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Psycho Path, Cho Chang by Samhria
Chapter 13 : The Quidditch Cup
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The weekend at the beach wasn't all that great since Percy called with an important
emergency at the ministry. It turned out just to be Charlie and Fleur's 10 year old
son, Caliab. He was visiting his Uncle Percy and decided to fool around with his
wand and the ministry evidence equipment.

When the trio left for the ministry and found out that their urgent emergency was just a
prank, they left for Ron's place so they could chill out for a while. Luna was already home changing into her relaxed clothes, but she still didn't remove her bracelet from her wrist. She opened the door quickly when Ron knocked, but she left for her room, making an excuse that she wasn't feeling too good.

Overall, besides Luna's behavior, Hermione thought her weekend went quite well since she spent most of her time with Harry, even though Cho glared at her once in awhile. Alex would constantly play with Cho's hair, or nibble on her neck, but she would continuously shove him away angrily; upset at her cousin for ruining her plan by leaving.

A tan Hermione made her way to the couch, falling thankfully on it; finally lying down in a cool area. She smirked at Harry who copied her same actions and fell on the opposite couch, facing her. He smiled back at her.

"What?" Harry asked, propping himself on his elbows.

"Very funny Harry." Hermione replied, sticking her tongue out at Harry.

"You know what I think is funnier?" Harry rose to his feet and made his way beside Hermione.

Hermione furred her eyebrows suspiciously, "What?"

"This." Harry smoothed his fingers underneath Hermione's shirt, and began to tickle her on her stomach. She kicked and laughed uncontrobally.

"H-Harry!" She choked, laughing, "S-St-stop!"

As they were fooling around, Ron came in and smirked at the sight of them together. "Very cute." He said, placing his arms on his hips.

Hermione sat up as Harry moved his hands away. They both turned a light shade of pink.

"Luna wanted some stuff from the market so I'm heading out." Ron said. "I was wondering if you could give me a ride Harry? Normally Luna drives, you know, for this kind of stuff."

"Yeah, sure mate." Harry rose to his feet, glancing back at Hermione, as if asking her for permission.

"I'll stay here with Luna until you get back." Hermione figured this couldn't be the best time for her plan to go into effect.

"Be back, love." Harry whispered, leaning in to give Hermione a small peck on the lips.
"She's not going anywhere, mate." Ron said, nodding his head. "Let's go."

Harry raised his eyebrow back at his friend. "I should say the same thing to you." Ron turned as red as his hair.

When they left, Hermione got up immediately from the couch, excited and proud of her plan to retrieve the bracelet from Luna's wrist. She had figured out the plan at the beach when Ron gave Luna a hot hotdog and she practically burned her finger, as she complained out loud. That's when Hermione figured to save her friend, she would have to hurt her friend first.

Hermione slowly entered the large bedroom that belonged to Ron and Luna. Luna was already in her bed, one of her arms was on her forehead, while the other was on her stomach. Hermione knocked lightly on the door to let Luna know of her presence.

"Luna?" Hermione asked.

"What?" Luna replied back, not moving a muscle.

"Can I come in?"

Luna was quiet for a few seconds. She tossed over to her side, as if avoiding Hermione. "Go ahead."

Hermione came in and smiled widely when she saw Luna's bracelet visible on her wrist. Her arm was hanging loosely on the side of the bed. Hermione stood beside Luna's bed, watching her with regretful eyes.

"Luna..." Hermione spoke again, but this time her voice was a mere whisper she could barely let it out.

"What Hermione?"

"I'm sorry I have to do this." Hermione pulled out her wand from her jeans' pocket and pointed it at Luna.

At this point, Luna quickly sat up and stared unbelievingly at Hermione. Before she could say anything, Hermione yelled out her spell. There was a bright, blinding light and before Luna had time to react, she felt a incredibly hot, burning sensation on her arm. When she looked to see what was going on, she saw that her bracelet was on fire.

Luna screamed so loud that Hermione was sure a mirror could have broken. Hermione covered her ears as she watched Luna's wrist burn. The bracelet turned from a pink color to a fiery red.

