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Two Worlds Apart by DanieLuver
Chapter 14 : The Tower
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Long time no chapter! So after about a year or so hiatus for this story the new chapter is up! I'm going to end up going back through the story and edit it some more so when I do that I will try to let you guys know so if you want you can read the first chapters over again. But yes onto the chapter! SO sorry for the delay!

-- Meagan

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“What are you doing here Harry?” I asked quickly keeping my back toward him.

“I came to see if you were alright,” He said quietly as he slowly walked toward me, his foot steps echoing across the stone floor “You ran off in a huff you had me worried.”

“I’m all right, just go back to the common room,” I said coldly, I held back my tears as the last few moments continuously flashed in my head.

“No you’re not. Now tell me why after Draco ran into the Entrance Hall following after you that he went straight into Victoria’s open arms, after you went fleeing up the stairs.” Harry said slowly to me as he stopped behind me resting a hand on my shoulder as I sighed.

“I don’t want to talk about it okay? There was a reason I came up here and that was to be alone,” I said forcefully resting my arms on the window sill looking over the tree a top, trying to see what was beyond them. “I wish not to relive what I just did, thank you.”

“You broke up with Malfoy didn’t you?” He supplied for me as I laughed quietly. “Was it because of what I told you earlier?”

“Would it help if I blamed you for it?” I said shaking my head “I couldn’t lie to you both anymore,” I said looking up to the clouds. “What I was doing, it was wrong. I couldn’t lead him on anymore, I love him, but it would never work out. Not with what’s stopping me.”

“You shouldn’t have done that,” He said placing his other hand kindly on my shoulder.

“Why?” I asked quickly turning around.

“Because he loves you Meagan, I thought you said you wanted to see if he was devoted. What he had to offer more or less,” Harry explained.

“I know he loves me, I see it every time he looks at me. His emotions are always in his eyes,” I smiled blushing as I looked away. “But I can’t love him, when I love you.”

“You shouldn’t have done that just because of what I told you,” He said again wrapping his arms around me tightly. “You love Draco, and you know I’ll always love you, you should’ve just stayed with him.”

“I couldn’t do what I was doing with him anymore. I just couldn’t continue seeing you behind his back. I wouldn’t be able to continue that very long. What did I get myself into?” I said tears falling from my eyes as he hugged me closer.

“But you just got your self out of it,” He smiled at me holding me at arms length wiping the tears away with his thumbs.

“It’s more complicated than you think, I’m never going to be out of it,” I laughed quietly.

“Try me,” He smiled kindly at me.

“Not now, you’re not ready to hear this,” I said frowning “When you’re ready, I’ll tell you.”

He nodded his head understandingly, I was protecting him from the darker side of my life. The life I had with Draco, it was different than what I had right now, eventually they could come together but not now, when the time was right. I hugged him tightly as I smiled into his chest, the tears dried quickly. The room around us grew silent. As I stayed in his arms all the worries washing away from me. A light breeze picked up and I heard the door shut quietly. I slowly broke the hug as I looked up at Harry smiling.

Harry unhooked the cloak I forgot I was wearing and took me by the hand. Leading me away from the window we sat in the corner farthest from the window. He pulled me onto his lap as he draped the cloak around us. He kissed the top of my head as I snuggled closer to him. I slowly closed my eyes, I was so exhausted, and Harry was so warm and comforting. He wrapped his arms tightly around me as I drifted off to sleep.

The wind had picked up and blew my cloak from off of us. Groaning I slid off of Harry and onto the freezing floor. I felt his arms wrap around me once more as he pulled the cloak around us again. I smiled into his chest as I tried to fall back asleep. I cracked my eye open as I felt the blinding sun hit my face. I sat up suddenly and looked around the now brightly lit tower.

“Harry,” I said desperately shaking him. “Harry we fell asleep, get up it’s morning.”

“What?” He asked sitting up quickly picking up his glasses from the floor looking around the room. “I was letting you sleep, you were exhausted. I must’ve fallen asleep before I could wake you.”

“Do you think anyone is awake yet?” I asked biting my lip.

“It’s six of seven—let’s hope not,” He said looking at his watch.

“Let’s not think the worst here,” I said grabbing my cloak off the floor and quickly stood up.

“Yeah, I mean students don’t return to their dormitories all the time,” Harry said conversationally as he stood up dusting off his slacks “We’ll be laughing about this in a few hours—I hope.”

“Maybe we should get going,” I said slowly holding out my hand.

“Our best bet,” He said lacing his fingers with mine before we started our sprint back to the Gryffindor common room.

My heart raced as we ducked out of the way of anything or anyone that could report us for being out all night. I had also hoped that Victoria went to bed thinking I had fallen asleep in the common room. Harry and I didn’t need what I knew could be coming to us. We slid to a hault in front of the Fat Lady clutching the stitches in our side.

“And where have you two been?” She question staring down at us as my heart sank.

“No where,” Harry gasped “Phoenix, Phoenix!”

