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Cursed by theclick5
Chapter 37 : The Bonus Chapter!!!! {The twins are born.}
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(A/N: You lot love me right? I’m giving you a Bonus Chapter!!!! *CHEERS*)

They soon made it to the Hospital Wing.

“Come, we must get you a bed. Hurry.” Madame Pomphrey said rushing Ginny to the nearest bed.

Ginny face screwed up with pain yet again. “Are you ok Ginny?”

“No I’m not Ok! I’m going in to fucking labor here!” Ginny said while gripping her stomach.

Harry began pacing up and down by the bed, muttering under his bed. “Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god. I’m going to be a Dad soon. Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god.”

All the sudden Mrs. Weasley ran in to the room. “Oh goodness! Ginny Dear! Harry! Get over here and hold her hand.”

Harry nodded. “Right. Her hand. Right.” He walked over to her and se gripped his hand.

“Ow!” She moaned with pain, gripping Harry’s hand tightly.

“Ah..” He said wincing.

There was a gushing sound, just as Madame Pomphrey walked back in the room. “Oh goodness, your water just broke. Ok Ginny, I’m going to need you to push.”

“Ahhhh.” As Ginny pushed, she screamed and gripped Harry’s hand tightly.

“One more big push love, come on.” Mrs. Weasley said to her daughter.

Ginny pushed, and Harry just dared look down at the bed to find it wet and covered in blood.

The words. “One down and one to go.” and “It’s a boy!” We’re heard just before Harry pasted out completely.

“Harry! Your first child out was a boy! Aren’t you excited Harry, dear?” Mrs. Weasley asked. Not getting a response she shook him a little. “Oh dear, I think he’s pasted out.”

“Big Wuss.” Ginny said before she screamed and pushed again.

“Ok dear, that was the second. The Girl.” Madame Pomphrey said. And Ginny laid her head down and was taking deep breaths.

“Let me go get them cleaned up. Molly, try waking Mr. Potter up.” Madame Pomphrey said before leaving the room.

Mrs. Weasley walked over to the sink and filled up a glass of water, then dumped it on Harry’s head.

Harry immediately jumped up and said “It’s Ok Gin! Just push!”

“Harry. You pasted out. It’s over.” Ginny told him.



And Madame Pomphrey came out holding two babies. One wrapped in a pink blanket, and the other wrapped in a blue blanket. “Congratulations! You have two healthy babies.”

‘Can we hold them?” Harry asked, his eyes full of amazement.

“Of course.” Madame Pomphrey said, giving the boy to Ginny and the girl to Harry.

“So what are their names?” Mrs. Weasley asked

“Lily Marie Potter. And James Austin Potter.” Ginny replied.

“Hi, Lily. I’m your Dad, Harry. And that beautiful woman over there is your mommy, Ginny.” Harry said to Lily.

“Shall I go get the others?” Madame Pomphrey asked.


“Oh the whole family’s here, dear.” Mrs. Weasley told them.

“Can we just have Ron, Draco and Hermione first? Then everybody else can come in.” Ginny asked.

“Of course.” Madame Pomphrey said before stepping out. A few shouts could be heard by the other Weasley brothers. Which sounded something like “Oy! What about the rest of us!?” But only Ron Hermione and Draco came in, just like asked.

“Oh my god. Ginny!” Hermione said rushing over to the bed. “Can I see them?

“Sure.” Ginny said, handing James to Hermione.

“He’s Beautiful!”

Ron was standing over Harry’s shoulder, looking at Lily and you could hear him saying “Hi there. I’m your Uncle Ron. Your have a lot of Uncles, but I’m the best.”

Draco was leaning over Hermione’s shoulder looking at James.

“Would you like to hold Lily, Draco?” Harry asked.

Hermione grinned. “I..I don’t” But before he could answer Harry stood up and placed Lily in his arms. “Erm, hello.” He said to her. Lily made a cooing sound and reached out and pulled on his shirt.

The rest of the Weasley’s came pouring in, along with Dumbledore, Remus and Sirius.

Fred and George were the next to hold them and were telling the ‘new Weasley twins’ about how they were going to teach them the ways of Twin hood and such things. After those two were Mrs. And Mr. Weasley. Who were telling them about the Burrow. Next was Remus and Sirius.

“You two will make such good Mauders! Of course, it’ll take plenty of time and training for you to be as good as I am, but we’ll get there some day.” Sirius told them.

“Ok, Sirius, my turn to hold them.” Charlie told him.

“But I don’t want to share my grand god children!” He said pouting.

“But they’re MY niece and nephew.”

“No. I get them longer then anyone else.” Sirius said in a child like tone.

“Share Sirius.” Ginny said strictly.

“Fine.” He said handing one to Bill and the other to Charlie.

Once everyone got to hold them, the room cleared out, leaving just Ginny and Harry.

“I still can’t believe we’re parents.” Ginny said, smiling while holding Lily.

“I know. But I love it. And I love you.” Harry said leaning up with James in his arms to kiss Ginny.

“Alright. The twins have had a busy enough day. It’s time for them to go to bed. You need your rest to Ms. Weasley.” Madame Pomphrey said before taking the twins.

Harry kissed Ginny on the forehead and climbed up on the hospital wing bed where they both fell asleep, knowing that nothing would ever be the same after this day, but they were looking forward to it.

(a/n: Ok so this IS the end. No more bonus’s and no more surprises. The squeal should be coming out at the end of August. So be checking for that. So I guess, till then, Au revior! Aufwierdersen! Good bye!)

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Cursed: The Bonus Chapter!!!! {The twins are born.}


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