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Hermione Mosier? by bimah
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4 Meet the Bulgarian Princess
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Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even Draco **tears**

Chapter 4 – Meet the Bulgarian Princess

Hermione Granger was rudely woken up by a strange tapping and hissing noise this morning. She peeked through her eyelids and saw something orange and furry blocking her vision. When she cleared her bleary eyes she realized it was only Crookshanks, hissing with irritation of being woken up by the tapping noise. She got up and opened the window to let the white snowy owl inside and went to get him some owl treat.

“Wait up Hedwig, I’m sure your hungry, it was probably a long journey…I’ll be right back” she called out with a yawn.

After detaching the parcel and feeding the bird she went ahead to freshen up. Yet not before telling Hedwig to wait for her to take her reply back since she didn’t own an owl.

She could barely contain her excitement at what could be waiting for her inside the parcel. She knew Harry was staying at the Burrow, until the wedding that is. After that…well it really didn’t where he would go because she will be at his side the entire time, supporting him through and through. Since the parcel was from the Burrow, she was hoping that they had sent her some of Molly’s mouth watering scones.

She opened the parcel to find some carefully packed, by Molly of course, scrumptious scones that she had been anticipating. It also included some sweets from Diagon Alley and letters from Harry and Ron. She set the parcel down for later. She did not want Hedwig to wait too long so quickly scanned the letters and sat down to write them a reply.

Dear Hermione,

I hope you are fine and will be joining us soon. I really do miss you, even though it has only been two weeks since I last saw you. Lupin and Tonks are here as well; I think they are planning to get married. I hope you are enjoying your stay with your parents; say hello to them from me. Ron’s mum has sent some of her home made scones that you like so much and I have also took the liberty of sending you some sweets. I know your parents wouldn’t normally let you have any since they are dentists and all, but I think no one should be deprived of the wonders of candy.



PS. Ron misses you as well – I DO NOT!

She snickered, Ron was so predictable. She knew he fancied her but she also knew he would never admit it. Not unless there was a threat of someone else having her, who knows when that could be? She really did not want to wait for him forever. She realized that these were dangerous times which meant that they should not waste time wrapped up in their stubbornness. Love, isn’t that what they were fighting for?. Isn’t that what Dumbledore would have wanted. She sighed, “Perhaps this – thing – with Ron isn’t love at all” she shook her head, love is a complex theory, not to taken lightly. It is just one thing that is too complicated for her.


Harry is making me write this letter, you know I wouldn’t have. I hope you come soon, I think I will go barmy if I have to see another couple smothering each other. Bill and Fleur are worst then ever, Lupin and Tonks are inseparable (shudder to think); even the twins got dates. Harry and Ginny are still trying to ignore each other, but they will sneak glances at each when they think no ones looking. It is ABSOLUTELY revolting! Just get here quickly so that I don’t have to suffer ALONE!


She quickly got some parchment and a quill and sat to write down a reply for them. She really did not want to waste anymore time then necessary. Her scones were waiting for her on the table looking awfully tempting.

Dear Harry and Ron,

I’m glad to find that you are well and enjoying yourselves. I on the other hand, am really bored considering the fact that I have already read all the books in my house. I was actually hoping you guys would accompany me to Flourish & Blotts when I get there to buy some new books. My parents are still quiet upset that I will not be spending my entire summer with them. They think this will be my last summer with them since I am of age in the wizarding world now. They fear that I will probably move to the wizarding world after the war for my career. Not to worry though, I have explained and discussed everything with them and told them that I will keep in touch as much as I can. I even suggested a trip to France for them, which is where my uncle and aunt live. I am sure they will keep my parents company while they are there. I will see you guys in three days!



PS. Honestly Ron! You sound as if everyone have nothing else to do. I am sure they are all very busy and stressed with the upcoming war. If they are being a little affectionate towards each other then you should be glad that they are at least trying to find happiness in these dark times. Grow up! Oh and Harry thanks for the scones and the sweets. I will go demolish them as soon as I send this letter back with Hedwig.
She went about the rest of the day with nothing of real significance happening. She was just about to turn in to bed when she first felt it. She really did not know what to call it, but it was as if her entire body felt a jolt of electricity. She didn’t miss the green and red light surrounding her like an aura for a second either; and before she realized it she walking downstairs to the sitting area.

What is going on? She thought, she didn’t know exactly why but for some reason, a very discrete voice in her head was telling her to go to the basement. As if her body had a mind of her own, it walked further down towards the basement. She knew it was not dangerous, whatever it was, she felt it in her bones, it was as if this was where she was suppose to go, it had a sense of belonging. So she kept creeping forwards without any fear or doubts.

