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Harry Potter and the Scroll of Maledictio by The Dark Lord Nedved
Chapter 2 : I Got Peter
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**CHAPTER 2: I Got Peter**

The brilliant sunshine shone upon the Burrow and its residents four days before Bill and Fleur’s wedding. The place was already bustling with activity, wizards and witches alike popping in and out of existence at a designated spot fifty yards away from the rickety fence that did nothing but add a charming effect on the lopsided house. One particular wizard greeted visitors with an easy sense of being familiar with practically everyone and anyone, and even if he did not know that particular individual personally, he made them feel welcome all the same. It was all a very good act, Harry mused as he peered through the omnoculars almost three kilometers away.

A bug landed on the back of his now sweaty neck, and he swatted it away with a negligible flick of his fingers. He was perched in a high tree in the forest at the back of the Weasley property, well out of range of any wards that Aurors may have put in place. Their sentry man was good, alert enough to pick up on most things, yet calm enough to not give the wrong impression that the comers and goers were being screened for security purposes. And to top it off, there were two others on constant patrol in invisibility cloaks circling the building proper. All well and good, but Harry didn’t think they were even close to having enough precautions in place.

He had arrived since early morning, a little before dawn, and had spent the entire morning circling the area , using the landscape and the building itself as a reference on his little project. It was tedious and he felt a bit guilty doing this at first, making this huge perimeter around the place he felt most comfortable in, but he stole on diligently, treading his way around the charming abode undetected for at least three complete rounds.

On every round at select points he would stop and take out his quill and inkwell, the geometry set he had for fifth year astronomy, a newly acquired Runes stencil ordered from the shop at Diagon Alley and a plain, ordinary pencil. His scouting path trajectory was roughly oval in shape, and at each thirty degree marker he would make a noticeable nick on a tree, or whatever he could use as a landmark. After his third pass he had a pretty decent landscape layout for a map drawn out on a twelve inch square scroll of parchment with the building itself as the main point of interest in the centre. It was rough at first, but with that pretty nifty self-correcting geometry set, the drawing began to make minuscule alterations as his patterned movements were re-edited unto his charmed magical blueprint.

Seeing that everything was fine for the hour, he retreated even deeper into the woods and found a cool, quiet spot to work. Taking the compass and divider, he began to scribe large arcs connecting the thirty degree markers to corresponding points within the boundary of his perimeter. When he was finished, the map now had a grid of faint circles overlapping each other at key areas. Now came the hard part.

Opening his satchel and examining the notes he made in his leather-bound book, he took out is wand and began to enchant the parchment. Every grid had to be enchanted in a specific order, and the cool down time for each spell to settle was at least two minutes. The angle of the shadows began to diminish as the afternoon wore on. Harry worked on, making sure he double-checked the previous grid before he began to work on the next. The sun was beginning to set by the time he was finished with that aspect of the wand work. When he was finished, he took a sip from his ever-cool water bottle that was now almost empty.

“Hope this works,” he muttered darkly. Pointing his wand, he began to enchant the scroll in English.

Show only me the truth of this map, alert when mine enemies come near, point and reveal all hidden traps, identify all inside of name and where.”

The drawings began to darken and embed their lines into the parchment itself, engraving the blueprint with a sound similar to a dozen quills scribbling furiously during an end of term exam. Tiny dots materialized into existence on the parchment. Quickly, Harry took out a little pouch and began to take out tiny pieces of clothing, a broken nib, a hair clip, a long piece of string from one of his Christmas sweaters, a leaf ear from a page out of this same book that Hermione gave him, a custom candy given to him specifically by Fred and George, and a knot of wool from the scarf Ron had given him last birthday.

Shaking it out from his palm and unto the map, the items began to tremble and shake then were dormant once more. Grinning, Harry blew off the odds and ends and surveyed his handiwork. Then and there, right before his very eyes, the names of his best friends and their parents began to show up on the map. And to put one up on the marauders, by using those personal items that was once in their possession, their names were more prominent or dormant depending on how active they were at the moment. Now was supper time, so Mrs. Weasley’s name was in a heavy bold, while Hermione and Ron were separate from each other, so their names were much fainter. There were at least seven more people in the building proper remodeling or decorating, he couldn’t tell which, they were names that looked vaguely familiar but nothing out of the ordinary.

