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Cultures Collide by Demonic Angel
Chapter 41 : The Middle - Part II
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Chapter 41 - The Middle - Part 2

"Lily was Voldemort's granddaughter?" she whispered as she turned away from him.

"Don't you ever speak her name you wretched bitch. Now answer my question, why my family?" he shouted as he spun her back around causing her hood to fall. Severus then stood there stunned as he stared into a face that he only saw everytime he looked upon his niece while Voldemort stood back and smiled as only he could.

Severus took a few steps back as Pattie stared at him. "Something wrong little brother?"

He then tried to say something but surprisingly found himself speechless each time he opened his mouth until "Your community was attacked, many people died, you died, your children and husband went through hell mourning you and you turn out to be here the whole time? Why?"

"Didn't you wonder how Peter was caught so easily?" she replied

"No not really. He always was a bumbling idiot I just figured that he messed up again. What does that have to do with anything?"

"He wasn't as much of an idiot as you think he was. He may have been a coward but knew just who to hide behind all these years. First James and Sirius, then Voldemort, then finally as the Weasley's pet. When Siri started visiting us a year ago I realized how much the children needed him around but I also knew the only way he could be there for them. Spring break was the best holiday they had in a long time. As soon as they went back to school and he returned to Hogwarts is when I finally struck a deal with Voldemort. My services in exchange for Peter's capture, no Dark Mark, no forced summonings, all of my own free will."

"What of the attack on your village?"

"Most of the people and their children that lived there are still around and are working with me still. As for those who choose not to join us, I had their children transferred to Hogwarts at the beginning of the year."

"I must admit, mother and father would be quite proud of you afterall, you have actually far exceeded their expectations of you."

"I didn't do this for their approval, I told you this was for Siri and the twins so that they could be together without him worrying about the Ministry capturing him."

"Are who is it for that you are doing all this now? This certainly cannot be for them, not after all they have been through with your supposed death and all the adjustments you made them undergo."

"Do you remember that day I lead the attack on Hogsmeade?"

"How could I forget, it was the day you almost killed your own children."

"That was a mistake you need not remind me of." She said as she closed her eyes and turned towards the window again. "That was the day that I realized how much I miss them and need them in my life again. The only way I can be with them now is if they are my students."

"That cannot happen. You made sure that they believe you were dead. You cannot come back and expect them to understand, not after all this time and certainly not after all that you have done."

"In time they will understand."

"Then why involve Harry and Draco? They don't even know who you are."

"That was another arrangement your sister and I had. Once she informed me of his true parentage and you confirmed it, I had to make sure he was capable of following in the family footsteps." Voldemort stated.

"So this whole test is a facade and there is no way you intended for them to remain where they are. Forgive me my Lord but his destiny was determined the day I joined your ranks and he would have also joined in time. You do not have to put them through all of this, it will only make him turn away from you more than he already is."

"Not necessarily, he is young and he will forget all this in time and will come to realize where he truly belongs."

"No my Lord he won't. You ordered me to have the boy learn to trust in me, in doing so I have learned a lot about him as well and if there is one thing I know for a fact it that he doesn't forget anything."

"He forgot you once, he will forget you again. If he doesn't we could oblivate him. Now enough with this little family reunion. Patricia dear, I suggest you go down and collect all of your students."

"Thank you my Lord." She said as she raised her hood and Disapparated from the room.

Voldemort then turned to Severus, "For your disobedience in questioning my authority this afternoon. Crucio."

Down on the ground the kids continued fighting when Ann noticed Harry collapse and went to help him. "Harry, which way did it come from?" she asked.

"He shook his head and replied "It's dad. Voldemort is punishing him over something."

Just then Patricia apparated infront of the two kids. "You two gave it a good try but you are to come along with me now. Up on your feet."

"Can't you see he can't get up." Ann yelled "We're not going anywhere especially with you."

"I'm afraid you are my dear. Don't make this even harder on yourselves, now come along."

Harry fought the effects the best he could and then nodded at Ann. Together they both hit her with the Curstaceous curse but Ann still showed she had some problems in aiming. What Harry didn't expect was that the effects he was suffering from could be focused to strengthen the curse as he cast it upon the woman. As soon as he saw her fall to her knees wrenching in pain he broke the curse then grabbed Ann's hand and they went running past her to the shelter of the forest.

