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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 8 : Feelings revealed
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Harry grunted as he and Hermione carried the unconscious Draco up the narrow flight of stairs. They had decided not to levitate him up the stairs, as Hermione didn't want to risk him bumping into anything and causing him further injury. Harry had rolled his eyes when she had suggested it, he didn't really care if Malfoy got hurt more or not, but Hermione apparently did. Harry was slowly backing up the stairs holding Draco by his underarms; Hermione was holding Draco’s legs. None of them realized just how heavy a person could really be.

Harry sighed “You think he could have stayed conscious for a few more minutes, wouldn’t you!” he muttered annoyed.

Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes “And I’d like to see you stay conscious after drinking a whole bottle of potion!” she snapped annoyed “Give him a break would you” Harry glared, but held his tongue, there was no point in getting into a fight, especially over Malfoy!

Finally they reached the front of the stairs and with a lot of swearing on Harry’s part got him into the guest room. Harry and Hermione carefully laid him down on the bed and Hermione took of his shoes. Harry rolled his eyes “Come-on Hermione! Let’s go!”

Hermione glared at him and then moved to the side of the bed and pulled the quit up to cover his shivering frame. “Get over it Harry, I’m not going to just let him lie here! Not after what happed” she snapped, ‘If you don’t want to help, just get out ok! I can do this myself!”

Harry glared “Fine” he muttered walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

Hermione looked up shocked, not expecting him to actually walk out and leave Draco here, she thought they had put their past behind them. Obviously not! She frowned, and looked down at Draco, he was still unconscious but he was breathing regularly and he was no longer bleeding, a good sign she mused. She reached out and softly brushed a strand of hair back from his forehead, swallowing the lump in her throat she slowly backed out of the room and closed the door silently behind her, careful not to wake him. She turned around and made her way slowly down the stairs reaching up and brushing a single tear from her cheek as she did so.

* * *

Hermione walked into the kitchen, Diana and Matt were both sitting at the table silently, Diana had a full cup of tea in front of her but she wasn’t drinking any. Hermione sighed softly “Are you ok, honey” she asked quietly.

Diana glanced up at her mother her eyes red and puffy from crying “yeah” she said softly, looking back down at the table. Hermione glanced at Matt and noticed he was glancing at Diana to.

Hermione gave a small smile “Ok then” she muttered turning back around “don’t stay up to late” she cautioned, with a meaningful glance at Matt.

Matt turned to Diana, she gave a sniff and wiped her eyes. He swallowed nervously “you’re not going to cry are you?” he asked cautiously

Diana turned and glared at him “No” she muttered

Matt breathed a sigh of relief, and not being able to think of anything to say picked up his coffee and took a sip gazing around the kitchen as he did so. When Diana didn’t say anything he started to get uncomfortable and shifted in his seat, the silence was uncomfortable. He had to say something! He swallowed nervously “So, um have you read any of your new books yet”

Diana blinked and unexpectantly let out a sob, she sniffed and brought her hands too her face as the tears began to fall.

Matt’s face fell, oh…damn he thought. He looked around nervously then hesitantly put his arm around her shoulders, “Hey it’s ok” he whispered softly. Diana gave a great sob and turned and buried her face in Matt’s chest. Matt froze an awkward expression plastered on his face, he took a deep breath and started rubbing her back, making soothing sounds. Diana’s sobs quieted and she hiccupped. Eventually she lifted her head and slowly drew back, wiping her red eyes.

“Look at me” she muttered, “I never cry” she laughed shakily

Matt gave a ghost of a smile “ I thought there was something weird going on” he said jokingly, trying to cheer her up.

Diana gave a small smile and looked up at him “Thanks Matt” she muttered softly “You really helped”

Matt blushed and shrugged ‘It’s nothing” he muttered embarrassed.

Diana shook her head slowly “No, really. I was feeling so upset and now…” she shrugged “It’s just nice to have someone here as well” she blushed and looked away, embarrassed.

Matt looked shocked “Um… thanks” he whispered, he fell silent. “Well” he mused “I should probably go now, it’s late” he muttered “Are you coming, you don’t want to get in trouble with your mum!”

Diana nodded slowly “Yeah” she muttered standing up and putting her cup in the sink “I’m tired”

Matt nodded and they started walking up the stairs. On the landing he paused “Hey Diana” he asked quietly so as not to wake the others

Diana stopped and turned “Yeah?” she asked curiously

“I don’t hate you, you know” he told her, looking nervous “I just said those things too make you feel bad”

Diana’s head was spinning he doesn’t hate me! She almost smiled, instead she nodded “I don’t hate you either” she said softly.

Matt swallowed and nodded as well. Then he turned and walked to his room.

Once the door had closed Diana grinned, and almost skipped to her room. She closed the door and through herself on the bed, she chuckled and rolled onto her back looking up at the ceiling He likes me! He actually likes me! She ginned excited. Suddenly her face fell and she sat up abruptly, her smile gone No! that’s not right! She mused he just said that he didn’t hate me, not that he liked me!
Suddenly she felt like crying again, her happy mood gone, she sighed and slumped back onto the bed I’ll make him like me…. 

A/N: Hey guys! Well what did you think? Please, please review! I only got 4 review’s for the last chapter and I’m feeling a little down. Especially as more then 40 people have this story on their favorites list! Please guys I really need to know what you think of this story.

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