The Auror on front gate duty was Norman McGinnis, the two circling under invisibility cloaks were Andre Hopkins and John Smart. Harry wondered about that latter name: it sounds so muggle-like it wasn’t funny. Well, no harm in a name, is there?

Harry gripped the map tightly. It felt wonderful, knowing that he had created this, and that things were falling into place. All he had to do now was to charm in the vertical elevation modifier and then add the security on top of the initial propriety enchantment that made this map answerable to only him. Rummaging through his notes, he found the bookmark and made quick work of those two aspects. Feeling a fulfilling sense of accomplishment grow within him, he glanced through the map once again, made sure everything was fine, then gathered his things and made his way down to the creek a few kilometers south, hiking through the darkness until he found a good place to set up camp. He’d test out his beta project for another day, then he’d make his appearance.


“Do you think that Harry has left as yet? He hasn't mailed in a while. He specifically told us he would on a regular basis,” Hermione said in a low, serious tone.

“Dunno. Don't think it's a possibility he just ran out of parchment or something, huh?” Ron tried to lighten the tense atmosphere, but gave up at Hermione's warning stare. He shook his head at this. “Don't worry, he'll be here - said he needed some time, we gave him some time, when he arrives, we'd just keep an eye on him, right Ginny?”

“With that cloak of his, who knows where he is half the time,” said Ginny quietly. Hermione's expression softened with her friend's defeated expression. Ron looked thoughtful.

“You know, you're right, he could be right outside and we wouldn't even know,” said Ron.

“Come on Ronald, if it were so simple to get past the Aurors, Death Eaters themselves could just wear cloaks and walk right in. There are anti intruder wards and a secrecy revealer blanketing the house. Weren't you listening to your mom when I arrived?”

“Sorry for not knowing everything,” he said under his breath so that she could barely hear.

“What was that?” Hermione asked, her posture so similar to Mrs Weasley that Ginny snickered behind the both of them. She almost expected to hear Ron reply with a contrite 'Nothing dear-'

“Nothing d-” Ron gulped. “Uh, just nothing, don't worry bout it.” Ginny found it so cute. Hermione huffed and sat down next to him, folding her arms.

“I hate not knowing what he's up to, especially at a time like this. I did not like the notion of him slipping past his escort either, but I went along with it. But what if it were all a mistake? Maybe he needs our help. Maybe something happened, we don't know for sure, he worries me no end sometimes.”

“The ministry has been searching for him all this while, even with their resources they couldn't find him. Think we have a better chance cooped up inside here?” said Ginny. “C'mon, this is Harry we're talking about. Don't worry. ”

Hermione gave Ginny a look that implied that was exactly why she was worried.

“Yeah, if the good guys can't find him, I doubt they could, makes sense huh?” Ron said, his voice grim with the implied 'they' in the conversation. The Death Eaters weren't exactly being secretive with their attacks these days.

“Well, you have a point, but we should at least try and do something,” said Hermione.

“Have faith in him,” said Ron, putting his arm around her and rubbing her upper arm. “He can take care of himself.” She did not respond, instead, she rested her head on his shoulder.


Early morning on the next day Harry was making his way back up the gentle slope, hoping to continue testing the scroll. As he approached the small wood surrounding the Weasley house he looked down on the map and froze to a halt. It was a damn good thing he had tried this experiment! On the far end of the property, he saw a tiny name dancing on the edge of the rickety picket fence that bordered the yard.

The name was Peter Pettigrew.

Harry's eyes narrowed as he tried to decipher why the name was moving in such an erratic fashion. Setting foot once again with his concentration solely on the map in his hands he almost didn't hear the warning hiss.

This iss my den, human, I sstrike if you come closser.....

Harry stopped. Looking down, he saw the snake in a coiled position, its head poised to strike. Harry backed away, looking at the animal directly into his eyes. Harry studied the snake. At that moment he got an idea. He'd indulge him.