Meanwhile Remus and Sirius were still searching the forest looking for any possible sign of where Bria could be when a flash of light hit a nearby tree. "What was that?" Remus asked.

"We're close to where the children are being tested." Sirius replied then they heard the children shouting at one another.

"Siri, that's not a test. Something's wrong." and the two men ran off to see what was going on. As they approached the clearing Sirius watched as Ann and Harry ran towards them then Ann stepped in a hole and tripped. At first Harry didn't realize his cousin wasn't behind him until he reached the trees where the two us emerged. He then turned around and started to head back towards her when Remus grabbed shoulder and said, "Stay here." and Sirius went to help his daughter.

Unfortunately before he could get to the injured girl the female death- eater was upon her. "Get on your feet." she commanded.

"Go to hell bitch!" Ann spat.

The woman then slapped her across the face. "Don't you dare talk to me like that. Now up on your feet." she said as she pulled her wand on the child and said "Imperio"

Ann then stood up and started hobbling after her. Sirius was furious and changed into his Angimus form then ran up and tackled the woman to the ground face first. Once he had her down he changed back. "Well Siri, you haven't changed one small bit."

"You lay one more hand o my child and I will kill you."

"Ann Marie dear, why don't you tell your father where you want to be."

The girl stood there with her swollen ankle throbbing as she shook her head. "I'm going with her dad."

Sirius turned to his daughter, grabbed her shoulders and stared into her dark eyes as he said "Princess, she has you under a curse. You need to shake it off. We taught you how to, just concentrate."

The woman then placed her hand on his arm "You can't stop us, they will be coming with me today."

Sirius then swung his arm away from her and with the force she was knocked to the ground again. "You are not taking my children away from Me." not taking his eyes away from Ann. "Baby, you need to turn around and run. Harry and Remus are right there in the forest behind you. I want the two of you to head back to the school as fast as you can."

As Ann stared at her dad she finally was able to shake off the curse and she followed his instructions. Sirius then pulled out his wand as he turned around to face the woman still lying on the ground. "You like placing the Imperius curse on children? How would you like to see what I can easily make you do under the same curse?"

"You wouldn't dare. You can't."

"Your master killed my wife and now you try to take our children. I most definitely would unless you can give me one reason why I shouldn't."

Unknown to any of the Voldemort finally broke the curse on Severus and dismissed him to the field below, lying in a crumbled heap when he noticed the two men interfere with his mission. Voldemort then summoned whichever Death-eaters were closest to assist.


"Of all the times to be summoned. Crabbe, Goyle, go now and tell Voldemort that I am detained at the moment and will be there shortly."

The two men nodded and left the cave heading towards the apparition point.

"Now my dear, I shouldn't be gone too long. I know that you will behave yourself now won't you." By this time Bria was quite weary from having to stand all night and day. She never noticed him enter to cage from behind her until he grabbed her hand and ran if over his groin as he buried his nose into her hair. "When I return, if you are a good girl I just may see fit to loosen the chains a bit." he purred into her ear.

Bria closed her eyes and tried pulling her arm away but in her weakened state he obviously overpowered her and pulled her towards him, "Struggling like that is not going to help nor does it prove you can be good."

Lucius' arm started burning even more, "Blast him and his impatience. I should be back very soon so don't you try anything while I'm away." He said as he locked the cage once again and left her alone in the dark cave.


The sun had just started setting as Hermione and the Weasley boys were flying throughout the forest. Hermione then noticed Lucius leaving the cave and she pointed him out to George so the two kids landed while the others followed. "What's wrong George?" Fred asked. "It's getting dark and we need to get back."

"You didn't see him? Lucius just left this area." Hermione said.

"Are you sure? What would he be doing here on school grounds after the Professor Snape threatened him?" Fred asked.

Hermione and Ron looked at the twins. "Then you two never heard, you don't know?"

"Know what?" George questioned.

"My Malfoy has been after Bria for her pelt. He's probably the reason she's missing while he waits for the full moon." Ron stated.

"I knew he was cruel but that is just sick." Fred stated.