“All right, I won’t be the one questioning you.” The Fat Lady said swinging open.

“What could that mean?” I asked quietly climbing through the hole after Harry.

“I can’t even imagine,” Harry groaned walking into the common room. I grabbed his hand as we looked around. The coast was clear—

“HARRY! MEAGAN!” Victoria exclaimed sitting up right in a chair placed by the fire.

“Mr. Potter, Miss Caldwell, explain yourselves!” Harry and I flinched as Professor McGonagall sat up quickly on the couch. I buried my face in Harry’s arm as I could see her gaze on us.

“P-Professor,” Harry started slowly “It’s hard to explain.”

“Well try,” Remus Lupin said slowly walking down the stairs from the boy’s dormitory, my heart slowly sank to the floor.

“You called in people from the Order?” Harry asked surprised as he stared from Lupin to McGonagall.

“There was really no need,” I said weakly as I blushed.

“There was a need, Miss Caldwell,” McGonagall said standing up. She was dressed in her tartan dressing gown; they had been searching for us all night it seemed. “With the war going on we needed to take extra precaution. Harry and you disappear for a night, were no one knew where, we were worried.”

“Sorry Professor,” Harry and I said in unison.

“Now what happened you two?” Lupin asked sitting down on the back of the couch as he looked at us quietly.

“It’s my fault,” I said quietly finding my voice again. Both Lupin and McGonagall quickly looked at me and then back at Harry who nodded his head toward me. I took a deep breath before I started talking again “After dinner Draco and I went for a walk. We got into an argument and I stormed away from him. I just wanted to get away and be alone. So I ran where ever my feet carried me. Harry found me--”

“I wanted to know if she was okay,” Harry said quickly looking down at me before looking back at Professor McGonagall. “We talked. I made her sit down because she wasn’t looking right. I was only going to let her sleep for a moment, she was exhausted. But it looks like I fell asleep before I got to do that.” Harry finished quietly.

Lupin and McGonagall looked at each other quickly; it looked like they were hiding the smirks on their faces. My stomach turned as McGonagall let out a little laugh at the sight of Lupin’s face. Harry and I exchanged glances.

“I’m not going to punish you two,” She said after a while and I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. “You can’t really punish students for falling asleep. But next time don’t—Harry with what’s going on we didn’t know if something had happened to you two. Or if Meagan was hurt, so please keep all this in mind.”

“Yes Professor,” Harry and I said together as McGonagall started to leave the common room.

“Remus you might want to OWL Molly,” She said as an after thought before she exited the common room “She’s probably pacing around the house in a panic.”

“I will,” He said quickly looking at Harry smirking.

I looked at Victoria who was sulking in her chair. Her arms were folded across her chest and she was avoiding my gaze. I was shocked, it was like she wanted Harry and I to get into trouble. I couldn’t fathom why she would want that; with what happened I pushed Draco to her it’s what she wanted. I held back what I wanted to scream at her when I realized Harry was looking at me.

“You okay?” He asked quietly because Lupin was still looking at us.

“Yes,” I said nodding holding onto him lightly.

“I should get that OWL to Molly, I expect to see a ware mark in the kitchen from her pacing,” Lupin said winking at Harry.

“Are you going to stay here for Christmas Remus?” Harry asked quickly before he left.

“Yes,” Lupin nodded as Harry smiled “I think its best that someone keep and eye on you two. At least until school starts again.”

“Tell Mrs. Weasley we didn’t mean for her to worry,” I said slowly.

“I will,” He smiled “I’ll see you two at breakfast.”

I laughed quietly as I rested my head against Harry’s arm as he kissed the top of my head. I could feel Victoria staring at us with a glare and hatred in her eyes. I looked up at Harry and kissed him lightly.

“Hem, hem,” Victoria said loudly as she walked up to us. “Its breakfast, we should get going.”

Victoria speed walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast, Harry and I had to jog to keep up with her as she ran down the stairs. I slowed down when I felt like I couldn’t keep up with her anymore. Harry lingered behind with me, his hand placed lightly on my back. We entered the Great Hall when Victoria was sitting down next to Draco who wasn’t looking his best. His hair was disheveled and he looked like he hadn’t slept at all last night. My stomach dropped, I was hoping this wasn’t going to be my fault. Harry removed his hand from my back as we walked up to the table.

“Meagan,” Draco said quickly standing up from the table. “I was worried—I didn’t know if--” Draco shook his head slowly and sat back down.

“Yeah, I—we, never mind,” I said slowly sitting down across from Victoria avoiding Draco’s gaze.

I picked at my food trying not to look up at my two friends. I felt another sinking feeling in my stomach. I didn’t want to be this near Draco so soon after I had broken up with him, it didn’t feel right. I wasn’t feeling right about any about this. As much as I wanted to feel that everything was all right and nothing was wrong it wasn’t the case. Draco was a foot from me, and for the next couple of days it will only be four people in the entire school besides the teachers, I wouldn’t be able to get away from him. At this point, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to forgive myself for breaking it up with him, I did still love him.

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