'I apologise, my serpent friend. I will not come into your territory again.' Harry responded in parseltongue.

'You hisss our tongue? Who are you, human?' the snake's eyes glittered as the tongue flicked back and forth.

'I am the wizard Harry. What are you called?'

'Never have i met one ssuch like you. Name? I have no title. You may call me snake. Why are you here, human?'

Inquisitive snake, Harry thought. He stooped down on his haunches.

'I am looking for a rat. Can you help me?' he hissed softly. The snake lowered his head, its attitude no longer hostile. Harry assumed that the magic behind the parseltongue ability must calm them, somehow. The snake apparently studied him for a few moments, its tongue flicking in and out rapidly.


Harry nodded. The snake uncoiled itself and climbed the nearest tree. It wrapped itself along a slim branch. After a minute, Snake's heat sensors picked up a trail. 'He is on the far end, in the hole in the ground. Never has a rat smelt so. What sort of rat is this? '

Harry thought quickly. 'Because that is a poisoned rat, deadly blood in his veins, it is not wise prey'

'Ssso be it. I will lead you, Harry the Wissard.

Hissing a warning to snake that he was going to be rendered un-seeable but will be still following close by, Harry once again donned his invisibility cloak. He also took notice that snake gradually made a very faint appearance on the map. Thats was new and indeed interesting. However, Harry hoped snake was not leading him there just so that he could have breakfast. Not that he mind if Peter got eaten, but for the moment he needed Peter alive, that was for sure. If he could surprise him, he'd be able to catch him in his rat form.

For the first time in a long time, Harry felt excited.


“No word yet, I'm afraid,” Mr. Weasley told his wife as she once again asked if any of the Order had found Harry. She was distraught with worry. “If what Ron said is legit, Harry is okay, and would contact us when he's ready. That's what we have to go by for the moment, one way or another we would have to trust him.”

“Arthur, you can't mean that. Harry can't possibly comprehend the danger he's in,” Molly Weasley finished drying her hands on the kitchen towel and threw it on the counter in with a huff of frustration. “Sev- that traitor knows all of our secrets, and knows how Harry thinks. He fooled us all, even Albus. “ She sat down in the nearest seat, folding her arms on the table.Leaning forward, she lowered her tone. “We have assume the worst, we have to try and keep everyone safe, and if that means sequestering Harry to a twenty-four hour vigil, I think that is what it may have come down to. And another thing, why isn't Remus following him?”

Arthur Weasley shook his head solemnly. “He's on mission. Can't share that either,” pre-empting his wife's inquiry by nipping it at the bud.

“Couldn't be more important than Harry, ask someone else to do Remus' job-”



“Molly, please... not now, let's focus on each day at a time, we've got enough to deal with as it is without us getting riled up. Remus is on mission, Tonks is our only insider in the Auror division right now as Scrimegour has Kingsley on personal guard, and no one else except Dumbledore knew Harry well enough to keep tabs on him. He doesn't trust anyone with his location, not even Ron and Hermione, so we've got to be patient. He said he will be here for the wedding, and thats tomorrow. If he's not here by then...” Arthur paused, a crease forming across his forehead as Molly folded her arms in expectation; “Well, we'll take it one day at time, shall we?” he ended off lamely, trying to put this conversation behind him as he finished his morning tea.

Molly grumbled under her breath as she got back up from the table and placed breakfast in front of her husband, not even offering a refill as she stormed upstairs. Arthur sighed, and silently magicked the tea pot towards him as he opened this morning's edition of the Daily Prophet. Yet another attack. The headlines were grim as ever these past few weeks. So far, twenty muggles and four wizards died in the past few weeks, yet only seven of those cases were accidents or non- violent incidents. The Death Eaters were randomly attacking at the moment.