"She's probably somewhere around here. You two know all the secret passages on the grounds. Do you know any the lead to the cave?" Hermione asked the twins.

"Not that we've found yet but, we never really saw any sense in coming out here." George replied.

"Well she's got to be somewhere close by."

"What if this is where they found Chloe?" Ron whimpered.

"Will you grow up. There are no traces of any spiders near here." Hermione spat.

"You guys someone is coming. Hide." Fred announced.

The kids hid behind the shrubs, as the footsteps grew closer. "Harry come on, dad told us to go back to the school." Ann cried out.

"We are close enough for you to go ahead. I'm going back to find my dad."

Ron jumped out of the bushes, "Harry, Ann, I'm glad it's only you two."

The way the boy jumped out at them startled Ann causing her to take a step back "Don't do that!" she yelled.

"I didn't mean to scare you it's just I was glad to see that it's you and not Lucius."

"Lucius was here?" Harry asked. "That means Bria is close by. What are you guys doing out here?"

"We knew you were being tested today and when Miss Dannie told us what happened last night we decided to help out by trying to find her. I know I saw Lucius coming out of the cave then walked down the path over there. Didn't you two pass him?"

"No we took a short cut through the woods." Ann stated.

"He's going to help Voldemort, that means he's summoning his Death-eaters." Harry said quietly.

"Harry what happened out with your test? Where are Jamie and Draco?" Hermione asked.

"We're not sure, we were separated when Voldemort cursed dad and then that woman showed up trying to take us with her. Remus and Sirius sent us back to the school."

"Ann, you and Hermione take Ron's broom and go back to the school. The dance should be starting soon and we're going to need as much help as possible. Tell McGonagall exactly what is going on. Harry you ride with me and Ron with Fred we need you to take us to where this is going on." George stated.

The kids all jumped on the different brooms and headed into opposite directions; the boys into the forest and the girls back to the school.


Sirius stared at the woman expecting for her to give him an answer to why he shouldn't curse her to the ends of the earth. She slowly started to stand up and he then said "Crucio"

The woman wrenched in pain and remained on the ground "Siri, please no." she cried as she remained facing the ground. Sirius though he was hearing things when she cried out again but this time a little louder, "Siri please stop."

He then broke the curse and commanded "Remove your hood and look at me." The woman removed the hood but remained staring at the ground. Sirius walked up besides the shaking female and said "I said look at me!" as he grabbed her by her hair to lift her head up with his wand pointing at her throat. "Who the hell are you?" he said but not really wanting to know the answer.

"I'm exactly who you think I am." Pattie stated.

"Bullshit. If you were whom you look like then you would have never done this. I should kill you right here and now for this sick demented joke of yours."

"Dad, come here we found Uncle Sev!"

Sirius then bent down and whispered in the woman's ear, "I suggest you get out of here now. If I ever see you again I will not hesitate in killing you."

"But Siri...."

"Don't you dare call me that, you are not who you are pretending to be. You are not my life."

"Dad hurry!"

"They are." he said as he threw her face forward into the dirt and ran to his son.


The two girls went flying as fast as Ron's broom could go. "Ann slow down we going to run into the doors."

"Then open them."

"Adaperio" Hermione shouted as she pointed her wand in the direction they were going. The doors then flew open and the girls continued to fly down the corridors dodging students what didn't see them quick enough to get out of their way. Instead of heading to the Headmaster's office they instead continued up the stairs to the Great Hall where they were certain they would find McGonagall.

When they entered the room Dannie approached them immediately, "Ann your back. Why aren't you girls dressed? Where's the boys?"

Ann stopped the broom and they jumped off and tried to catch their breath. "Where's Professor McGonagall?" Hermione asked as she tried to catch her breath.

"She went to Hogsmeade, Professor Dumbledore finally woke up. Why what's wrong?"

"Voldemort and his bitch tried to take us away. Dad and Uncle Remus showed up and got Harry and I out of there but we haven't seen Jamie or Draco."

"If your dad sent you and Harry back here then where is he?" then she looked at Hermione, "How did you get involved in all of this?"

"Well um, we were sort of out there already trying to help find Bria. The boys and Harry went back to see if they could help out since they are summoning all the Death-eaters."

