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Chapter 3 : Power's Rise
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Chapter 3: Power’s Rise.
The next morning after there first kissed they woke up in each others arms both of them didn’t want to go any further than that because they wanted to wait until they were married whether it was with each other or not. They were both happy but they new it could be a serious problem for Tonks because of the age gap. Neither one of them wanted to finish it so they decided to keep it a secret until Harry was seventeen but they were still worried what the others would think if they found out, luckily that morning Harry got a letter from Gringotts.

Dear Mr Potter

When you turn sixteen you will come into your inheritance. Meaning you will gain the Potter fortune and another family fortune, details will be given when you attend a meeting on the morning of your birthday 10:00 am. But there is the matter of you becoming the last heir to the two family’s one is the Potter’s and the other family the name of this family can not be said in this letter for security reason’s. So by magical law on your sixteenth birthday you will become an adult in the wizard world you will find out more information to this the morning you come in.

Yours sincerely

Ragnog Bank Manager

After they had read the letter they just looked at each other and smiled.

“well that is a welcome surprise my birthday is in two days” Harry said “but we still got two problems, one how am I going to get to Gringotts and two we are going to be telling the order sooner than we thought” they both sat there thinking when Harry got an idea “Tonks what if I asked Remus to come over I could explain the situation to him I think he would understand because there’s only six years between us and he would be able to sort something out for my trip to Diagon ally what do you think”

“It’s the only idea we got” Tonks “so send a letter to Remus and get him to come tomorrow”

While Harry wrote the letter Tonks got dressed once he had done that and gave it to Hedwig to take it to Remus, then Harry got dressed.

“So Tonks have you got to do today if your not doing anything do you fancy doing something today” Harry asked hoping that she didn’t.

“I haven’t got anything to do Dumbledore gave me the summer off from the order and Kingsley got me some leave so I took it” Tonks said with a smile “so Mr Potter I’m yours all summer”

“Is that so Miss Tonks, I think this might be a good summer then” Harry gave her a smile and pulled her into a hug and gave her a kiss, when he pulled away Tonks was pouting “was someone enjoying that” Tonks nodded “well you can have more after we have decided what we are going to do today and if you’re a good girl” which coursed Tonks to push him down onto the bed and lay down next to him.

“well considering you cant go there isn’t much we can do I think we should expand your bedroom a bit and make this bed bigger” Tonks said and gave him a wink witch Harry laughed at “so I’ll do that while you go and make some breakfast because I’m staving” she gave him a kiss and stood up Harry was still laying on the bed “come on move I’m hungry”

“Ok I’m going how about some bacon sandwiches” Tonks nodded while looking around the room “what do you want to drink”

“Tea” that’s all Tonks said

“Tonks you ok”

“Sorry Harry I’m just deciding what to do to your room” Tonks said while still looking around his room

“Ok I’ll go get breakfast” so Harry left Tonks deciding on what to do to his room. He made his way down to the kitchen, when he walked in the kitchen his relatives were sitting having breakfast they all looked up when he came in he just ignored them and started making breakfast and a cup of tea and a cup of coffee. When it was done he put them on a tray when he turned around he came face to face with his uncle who looked rather red in the face “he must have forgotten what I said to him yesterday” Harry thought.

“Boy what do you think you are doing” Vernon said with clenched teeth.

“I’m taking breakfast for me and Tonks up stairs so we can eat is that a problem” Harry said trying to stay calm.

“That freak is still here I want her out of my house now do you hear me NOW” Vernon shouted.

“uncle Vernon did you not listen to what I said to you two days ago” Harry said this as calm as he could although his insides were screaming “you will not call my friends freaks now stop shouting and get out my way my breakfast is getting cold” Harry went to go around him but was stopped by a large hand pressed against his chest.

“you will not speak to me like that in my own house now get that freak out of my house now” Vernon didn’t know what part of the sentence caused his nephew to look the way he was but he was going to find out his punishment.

“GET OUT OF MY WAY NOOWWWW” with that Vernon went flying across the kitchen and over the dinning table and hitting the wall and left him slumped against the wall unconscious. His aunt and Dudley ran over to Vernon trying to wake him up.

