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Cara Sterling's Guide to the Real World by brighteyesx3
Chapter 1 : The Transition;
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The Prologue: The Transition;

My eyes snapped open and a painful migraine started already. I groaned softly and attempted to roll over, but I couldnít. I knew what day it was. I knew this day had been coming, and I dreaded it. I had dreaded the morning; I dreaded everything about this day. Why? Because, it proved me wrong, it mocked me. I hated it. It broke my heart. It positively shattered it.

June 23rd, 1986 had dawned bright and dazzling. The day we were all to go and open the time capsule. The day we were all supposed to come back, still friends, just boring 27 year olds. My stomach was tying itself in knots.

Why go then, you may ask, if you know it will be a heart-wrenching experience for you?

Because I made a promise to the best friends I could have ever, ever asked for. And I would not be able to break that promise. It was insult to them.

You know, I donít think any of us realized how much ten years could change us all. We believed we could withstand everything as long as we loved each other, all of us. And you know, we probably could have.

But, thinking back on it, if love really did conquer all, if it never died, if friendship lasted forever, then I would not be returning alone. Emmeline, Remus, Hestia Ė one of them, the only ones, they would be coming, but I knew they wouldnít. Things changed drastically in the years after school.

We said weíd be best friends forever. I scoffed bitterly at the notion, shaking my head.

Silently, I stood up from my bed, careful not to wake anyone, and walked down to the kitchen. The weight of this day seemed to be affecting my ability to walk properly and I stumbled, and cursed my feet, praying I hadnít woken anyone else.

A seven year old, even if she was my daughter whom I loved dearly, was not who I wanted bounding down here. A resounding silence echoed through my house, which was probably harder on my headache then actual noise. I hated silence.

My migraines started years ago; and the only thing that could ever, ever make them go away was when Sirius would sing to me. Yeah, he could sing, took me some coaxing to get him to do it but he sang and it was magical. As you may have guessed, these days, I haven't been able to get rid of my migraines.

I shut the curtains, partially shielding the room from the sunlight. I didnít want to see any. I poured myself some water and sat on the counter, feet dangling inches from the ground. Closing my eyes, I tried to hear Siriusís voice singing to me from a memory, but just as his scent filled my nose tears sprang into my eyes and I pushed the memory farther away.

The day was excruciating, slow and sad. Everyone had asked me what was wrong, I never replied with anything substantial. No one would ever understand this. Therefore, I spent most of my day alone, thankfully.

Everyone went out to Diagon Alley for some errands and I stayed back. And even so, that place held sad memories for me too. Everywhere did. And I had found that I couldnít face them, the ghosts of my past, the places where I had been happiest.

Glancing down, I reread the note I had haphazardly scribbled. With trepidation, I looked at the clock. It was time to go.

Trying to not have my head explode with pain, I turned on the spot and concentrated hard. At precisely 7:40, I materialized in Hogsmeade. Quickly, I hurried to the spot. Our spot. All of us. I stared up at the castle in awe, its beauty was astounding. How I missed it, oh how I missed it.

At 8:03, according to my thin wristwatch, I began to dig. And before long, my fingers scraped the time capsule. With a pop, I took the top off and gently took out the contents.

The letters, all of the pictures and the notes and cards that had spilled out, all blowing up to normal size as they hit the grass, along with something else, a small box. I opened it, and inside was a short note.

For you, my only love.

Iíd know Siriusís handwriting anywhere. Slowly, I slipped the silver band around my finger, ĎMy loveí inscribed inside it. Tears painfully stung my eyes and I couldnít control them anymore.

Gathering the letters in my hands and reading them, one by one, I began to shake. My hands trembled while holding the letters.

It wasnít supposed to be this way.

We were supposed to be here together, like the best friends we always were.

Rage heated up my veins as I thought of the one man who had torn our lives apart completely. I shook with rage, sadness, heartbreak. I closed my eyes tightly and when I opened them, Remus was standing there.

The familiarity of him overwhelmed me; I hadnít seen anyone, not sinceÖthat day when he went to jail.

I jumped up into his arms, holding him tightly.

We were two broken, shells of who we had once been.

There is a whole part of my story that has remained untold. An important part, a very important part.

The real world, the part where the drama increased, the danger increased, everything shot upwards uncontrollably. Iíll never, ever forget any of those days.

Iíll never, ever forget.

And as days go by, the memories remain
Iíll wait for you
And as days go by, the memories remain
I won't let go
These days remain the same
Pictures fade away
Please don't ever change
Please don't change your mind
No matter what they say
Iíll always wait.
The Transition; Hawthorne Heights.

A/N- So much to explain. First of all, this is extremely short, I don't think it topped a thousand words, but its a prologue, you know. So this is the first little glimpse of Cara now, its 1986, meaning Harry is almost six, I think, so Sirius is in jail, etc.

The next eighteen chapters will be Cara's life after Beauxbatons, up until right around James and Lily's death, and then the epilogue will take care of allll loose ends. =]

I have the epilogue, and chapter 1-4 written, so updates should come rather soon and consecutive.

This chapter was really sad.

Ahh, and OOTP, what did everyone thinkkk xD ?

Review, lovelies.

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Cara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: The Transition;


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