The Order knew that this was a front, these attacks were just to throw the ministry off the real scenario building behind the scenes. A giant camp was attacked last week, and from what Hagrid could determine, Voldemort had somehow managed a bargain where he would take all their young with him. He was recruiting allies to launch an offensive soon, that fact everyone was certain. Arthur spoke to McGonagall frequently over the past month, but efforts to ally themselves with the centaurs and the merpeople were so far falling on deaf ears. He knew that Grawp's presence was a major deterrent on the Centaur objective, and that the fact only Dumbledore could effectively communicate with the merpeople the major obstacle on that front.

Too many hurdles, not enough progress. They needed a beacon.

Arthur acknowledged his wife's desire to have Harry under vigil. Not for the obvious reasons, but also for the not so obvious ones. They needed him, no matter how volatile things were, Harry subconsciously reminded everyone that Voldemort was banished once, and it could be done again. Arthur finished reading the paper and then took off his glasses, rubbing his eyes. He had to be at the ministry this morning for a meeting at ten o'clock, then Hogwarts after that. He so wanted to be able to help prepare for the wedding tomorrow, but he'll have to leave that up to the others.

McGonagall had important news that the Order needed to know, that took precedence. Once that was done, he'd up the urgency on Harry's disappearance. Things were crazy at it was, if even they had confirmation of his safety, that would suffice. The lack of information was going to drive them nuts, one way or the other.

Hermione was sitting alone in the drawing room when she suddenly felt the intense urge to go outside and take in the beautiful scenery. Getting up from the worn couch she tucked in a bookmark on Worked Like a Charm; a do it yourself charm tutorial book that she found on Mrs Weasley's bookcase. She opened the back door leading to the broom shed and the overgrown backyard. Finding herself a bit confused why she would want to see the gnoll infested backyard, she blinked in consternation as spun on her heel and went back into the house.

There was a little flicker of light and a charm touched lightly on her chest. She gasped, but no sound came out as Harry removed the hood of his invisibility cloak, motioning his finger to his lips. Eyes opened wide, she could only nod since she was incapable of making a sound under his silencing charm.

“I'm going to lift it,” Harry whispered. “Sit back down like before, if someone passes I don't want them to think you're talking to anyone, far less me.” There was another flicker, and Hermione could feel her vocal chords relax. Another intricate wave of his wand and Hermione knew that Harry had just cast an Imperturbable charm on the open doorway, which in itself was no easy feat. Feeling exhausted, Harry leaned back against the wall and slid down it, giving Hermione the uncomfortable feeling of a head falling from a respectable height to one half of it. There was an abrupt thunk as he did so, and Hermione now realised that Harry was holding a box, or a cage, more precisely. Not the best crafted one, for its size it looked that could more than contain anything small enough to fit inside of it. Sturdy and made of something resembling a mixture of granite and wood, it sat there ominously, very out of place amongst the cozy and comfortable décor of the Burrow. Hermione stared at it, trying to decipher what in the world Harry was doing with something like that. She looked at him, her eyebrows doing the talking as she was still under the impression that words were to be kept to a minimum.

“I'll get to that in a bit,” Harry grinned. “There's one thing I need you to do first. Can you get Alastor Moody here as soon as possible?” Harry unfolded something tucked under his arm, and opened the scroll. “He's near the front lawn, talking to Bill. It's very important that no one else knows I'm here until he comes, all right?”

“Harry- I ,” questions wanted to rattle off her tongue, but the slight shake of his head dissuaded her. She got up, and was about to leave the room when she paused and turned back to him. “I'm just happy to see you here,” she said quietly.

“You don't know how good it is to see you too, Hermione. If when you get back I'm not here, tell Moody to look around, you know, just in case someone comes in snooping around.” She nodded understanding, and left. Avoiding contact with the numerous people bustling about, she now realized that Harry had successfully infiltrated probably the most secure household at the moment. And how easily he Leglimized her and persuaded her to open the door for him, defeating the intruder alarm from the inside out. Her eyebrows creased as she strode purposefully across the lawn directly to Moody and Bill.

“...And Dragons, we gotta have 'em. No better watchdog on a wedding, better an' er sniffler at range – Granger, something the matter?” he cut himself off as she approached from the side.