Tonks came running down the stairs and into the kitchen. What she found was Harry standing there not moving and his aunt and cousin kneeling over his unconscious uncle “Harry what happened” she didn’t get a answer “Harry tell me I’m not going to shout”

“We were arguing” Harry said still looking at his uncle “I lost my temper and shouted for him to get out the way then he went flying across the room I don’t know what I did Tonks honestly”

“Harry its ok, go take our breakfast up stairs I will take care of this so don’t worry” Harry left and went up to his room but it wasn’t his room it was a large room about three times the size than it was, it had a large fire with a settee and two chairs there was a desk and the best bit Harry thought was the large four poster bed the colour of the room was in gold and red. Harry didn’t know how long he was looking around the room but was disturbed by Tonks coming back in the room.

“Do you like it” Harry nodded and Tonks smiled

“Tonks what did you do with my relative‘s” Harry ask

“Don’t worry I repaired the damage to your uncle and erased the situation from there minds” Tonks said and Harry had a worried look on his face “don’t worry Harry there ok and according to them I’m not here so we can have some piece and quiet with a little fun” Tonks gave him a wink.

“Thanks Tonks” Harry said “I don’t know what happened it was strange it was like I saw my magic throw him across the room”


“Harry don’t worry about it, it was probably some accidental magic” Tonks said “now where breakfast ill warm it up with a warming charm” with that Tonks flicked her wand and there breakfast was warm again, after they finished they sat down on the settee an chatted and done some reading it was a couple of hours later that Tonks ask Harry would he mind if she stayed with him for the rest of the summer.

“Off course I don’t mind go get the stuff you need and come back” Harry said

“I’ll go now” Tonks said “can I borrow your invisibility cloak so I can get passed your relatives”

Harry got up off the bed and went to his trunk and pulled the cloak out and gave it to Tonks he gave her a kiss and she put the cloak on and left. When Tonks left Harry went to his trunk again and pulled out a book on defensive and attacking spells and went back to the settee to start reading it and within half an hour he had read all five hundred and sixty two paged of the book he could not believe that he had read the hole thing, what he found even more strange that he remembered the hole thing every chapter, every word the hole book “what is going on first I send my uncle across the a room then I’m read a hole book in half an hour” Harry thought “ I got to find out if this is a one off or something, I’ll read another book” Harry thought so he went back over to his trunk but on the way over his uncle shouted up the stair’s.

“BOY GET DOWN HERE THERE IS SOMONE HERE TO SEE YOU” Vernon shouted. Harry left his room and went down the stairs when he got to the bottom Remus Lupin was standing by the door

“Remus” Harry said and went over and gave Remus a huge hug witch Remus returned. When they pulled apart Remus looked Harry the once over to check if he was alright.

“Harry” Remus said “you look good how you been”

“I’ve been good how have you been” Harry said

“I’ve been better but I can’t complain” Harry notice a tear run down his eye

“Remus come up to my room we can talk in private” Harry turned around and lead Remus to his room when they got there Harry walk and sat down on the settee that’s when he noticed Remus was still standing at the door.

“Harry what has happened to your room” Remus asked

“well” Harry said realising that he was going to tell Remus anyway “it has something to do with the letter I sent you, so if you come and sit down I’ll explain everything” so Remus sat down and Harry started explaining the events from when he got back to Privet Drive. He told him about his training, doing the chore and helping the neighbours and making some extra money that’s when Harry went quiet.

“Harry what’s wrong you know you can tell me anything” Remus said

“Remus what I’m going to tell you has to stay a secret until after my birthday promise me you will keep it a secret until then” Remus agreed and Harry started explaining the situation between him and Tonks and the meeting at Gringotts all through this Remus was calm when Harry finished he was worried with what Remus would do.

“Well I’ll talk to Professor Dumbledore and make the arrangements for your visit to the Bank” Remus said “if you don’t mind I would like to be with you when you go if that’s ok with you” Harry nodded “ now the matter of you and Tonks” Harry looked at his feet waiting for Remus to have a go at him “Harry look at me” Harry looked up and saw Remus smiling Harry was now confused “ well you do aim high don’t you” they both laughed “Harry after your birthday you are an adult no one can tell you who you go out with so don’t worry about that if you can keep it quiet for another two days no one can say a thing you deserve to be happy and if you find that happiness with Tonks I’m happy for the both of you, you got a good women there Harry” the next thing Remus knew he was tackled off the settee but not by Harry but by Tonks who had come from under the cloak

“Thank you Remus thank you thank you” Tonks kept repeating while squeezing Remus. Harry was laughing.

“Tonks….cant breathe…need air” Remus said Tonks let go straight away and went and sat down next to Harry while Remus got back on the settee and court his breath.