Her hand reached out on its own and opened the door of the basement. What she saw was not something she had anticipated. At first glance she had almost missed it, but then it was as if her eyes sought out the single thing they were looking for. There is the corner of the dark basement it was, an old shoe box. Normally it would have not seemed as if it was anything significant, but today the box was anything but normal. It was floating up from the ground slightly with a green glow surrounding it.

Her feet started on there own and before she knew it she was standing in front of it. To say that she was curious would be an understatement. She was almost giddy with anticipation of what could be in a box that floats in mid air. She did not knew what was inside the box but something in the back of her mind told her it belonged to her. She normally would have told the voice to shut up since she really did not like being bossed around, but her curiosity was driving her on the brink of insanity. She reached out and got a hold of the box. When she opened the box, she was almost disappointed, there was nothing inside it, except for a couple of crumpled up parchments and a raggedy old blanket.

A gasp escaped her lips when she picked up the blanket. There on the bottom of the box was a moving picture of a couple holding a baby girl, a miniature version of the bushy haired know-it-all herself. She picked up the picture and brought it near her eyes for closer examination. The reason she had gasped was not that it was a moving picture but the fact that the couple holding her were not the people she knew as her parents. The women in picture looked a lot like Hermione except for her hair color, which was a light shade of blond. She had the exact same chocolate brown eyes shining with mirth and love for her daughter.

The man beside her was also smiling; while he tickled her daughter like there was no tomorrow. He was a little taller than the women and had sparkling blue eyes. His hair was jet black and reached just below his shoulder. They were standing in the garden in front of a Manor that made the Malfoy Manor looked like a cottage. It looked more like a palace. The couple was wearing the finest wizarding robes she had seen. She wondered who they were and why were they holding her?

So mesmerized with the picture she was, that she didn’t even spared a glance to the emerald green ring floating in front of her. When she finally tore her eyes away from the picture she gasped even louder and dropped the box with a loud thud. Her eyes were transfixed by the green light emitting from the ring, and her hand once again, on its own accord, reached forward. As soon as the tip of her fingers made contact with the ring everything started to go black and ring attached itself around her ring finger. Her mouth imparted a loud scream from the sudden movement and everything else went dark.

(Author’s Note: I think I should let you guys know that I had intended on ending this chapter here. Then I realized how much hate mail and threats I might get for writing a small chapter, so I decided against my whim and went on. Its okay, you all can thank me later in the form of reviews. I love reading and responding to them. It really puts a smile on my face.)

“… I think she is waking up” Mr. Granger’s voice reached her ears.

“Hermione dear, are you all right?” she heard her mother’s voice beside her. Drowsily, she opened her eyes to see two sets of worried eyes locked on hers. The chocolate brown haired girl sat up smiling weakly at the people whom she had been calling her parents for as long as she could remember.

“Yes mum, I’m fine, I just…” that was when the events right before she fainted came back to her. She gasped brought her left hand up to see if what happened was true. Indeed, there it was, the emerald green ring in all its glory, on her finger like it had always belonged there. She barely registered the twin set of gasps as she looked closer to examine the letter ‘M’ engraved on both sides of the ring.

“Whe – where did you get that?” The slightly plump lady asked, her voice faltering, almost in fear.

“Huh? Oh, it was here in this box” the ring bearer replied pointing towards the old shoe box that she had dropped earlier. “Mum, who are those people holding me?” she asked, her eyes almost shining with curiosity.

“Er – well, the –” her mother sighed. She had always dreaded the moment when she would have to tell her daughter the truth. “Why don’t we go upstairs, I’ll make some hot cocoa while your father will explain” looking guiltily towards her husband she gave a dazzling smile that she knew he couldn’t resist.

Hermione was sitting on the settee, holding her breath for her father to start, while he shifted nervously on the chair across from her. Why won’t he say anything? Just as the bushy haired girl was about voice her concerns, several pops were heard right next to the settee. She gasped loudly and dropped the cup of hot cocoa that her mother had brought her. “It can’t be…” she whispered.



A/N. So sorry about the cliffhanger, but I had my reasons. One, well I just love cliffhangers (smiles sheepishly, I know not a very good one). Second, it creates a little drama and suspense. Besides it’s just a small one. Most of you guys can probably guess who just popped in, and why. Now I would like to apologize for the long wait, I had been really busy with my job and did not have much time. I would also like to apologize, in advance, for the next chapter as it might be a little while; since I am going with my family to Disneyland and Universal Studios for five days; but I promise to think about my next chapter during the five hour long trip and write it as soon as I get back. Besides the validation queue is 8 days now and most of you guys are probably going to be busy watching the fifth movie; I know I will. Well Tootles for now!



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Hermione Mosier?: Chapter 4 Meet the Bulgarian Princess


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