Luna struggled and frighteningly screamed for a while, panicking, but Hermione stood and watched her friend being burned by a spell she placed on her bracelet. Only a few minutes passed by when Luna couldn't stand the heat anymore as it growed throughout her arm; she pulled off the bracelet with the last strength left in her and tossed it angrily to the floor. She breathed heavily for a moment, tears escaping her eyes violently. She didn't say anything.

Hermione looked at the bracelet and ridded of it immediately. She didn't know what kind of bracelet it was, but what she was more worried if Luna was okay; if she was the same again.

She glanced at Luna with worried eyes, sitting beside her, peering into her eyes as if trying to read her thoughts.

Luna rose her wide, tear filled eyes toward Hermione. She looked frightened.

"H-Hermione?" She asked, the words choking out. "W-Wh-what happened?"

Hermione embraced Luna in a hug, which she returned immediately. Hermione closed her eyes tightly, grateful that she had her friend back again.


"Hey, Ron?" Harry asked, shocked by what he was looking at. "Is that what I think it is?"

Ron followed Harry's gaze towards his front door, where there was a broom wrapped in brown packaging.

"Yeah...I think it is!" Ron exclaimed happily. "The new Quidditch broom!"

Both men made their way to Ron's front door, where the broom was leaning against the wall. There was a note posted on the handle and Ron opened it quickly with excitement. He barely read the front and frowned.

"What?" Harry asked impatiently. "Who's it from?"

"I wouldn't know." Ron whispered, handing the note to Harry. "It's not for me."

Harry looked questioningly at Ron, but after he read the note, he realized what Ron was talking about.

"Oh." Was all Harry could say. He picked up the broom and the both of them headed inside, Ron carrying the grocery bag tightly within his grip.

Hermione and Luna were already in the living room, chatting uncontrollably. When the men entered, they stopped talking almost right away.

"Is that a broom?" Hermione asked, gesturing towards Harry's unanimous present.

"Not just any broom Mione." Ron pitched in. "It's the Thunderbolt 2000!"

Harry scoffed. "We don't know for sure Ron. The wrapping is still on."

"You didn't get it from the store?" Hermione asked suspiciously.

"No, actually it was outside the door."

"We didn't hear anything and we were here most of the time since you two left." Luna said, calmly twirling the pink flowery bracelet on her wrist.

Harry glanced at Ron, who shrugged. But Luna peered over at Hermione, who had a questioning look on her face.

"Can I open it Harry?" Hermione asked. Harry handed her the wrapped broom.

"Sure." He said.

Hermione tore open the wrapping so violently that she made Ron wince once or twice.
"Merlin, Harry!" Ron exclaimed, grabbing the dark ginger painted broom from Hermione's grip. "I thought they didn't make these yet."

"What is it?" Harry asked curiously.

Ron met his gaze and replied wide-eyed, "The Lightening Bolt 5000."

Harry retrieved his broom from his friend, who kept drooling, and seated himself on it as if wanting to test it out, but Hermione stopped him.

"Who gave it to you Harry, do you know?" She pressured.

"I don't know. There was a note, but no name." He gave Hermione the note he read earlier.

The note said:

I know you like Qudditch so much so here's a present for you from me.

And that was all. Hermione turned the note over several times as if trying to find any other writing or coding or anything that indicated who this mysterious present and note was from. When she crumpled up the paper angrily, something unexpected happen, 4 more pieces of rectangular papers fell from the crumpled note.

Everyone looked puzzled. Hermione picked up to retrieve the hard, laminated paper. When she turned it over, in big green letters was written, "THE QUIDDITCH CUP". Below that, 'admit one', with the teams that were playing in the final showdown. The Irish vs. The Italians.

Ron snatched one ticket from Hermione's hand and grinned at Harry. "This just keeps getting better." He flipped the ticket to let Harry get a good look at it.

"This is so awesome!" Ron exclaimed ecstatically, pulling the other tickets away from Hermione. "And there's four tickets! We all can go! Isn't that great?!"

As Harry and Ron made their way to Ron's room, Hermione seated herself back beside Luna, who was silent for sometime.

"What's wrong Hermione?" She asked.

"I don't know yet, but something's not right and I want to know why."