“Hi Bill. Um- I got post for you, Mr Moody. Pretty urgent, from prior experience that particular owl pecks hard, didn't want to give it too much of an opportunity. So I came for you. If its okay. Mr Moody, sir.” Hermione knew she bumbled that last part, but made a hasty retreat before she gave her self away. To her relief Moody asked to be excused and shuffled his way behind her into the burrow. Unbeknown to her, his wand was out and held alongside his thigh in the folds of his cloak as he followed her in.

When he got in the kitchen he paused, and Hermione took a few steps before she realized he had spoted harry. There was a big grin on Moody's face as he hustled through the corridor and into the drawing room. Putting up the same Imperturbable charm across the opening as Harry had done, he greeted harry with a gruff nod of the head.

“Well Potter, seems that you've been busy. You did the right thing by fetching me first. Who else knows?” His mad eye rotated unto the box.

“No one. I have to administer the pepper up spell though. Do you have something that could sedate him without me stunning him?” Harry whispered.

“Follow me. Bring him up to the storage room on the second floor. Granger, I need you to tell Arthur that the kink in my knee is acting up. I need the balm.”

“Er-” Hermione looked shakily between the two of them. Harry could understand her confusion. He came up close to whisper in her ear as they were already in the kitchen.

“I got Peter. No one knows right now, except us three. Safe to guess Moody used a code. Hermione it's okay, just tell him for us.” He nodded to re-assure her. She returned the gesture and went in search for him.

“West end balcony,” came the muffled hint from behind her. Turning again, she went to leave through the front and delivered the message to Arthur who immediately disappeared back inside and came pelting down the rickety staircase and almost dove inside of the fireplace in his haste to get to wherever he was going.

Hermione took a few moments to let it soak in. It didn't help much. Things happened so fast she was almost fooling herself into believing that Harry did not just sneak in here and told Moody that he just caught a Death Eater. She couldn't help but feel a shiver run up her arms. Turning, she went to fetch Ginny and Ron.

By the time she finally found them flying high on their brooms passing around the quaffle, her nerves were almost frayed to the point that she felt that she might burst with the knowledge that she had. Screaming and waving frantically at them to get their attention, she was unaware of the two invisible aurors protecting the grounds slowly converging on the pitch to investigate the commotion. Ron and Ginny landed, and Hermione wasted not a moment and grabbed them both by their wrists and hauled them back inside.

“What? What is it?” Ron said, his facing turning serious by Hermione's lack of response. “You are getting me worried now, come on spill it,” he ordered as they rounded the kitchen table and up the stairs. Ginny instinctively knew it had something to do with Harry but she held her tongue. By the time they reached the landing with Fred and George's converted bedroom they could hear faint voices.

“... you know, you know that won't work..made-eye... the dark lord would never let us ..too risky.. you can't...”

“You think I won't?” came the snarling response. “I will, and won't hesitate one bit. It's already on it's way, Wormtail.”

Ginny and Ron pulled up short, their eyes opening twice the size. There was a high wheeze, a sound similar to a mixture of laughter mixed with pain. There was a heavy humidity in the air then a static pull on their robes. “You should tell him to remove the transfiguration ward.” There was a pause where only the rhythmic fall of Moody's wooden leg knocked on the creaky flooring. “The longer I'm here, the more danger you put yourself into, Harry.” Ginny and Ron then turned to look at each other, astonishment on their faces and hurrying forward a few inches. Hermione was right beside them, inching up closer. Ron was frantically digging in his pockets for the extendible eyes he kept with him at all times. Finding three, he handed two to the girls and they crept up into the keyhole.

“He's right. The veritaserum would kill him,” Harry said solemnly, his wand held at the ready at his side.

"You actually beleive what he says." Moody barked."Potter-"

"No, this is different, just hold on a minute," said Harry, cutting him off.

Moody returned pacing in front of Peter Pettigrew. He was tied down to the sole chair amongst the stacks and stacks of boxes that took up the majority of the tiny floorspace.