Dannie sighed "I appreciate the idea that you kids wanted to help but what would you have done if you had run into Lucius Malfoy?"

"We sort of did. We saw him leaving the cave and heading towards where Ann and Harry came from. I he was summoned as well. That's why we are looking for McGonagall so that we can get some help."

Dannie looked around the room then motioned for the two girls to follow her into the corridor. Once they were out there she looked at them and quietly said; "If anyone asks I did not tell say this. Go and get any sixth and seventh years that you trust enough to help." She then watched as the girls left then she headed to Remus' office.

The girls nodded and ran off towards their common room. When they entered Angelina and Kate who were wearing their dress robes and growing impatient greeted them. "Ginny said that you left with the boys, where are they?" Kate asked.

"They went with Harry and Ron to try to help Professors Black and Lupin fight some Death-eaters." Hermione said, "We only came back to try to get some help."

"Give us time to get changed and we'll gather the rest of the team." Angela replied.

"We were told only sixth and seventh years." Hermione replied.

"The rest of them have already gone and the only ones left here are Gins, Dean, Lavender, and Lee so you really have no choice." Kate stated.

"Fine we can get away with Dean and Lavender but keep Ginny out of it. Her brothers would kill us." Ann said. The girls went up to their rooms changed clothes and gathered the rest of their friends and they all followed Ann


By the time Sirius reached his son and Draco, he noticed that Jamie kept attempting to help Severus to his feet but the more the boy tried the more Severus fought him. "About time you showed up, you want to get your bloody son away from me."

Sirius pulled his friend to his feet, "He was just trying to help."

They then noticed that the curses were coming from a larger variety of directions and as they looked around they noticed the Death-eaters appearing. everywhere and once again the curses started flying.

The boys also arrived at the field and while the twins flew around the area, Harry and Ron started throwing curses as well. One of Patricia's students noticed Ron and Fred flying overhead and cursed them only hitting the broom hard enough for them to be knocked to the ground.

Harry noticed that George was flying them to the opposite end of the clearing, "George where are we going?" he asked.

The boy landed just on the other side if the trees "Harry there's too many of them I have an idea."

Harry then looked at the surroundings. "Um George, this is a cemetery."

"Yes I know, use Mobilecorpus on the graves."


"Use Mobilecorpus on the graves. It will draw the Deatheater's attention away from your dad and everyone."

"I'm not doing any such thing, that's sick."

"Fine then don't but they need help." George said. He then turned and pointed his wand at two of the graves and chanted, "Mobilecorpus." Just as he had hoped, the two corpses rose out of the loose dirt and hovered just above the ground. George then directed them through the trees and into the clearing where everyone was fighting. Some of the younger students got a good look at them and went running towards Patricia completely petrified of what they thought were zombies. As George suspected the Death-eaters started casting curses at the floating bodies but there was no effect on them other than the occasional body part falling off. He then started slowly moved them closer to the person whom was casting the curse on them and drawing the attention from the other two red headed boys who were on the ground. In grabbing his broom Fred and Ron then ran over and joined their brother while Harry ran over to join his dad and uncles.

When Harry approached his family Sirius grabbed him by the arms and said "What in Merlin's name are you doing back here? I told you and Ann to go back to the school."

"We ran into the Weasley's and Hermione by the cave and they insisted on helping."

Severus then noticed the commotion going on in the direction Harry came from. "What is going on over there?"

"I'll tell you later." Harry replied as Severus looked questionably at the boy.


Minerva finally arrived back at the school and when she entered the Great Hall, Dannie approached her. "Hermione and Ann came in about an hour ago looking for you. After I sent then back to their rooms I tried contacting the Ministry but nobody has shown up yet. According to the girls Voldemort has called the Death-eaters to help in capturing the kids."

Minerva sighed. "Follow me." Dannie quickly followed the woman to her office and she threw some Floo powder into the fireplace. "Ministry of Magic."

A young girl's head quickly appeared. "Professor McGonagall, this is a surprise. How may I help you?"

"Hello Ms. Davidson, I have a question. Did Ms. Lightpaws here contact you earlier this evening."

"Yes ma'am she did." the woman replied

"How soon until the Aurors arrive then?"

