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Unexpected by PrincessInge
Chapter 15 : The day everything changed..
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Helloowww.. here I am again, with a new chapter!. The reviews I got last time really overwelmed me.. in a very good way :D. 
Oh, and lubug, or any other who likes to be a Beta for me.. please email: ;).

Anyway, enjoy.. and please leave a review!! 

Love, Ingexx

A few hours later, Lily found Mary crying on her bed. She didn’t say anything, she just lied down next to her friend and hugged her. 

Mary didn’t say anything after the ‘incident’. She just went back to the old way, but inside everything still was there. She didn’t talk about it with her friends, but all of them also knew that she was still troubled with it. It just was something they couldn’t erase. Mary knew she needed a good talk with her parents. 

After a week, Mary started to find her ‘groove’ back. She started to hang out with her friends again, and going on dates with Sirius. 

 Mary was in the middle of class, when Professor Dumbledore entered. He looked at McGonagall and she dropped her books. Mary hadn’t notice him, but when she looked up, she knew enough. She was in a trance when he took her to his office and explained everything. She didn’t listen when he told her about the terrible news. How her parents got into a fight with Death Eaters and that they fought very brave. She didn’t hear when Professor Dumbledore told her about the arrival of Voldemort, who they had fought against. They had even killed a few Death Eaters, but they were fighting a lost battle. He had killed her parents.  She didn’t listen anymore, she didn’t hear anything he told her, the only thing that was going through her mind was that she was now an orphan. She was alone, she had nobody. 


‘Daddy’ A girl of 2,5 years old screamed, while she ran outside and she jumped into her daddy’s arms, who held her close.

 ‘How’s my little Mary?’ he said, while he walked back into the house.

‘I’m not little, daddy’ Mary said, ‘I grew 2 inches’

 ‘Merlin, you’re going to catch up with me someday’ her dad said, while letting his daughter go, ‘now let me look at you’

 Mary stood there, and made a pirouette, while her dad looked at her.

‘I missed you, daddy’ she said, while jumping in his arms again.

‘I missed you too, my darling Mary’ her dad said.

‘Then never go away again’ Mary said, while her dad put his jacket away, ‘never ever go away’ 

End of flashback

‘Miss Anymoire’ Professor Dumbledore said, ‘I’m so sorry for your loss’

 Mary looked up, but wasn’t able to respond. She didn’t have any words. She couldn’t believe she was never going to see her parents again.


‘Mummy, what are you making?’ Mary asked. She was about 5 years old.

Her mom, with exactly the same bushy brown hair, looked down, ‘I’m making pancakes sweetie’

‘Jippie’ Mary screamed, while getting a chair, ‘can I help?’

‘of course you can, my Anni’ her mom said, while helping her with the chair.

 An hour later they had made a whole bunch of pancakes. Too much to eat, but they didn’t care. They didn’t even have to make them, since they had house elves, but Mary’s mum just loves to cook. 

 ‘Now, my darling, let’s go and eat, please go and get your father’ her mom said, while Mary nodded and she almost ran out to get her father, but suddenly stopped and turned around.

‘Mummy’ she said, while her mum was busy setting the table.

‘Yes, my darling’ she answered.

 ‘I love you’ Mary said.

 ‘I love you too, Anni, more than anything’ her mom said, while hugging her daughter.

 End Flashback 

‘I suggest you go and get some rest’ Professor Dumbledore said, ‘We’ll talk more later’

Mary didn’t say anything, but stood up and walked to the door.
‘Just remember, Mary-Ann, that I’m always here if you need me’ he finished the conversation.

 Mary still didn’t respond but she just walked out, busy digesting everything. 

‘Please don’t go’ Mary, at age of 7, cried, while holding her dad’s leg.

 ‘We have to hunni’ her mom said, while detaching her from her husband.

 ‘No, you don’t’ Mary cried, while giving up from holding her dad.

 ‘Mary, we’ll be back before you know it, you just stay with grandma’ her dad said, while giving his daughter a kiss.

‘But I need you’ Mary said trembling, she already knew she was losing this battle.

 ‘Anni, you know that we’ll always be there when you need us’ Her mom said, giving her a kiss.

 ‘Just be a brave girl, be brave’ her dad said, before he and Mary’s mom apparated away.

 End Flashback

Mary arrived in the Common Room, although she didn’t really remember getting there. She was too busy thinking. In one second, everything had changed. She had become an orphan. An orphan! All because of Voldemort, what did she ever do to him? 

Mary walked to her poster-bed and got inside. She closed the curtains and sealed them with a spell, she wanted to be alone. Because she was alone, there was nobody left who could ever make it better. She was alone, she was alone..


 ‘We’re so proud’ Mary’s mom said, while holding Mary’s Hogwarts letter.

 ‘I bet you’re going to be the best student they ever had’ Her dad said, while hugging her.

