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The Escapades of a Filthy Cheating Adulteress by 16 99
Chapter 1 : Honestly...
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A/N: Hey guys, it's me again, with another... weird excuse for a fan fiction :P I hope you enjoy it and i'd love to hear what you think. Thanks!!

“Merlin, please tell me that I did not just do that,” I groaned, grabbing my head in my hands. Steph shook her head in dismay.
“I have to say this, there will never be a time when you say that to me that I can say ‘No, Austin, you did not just do that.’”
I groaned again and closed my eyes as I heard my friends try to keep back their laughter, with no luck.

“Urgh, why do I always do this? Why?” Jess sniggered, so I pushed her into the wall. Quite hard, actually. I should learn to keep in my urges of violence. But this, of course, set my friends into another burst of giggles. Is that we really do all day? Giggle?
“I am such a...”

“Slut?” Jess put in.
“Whore?” Margie asked.

“A Filthy cheating adulteress!” I emphasised this by stomping my foot on the stone floors. Damn giggling. I personally think it should be illegal to giggle in a friends time of crisis. Steph scoffed.
“You are not a ‘filthy cheating adulteress’, Austin. You just happen to like to flirt a lot.”

“With guys who are not my boyfriend!” Honestly, It’s not like that. I love my boyfriend… I’m sure I do. Deep down, maybe. But still! He’s finished school, I’m here alone with quite a few hotties that I’ve never really looked at before. Where’s my right to flirt, damn it!

“Please, Austin,” Jess sighed. “It’s not like you can count flirting with a few guys as cheating. It’s just, not. There needs to be some cold hard snogging.”
I bit my lip and guiltily looked down. Steph gasped.

“Austin Meyers, you are a filthy cheating adulteress!” Margie near screamed. This resulted in more giggles, damn them.

I blame this on my parents. Honestly, who calls their daughter Austin? They brought on the cheating. I bet it’s in my blood as well. I bet every night my parents go out and find some random guy and some blonde bimbo to have a good time with. Oh, no, any bets I’m not my fathers daughter, and my parents married out of wed-lock because he thought I was his and she just had no clue! Yeah, that’s the way it was, probably.

“Who, when, where? Tell us everything!”

I could feel my face going red. Any bets I looked like a ruddy beetroot. Trust me to go and do something like this. Every single boyfriend I’ve had, I’ve gone off and snogged someone else. And now, the minute that Justin’s left the building, I find myself attached to some other poor bloke.

I hesitated a bit, before drawing my friends off to a window. So what if we were going to be late for Transfiguration?
“It was this summer holidays. It was just a few weeks in, and my family and I went on a holiday. It just so happened that there was a guy staying at the same complex we were at, and it just so happened that he was an extremely hot tall French nineteen year old.”

Jeeze, Meyers, just don’t care about other people’s feeling, like, your boyfriend’s!

There was a short silence before Jess dared to break it.
“How hot, exactly?”
“Jess!” Steph’s voice rang out. Ah, my saviour. Always tells me what I need to hear. “Austin did something very wrong, and you’re just going to encourage her by saying ‘how hot?’ Austin, I think that was very irresponsible of you! You can’t keep doing this to people, and just because Justin’s not here anymore, doesn’t mean that you can act all single again! He is your boyfriend, Austin!”

Well, okay, I didn’t exactly need to hear that…

“Hey, Austin!” I heard someone say, and turned to see some guy walking past. I felt my face brighten as I smiled flirtatiously back.

Bad Austin, bad Austin.

Margie sighed.
“Merlin, you are in way too deep, Austin.” I groaned and started banging my head on the wall.
“I know!”

Late that night I sat in my bed, the curtains drawn around me, muffling the sounds made by my dorm mates.
When had I become that girl? The one that runs around with other guys while the boyfriend isn’t looking?

I seriously pity the next guy that just happens to look at me.

Sighing in my never ending quest to find sleep, I leaned over and put my hand on the ground, skilfully feeling around until my hand landed on a rather hard object. Smiling, I grabbed hold of it and drew it out and into my lap.
It was the old diary that my mother gave to me back in third year. The old diary that I had never written in and conveniently forgotten about.
Drawing a muggle pen that I am so fond of from my bedside table, I opened up to the first page, and wrote in it. For the first time.

‘The Escapades of a Filthy Cheating Adulteress’

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