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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 4 : The Horcrux
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Chapter Graphic by Caren at The Dark Arts


Many weeks passed and Halloween was drawing near. Ginny was never seen out of Harry's sight. Harry no longer slept in the boy’s dormitory. He now slept on the red couch in front of the fire with Ginny curled up in his arms.

It was a sunny Hogsmeade Weekend and the big group of friends was wondering around Honeyduke's Sweetshop, buying anything they saw that they thought looked tasty. Even Hermione was being a clumsy, jittery girl.

Ginny grabbed Harry's hand and she pulled him out of the store. They were both laughing their heads off at nothing. Harry pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her; he pulled her mouth to his to dissolve the laughter. He opened his mouth and began caressing Ginny's lower lip with his tongue, as to say “let me in.”
Ginny, as if reading his mind, opened her mouth wider to allow him to enter. He felt Ginny's tongue slide past his as he entered her mouth.

He pulled away for a quick breath but reformed the kiss just as soon as he left her lips. They kissed for many moments. Then Harry felt something. He felt the worse feeling throbbing in his scar that he had ever felt. It was worse than when Voldemort touched him in his forth year. Worse than any other feeling he had felt. It was like a blazing, white hot wire pressed against his scar.

He pulled away from Ginny and began to scream. He fell to his knees, clutching his scar.

"Harry! What is it?!" Ginny pleaded.

Harry screamed louder, trying to reply to Ginny's pleas, but couldn't muster the strength. He felt his body collapse against the hard stone ground, clutching his forehead in pain.

From inside Honeyduke's the other friends heard a terrible scream.

"Ron. That sounds like Harry!" Hermione announced.

"It is!" James yelled, automatically dropping the jar of jelly beans.

The group rushed out of the shop and out onto the pavement where they saw Harry rolling on the ground, screaming in agony, clutching his scar. Ginny was on her knees next to him, trying to calm Harry down, tears starting to form in her frightened eyes.

James rushed forward. He tried to hold Harry up, but he kept throwing about. James felt he should protect Harry. He was after all his son, even if he was his age. He felt he should care for him. He was like another best friend who you would die for.

"Shit!" James screamed.

Ginny got up and ran to Hermione. The girls held each other in their arms, both crying and hoping that Harry would be alright. Remus and Peter stayed back as James, Sirius, and Ron tried to get the screaming Harry in their arms and carry him up to the castle. Harry wouldn't stop falling and screaming, he was moving so much, still clutching his scar.

He began to scream even louder. "NO! MUM!! NO..."

James stopped. He's screaming about Lily! He must be having a vision of the night we died, he thought to himself.

"CEDRIC!! NO! Leave me alone!" Harry screamed once more.

"SIRIUS!” Harry shriek one last time. He gave one loud scream, the loudest he had with all his courage, then he stopped. He stopped screaming, he stopped moving and fell into unconsciousness.


Harry's mind was swimming with memories. And they weren’t happy either. Not happy memories, but his worst memories.

He saw Lily, pleading with Voldemort, then Lily being engulfed into a jet of green light. Harry felt himself scream something, but he couldn't tell what he was saying, he was too weak to tell.

The memory changed…

He was in the grave yard, collapsed on his knees, clutching his forehead...Cedric trying to protect himself and Harry...

..."Kill the Spare!"...

…"Avada Kedavra!"...

…Cedric dead, eyes staring straight up at nothing…

He felt himself scream again.

The memory changed.

He was in the Department of Mysteries. He saw Sirius falling, falling through the veil. He saw himself scream, and Remus holding him back from going to rescue Sirius. He screamed out again.

The memory changed one last time, but this time it was not a memory. It seemed as if it were taking place in present time.

"When will we attack again, my Lord? When will the Final Battle be?" Wormtail asked, bowing to his master.

"We will attack on Christmas Eve, at the Hogwarts Christmas Ball. I will once and for all silence the 'Great, Harry Potter'!" came Voldemort's raspy cold voice from the throne at the top of the room, "He has destroyed all of my horcruxes, except for one. He destroyed Ravenclaw's Tiara when it was not a horcrux, when the Horcrux is actually...his scar!"

Harry felt himself scream. He knew why he was screaming, but he couldn't tell how loud his scream was. He was screaming inside his mind. He...Harry...was the Horcrux...his scar.

Then he felt himself stop, as he fell into unconsciousness.

The Marauders, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione were gathered in the Hospital Wing, a week after their terrible Hogsmeade weekend.

Harry was still out cold, and he had shown no sign of waking up. He laid there motionless. Ginny was sitting on a chair, next to Harry's bed, holding his hand, and caressing it with her thumb.

Ron and Remus were playing an intent game of chess and Hermione was watching them with quite some interest. James was pacing the Hospital Wing, his arms folded across his chest, and a serious look on his face. Sirius was giving advice to Remus for his chess game, which was starting to get on Remus' nerves. Peter was no where to be found. He was never in the Hospital Wing with the friends. He always said he had some business to attend to.