When Hermione left home, she fell back onto her bed in her room, frustrated about how Cho continued her awful obsession with Harry by stalking him and giving him mysterious gifts. She begged Harry to give her the broom, but he wouldn’t listen. He said even if the broom was deadly, he would at least die riding it. ‘Guys.’ Hermione sighed.

As the time came closer to evening, Hermione decided to start her dinner and catch up on her reading since all she wanted to do was relax and try to get the tension out of her mind for the time being. Around fifteen minutes to seven, Harry called Hermione with an urging request for her to come over his place since he had a surprise to show her. She left immediately, but felt her heart pound violently in her chest, hoping that this wasn’t another one of Cho’s schemes. She kept her wand close beside her.

When she knocked on the door, Harry held it open for Hermione as she walked in and spotted an older woman sitting on the couch, her back towards them both.

Hermione looked up curiously at Harry, who couldn’t stop smiling.

“Who’s that?” Hermione whispered.

“That, Hermione”, Harry continued, “Is someone we both know and dearly love.” Harry gestured Hermione to follow him. “This, Hermione, is the mysterious person who sent me the new Quidditch broom.”

When Hermione saw the woman face to face, she couldn’t help, but to smile herself. She nearly hurt her face from smiling so widely.

“Tonks!” Hermione exclaimed, embracing the woman in a hug.

The woman with the brownish, frizzy hair, and small, kind face, returned the hug graciously. “Hello, Hermione.”

They both released each other and seated next to one another.

“I’ll make us some tea.” Harry said, winking at Hermione.

“Tonks…it’s been such a long time.” Hermione continued, holding Tonks’ hand and giving it a warm squeeze.

“I know. It’s been…too long.” She blushed slightly. “I haven’t seen Remus in a while either…”

Hermione gave Tonks a mischievous smile. “Oh. That’s why you’re back then?”

“Oh, no. That’s not the only reason.” Tonks reassured Hermione, turning serious again. “I missed all of my family and friends. Of course, the main reason I am here was to make sure Harry got the delivery I sent him, along with the Quidditch Cup tickets.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow. “Wait. You sent Harry the broom and tickets?”

“Yes. I knew Harry loved Quidditch and since I missed his birthday, I sent him a new broom from Italy.”

“Oh!” Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. ‘It was from Tonks! It wasn’t Cho! Thank Merlin!’

“Is everything alright?” Tonks asked, concerned at Hermione’s reaction.

“Everything is fine, Tonks. Just wonderful.”

“Well in that case, I’m assuming you’ll be joining Harry at the Quidditch Cup, then?”

“I’ll be there with bells on.”

At that moment, Harry walked in with a tray with three cups and a few biscuits and cookies. He placed the tray on the coffee table and seated himself across the table, taking his own cup. The women did the same.

“You said you had important news to tell Tonks?” Harry asked, taking a small sip from his tea.

“Oh, yes, of course.” Tonks placed her cup down, wiping her mouth slightly with the tip of a napkin. “My adopted son, Nigel, well, he’s been given the Quidditch star that permitted him to play in the professional Italian Quidditch team whenever a player is sick or injured.”

Hermione furrowed her eyebrows in remembrance. “Is this the same Nigel that you found abandoned when the war with Voldermort ended?”

Tonks smiled graciously. “Yep, he’s the one.”

“And you were saying?” Harry asked, more interested in the conversation now.

“Well, about two weeks ago, the Italians’ found out that their goalie, Xander Fitzpatrick II, had been in a brutal accident that determined his loss of play for the Italians’ Quidditch team. They were received the same awful news at the same time they were proudly told they were in the finals vs. the Irish. My Nigel received the call that they wanted him to play as the Italian Quidditch goalie in the final game. Isn’t that great?”

“Oh, congratulations Tonks!” Hermione squealed, giving Tonks another hug.

“Congratulation. We should celebrate.” Harry pitched in.

“Well, actually…” Tonks said, checking her watch. “I promised I would meet Remus for dinner tonight. I was hoping after the Quidditch Cup, we can all get together and have a party.”

“That sounds great.” Harry said, rising to his feet.

“I’ll see you guys then.” Tonks gave Hermione one last hug, and left to the door with Harry at her side. He closed the door after her leave.

