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Dirty Little Secrets by Ravin
Chapter 2 : Staring
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Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own Harry Potter and I devoutly thank J. K. Rowling for creating the Harry Potter Universe and allowing me to toil in it.

Author's Note:
I would like to take this moment to inform any who might enjoy reading this fan-fic that the more reviews I get the sooner I will update.

"Hey! Hermione!" Ron shouted as she walked into the Leaky Cauldron.

But Hermione didn't hear him. She was still to caught up in the fact that she was adopted. A Fact she hadn't shared with anyone yet.

"Hermione!" Ron and Harry both yelled into her ear.

"Oh, Hello." Said Hermione finally noticing them.

"Why are you so distracted 'Mione? Harry asked concerned.

"Yeah! We leave you for two weeks and suddenly our great Hermione Granger isn't focused anymore." Ron retorted.

"Oh, its nothing." Hermione replied cursing herself for not paying attention to her surroundings. "I am just worried that something is going to happen to my parents that’s all." Said Hermione thinking 'It is the truth… Just not the whole truth…'

"Relax 'Mione." Ron said. " My folks are in more danger than yours. They are in the Order of the Phoenix, remember."

"Yeah, I know." Hermione replied relieved that they had bought it.

"Now come on! Mother and Ginny are supposed to meet us at Flourish and Blotts." Ron Said grabbing hold of her arm and dragging her towards the exit at the back of the pub.

"Hi Harry! Lookin' good Hermione!" Ginny said cheerfully as the trio walked out of the depressing street and into the quiet bookstore. Not bothering to greet Ron seeing as the past week-and-a-half was spent with him.

Ginny was the exact opposite of everyone else in the gloomy shop wearing bright colors and determined to be happy. She for one would not show her fear of Lord Voldemort in these sad times.

"Hey Ginny!" Hermione and Harry said in unison.

 But Ginny only really saw Hermione. Her long brown hair, no longer bushy but soft and wavy. The way her chocolate eyes just shone with intelligence. Her graceful curves which had become more pronounced over the summer. Overall Hermione really was looking good.

No one noticed but all Hermione could do was watch Ginny. Hermione couldn't help buy admire the way that Ginny's flaming hair caught the light. Couldn't help but notice her flawless skin or graceful hands.

All day long Ginny and Hermione observed each other and they couldn't help but notice how gorgeous each other were.

And as the day dragged an and they bought all their books, quills, and other school supplies they slowly realized they were staring at each other every possible moment.

Author's Note: I would now remind you to pretty, pretty please review whether for good or for ill, please, I am begging you, review!!!!

Oh! I also hate short chapters but have found that they are the only way to start a story off without moving to fast and making the story confusing and hard to read.

And thank you 
Tom_DracosGirl for the review.

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