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Changes by Lupins_cub
Chapter 14 : Together
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Heather walked slowly through the graveyard, staring at all the headstones and open graves. She knew where she was going but at the same time felt completely lost, the mist around her was getting thicker as she went on. There was a no light at all and no matter how many times she tried to get to her wand she couldn’t, her hands didn’t seem to obey her; she just kept walking. It was then she came to a clearing, in the middle stood a boy, Cedric Diggory.

“Cedric?” she called, he looked to her.

“Heather, where are we?” he asked

“Uh…in a graveyard, come on, let’s get out of here…” she said, walking to him.

It was then a hand grabbed her shoulder and threw her back as a voice said, “You’re not going anywhere…”

Heather looked up to see her father, Ling Wong, “Dad?” she asked, confused. “What, what are you doing?” she stood, “Come on, you have to help me…we-we have to get out of here…”

“There is no helping him, Heather; it is you who needs it.” Heather stopped and watched as he changed, growing thinner and enveloped in a black cloak.

“Dad?” she asked, “What…what are you doing?”

“What do you think, child, Merlin use your common sense!” snapped a voice behind her and she felt a cold hand grab her arm.

“Dad!” she gasped, as her vampire father dragged her by the left arm to a stone.

“Avada Kedavra!” he shouted and dragged her by her arm.

“No, Cedric, run!” she shouted, but his body dropped heavily to the ground as he stared vacantly into space.

“Hold her still!” he father snapped, Ling grabbed Heather’s shoulders, she looked to her arm.

“Mors Mordre!”

Heather screamed as searing pain ripped through her and a green light flashed as the skull and snaked was burned into her skin.

“Heather!” someone called, “Heather, Kira, sweethearts come now wake up you two.”
Heather sat up, panting and looked around, she was in her room, and Kira lay across the room in her bed. Her mother stood by her side, waking them both and opening their closet, waking them up. Heather jumped and pulled the blankets off her and looked at her left forearm, it wasn’t burned.

“Come on, wake up,” their mother said, pulling out their trunks.

“Mum, why are you doing, it’s…” Heather looked to the clock. “Midnight…”

“We have to leave, right now.” she said, shaking Kira gently.

“Where are we going?” Kira mumbled.

“I’ll explain everything when we get there, now please hurry and pack, your clothes, school things and Heather bring Max with you.”

Heather watched as she bustled out of the room, leaving herself and Kira to stare at each other before getting up and packing. Heather and Kira packed quickly and silently before walking downstairs with their trunks in tow.

“Mum!” Heather called with Kira.

“Down in the living room, hurry now!” she called back.

Kira lead the way into the living room where they found quite a crowd standing there. A woman with pink bubble gum hair, a few older witches and wizards, Professor Moody and Lupin.

“Professor Moody?” was the first of whom Kira noticed.

“Don’t know about Professor, didn’t teach you much.”

Heather at first noticed him, but her mind realized he was the real Moody and saw Lupin second. He smiled at her as she went to hug him, he looked tired, the full moon had ended but he looked well just a bit weary.

“How’s your holiday been?” he asked,

“Good,” Heather said, but for the past month she hadn’t had a decent nights sleep since the nightmares started in July.

“Come on, we have to keep moving,” Moody growled.

Their mother ushered them without another word through the fire, Heather stepped in and was swept off her feet in a whirlwind of green. She came to a sudden stop and stumbled out of the fire grabbing a chair in front of her to keep balance she saw she was in a kitchen. Heather then realized the chair belonged to a large washboard table and that there were many people sitting around it. She recognized a few, Sirius, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, as well as Isaac’s family, they certainly looked as he described.

Suddenly there was a loud thump from above, “Um…” Heather said into the now dead silent room. “I think I may have gotten lost…”

“Oh, Heather, don’t worry dear you have gone off far from the grate, just go upstairs and to the second room on the right.” she said, ushering her out of the room.

Heather found herself in a dank hallway climbing up some creaky stairs, it was then she pasted a house elf. He looked rather old and hunched over with a mean look on his face, he glared at her and continued on muttering to himself. She then reached the top of the stairs and began slowly down the hall, but she jumped when suddenly the house elf appeared in front of her.

“Now Kreature recognizes the half breed…” he said harshly, “You’re the Smiths girl…the half breed vampire…”

Heather backed away from the elf, confused and quite shocked, suddenly her legs hit something and she fell backwards with a clatter. Due to this clatter a portrait just feet away began screaming, the curtain covering it flew open to reveal a woman. She wasn’t attractive at all, with yellowish skin drool flying from her mouth and her hands grabbing at nothing; she shrieked and screamed maniacally. The elf suddenly tried to console her but when he heard thundering footsteps up the stairs he disappeared with a crack.