The girl started to look nervous as she stated. "I haven't contacted any. I don't know how she was even able to gain access to the system since she's a muggle."

"Put your supervisor on now."

An older gentleman soon took her place. "Minerva, what a nice surprise."

"Don't give me that. One of my professors contacted your office earlier looking for help due to a Death-eater attack on school grounds and she was ignored by your employee."

The man then whispered something to the girl and she nodded. "My apologies Minerva, she is new and was unaware of who she was. If you would tell us where the attack is taking place we will have a team over there immediately."

"They should be just on the other side of the wards, near the clearing between the lake and the old prison cemetery."Minerva stated.

"They will be there in just a few moments. I do apologize Ms. Lightpaws this incident will be handled appropriately." he said but Dannie just nodded.

"Thank you David." Minerva said as she closed the network. She then placed her arm around Dannie's shoulder and said "Come along, I've known David for a long time and he will make sure the guys get the help they need. Lets head back to the dance before the kids destroy the place."


"Ann do you realize this is the third time we have passed that boulder." Dean asked.

"No it's not." she replied.

"Ann I'm afraid it is." Hermione stated.

They then landed and Ann looked at the group. "I'm sorry guys, it was still light out when I went there and came back. I thought I would still be able to find it in the dark."

"Well maybe when the eclipse is over and we have at least the moonlight again we will be able to find our way." Kate said.

"Oh shit the eclipse. Mione get back on."

"What's wrong?"

"You said you saw Lucius come out of the cave. Dannie told us last night that Bria changes during an eclipse, we have got to get there before he does."

"I'm leading this time." Dean said.

"Do you know where it is?" Lee asked

"I would know my way there blindfolded." he replied.

The kids flew as fast as they could until they reached the cave. Hermione then slowly walked inside followed by the others and they started looking around. "Dean, over here." Lavender said.

"Did you find something?" he asked as he walked up to her.

"This wall wasn't here the last time..." she stated as the kids looked at her.

"How well do you know this cave?" Lee asked as he smiled at the two.

The couple ignored his question and Dean asked, "Hermione, what is that spell to break shields?"

Hermione pulled out her wand and said "Move over. Adfligo Testudo." unfortunately what they didn't realize was in breaking the shield that posed as a wall they set off some wards that Lucius had put up to notify him of intruders.

When the kids were able to enter the room they noticed Bria had already changed but she was also struggling as the collar that kept her in the center of the cage was now extremely tight and her hind legs were unable to reach the ground. Dean and Lee each ran to different sides of the cage and struggled against the weight of her wolf form to lift the chains off the hooks that held them in place. Once they got her down she crumpled onto the floor taking short breaths and still finding it very hard to breathe. She was also quite delirious at this point from lack of food, water and sleep, she didn't know who was in the room with her, and all she knew was there were a-lot of them.

Angelina was looking around the small room when she picked up a large knife. "What was going to happen to her?" she asked.

Bria caught sight of the shinning blade and backed into the corner growling at the girl only to be followed by a loud yelp as her leg touched the chain on the ground. "Put that down!" Ann shouted.

She immediately dropped the object to the floor. "Alright already but what is it doing in here?"

"He was going to skin her during the full moon." Ann replied quietly.

Bria was growling and snapping at anyone or anything that was near the cage until she felt a tug on one of the chains. Hermione slowly grabbed one of the chains and started pulling it towards her but the wolf still growled and tried fighting her. She quietly said "Bria relax it's me, Mione." Bria started to scoot across the ground towards her when once again she came across the other chain and jumped back yelping. "Someone get me something to get that chain out of there."

Lavender went running out of the cave only to return a few moments later with a long stick. She sat down next to Hermione and then placed it into the cage and started pulling the chain towards until it stuck out of the cage and she could continue to pull it with her hands. As soon as Bria was close enough to the bars again Hermione noticed there were no locks on the collar on she pointed her wand at it and started to place the Engorgio charm on her but she started to move about. "Bria calm down I need you to hold still."


As the small group continued fighting Remus caught sight of Lucius' white hair and charged after him. Once close enough he tackles him to the ground and straddles his stomach and holds his wand to the mans throat, "Where is my daughter?"

