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How Far? by Tom_DracosGirl
Chapter 1 : Draco's Mess
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A/N: Here is a short little story of Luna & Draco (my fav paring). Hope you guys enjoy it, let me know if you do (& even if you don't).  xx

Chapter 1

Draco’s Mess

Draco Malfoy strolled through the crowded streets of Diagon Alley his hands tucked into the pockets of his tailored black trousers; and his green shirt opened at the neck to give him some light relief against the hot July sun that beat down on his white blonde hair.

His father Lucius Malfoy strolled along beside him causing people to jump out of their way when he swung his cane around in a menacing manner. Draco wasn’t unlike his father in looks. They were both tall with broad shoulders that tapered off to a slim waist and long legs. Both had the same porcelain looking skin, platinum hair, although Lucius wore his long and flowing down his back; and they both had startling crystal, clear blue eyes that usually gave you the feeling that they were looking straight through you.

“Bloody peasants.” Lucuis muttered, shoving his way forcefully between a chattering group of witches and wizards.

Draco smirked, an exact replica of his fathers infamous smirk and he had the knack to look uncannily like his father when he sneered. He liked being a Malfoy, a pureblood, someone to be respected, feared and looked up to. Someday he would be just like his father. Lucius Malfoy was someone to aspire to be; strong, capable, smart and always emitted authority wherever he went.

Draco emitted authority as often as he could; although he conceded that sometimes he gave off the impression of bullying rather than superiority. But either way, it still got him noticed and made people listen to him. It didn’t really matter how he got what he wanted did it? So long as he got it.

As much as he wanted to be like the man beside him, he was very aware that at times and on certain subjects he had managed to fall a little short of the high standard his father had placed before him.

He had managed to equal and even surpass his fathers OWL grades. He was just as good at Quidditch as his father was, he played the same position and was in the same house; Slyhterin. 

He had one over on his father when he had been made prefect; and he hoped to receive a letter making him Head Boy, his father had not been afforded that position. His father had received good grades in his NEWT examinations and Draco would be taking his later this year; but he wasn’t worried about not making the grades himself, he was smart and capable when it came to his school work.

But there was one tiny thing that gave his father the edge. At his age Lucius had practically been engaged to Narcissa, Draco’s mother. Draco however was nowhere near that stage with any girl. 

Most girls at Hogwarts gave him a wide berth except for Pansy Parkinson and one or two other Slytherin girls. He had done himself no favours with his attitude towards people outside of Slytherin; and his own snotty belief that he was superior to everyone at Hogwarts.

He had always been under the impression that the Malfoy name would be enough to get him anything in the world that he wanted. Although when it came to the opposite sex he found that he didn’t really care to be with someone who wanted him for his name, money and family connections. He wanted what his parents had, that total easiness of being with someone who knew you inside and out; when words weren’t needed between you and nothing you could do would surprise or shock because you had already seen through everything together.

Pansy Parkinson as far as he was concerned did not fill any of these requirements for a girlfriend of his. Draco was picky he knew that, but he also knew he didn’t exactly have a great deal to pick from.

“Have you decided what career you want to pursue after Hogwarts?” Lucius’ voice broke into his thoughts.

Draco shrugged, “Something in the Ministry of course, but I haven’t totally decided which direction I want to go in yet.” He could pretty much answer his fathers questions without listening to what he was saying, he knew the drill off the top of his head now.

Firstly his father would want to know about school, leaving school and staring a career. Secondly he would go on about when and where Draco was considering moving out to, before finally alighting on the subject of marriage.

It was this subject that bothered Draco immensely. He could talk for hours on the other subjects, on any other subject really; but he had nothing to tell his father on the subject of girls. It rankled a little that his father placed such high expectations upon him to live up to the standard that he had set.

It drove Draco mad and he desperately wanted to do something to wipe the smug expression from his fathers face. Didn’t his father realise that he didn’t have to be with some girl he met at school? The world was wide, there were many people in it, who knew who he would meet when he finally set foot into the world.

Draco sighed inwardly. It didn’t really matter how often he told himself this; he could never stop his thoughts straying to the one girl he had met who had the ability to invade his mind at any given opportunity. Only one girl set off a deep sense of yearning in the pit of his stomach. The one girl he had admired and loved from afar throughout his years at Hogwarts.

It had hurt to see her laughing and smiling across the Court Yard and know that he was not the source of her happiness. To know that he couldn’t be with her because she wouldn’t look at him in the first place let alone look twice at him. He didn’t get on with her friends, in fact they were the worst of enemies and there was no way he could be with her. At least not when they were at school. School politics were the worst, there was no going back or switching sides, you picked your friends and your enemies and you stuck to them.

Unfortunately for him her friends were his enemies; which ultimately made her his enemy, at least on the surface of things. To him she was so much more than that, but he wouldn’t be able to tell her; at least until he had left Hogwarts. Away from school he would take his chances, and he wouldn’t have to see her again if she rejected him.

It was his last year at school now, he would complete his NEWTS and then he would be off into the world to uphold the Malfoy name. He could wait another year to tell her how he felt, he had waited this long. She would still be there when he left, she was doing her OWLS this year, but they could work that out if he had the chance to.

“Draco, are you listening to me?”