“I'm willing to take that risk. It could be a lie,” Moody snarled. Harry should his head slowly, his eyes never leaving the diminutive man. “There's got to be a way,” Moody grumbled more to himself than to Harry. “Got any ideas?”

“Yeah,” he replied, his voice in a far away place. He refocused and then sized up the bigger man standing next to him. “I'm going to cut off his arm. It's the only way.” Wormtail's sneer vanished. His face now turned into panic.

Moody stopped pacing. “You are going to do what?”

“Stand back. Silence him only after the first few heartbeats...I think we only got one shot at this to make it convincing-” Harry pointed his wand, and Moody nodded. The trio outside gasped, but could not tear their eyes away.

“I get it- ” Moddy nodded, the logic somehow making sense to only the two of them. “Ready to shut it down?”

“Yeah, I met get a bit dizzy though, so look out for me.” Harry took a breath. “Sectumsempra!

There was a whooshing sound of a guillotine swing and then an ugly thunk of metal on flesh. Immediately Pettigrew's whimpering turned into a howl of pain that was cut off the moment it reached full volume by a flicker of light from Moody's wand. Harry then became very still, lost almost in a daze. Pettigrew's eyes rolled up in his head and he slumped in the chair, the silent scream cut off abruptly as he lost conscious. Harry stumbled and had to catch himself against the wall. Moody straightened him up, giving Harry a few seconds to catch his breath.

“Done! As far as the Dark Lord knows, Pettigrew is dead-” he gasped, the pain of his mental attack also weighing heavily on him. “Enervate him fully when he comes to.”

“Yeah,” Moody said doubtfully. “What about them?”

“Huh?” Harry was sweating, his face beading with perspiration.

“Didn't want to distract you, son, but your friends are peeping at us right now,” Moody announced irritably. Harry's eyes opened wide. He cursed under his breath.

“Hold on guys- this could get ugly...don't come in!” he said in half apology, and cast a privacy charm on the door. The extendible eyes went dark. Ron and the others looked at each other, not sure what to do. No one wanted to knock. After what seemed like ten minutes had passed, Moody opened the door.

“This is serious business. Only grown ups deal in serious business. You guys wanna be in? Then act the age. Understood?” The three of them nodded. In his hand was a conjured jar with the severed hand floating in a blue liquid. “Close one. Wished I had that boy's skill in the mind reading. Blasted thing needs two eyes to work... ” He walked past them, his wooden leg knocking loudly on the staircase. Ginny was the first one inside.


He was sitting on one of the boxes, covering Wormtail's face with an old cloth.

“You guys shouldn't have seen that,” Harry whispered, not making eye contact as yet. “What was that about?” he asked Hermione, indicating both Ron and Ginny. His voice was heavy with fatigue.

“Harry- you , you had everyone worried! What was I supposed to do? Not tell them?” Hermione blanched at the disturbing scene. Blood dripped off the arm of the chair in a growing pool.

“Not the best timing, I'm afraid,” Harry said between gritted teeth, but shook his head. Speaking to an empty patch of the floorm he began to chastise himself. “I couldn't believe how close it was to being all over. One more hour, one more minute, who knows?” Harry abruptly got up, holding his head in his hands.

“What in the bloody Hell is going on, Harry?” Ron shouted.

“Pettigrew wanted to get caught.” Harry said quietly. “I only figured it out a few seconds ago... it was just a hunch that I suggested we get rid of it, bloody good thing I did too. His arm, I mean.” Harry sighed. “The metal to the magic. Something was definitely wrong, that I knew for sure. Blasted thing was a trap. Not only was it a tracer, it was a portkey. I think it was intended to activate when he died under the veritaserum.” He kicked a box in frustration. “That conniving bastard!”

“You mean to say that the veritaserum would somehow kill him?” Hermione asked, her anxiety rising. It also dawned on her how close it was, and why Harry was in such a state.