A dozen pairs of feet rushed pasted her, Mrs. Weasley helped her up and Remus and Sirius tried to close the curtain. By the time they closed it everyone was in the hall, including Harry, Ron, Hermione and Isaac.

“Sorry,” Heather said into the silence, “There…there was an elf here and he was talking to me…saying he knew who I was.”

“Kreature,” muttered Sirius darkly, “Don’t listen to him, he’s half mad and a lunatic.”

“Well,” Mrs. Weasley said, clapping her hands together, “Dinner then?”

As everyone began trudging by Heather stopped her mother along with Kira and asked, “What’s going on, why are we here, where is here?”

Everyone had stopped, looking at her, she and Kira waiting for her mother to answer, it then hit Heather. “This has something to do with that order, doesn’t it?”

“How do you know about that?” Lupin asked,

Heather opened her mouth to answer but stopped, looking around at everyone, they weren’t supposed to know. Isaac wasn’t and she figured that none of the others were suppose to either, if she said it was him who knows what trouble he could be in.

“I told her,” Isaac’s voice caught her off guard.

“Isaac!” snapped who she guessed was his Aunt.

“I told her we were looking for it when I first met her; I knew I could trust her. As time went on I told Kira and Heather more, well at least all I knew.”

“I knew you had been eavesdropping,” Moody growled, “Every time I went to check you would run off!”

“Can you blame him?” Harry spoke up, “I would too, unfortunately I wasn’t able to, and yet Ron and Hermione have known long before us.”

“Downstairs,” Mrs. Weasley said,

Without further discussion they trudged downstairs and began dinner, it was revealed to them that the Ministry didn’t believe Harry or Heather. Also that Voldemort as well as the Order were recruiting to fight against each other. Heather also found out that Harry had been expelled from Hogwarts; well; almost he was to go to a hearing in a few days. Sirius told them that Voldmeort was looking for something he didn’t have before…a weapon of some sort. They were told that the house they sit in was #12 Grimmuald Place, Sirius’ parent’s house. They didn’t get very far because Mrs. Weasley cut him off, saying if Sirius said anymore he might as well be in the order.

“Why can’t we?” Heather asked,

“I want to fight,” Harry said,

“No,” said Mrs. Weasley and Lupin in unison.

“Then what is the point of staying here?” Kira asked,

“Exactly, why do we stay here when we are cut off from all information and reduced to eavesdropping like Isaac has?” Heather asked

“You stay here for your own protection,” Mrs. Weasley said, “and two, you are all are too young to join the order.”

“Protection?” Isaac asked, “What protection both Heather and Harry were abducted by Lord Voldmeort last year I don’t see that as very good protection!”

“Isaac Dragomir Russell, upstairs.” his Uncle snapped.

“But-” Isaac began.

“Upstairs now!” he snapped, Isaac stood and left the kitchen.

“I know the point of staying here is to protect us,” Heather said, slowly breaking the silence. “But if we are protected here why aren’t we practicing, learning to defend ourselves when we are vulnerable and unprotected?”

The room was silent, no one seemed to have an answer, and Mrs. Weasley stood and took away the Prophet reading of Heather and Harry being liars. Heather stood, taking a piece of bread and disappearing upstairs, followed by the Weasley‘s kids, Harry and Kira; leaving all the adults in silence. Heather walked up the second room on the right and knocked on the door frame, Isaac looked up from the floor where he sat on his bed.

“Hi…” he said, she smiled and sat next to him taking a bite out of the bread. “I’m sorry I said that, I shouldn’t have-”

Heather waved a hand at him, “You were just angry, like everyone else.”

He sighed, “I was one of the first ones here, I’ve been stuck here all summer and it’s been driving me mad. No one will tell me why they couldn’t have done something while you and Harry had disappeared.”

Heather shrugged, “No one saw it coming…”

“But isn’t that their job?” Isaac asked, “Shouldn’t they be able to find out what is coming so they can defeat it? They say they want to protect us, so where were they when you needed them?” he buried his face in his hands and heaved another sigh. “Maybe I’ve just been cooped up for too long, eavesdropping one too many times, desperate for information that isn’t there…”

“I think it’s there,” Kira said, sitting opposite of them. “I just think they are trying to protect us by not telling us.”

“Well…at least we’re all together, right?” Heather said, wrapping an arm around Isaac, he smiled and nodded, Kira smiled and sat next to Heather.

