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Harry Potter and the World War by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 11 : A Traitor Exposed
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Chapter 11-A Traitor Exposed 

It had been a month since the New Year’s party and things at Hogwarts, and the entire wirzarding world, were becoming rather depressing. Disappearances and murders were becoming a regular and many Hogwarts students had gotten letters that they had lost a loved one. Hogwarts was breaking into chaos, the teachers had no idea what was going on and no one could find Professor Dumbledore. 

The last few weeks had been horrible for Jenny and Draco also. Jenny had been shunned the minute she stepped into Grimmauld place after the party and when Hogwarts started, knowing that someone would eventually find out about their relationship for the way Harry and Jenny weren’t talking, they moved their relationship into the open.
Once the relationship between them was out in the open, Jenny and Draco were shunned by their houses. Jenny by Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw for having anything to do with a Slytherin; Draco for having anything to do with a Gryffindor. Immediately both of them moved out of their own house dorms and got permission to move into the separate dorms of the rangers.
They had told their Heads of Houses that they wanted to move to avoid conflict between housemates. McGonagall thought that it was a very good idea and gave her permission, Proffesor Sinistra, the new Head of Slytherin house also gave her permition. With their Heads of Houses’ permission, they moved in with the rangers. Jenny roomed with Z and Syd while Draco shared with Sky and Bridge. 

Currently they all were sitting in the common room of these separate dorms. Z and Syd were on the couch, Syd giving Z a pedicure. Sky was sitting near the fire reading a book he had gotten for Christmas while Bridge sat across from him eating his ‘buttery’ toast. Both Draco and Jenny were sitting on the floor at the coffee table across from the couch, working on essays for Professor Anderson. 

“Almost done. How about you?” asked Jenny as she set down her quill on the table and reached over for her glass of water. Draco was about to reply when the door to the common room opened to reveal Professor April Anderson. 

“Hello Professor. How can we help you?” asked Sky, closing his book and walking over to her. 

“Professor Dumbledore has just returned and would like to see you rangers,” she replied, her face and voice showing no emotion whatsoever. They all looked at each other as they stood up, wondering what Dumbledore wanted them for and when he had gotten back. 

“Okay,” muttered Jenny, she looked down at Draco. “I’ll be back soon.” 

“I’ll see you later,” replied Draco as he turned and watched them walk out of the portrait hole. 

The journey to Dumbledore’s office was silent as the five rangers followed Professor Anderson, often looking over at each other in curiosity as to what was going on. They finally reached the stone gargoyle and it moved aside when Professor Anderson gave the password. 

When they reached the top of the spiraling staircase, they found the door open and walked inside. As soon as the door closed behind them, a pair of hands grabbed their arms roughly and twisted them behind their backs, the tip of wands pressed at the back of the rangers’ necks. 

As she struggled against her attacker, Jenny’s eyes wandered around the office. It had lost its usual brightness in turn for a darker, drearier look. An unconscious Dumbledore was bound to the chair next to the desk and Fawkes was in a cage with invisible barriers around it to prevent him from getting out. 

Their captors were, of course, Death Eaters garbed in their usual black and April Anderson was standing behind the desk and evil glint in her eyes as she looked across at them. 

“What’s going on?” demanded Z, vainly fighting off her captor. 

“Welcome rangers to my humble abode,” greeted April, her usual light and cherry voice replaced with a voice filled with malice and hate. 

“You? Why? How?” asked Jenny in shock. The woman had always been quite and had a cheerful air about her. 

“Yes, me. Why? That’s very simple. I’m a humble servant of the Dark Lord,” she replied, pulling up her left sleeve to reveal the Dark Mark burnt into her skin. “How? That’s also very simple. Before Snape was captured, he created a potion. A mind control potion to which is undetectable and to which the antidote is the blood of the one who created the potion. It was after his capture that I was given the task, which was originally supposed to go to Severus, of earning Dumbledore’s trust and slipping it to him. It took until the end of this past summer. Just before term was about to start, I invited him to my office for tea. I’m sure you smart and educated Rangers can figure out the rest.” 

“I get that you did it to get control over Hogwarts, but what does that have to do with us?” asked Sky, struggling against his captor. 

“Simple. I gain control over extremely powerful Muggles and capture one of the Potters,” she replied, spitting the word ‘Potters’ as if it was something vile and disgusting. 

No way out. What to do, what to, thought Jenny desperately. A solution came to her when her eyes landed on Fawkes. I have to get him out. This is gonna hurt. She closed her eyes and concentrated of one thing: fire.
The Death Eater that was holding her suddenly yelped and let go of her, his hands red and blistering as if he had been burned. Jenny’s eyes snapped open. This was her chance. She darted forward and raised her hand towards Fakes cage. A ball of fire broke through the enchantments and melted a hole in the cage. 