“I saw it in his memories. A counter potion to veritaserum, it would somehow kill Wormtail if he drank it. Moody got him panicked enough so I could read his eyes, but we didn't think he was the suicidal type. Never though he was that brave.” Oddly, it struck him that the sorting hat had a sick sense of humor. Harry paced for a couple strides until he pulled his hair in anger. “Bloody hell! That was really effing close! ”

At that moment, Arthur Weasley raced up the stairs, Moody climbing up with some difficulty behind him. In his hand was the flask of what was undoubtedly the self same truth serum that he had run off in his haste to get. “What are you three doing here- Oh!Harry? What- how?” He finally saw the limp figure with the dusty cloth over his torso, blood pooling on the floor. He stopped abruptly. “What in the devil's name?” He could not tear his eyes away for a couple of heartbeats. Without turning to face them he began to speak. “Kids, you shouldn't be here...” he said lamely, dumbstruck.

“He didn't make it?” Moody asked as a matter of fact. Harry shook his head.

“Didn't know what happened, he just...” Harry shrugged.

Arthur Weasley tapped his wand at Wormtail's head, then his chest, then both biceps. “If I'm not mistaken, he went under cardiac arrest. Heart attack, thats a shame. He had so much he could have told us...” Harry eyed him uneasily. Ron and Ginny looked at their father in different eyes, and how easily he turned into an objective mode was alarming in comparison to the normally compassionate man they knew all their life. “Ron, Gin, there's some calming draught in the cupboard downstairs. Take Hermione as well.”

“Dad,” Ron protested.

“That's an order, Ronald.”

Ron closed his mouth in half protest. Nodding mutely, he took both girls by the arms and guided them downstairs. Arthur waited until they were out of earshot before he turned to Harry, who was just looking at the spot his friends just vacated.

“All right there, son?” he asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“No, not at all,” Harry said, but did not explain further. Moody nodded sadly, and walked past them into the tiny room.

“I can arrange for someone from reversal, Arthur. If there's anyone I trust in the ministry, it's him. You let me know if you want me to bring him in to look at the kids.” Arthur took another look at the disturbing image of Petter Pettigrew tortured to death in his own house, and sighed. He didn't know what to think right now.

“I'll have to consider it. Thanks for the offer. Harry?” Arthur consoled, looking for a response. After a second, Harry turned to face the older man, his face almost apologetic.

“I can't say that I didn't wish him dead, but this is different. I don't know about all this and all, but I know one thing is for certain.” He paused, trying to find the right words to say as he turned to star at the covered body. “I'm really relieved, no, happy this attack was botched. You don't know how much that alone makes me feel that this was probably the right thing to do.”

“If it didn't work out this way, they wouldn't have had a chance-” Moody indicated downstairs. “Let me tell you, if it weren't fer Harry here, I would have made him drink that Veritaserum like it was a cuppa his favourite, and then it would be all over. Ported right on top of us.” Arthur paled at the thought. Harry took a deep breath as he continued to look at the bloodied mess.

“I think I'm going to need some of that sedative too,” said Harry.

“No Harry! Don't try to convince yourself that this could be fixed with a potion. You've got to learn to deal with this if this is any indication of what may happen in the future." He took a few steps into the room. “I definitely am grateful for er...well...” Arthur needed to take a second to catch himself as the thought of Death Eaters port keyed directly into his home fully formed in his mind. He could feel the adrenaline now beginning to kick in. He wished to Merlin that Harry would somehow always be there to spearhead what he knew to be some dark times. His eyes conveyed what he could not say out loud.

“I understand, Mr Weasley.” He sat down on the box again. “We're really in it now huh? I'm ready for whatever it takes,” indicating the still figure of Wormtail. “Thats one up for us, the bastard.”

“A huge victory was won here today Potter. Fantastic work.” Moody said in a grave monotone as he conjured a body bag and levitated the corpse inside.

“Yeah,” Harry said sickly, watching the bag seal itself. To his embarrassment, he felt dizzy and swooned, stumbling into the half empty boxes. The last thing he saw was Mr Weasley rushing towards him as he fell into a troublesome sleep.


The Dark Lord Nedved lives again! I think I am back on track with this story, I had some writers block with the up and down of travelling but hopefully i will be on the spot once again! Thanks for the patience and remeber to leave a review. Respect!

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