"I am glad to see you too, now be a good boy and get off of me for I have no idea what you are talking about."

"You reek of her scent now where in the hell is she." he growled as he poked the wand deeper into the man's windpipe.

"Expelliarmus!" Patricia shouted and Remus was thrown off Lucius and temporarily knocked unconscious upon hitting his head on a rock.

"Thank you my dear now if you will excuse me someone has set off the wards on my prize." Lucius said to Patricia. "Crabbe, Goyle, come with me."

To their surprise a group of Aurors started popping up everywhere. One of them looked in the direction of the Weasley boys and was mortified at what he saw. He then motioned for Severus to join him as he pointed out the boys as they chased the death eaters with corpses. "Professor, do those children belong with you?"

"I am afraid that they do. I will take care of this." Severus told the younger man. He then walked over to the boys and said "What do you think you are doing. And with dead bodies no less. You need lookin at by the head doctor, you do"

The three boys looked at their furious professor and all said "Finite" and the bodies fell to the ground.

As Severus gathered the boys Harry came running up to them, "George, I need to borrow your broom."

"Harry where do you think you are going now?" Severus asked.

"Lucius is leaving we need to find Bria." he said as he pointed to where the moon should be.

"I don't want to going after him."

"I'm not, Mione said she was near the cave. I'm going to try to find her before he gets back there and sees that she's changed." he replied as he took off before his dad could stop him.

"Take Lupin with you then." Severus shouted.

Harry then flew over to where Remus was lying on the ground, he pointed his wand at his uncle and said "Enervate"

Remus sat up feeling a bit groggy "Where did he go?"

"He left, probably headed back to the cave, jump on."

"No, my head's still spinning. I will meet you there."

Harry then took off towards the cave while Remus ran through the forest taking the quickest path that he knew."

Patricia was busy gathering up the remainder of her students then she gave the oldest one the portkey for them to go back to Godric's Hallow then she went after Lucius since he was still under her command (so she thought)

David then walked over to Sirius and Severus and said "We will take over from here. From the looks of things you and the children have had a long day. I will want to speak with Minerva and those three boy's head of house tomorrow though."

"We'll let Minerva know you will be there, as for their Head of House she is only on a temporary basis and I will make sure they are punished appropriately."

"I'm sure you will Professor Snape. Have a good evening." With that said Sirius and Severus headed into the forest and headed back towards the school.

"Professor, why didn't you tell them about Bria?" Ron asked.

"The way her parents were treated by the Aurors the last time they had problems was uncalled for and we do not need to see them go through that again. Besides it is family business that needs to be taken care of." Severus looked at the younger boy. "And if you breathe one word of what I just said to any of your house mates then your punishment will be more severe than you could ever imagine."


Harry then arrived at the cave as the eclipse was starting to end and noticed all the brooms sitting infront of it and went running inside. As he entered the small room he saw the two girls hanging onto the chains. "What are you two doing?"

"Harry calm down they are trying to keep the chains from touching her again. Hermione tried to remove the enlarge the collar so it wouldn't choke her anymore but as soon as she saw the wand she started spazing out on her."

"That's because the eclipse is ending, she's starting to change back."

"But dad said that her changes are never like this it's almost as if she's in pain."

"From what I've been told they usually aren't if they were under normal conditions. This is far from normal." He then walked to the front of the cage pointing his wand at the lock and said "Alohomora".

"Harry are you nutters? What are you doing?" Lee asked.

"I'm going to try to calm her down make sure you get a tight hold on those chains." he said as he slowly entered the cage. Bria was even more frantic upon hearing the cage open and she started growling at him. Harry then stopped and slowly got down onto his knees. "Bria it's me calm down." he said soothingly as he held his arm out. She went to sniff it when Lavender panicked and pulled the chain back. "Ann take over for her please before she hurts her."

"Harry I'm sorry it's just I though." Lavender apologized.

"It's alright, do me a favor. Lucius Malfoy is on his way back here. Would you and Dean go outside and keep an eye out for him?"

Ann did as he asked as the rest of the kids stood around and watched as he slowly crawled towards her. "Ann, would you loosen up on her just a little but still keep a tight grip." He then noticed that she kept moving her front paws kept moving towards the chains so he grabbed onto them to hold them down. Bria started growling at him doing this to her when he quietly said "Calm down Bre-grr it's only me."