“Fawkes, go!” she yelled and the phoenix disappeared in a flash of flames. Pain shot up through Jenny’s spine and she fell to the ground, hearing the yells of the other rangers and thumps on the floor beside her as the world went dark around her. 

The common room was totally silent as Draco worked on his essay after the rangers left. He was rereading what he had just written when there was a flash of flame and the cry of a bird. Draco looked up from his essay to see Fawkes perching on the coffee table looking at him. 

“What is it, boy?” inquired Draco as he set down his quill next to his essay. The phoenix gave a strangled cry. 

“Is something wrong? Did something happen to Jenny?”asked Draco in alert; Fawkes nodded to both. Draco then stood up and began pacing back and forth in front of the fire. 

“What to do. What to-“ he stopped suddenly and turned back to Fawkes. 

“I got it. Fawkes, can you go get Jenny’s brother and his friends and have them meet me at Dumbledore’s office?” Fawkes didn’t nod but disappeared in a flash of flames. Draco then made his way out of the portrait hole and hurried to Dumbledore’s office. 

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione were currently in the Gryffindor common room. Hermione was working on the essay Professor Anderson had assigned at the desk next to the window. Nearby was Ron sitting on the couch, looking bored while his girlfriend did her homework. He was procrastinating as usual. On the couch opposite him was Harry, who was reading a book about Quidditch; Ginny sat at his feet as she work on her homework for Potions on the coffee table across from the couch. The tower was empty save for them. 

Suddenly, a flash of light above her made Ginny look up. She let out a small scream of shock when she saw Fawkes hovering just above her. Harry, Hermione and Ron looked up to see what had happened and gasped when they saw Fawkes. Ginny stood up from Harry’s feet, allowing him to stand up also. Hermione made her way around the couch to stand next to Ron, who had stood up as she was walking over to him. They were all looking up at Fawkes. 

“Fawkes? What are you doing here?” Harry asked the bird. Fawkes gave a cry and flew over to the door and hovered, looking back at them expectantly. 

“He wants us to follow him,” stated Ginny and the four of them followed Fawkes out of the portrait hole. He led them through the castle for several minutes before they turned down another corridor and recognized the stone gargoyle at the end. Fawkes flew forward and landed on the shoulder of the blond figure that was standing near the gargoyle, his back to them. He turned around when Fawkes landed on his shoulder to face the oncoming Gryffindors. 

“Malfoy? What are you doing here?” spat Harry as they all stood before the entrance to Dumbledore’s office. 

“Something’s wrong with Jenny and the rangers. About half an hour ago, Professor Anderson came in and said that Dumbledore wanted to see the rangers. Then about ten minutes ago Fawkes appeared in the ranger’s common room. Something must’ve happened to them,” explained Draco; Fawkes gave a cry of what could be assumed as a confirmation from the phoenix. 

“Why should we believe you?” asked Ginny as she produced her wand and pointed it at him, but a strangled cry from Fawkes caught their attention. He had taken off once more and was now hovering just in front of the stone gargoyle. 

“You don’t have to believe me. But you can believe Fawkes,” Draco replied coolly before walking over to where Fawkes hovered. At this point Harry was torn. He had to choose between trusting his enemy and help his friends and sister or staying mad at Jenny and let whatever was happening take its course. Even though he wasn’t very pleased with having to trust Malfoy, he had to help his sister, no matter how mad he was at her for going out with Malfoy. She was his family. He turned around to face Ron, Hermione and Ginny. 

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m following Malfoy,” he stated to them. 

“I am too," agreed Ginny as she stepped forward and placed her hand in his, intertwining their fingers as she smiled up at him. “Besides, I’ve missed my best friend.” 

Ron and Hermione looked at each other and seemed to agree. Hermione opened her mouth to reply for the both of them. “We’ll go too.” 

“Well, looks like we’re going with you Malfoy,” said Harry as he turned around and headed towards Draco, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny right behind him. Draco turned around to face them once more, Fawkes still hovering above him. 

“Just one problem. Does anyone know the password?” he asked them. 

“It’s usually some kind of candy,” replied Harry. Draco gave him a funny look. “What?” 


“Yes candy. So everyone start naming off candies,” stated Harry but no one was able to get one out. Fawkes gave another cry and the stone gargoyle jumped aside. “Or not.” 

“Come on,” said Draco and they all began to go up the spiraling staircase. 

