pouting like a four year old.

“For being mean,” Jamie said pecking him quickly on the lips.

“Stellar, dude,” Sirius said, and when he realized that everyone quickly snapped their heads towards him he just said, “Just…don’t ask.” And with that James wrapped his arm around Lily’s shoulder, and Sirius around Jamie’s. Then the two golden couples left. 

A.N.: Heyy guys! Now I am going away to go get Harry Potter 7!!!!!! So I will be hidden for a while while I cry because it's the last book. I hope you guys liked my chapter. PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! PLEASEEEEE?!!!/??? I have a surprise for you all! Next chapter is the return of Regulus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Preview:

Yes, but I was think house, not apartment. I found an amazing house just outside London. It’s in this countryside town called Charlestown. It’s a white house with blue shutters, a wrap around the house porch. Jamie the moment I saw it I knew it was the perfect house,” Sirius said his eyes lighting up with each word.REVIEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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