Angelina, Kate, and Lee couldn't help but laugh at what they had heard but quickly stopped as soon as Harry gave them a very Snape-ish glare he then felt her hands grab onto his arms, "Do you mind not calling me that." Bria said very quietly.

Ann and Hermione immediately dropped the chains as Harry looked at her and smiled before kissing her. After a few moments he broke the kiss and looked at his friends. "Ann do me a favor. Take Angelina and Kate with you to get Madame' Pomphrey and make sure you let her mum know that we found her."

"Is she going to be ok?"

"If I could get this blasted collar and chains off I would be. I don't see how anyone could possibly find wearing these things enjoyable."

"They really don't suit you anyway. Now hold still this time." Harry told her as he pulled out his wand and pointed it at the collar and said "Engorgio" As soon as the collar grew large enough he slowly slipped it over her head.

"Lee lets go try to find Professor Lupin." Hermione suggested.

"He should be on his way back here. Take Dean and Lavender with you he may still be groggy he hit his head earlier. Just tell them where we are and then find my dad."

"No problems mate." Lee replied.

"Hermione stay here a moment." Bria said as she moved to sit with her back against the backside of the cage. "Lee you can go ahead." They waited for him to leave when she continued. "I know what all you did and I also know I tried to attack you. I just wanted to let you know....."

"Well well well, isn't this a touching scene." Lucius said from the doorway as Harry pulled out his wand and Bria hid behind him. Before Hermione could react Goyle grabbed her from behind and held on tight enough that she couldn't get to her wand. "I had hoped we could finish what was started earlier but it seems your boyfriend got in the way again. Don't worry, he won't be for long. Crabbe, Goyle."

As the two men pointed their wands at the couple the three of them cast their spells at the same time while Harry sat infront of Bria and said "Testudo" forming an almost invisible shield around the two of them.

Crabbe cast "Avada Kedavra" which bounced off the shield and went right back at him killing him instantly

Goyle shouted "Crucio" in which also bounced off the shield but hit Hermione instead.

Harry saw that he caused one of his best friends to be hurt and lost his concentration as he put his wand back down yelling "Hermione"

At this time Lucius already having his wand pointed at the boys chest very quietly said "Ardeo Penitus" and hit his target.

Patricia showed up just as Lucius finished the curse and she instantly had her wand jabbing in the center of his back. Lucius turned around and said, "Showing a bit too much concern for your nephew there mydear?"

"You know damn well that Voldemort did not want him injured."

"But my dear he has become weak, you and I could easily take over and he would never know what hit him. Just remember how the ladies will envy you with your new stole, and not a mark on her."

"I don't think so. We had a deal that you would make sure he didn't show for the testing causing me to get my children back. I warned you what would happen if you didn't keep your end of the bargain."

"You can still get your precious children back in time. So you don't have him as well just one less brat to worry about now that he will die."

"You don't understand how important he was to our Lord, and fortunately for me you never will. Avada Kedavra." she stated. She then raised her hood and turned to Goyle, "Drop the girl now or you are next." Patricia quickly pulled out a knife and cut her hand letting some of her blood flow into a small vial. After she was done she walked over to the children while Bria helped Harry lay down on the ground as she looked for where he was hit. She then bend down and brushed the hair from his face, "How I wish things were like we had planned them to be when we were young. Your mum would be proud of you." she then looked at Bria and pressed the vial into her hand, "Give this to Severus. I may not be immediate blood but it should help him."

"Come along my dear, you know what must be done now." Voldemort said as he appeared behind Patricia placing his hands on her arms.

She then stood up and said "Yes my lord." and the two of the disappeared.

Hermione watched in shock of everything she had seen and heard trying to comprehend what had just taken place as Bria looked down at Harry as he closed his eyes and his grip on her hand loosened. Bria then gathered up all the energy she had and started howling at the top of her lungs "Noooooooooooooo!"

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A/N: The line Severus states when he confronts the Weasley boys about the corpses was borrowed from the movie "Blow Dry" staring Alan Rickman.....who by the way I want to wish Happy Belated Birthday to

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