After knocking the five rangers unconscious, the Death Eaters bound each of them upright in hard wooden chairs, their heads slumped onto their chests April had ordered the other Death Eaters to leave and stand guard, as this was something she wanted to do alone. She pulled a small clear vile filled with a dark red potion out of her pocket along with a spoon as she walked over and stood in front of Jenny. She lifted the hem of her robes and kneeled next to her chair. 

“Soon the legendary Power Rangers will be the servants of the Dark Lord,” she laughed as she uncorked the vile, held up the spoon and filled it with the dark red potion. When it was filled, she closed the vile and put it back into the pocket on the inside of her robes. She then grasped the back of Jenny’s hair roughly with her left hand and lifted Jenny’s face up to her. 

“Starting with the Potter girl,” she sneered as she lifted the spoon in her right hand and began to bring it up to Jenny’s lips. The spoon never made it to her mouth as a second before it did, the door was blasted open to reveal Harry, Draco, Ron, Hermione and Ginny standing there in the doorway to the office with the bodies of the Death Eaters she had sent out strewn across the staircase behind them. 

Harry quickly took in the scene in front of him. Dumbledore slumped in a chair next to the desk; the rangers bound and unconscious in chairs across from the desk and finally Professor April Anderson, the Dark Mark clearly visible on her arm, kneeling next to his unconscious sister with a spoon full of a red potion in her hand. 

“You? You’re a Death Eater?” asked Harry, baffled. She was always so quiet and sweet to everyone. April stood up laughing, the spoon still in her hand. She carefully set down the spoon on the desk behind her, still laughing a deep menacing laugh. 

“You sound just like your sister,” she sneered at him, wiping her wand out of her pocket and pointing it at him. “And you will both fall at the hands of the Dark Lord.” 

“I think not,” Harry replied, discreetly pocketing his wand. He raised his hands up in front of him, palms out. A white light came from his hands and went through the room like a shockwave. All the furniture rattled and April was knocked down to the floor, her head hitting the edge of the desk and knocking her unconscious. 

“Nice job, mate,” said Ron as he clapped Harry on the shoulder. Harry then ran over to his sister and kneeled down next to the chair. While Harry loosened the binds on Jenny, Malfoy bound and gagged the unconscious April. 

“Enervate,” muttered Harry as Draco came up on the opposite side of the chair. "Jenny?” 

“Jenny?” she heard someone say distantly. She groaned; she was sore all over. Why was she sore all over? She groaned again as she remembered what had happened. She heard a voice again. It sounded like Harry but that was impossible, he was mad at her. “Jenny, are you okay?” 

"I’m just peachy,” she muttered in response. She heard the familiar laugh of Harry to her right. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times to adjust to the light. There on her right was Harry and on her left was Draco. “Harry? Draco? Together? In the same room? Did I miss something?” 

Harry and Draco just laughed in response and smiled at her. The smile left Harry’s face when he saw the hurt in her eyes when she looked at him. The pain became too much for her and she looked down at her hands in her lap. What she said next stunned him. “What are you doing here? I though you wanted to forget all about me?” 

“Hey,” he whispered to her, she lifted her head and their emerald eyes met for the first time in weeks. “I’m sorry. I was just mad. I could never forget you, we’re blood remember?” 

She smiled at him before pulling him into a fierce hug. Harry heard her sniffle as they pulled apart and looked up to see her beginning to cry. “Just promise me one thing.” 

“What?” she asked as she wiped her eyes on the arm of her robes. 

“Just don’t kiss him in front of me,” he replied with a smile. He looked at Draco who wore a look between shock and thanks, for he knew how much Jenny cared about her brother. She laughed and pulled Harry into another tight hug. As they pulled apart, she remembered something that April had told them. 

“We have to tell the Order and someone has to get Snape's blood,” she exclaimed as she looked at the spoonful of red potion of the desk. 

“Why do they need Snape’s blood?” asked Draco curiously. He looked over to where Jenny was looking and saw the spoonful of potion. “What does that potion do?” 

“It’s a mind control potion that Snape invented and she gave to Dumbledore. She’s been controlling Dumbledore with this potion since the beginning of the year and the antidote to the potion is Snape’s blood,” explained Jenny as she remembered what their professor, well former now that she was a know Death Eater and had tried to take over Hogwarts, had said to them before she was knocked unconscious. 

“Typical Snape,” spat Harry, not surprised at all that Snape was capable of making such a potion. 

“You have to admit, he is a genius at Potions,” stated Draco. Everyone in the room turned to look at him as if he was nuts. “Well, he is.”

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