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Class of 1997 by Fuego
Chapter 7 : Visits
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Disclaimer- JKR is amazing guys!!!! WORSHIP HER!!!!!!!!

Petunia Dursley sat in her unnaturally tidy kitchen, elegantly sipping a cup of tea out of one of her many hand crafted, priceless china cups. She sat up straight in her chair, focused her forgettable brown eyes on the morning newspaper and read an empowering tale about a young woman, Jocelyn Canes, and her quest to find a cure to some fatal illness that had knocked out her entire bloodline. Had an outsider glanced into the scene one would think she was posing for a magazine or filming a pointless commercial about the latest dish soap, or maybe filming a new episode of a soap opera that the old batty woman who lived down the road from you slaved over. Petunia was a typical person, just sipping some tea. But her mind had not been focused on the story like her eyes had been. About a month ago, herself and her husband, Vernon, and their son, Dudley, had witnessed her only nephew graduate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had seen not only her nephew’s world, but her late younger sister, Lily’s, world. She had seen her nephew propose marriage to his girlfriend, but she knew that she would not get to see the wedding, she would not even get to see the photos or listen to stories, she could not send them anniversary gifts and of they ever had children, she would never meet them.

Her train of thoughts was interrupted by the song that the doorbell sang. DING DONG, DING DONG, DING DONG!

“One moment,” cried Petunia as she raced to her door, nearly knocking over a glass vase filled with her favorite pink roses, a gift from Dudley on her forty sixth birthday. She regained posture, cleared her throat and opened the door, only to find her nephew, Harry Potter, and his fiancée, Hermione Granger, standing on her front step.

“Harry,” she stammered.

He looked the same as he did a month ago, bright green eyes, untidy jet black hair, circle glasses, a thin jagged lighting bolt shaped scar on his forehead, and his left leg in a cast and leaning on crutches. Hermione looked lovely, her cast was gone, but her warm chocolate eyes and wavy brown hair were the same.

“Come in…um….coffee? Lemonade? Tea?”

“Thank you, lemonade for the both of us,” answered Harry.

“I told you we should have called first,” whispered Hermione.

“We could of, but we did not, oh well…to late now,” replied Harry.

Petunia placed the glasses of lemonade in front of the engaged couple.

“Where is everyone?” asked Harry, glancing around the room.

“Vernon is at work and Dudley is with Piers with Piers’ girlfriend Genevieve, and Dudley’s new girlfriend, Mary Lee.”

“Well, lets get to the point, a month ago you saw me propose to Hermione. Correct? Well, I would like you, not Vernon, not Dudley, you to come to our wedding on the fourteenth. I know its last minute, but this war has taught us that time is of the essence, so we wanted to start our life together as soon as possible. Can you make it?” asked Harry.

“Yes,” Petunia said without a moments hesitation.

“Someone will be here at noon on the fourteenth, so be ready, dress formal, everyone will be in muggle clothing. Oh Merlin, look at the time, we have to run! I really hope you can come, it would mean a lot to us. Well, we have places to go, people to see, bye!”

They walked out the door.

Vernon pulled into the driveway.

How would she tell him this story?


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