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Confessions of a Wallflower Teenage Pop Star by Slytherin_babe16
Chapter 1 : Invisible
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Nicholette Oreph slowly walked down one of the corridors of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, her schoolbooks clutched tightly to her chest. It was the first day back at school, and she was both anticipating and dreading her sixth year. She was headed for her dorm room in the Gryffindor tower, which she shared with her two best friends, Lily Evans and Amanda Thomas, and two other girls with whom she shared a mutual dislike, Cassie Taylor and Brittany Logan. She knew that the dorm room would be empty when she got up there, there was a party in the Astronomy tower, and she was looking foreword to curling up with a book, anticipating the peace and quiet that she couldn‘t seem to salvage over her hectic summer.

While about to walk through the Gryffindor tower portrait hole, someone else was on their way out, and Nicholette collided head on with them. She straightened up, ready to apologize, before she saw who it was. It was Sirius Black, overall most popular guy at school, and completely gorgeous. And totally a jerk.

“I’m sorry.” Nicholette said, looking down at her feet, her loose auburn curls falling into her face.

“It’s okay.” Sirius said, smiling at her. “By the way, are you new?” Nicholette didn’t know whether she was going to laugh or cry.

At Hogwarts, she was invisible. Numerous times, she had been walked into, sat on, or, even once, someone asked if the seat that she was sitting in at the time was taken. Cassie and Brittany referred to her as ’The Ghost’, and even Amanda and Lily agreed that she blended in. But none of them could understand exactly why she liked being invisible.

“No.” Nicholette said through gritted teeth. “I’ve been here for all five years.” Sirius looked embarrassed and apologetic, but Nicholette just brushed past him and hurried up to her dorm.

She entered the familiar room and her eyes took a quick lap around the room. There was Lily’s bed, all of her stuff neatly organized and in its place. There was Amanda’s bed, her stuff thrown about helter-skelter. When her eyes reached Cassie’s bed, Nicholette openly groaned.

“Oh, please.” She sighed. Above Cassie’s bed, which was currently covered in nail polish bottles and other beauty products, was a Jenna Clark poster. Nicholette resisted the extremely strong urge to rip the poster down. She looked at the picture; it actually looked pretty good. There were the trademark pageboy hat and face-hiding sunglasses. Jenna’s hair was in two, low, bleach blonde pigtails, and she was blowing a kiss to the camera. Nicholette rolled her eyes. If only everyone knew what the real Jenna Clark was like, she doubted one album would ever sell again.

The next morning at the Gryffindor table for breakfast, everyone seemed exited, all of the newspapers opened to the entertainment section. Nicholette joined Lily and Amanda, groaning when she saw Jenna Clark’s picture striking a pose.

“Morning.” Lily said with a smile. “What class do you have first? Did you sleep well? Are you CRAZY!?”

“Um…Charms, horribly, and huh!?” Nicholette stammered. Amanda practically threw the article about Jenna Clark at Nicholette, pointing out a certain part of an interview.

“Read it.” Amanda insisted. “Not that you don’t already know what it says…” Nicholette sighed.

“Interviewer: So what do you do for an education?” Nicholette sighed and rolled her eyes; she knew exactly what they were freaking out about. “Jenna: Oh, I’m in my sixth year at Hogwarts.”

“I thought you actually wanted to keep your cover, not shout to the world who Jenna Clark really is!” Lily whisper-hissed.

“Shh! Lily, not so loud!” Nicholette warned, looking around warily. “No one’s going to find out; I’m practically invisible anyway. Besides, I made Stacey promise that the only concerts that I’m doing during the school year are the Hogsmeade ones.”

“Which Hogsmeade ones?” Amanda asked, looking exited. “Tell, tell!” Nicholette laughed.

“Sorry, Manda, you’ll find out tonight at dinner. By the way, don‘t wait for me.”

That night at dinner, Headmaster Dumbledore rose to his feet and silenced the students. “Attention, please.” He said quietly, just as a formality; every eye was already on him and every mouth hushed. “I would like you to please turn your attention to a special guest this evening, Ms. Jenna Clark!” The blonde singer approached the Professor’s podium, resisting the urge to scowl when everyone applauded.

“Hey everyone!” She said brightly, flashing a smile, taking care to disguise her voice, shooting it up an octave. “Well, as you all know, I’m Jenna Clark!” She tried her best to sound like a normal teenager would. “So, like, here’s the thing. As I’m positive you all have read in the papers, I’m a student here, so, like, I made my manager promise to only schedule concerts on Hogsmeade weekends. So, I decided to only do my concerts here in the village, and everyone that’s a student here, like, gets in for free, ‘kay?” She waited through another round of pesky applause, trying not to crack a smile when she saw Lily and Amanda trying not to crack up. “Also, I’m going to need, like, a band and dancers and all, so there’ll be tryouts on the first Hogsmeade weekend. Thank You!” And then, before they all started clapping again, she hurried out a side door, through a tapestry, and finally found herself in the outside hallway. Within moments, Lily and Amanda were there.

“Could you have said the word ‘like’ any more times?” Amanda giggled.

“Shut up.” Nicholette snapped, pulling her hat, wig, and sunglasses off, stuffing them into her bag. “I have no clue how I’m going to pull this off.”

A/N: Okay, so, this story isn't dark or like the stuff I usually do, but...ah well! It's my go-to story when I need a little break from all of the darkness and horror of TK and HMD. Kay? 
xoxo Beth

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Confessions of a Wallflower Teenage Pop Star: Invisible


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