“Sorry father, I was miles away. What did you say?” Draco apologised.

Lucius indicated a table set up outside a coffee shop. “Sit.” He commanded easing himself into a chair and surveying the busy streets.

Draco felt it safe to roll his eyes seeming as his fathers attention was else where. Sinking into the chair opposite Lucius, Draco caught sight of a newspaper stand across the street and right in the centre of the stand was the newest edition of The Quibbler. He picked up a menu and ducked behind it, Luna Lovegood’s face swimming behind his eyes.

“So, Draco,” Lucius began before being interrupted by the waitress, “I’ll have an iced tea, Draco?”

“Um, chocolate milkshake.” He replied shooting a defiant look at his father. He knew his father wouldn’t like the idea of his son sitting out in public sipping on a chocolate milkshake, it wasn’t dignified.

Frowning slightly Lucius decided to ignore his son‘s choice of drink. “What was I saying? Oh yes, Draco, would you care to enlighten me on the situation of your girlfriend?” Lucius asked, taking a sip of his iced tea and watching his son carefully over the rim of the glass.

Draco groaned inwardly. The last thing he felt like today on top of the boiling hot weather was a lecture off his father of how he had been practically engaged at his age while he couldn’t even produce a girlfriend. “Situation?”

Lucius gave his son an annoyed look, “Well of course the situation. I would presume that by now there was a situation, Draco.”

Twirling the straw around his glass Draco bit back the urge to yell at his father or hex him in some way. He would give anything to be able to wipe the annoyed, but smug look off his fathers face. It was difficult to work out if his father was smug over the fact that this was something in which he still had the edge or if he was annoyed that his son was failing miserably.

“Everything’s going ok.” He heard himself say and he had to struggle to keep the surprised look off his own face.

Lucuis raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Oh? There is a relationship then?”

Draco found he was nodding and speaking before he could stop himself. “Well of course there is. There has been for a while.”

Lucius looked surprised and impressed and Draco felt the small lie had been worth it. He liked to make his father proud of him; and if an imaginary girlfriend did it then fine. He could always have a “break-up” when he got back to Hogwarts couldn’t he, and his father would be none the wiser.

“How long is a while?”

“Oh, about three months.” That sounded like a nice length of time, not too serious but not too casual either.

Lucius regarded his son with suspicion, if Draco was telling him the truth right now he’d give up Malfoy Manor to muggles! “You never mentioned anything.” He persisted.

Draco shrugged, “I didn’t know how things were going to turn out did I? Just waiting to see how everything went.”

“And how is it going?”

“Um…” Draco began uncertainly

“More to the point Draco, who is she? What’s her name?” Lucius asked slyly.

Draco stared blankly at his father. “Name?”

“Yes, what is your girlfriend's name, Draco?”

“Luna Lovegood.” Draco closed his eyes briefly. What was he doing? He was sitting outside a coffee shop drinking chocolate milkshake and calmly lying to his father! This was recipe for nothing other than disaster.

What if his father said something to Luna’s father? But he wouldn’t, Draco dismissed the thought. Luna’s father ran The Quibbler, such a lot of rubbish; and his father wouldn’t be caught dead conversing with an idiot like Mr Lovegood. He was safe with his little lie, all he had to do was keep up the lie until he got back to school.

Besides, he daydreamed about being with Luna often enough, if he could pull off any fake relationship it was one between him and Luna; and a fake relationship was probably as close as he would get to her.

Lucius was annoyed. Draco was lying, he could tell he was lying. He knew his son back to front and if he had been in a relationship for three months he would know about it. Draco wouldn’t have been able to keep it quiet. He would have been bragging about it months before now and he hadn’t heard a peep out of him on this subject.

He could understand why Draco would lie. He would want to prove that he could do everything as well as his father and so far he had on a number of occasions. It was just that on the female front his son did not seem to do too well. 

Lucius had figured out his son’s problem a while ago; he was picky, and he was far to egotistical for most girls. Although there were a certain type of girl that would settle for being second best to Draco’s own pride; such as the Parkinson’s daughter. But not many women would be happy with less than the whole heart of their man, and Draco was not capable of giving that just yet.

Still it rankled with Lucius that his son was lying to him. “Well isn’t this a turn up for the books?”

“Hum,” Was all Draco said, hoping now that he had satisfied his fathers curiosity they could move on to another subject.

“What does she look like?”

“Well, she has…”

Lucius interrupted, “No, don’t tell me, don’t spoil the surprise. I’d like to have the full benefit of a first impression.”

“What?” Draco gave his father a suspicious look.

Lucius settled back in his chair not wanting to miss the full effect of his son’s expression. “Invite her around for dinner tomorrow night. I can meet her then can’t I?”

“What?” Draco almost choked on his drink.

“What? I think it’s a good idea.” Lucius paused delicately. “Unless there’s some reason that she wouldn’t want to meet your mother and me?”

Draco shook his head slowly, he couldn’t think of anything to say, no excuse would come. “No, no reason.” He stammered dejectedly.

Lucius hid his surprise and smiled instead. “So it’s agreed? Luna will join us at the Manor tomorrow night for dinner?” He prodded. “She’ll be there?”

Draco nodded his mind spinning over the options open to him. He was appalled to hear himself reply. “Yes, she’ll be there.”

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