He sat down next to Hermione, placing an arm around her shoulder. “The broom doesn’t look so dangerous now does it Hermione?”

Hermione gave Harry a playful shove. “Hey, at least we know now for sure.”


The Quidditch Cup came faster than the trio had expected. The weekdays passed by with work and havoc, but when it was over, the following weekend brought excitement.

Harry and Hermione packed most of there things in one bag since they didn’t want to over pack, like they did at the beach. Ron, however, was so excited that he didn’t even back anything except a pen and paper for autographs. Luna had to do his packing, taunting him every so often.

As the group made their way to nearest forest in the area, they spotted the portkey on top of a hill. It was a ratty old cat statue that was torn in many areas as if attacked by animals.

When they touched the statue, they spun for what felt like hours before they let go, and when they did, they kicked their legs against the air in a constant manner before they were walking on thin air, and their feet touched the new green grass that surrounded the many tents and camps in the area.

Where they landed, a man in a reddish cape stood with his wand. At the arrival of the new group, he held out his hand.

Ron grabbed it and shook it gratefully. “Great to be here, mate!”

The man raised his eyebrows. “I’m glad you think so, but I’d like to see your tickets first.”

“Oh, right.” Ron blushed bright pink, retrieving his ticket from his pocket slowly, as if taking out a priceless jewel.

“Oh, out with it man already!” The man pressed. “I haven’t gotten all day, you know.”

Ron handed him the ticket and Harry, Hermione and Luna did the same. The man in the robe flicked his wand at the tickets to prove they weren’t fake, and after that test, the tickets joined together to reveal a single piece of parchment.

“Your tent number is 15A, next to the lake, on the right.”

The group followed the man’s gestures and searched for their tent. It wasn’t hard to find since the lake was quite hard to miss, and the only tents beside it were 15A and 15B.

The group swung their bags gratefully onto their beds and started to unpack. But a familiar voice interrupted them.

“Yoo-hoo, hello neighbors.” A woman’s voice rang through their tent. Hermione closed her eyes tightly, hoping this was all a nightmare.

“Cho?” Ron asked, looking shockingly at his friends, who returned the look. “You’re…what—what are you doing here?” 

“I love Quidditch and I wouldn’t miss the final showdown for the world.”

“Are you here alone?” Luna pitched in, smiling lightly.

“Oh, no. Of course, not. I’m here with Alex. You all remember Alex from the beach, don’t you?”

“How can we forget?” Hermione scoffed, continuing to unpack, hoping that Cho would leave sometime soon.

“Well, it’s getting quite dark Cho.” Harry said, avoiding eye contact. “We have to unpack and…um…”

“What Harry’s trying to say is…we’ll see you at the match. Good night. Bye bye.” With that, Hermione shut the tent close, leaving Cho fuming outside.


As Hermione prepared for bed, Harry and Ron were sneaking in the kitchen, stealing some snacks for the night, but Hermione taunted them both for their selfish behavior.

Around midnight, when all was silent in the night, Harry placed a silencing charm around Hermione’s bed, sneaking into the fridge to eat a turkey sandwich and drink a bottle of pumpkin juice. He took only two bites out of the sandwich and took one gulp from the bottle when he blacked out.

Cho opened the tent up with her wand, making sure her silencing charm was as secure as she set it the first time. She spotted what she was looking for right away. There was a man’s body on the floor near the darker shadows. She walked slowly over, smiling mischievously that her plan was working when she felt a sharp end poke at her throat.

She turned around to see none other than Hermione Granger standing behind her, with her wand at ready.

“You better get out of here before I hex you into next year, Cho.” She whispered threatengily. She dabbed the wand further into Cho’s throat, who silently glared at Hermione. She kept the wand at her throat until Cho was out of the tent and out of sight.

Hermione locked the tent with a spell from her wand and then she lighted the room near the fridge where a mere robe was sprawled on the floor as if a real human man was lying on the floor. She got rid of the robe and squeezed back into the bed, next to Harry, who was snoring in a deep sleep.

“I’m sorry Harry.” Hermione whispered, planting a kiss on his head. “But I knew you couldn't resist not having a midnight snack, but I'd rather have you drugged into a sleep than into another situation with Cho Chang."

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