 ‘This deserves a celebration’ Her mom said, while calling Carrotine, ‘we’re going out for diner’

 ‘Mum’ Mary said, ‘could we just stay home and talk?’

 ‘Of course hunni, it’s your day’ Her dad said, ‘but why don’t you want to go out?’

 ‘I just don’t feel like it’ Mary said, pulling her shoulders up. The truth, however, was that Mary knew that they could never finish dinner. Her parents always ran into someone who needed to talk to them, or needed some help. They were never able to get to dessert. She didn’t like restaurants, to her, a public place was a bigger chance for her parents to go away.

 End flashback

Mary woke up, hearing someone enter the room. She knew it wasn’t Amy of Jenna, it was Lily. She didn’t open her curtains, she didn’t wanted to speak. Talking would make it more real, then she felt like her parents really weren’t coming back anymore. She turned around, and tried to sleep once more. 

‘She doesn’t want to see me’ Lily announced, when she arrived back at the Boys room.

 ‘her curtains are still shut?’ Sirius said, while Lily sat down on James’ bed.

 Lily nodded, unable to suppress a deep sigh. ‘I can’t even begin to imagine how she must feel’

 ‘I know, I feel so bad for her’ Sirius said, ‘I just want to be there for her’

 The Marauders and the other students had been informed of the tragic news by their own head, in their case Professor McGonagall. She asked them personally to keep an eye on Mary, since she and Professor Dumbledore were really worried about her. 

 They sat in silence for a few hours, when Lily stood up again, she went to check up on Mary again. When she arrived at the Girls’ dormitory’s, she didn’t find Mary in her bed, her curtains were open, and Mary was nowhere to be seen.

 ‘she’s gone’ Lily exclaimed, when she arrived back at the Boy’s dorm.

 ‘what?’ Sirius said, getting up, ‘we have to find her’

 All of them stood up, when Remus didn’t, ‘what if she wants to be alone?’ he asked.

‘then she can tell us’ Lily stated, and Remus nodded, before all of them walked into the common room.


Mary sat down next to the oak tree. It was really starting to become her place when she was upset. ‘This is silly’ she thought to herself, before she stood up again and walked back into the castle.

‘She isn’t here’ James announced, when the other’s arrived at the oak tree. Sirius had told them she would be there, since she always goes there when she’s upset or something.

‘Where can she be?’ Peter asked, ‘what about the library?’.

‘Yeah, her parents just died and she goes to study’ James said, while rolling his eyes. 

 ‘Let’s check her room again’ Lily said, and all of them went back.

A few hours later they still hadn’t found Mary. They even went to Dumbledore, but he didn’t know where she was either. When they had searched the whole castle 3 times, they finally gave up and went back there. When they opened the door of the boy’s dorm, they found Mary asleep in Sirius’ bed. 

 ‘There she is’ Peter exclaimed.

‘Shht.. don’t wake her up’ Sirius said, hitting him.

 ‘She came to look for you’ Lily said smiling, ‘that’s great’.

 Sirius nodded and walked over to the bed,  ‘if only we would have stayed here’.


Mary was walking through a long corridor. She walked and walked, but didn’t seem to get any closer to the exit. She tried to run, but it had no effect. Suddenly she saw her parents walking before her, and she talked to them, but they didn’t seem to notice her and only walked quicker. Mary started to run faster and faster to keep up with them, but it didn’t work. She begged them to stop moving, but they didn’t. Suddenly she saw a big light and they both fell on the ground. Someone with a black cloak walked away, but she couldn’t see who it was. ‘STOP’ she yelled, ‘you killed my parents’. She didn’t get a response, only a laugh. ‘I’m going to kill you’ she screamed, while she started running again, leaving her parents behind, ‘I’m going to hunt you down and kill you’.

‘Mary’ she suddenly heard, and softly she opened her eyes, ‘you were having a nightmare’.

Mary looked around her, since she didn’t know where she was, till she found Sirius’ eyes. ‘You’re okay now’ he softly said, while stroking her cheek.

 ‘I have to go’ was all she said, before getting up and running out, leaving a stunned Sirius behind.

Mary walked to the castle again, but not as heartbroken as she had been a few hours before. She was on a mission. Every time she closed her eyes she saw the dark figure again and she was determined to make him pay for what he did. She hastened herself to the library. It was a good thing that Peeves was on a roll the last couple of days, Filch was currently very busy on the other side of the castle.  

Luckily for her, she found that the library was completely abandoned. She quickly walked over to some shells and started to look for the books she needed.

She took a few books she thought she could use and started reading them. She got some parchment from her bag and started making notes. 

She worked at it all night, she didn’t even sleep, she was determined to make that person pay. 


So, sorry it got a little sad :(. Poor Mary ;).. But anyway.. tell me what you think.. hate it/love it??..

I'm not sure the Flashbacks worked out fine.. but I felt like I hadn't really described the relationship between Mary-Ann with her parents, so I thought some happy memories were in order..

just please let me know what you think!

Love, PrincessIngexx

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