“Together,” she said,

After that they grew silent, Kira and Heather unpacked their things and went over their holiday so far with Isaac. Isaac told them he had spent the month here, eavesdropping, reading; he had finished all his summer homework and was very bored. Eventually they lapsed into silence and went to sleep, the old house creaked and moaned as the wood shifted and moved.

“Dad, no!” Heather gasped sitting up panting to only find she lay in bed, like last time she ripped off the covers and searched her arm.

There was no black burn mark on it, nothing but her pale skin and purple veins visible. She looked to see Kira and Isaac were still asleep, at least she didn’t wake them up screaming like she had before. She crept out of her bed and pulled a robe that hung on her bedpost around her and walked into the hall; closing the door ever so quietly as not to wake Sirius’ mother. Heather walked quietly down the dark hall way, she could barely see, there were no lights on at all. ‘Creak…’ Heather stopped dead and listened, that wasn’t her foot that made that floor board moan.

“Filthy half breed…not welcome…ruining the house…” Heather jumped and whirled around, no one was there, but she heard Kreature’s voice.

“Heather?” Heather jumped again and aimed her wand only to find Harry, who held up his hands in defense.

She sighed, “Sorry, I just thought… I heard Kreature…Sirius’ house elf,”

“I saw him just a minute ago in the hall, near his mums portrait…he’s very creepy,” Harry said, staring down the dark hall.

Heather nodded, “So, what’s your reason for roaming these dark halls?”

He shrugged, “Couldn’t sleep,” Heather nodded, and they began to walk downstairs into the deserted kitchen when he asked. “Do you have dreams, you know, of that night?”

“I do,” Heather said, “That’s the main reason I’m up, I haven’t slept very well over the last month.”

“Me either, I keep reliving that night, Cedric dying, my parents, Voldmeort…”

Heather nodded, “I use to relive it too, and recently I’ve been having some with my own imaginative twists, repeating over and over. There I am walking in a graveyard and come across Cedric, he’s standing there asking me where we are. I just tell him we have to leave, for some reason I can never reach my wand, my body won’t obey. But before I can reach him my father, Kira’s dad, comes in then my dad comes in and kills him. Then they try to give me the dark mark, by burning it into my skin.”

“I keep seeing Cedric dying and I yell for my parents to help me but they just can’t but I can see they want too. I keep trying to escape or get away or fight back but I can’t, it’s like my mind won’t most fast enough. Then without warning I see memories horrible ones that only dementors can conjure and wake up, out of breath and sweating…” he sighed sitting in a chair, she joined him. “Dumbledore didn’t even write me, to tell me that those people were coming to get me. It’s like he’s trying to avoid me.”

“Kira and I had no warning either, my mother just woke us up and told us to pack our things and get ready and that was it. Remus didn’t even write me the whole summer, every time I tried Max would always come back even when I tried different owls.” she told him, “Even with Kira and I felt secluded, like we were out of the loop no matter how hard I tried to understand. Sometimes I talk to Kira about that night and I know she talks back and tries to make sense of it, but I can see its hard for her-”

“Because she wasn’t really there, she didn’t see him come back to life or hear what he wants to do. How he treats his others…how evil he is…” Harry said

Heather nodded, “I know they say they want to protect us but…I just don’t feel like this is the way. I mean it’s nearly driven Isaac mad, he just looked so upset when I talked to him, he feels hopeless.”

“He’s been here the longest, hasn’t he?” Harry asked

Heather nodded, “I think so…it wasn’t his fault though, telling us. He was just so desperate to trust someone; he left his home, his friends and the place he grew up.”

“His dad seemed pretty mad,” Harry said

Heather froze and said quietly, “That…wasn’t his dad…that was his uncle and aunt.”

“Oh…” Harry said, “What happened to his parents?”

Heather bit her lip would Isaac be okay with her telling him this? “His father was murdered…by his mother, like me but vice versa. He saw him die from a closet, but his mother fled before she could take him and he was taken in by his immediate family.”

They sat in the dim light of the kitchen ambers in silence before the grandfather cloak struck one.

“We better get to bed; before someone finds out we’re awake.” Heather said, walking upstairs, Harry followed.

“Heather,” Harry said, stopping her from opening her door, “is it okay…if I talk to you, every once in a while, its just sometimes I’ll try to talk to Hermione and Ron and they just don’t seem to get it.”

“Yeah, sure, Harry. But you’ve got to know for them to understand you have to explain…you have to help them because, yeah, they may have not been there but they can still help you all the same.”

Harry nodded, “Yeah, Thanks though…”

Heather smiled and nodded, “See you in the morning, Harry,”

“Night,” he said, going to his room as Heather shut her door.

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