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My One and Only Sweetheart by CrimsonEmeralds
Chapter 7 : Explanations, pissy girls, and fun trips
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Lily hurriedly sped up the staircase as fast as she could. She entered the dormitory but to bump into Emily. 

"Whoa, slow down there Lily, what’s the rush?" Emily asked in an odd tone. 

"Oh nothing, just really tired, that’s all." Lily said passing Emily towards the dormitory. 

"From downstairs, what was that all about?" Emily asked in a suspicious voice. 

"It was nothing, just notes." Lily said quickly. 

"Notes, hmmm...I see." Emily said looking at Lily in a detective way. 

"Emily what, stop looking at me like that, its kind of creepy." Lily replied. 

"The Marauders may seem like there not smart, but they are. I've known them for the past 6 years and I know for a fact that Mr. James Potter never uses anyone’s notes but his own." Emily pointed out. 

Lily looked at Emily confused and shocked. "What?" 

"So you weren't giving notes, also because all day today we didn't have to take notes." Emily accused. 

Lily continued to look at her funny. Emily kept her serious stare and Lily finally gave in and sighed deeply in defeat. 

"You would make a great lawyer." Lily said as she collapsed on the bed. “Have you ever considered it?”

“No, not really, but I may look it over a bit.” Emily grinned mischievously. "So are you going to tell me, or do I have to do this the hard way." 

Lily just shook her head in amusement. "Well, it’s a long story." 

"I've got time. It’s the weekend." Emily sat while sitting on the bed. "Talk to me." 

"Well...I've known Jami-James for, well, um. Since, I was about five years old." Lily said awkwardly. "He was my best friend, the best friend I ever had. Then I had to move to Boston, away from him. I haven't seen him since then." Lily finished. 

"You were best friends with the self-absorbed King of the Marauders!" Emily shouted in shock. 

"Okay, you make it sound like he was a disease." Lily said sitting back up. 

"Fine, you were best friends with James Potter." Emily said politely. 


"So what does this have to do with 'notes'?" Emily said with air quotes. 

"Well, you would kind of look different when you were five to now and I didn't really remember anything from when I was five. Just bits and pieces. It was a long time ago. I can't really remember that well." Lily said honestly. "So, I couldn't even remember his name, you see, I never call him James Potter. I always called him Jamie P." Lily said. 

"Jamie P? Interesting enough." Cassidy bit her lip, holding in the laughter. Lily just gave her a look as she settled down. 

"So I didn’t' recognize the name when you were telling me about the Marauders." Lily said. "During potions, when we were partnered up. We were fighting over that bezoar. Remember, and he pulled off my ring. A ring that he gave me before I left. Of course he recognized it and he chased me after class, yelling my nickname and causing this whole fiasco." Lily through her hands in the air. 

"Wow." was all Emily's response. 

"Yes, that is why I was downstairs with Jamie, because I was trying to catch up with him." Lily sighed. 

Emily just smiled evilly. 

"What?" Lily asked a little freaked by her friends grin. 

Emily just continued to grin. "I bet Miss stuck-up Jennifer would be so pissed. She is so protective of her stuff, especially James. Goodness, it would be a classic, to get her all pissy." 

"And wh-" Lily started. 

Then the door just slammed open, revealing, a, well pissy looking Jennifer and a confused Margie and Lisa. 

"You got a lot of nerve newbie." Jennifer started, jealousy boiling up. 

"Why?" Lily asked casually. 

"Maybe because worthless here, didn't explain how things work." Jennifer glared at Emily confidently. 

Emily just rolled her eyes. 

"Very simple. My guys are off limits, the same goes for Margie and Lisa. So that pretty much means, the likes of you have no business associating with the Marauders." Jennifer finished clearly. 

"The last time I checked, Thomas, The Marauders could think for themselves." Emily retorted angrily. 

"You have a lot to say Florence, a lot to say." Jennifer said grinning. 

"Problem?" Emily shot back with the same confidence. 

"Remember your place." Jennifer spat back while giving Lily a death glare. "Stay away, or else." Then Jennifer strutted out of the dormitory with Margie and Lisa tagging behind. 

"God that is the biggest ass wipe in the world!!!" Emily screamed. 

Lily just shook her head furiously. "Who the hell does she think she is? I can talk to anyone I want to. And for her information, I have every single right to talk to Jamie, because he was my best friend whether she likes it or not. If she doesn't she can kiss my ass." Lily finished angrily flopping face down on her bed screaming in her pillow. 

"Now I really want to tell her that you and James were best friends. She would be so angry, and she can't do anything about it, or she'll loose James." Emily smiled evilly. 

"Is that what you were going to say earlier?" Lily asked. 

"Yep. Gosh, we could finally take her down." Emily said in joy. 

"Now, I would really like that." Lily sighed loudly. 


It was now the first Saturday of November and all the Hogwarts students were rushing out the doors towards the many empty carriages to take them to Hogsmeade, the last trip before the winter holidays. Emily and Lily were stationed in one of the many unoccupied carriages. 

"Can't wait." Lily said excitedly. 

"Since its cold, let’s go to the three broomsticks. We'll have some butterbeer that will warm us up. Then we can head on down towards Honeydukes." Emily suggested. 

"Alright then." Lily tapped her fingers against her knees waiting eagerly for the carriage to start moving. 

"Is this Carriage occupied?" the ever popular voice of Sirius Black. 

"It is." Emily said forcefully. 

"There's only two people here, I'm sure it could fit more." Sirius insisted with the other two Marauders behind him with begging puppy dog faces. 

James caught Lily's eye and smiled slightly. Lily returned the smile. 

"So what do you say?" Sirius asked again. 

"Nope." Emily continued. 

"Please..." Remus and James begged. 

"How about your girlfriends." Emily pointed out. 

"Oh, there doing these weird girl shopping things, I dunno." Sirius said. 

Emily took a quick look at Remus and put her hands up in defeat. "Fine." 

"Yes." All three Marauders said in glee. 

"This is going to be a long ride." Emily said as Remus and Sirius sat on both sides of her. 

James quickly sat next to Lily who was slightly uncomfortable. 

"Hey." James said to Lily. 

"Hi." Lily replied. Then the carriages started to move. 

The five of them ended up in silence for the whole carriage ride, just a little too awkward for any of them are used too. But soon the tension was lifted as they entered the small town of Hogsmeade. 

"So, would you two care to join us at the three broomsticks for some butterbeer?" Sirius asked politely. 

Lily and Emily just looked at each other with expressions as if, pinch me I’m dreaming. 

"Why?" Emily spoke slowly, confusion clouded her face. 

"Just to help welcome the new girl and help showing her around Hogsmeade." Sirius replied. 

"Yeah, it'll be fun." Remus smiled. 

'Damn it, don't smile.' Emily cursed to herself and she couldn't deny anything whenever he smiled. 

"Please." James said pouting. 

"Your Girlfriends?" Lily finally spoke up. 

"They are out shopping or something like that. Somewhere at Madam Puddlefoots, I swear to never go in there no matter the prize or how desperate I may be. That place gave me the creeps. It gives me creeps just thinking about it" Sirius said as he cringed at the thought. 

Emily just looked to Lily who just shrugged as she memorized the surroundings. 

"Fine." Emily said as if dreading. 

"Cool, lets head off." James said as they all headed towards the three broomsticks. 

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My One and Only Sweetheart: Explanations, pissy girls, and fun trips


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