“Sorry Remus you just made me so happy when you said you was happy for us” Tonks saying while Remus court his breathe.

“Tonks I am only going to say one thing” at this statement Harry and Tonks froze and Remus laughed “don’t worry its not bad, I just want to tell you Tonks that you better make sure you look after him he means a lot to me ok” Remus finished with a smile.

“Don’t worry Remus I’m not going to let him out my site” Tonks was saying while making her way onto Harry lap gave him a kiss on the cheek and cuddled up to him witch coursed Remus to laugh and Harry to turn red.

“well I better go” Remus said but as he stood the same owl that brought the letter from Gringotts came through the window and landed on the back of the settee Harry got up to retrieve the letter when he did the owl flew off. Harry read the letter and handed it to Remus.


Remus read the letter and looked at Harry “I don’t think we are going to have to tell the order now Harry myself and Tonks will be enough for this trip now”.

“Why Remus” Tonks asked

“Because the letter is a port key that will go off at 9:45 am” Harry said “and it will take us straight to Ragnog’s office, Remus do you know anything about this other Family I’m supposed to be the heir of”

“Sorry Harry” Remus replied “I don’t but you will find out on your birthday. Well I better be off and leave you to lovebirds alone” for that comment he got a cushion’s thrown at his head “I’ll be here on your birthday Harry about 9:30 am that ok with you” he said laughing and heading for the door.

“ok I’ll see you out” Harry went down stair’s to let Remus out and thanked him for understanding Remus gave him a hug and they said there goodbye’s Harry went back up stairs to Tonks. “Hey what you doing”

Tonks turned around “I’m just unpacking I’m almost done” Harry went and sat down on the settee and waited for Tonks to Finish when she was, she came and snuggled up to Harry on the settee “ I’m so glad Remus is happy for us” Harry agreed with Tonks.

The rest of the day went quiet with Harry just doing some homework and some reading, while Tonks watched some movie’s with the TV and DVD player. They went to bed that night in each others arm.


 A/N I hope everyone is enjoying it so fare. sorry about the grammer im not the best anyway let me know what you think please.










The next day Tonks went out but with a smile on her face and wouldn’t tell Harry where she was going and what for. Harry went and done the chores that needed doing and went for a run when he got back he took a shower went to his room and got a pair of black short and a white t-shirt and went out the back garden and laid down on the grass to relax he took off his t-shirt and laid there waiting for Tonks to come back. He had been laying there for a while when he started thinking about the things that had happened over the last couple of days. He was brought out of his thoughts by someone giving him a wolf whistle he looked up at his bedroom window to see some pink hair disappearing back through the window Harry looked at his watch and it was coming up to three in the afternoon he had not realised he had been out there that long got up grabbed his t-shirt and went inside and up to his room. When he got there he saw Tonks, she was wearing a pair light blue jeans with rips at the knee and a purple t-shirt you could see all the curve’s of her body then he noticed that she was putting some thing under the bed quickly.

“What are you hiding from me Tonks” Harry asked

Tonks turned around “mind your own business mister and no peeking if I find you poking your nose under that bed or your going to meet the end of my wand do you hear me.

“Is that a threat” Harry asked but before Tonks could answer Harry had tackled her to the bed and started tickling her.

Tonks was screaming with laughter “Harry…stop…please” Harry stop and laid down next to her on bed propping himself up on one arm while drawing tiny circles on her arm while Tonks caught her breathe.

“So did you have fun while you left me all alone” Harry said putting on his best pout.

“yep got the things I needed to get” Tonks said “I saw your friend they all say hi I told them that I was visiting a friend near here and that I would pop in and see how you were so don’t worry they don’t know a thing”.

“I won’t worry after my birthday because it doesn’t matter what they will think then” Harry leaned down and gave Tonks a soft kiss on her lips witch turned into a more passionate kiss very quickly. Tonks was the one to pull away first with a smile on her face

“Wow Harry for a guy that hasn’t had the best of luck with girl’s you sure can kiss good” Tonks laughed at the shade of red that Harry’s face had gone they decided to have a night of movies and take away, they had watched first film that had loads of action before they out the next movie on, Tonks went out and got some pizza.

They enjoyed the rest of the night with Harry and Tonks wiping there tears away from all the laughing they had done during the last movie. When Harry had finished tidying up he got ready for bed Tonks was already in bed and when Harry got in Tonks snuggled up in his arms and they both fell asleep with smiles on their faces.


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