Ginny sweetly caressed Harry's hand, it was as cold as ice. She missed his lively touch, and his sweet voice, and his hot breath tickling her ear when she slept in his arms on the couch at night.

Ginny lightly, swept away a lock of hair from Harry's forehead to reveal his scar. Her eyes widened at the sight. His scar was blazing a pure white, and blood was rushing from it. She quickly grabbed a cloth from the night stand and wiped away the blood, but it kept bleeding and wouldn't stop.

"James. Come here." Ginny said.

James rushed forward immediately and looked down at Harry's forehead. He gasped loudly. The others looked over to the bed where Ginny was trying to wash away blood from Harry's forehead and James biting his nails. They rushed over to see what the problem was.

Ginny told them that his scar was bleeding and wouldn't stop. She also motioned for them to look at his blazing white scar.

Hermione called in Madam Pompfrey and she came bustling into the room with a frightened look on her face.

"Oh My! I do not know what to do. All I can do is give him a potion to stop the bleeding, but that is all I can do, I'm afraid." Madam Pompfrey said. She hurried back to her office and came back out with a blue bottle in her hand.

She poured a small amount of the potion into a glass cup. She tilted the glass into his mouth, and closed Harry's mouth. She re-opened his mouth a few moments later, to make sure he had swallowed the potion, or to at least see that some of it made its way down Harry's throat. He had swallowed it.

Madam Pompfrey bustled back to her quarters and the Hospital Wing was in total Silence, once more.

Harry began mumble slightly, under his breath. Then his mumbling began to become louder, and he began to toss and turn. All of the sudden Harry's eyes shot straight open, and he plunged himself over the bed's edge and began to throw up. Harry felt huge, bulging, tears welding up in his eyes, and streaking down his cheeks as he threw up.

At the sound of retching, the occupants at the chess table rushed over to help Harry. Ginny held Harry's hand affectionately, and whispered words encouragement. James grabbed Harry's shoulders and held him steady while he threw up.

Harry threw up three more times, before he wiped his mouth with the cloth on the night stand and he flung Ginny on top of him. Harry mumbled words into her shoulder, between his muffled sobs. Harry pulled Ginny closer as Ginny hugged back tightly, James rubbing Harry's shoulders protectively.

Harry pulled away from Ginny and began to cry harder. He couldn't believe what he had seen right before he passed out. His scar was the horcrux.

"Ginny. Oh...Ginny." Harry mumbled, through his sobs. "I know whe-when the F-final Battle...is."

Ginny gasped. "Harry! How...how do you know that?"

Harry sat up and pulled his knees to his chest, and rubbed his eyes. "I saw in Voldemort's mind again." Harry looked around the room quickly to see if Pettigrew was in there. "Wor-Wormtail was there and he asked Voldemort when the final battle was going to be. He said Christmas Eve at the Ball."

"Oh my gosh." Ginny replied, "Do you really think that what you saw actually happened? Or was it a trick like he did with Sirius?"

"I...I don't know." Harry said. "But I sure hope the last part of what I heard is not true."

Ginny grabbed Harry's arm and squeezed it, a worried look on her face. "What? What did you hear?!?!"

"Ginny...I...I'm the...the Horcrux." Harry replied, tears welling up in his green eyes again.

"But, Harry. Th-that's not possible." Ginny stuttered.

"But Ginny, I am. My scar is the sixth horcrux. You never knew the whole story of the night I almost died. I am a parselmouth, because Voldemort is a parselmouth. The night I got this scar, Voldemort transferred some of himself into me. That's why I can talk to snakes. That’s why Voldemort's mind and my mind are connected in some way. That's why the Sorting Hat thought about putting me in Slytherin in my first year."

Tears streamed down Harry's pale face, and he once again plunged over the side of the bed to throw up once more. James grabbed Harry's shoulders to hold him steady, and comfort him in some way.

"Horcruxes? What are those?" James asked.

Remembering what Harry had told her during the summer she replied, "Horcruxes are when you split a part of your should and place it in an object of some sort, it could be anything, it could even be a human or an animal. Voldemort made six horcruxes. Harry has destroyed them all, but I don't see how he can be a horcrux. The only remaining part of Voldemort with a soul is the Voldemort himself." Ginny answered. That was where she got confused, how could Harry's scar be a horcrux when Harry had destroyed them all.

Harry wiped his mouth on the cloth once more and replied, "Right before I passed out, Voldemort said that I destroyed Ravenclaw's Tiara when it wasn't a horcrux, and it was actually my scar. I had always wondered whether I was a horcrux or not."

Hermione gasped and grabbed hold of Ron. Ron made an unusual face, and then relaxed. He wrapped an arm around her and puller her close. Sirius was biting his nails, clearly having no clue what to say about all of this. James was sitting there, with his head in his hands, and Harry was holding Ginny tightly next to him. They were both crying and had both missed each other so much.

Harry pulled away and kissed her sweetly, with all the energy he had left in him. Then he fell back to the bed, before passing out again.

Harry awoke slowly. He lifted his head, but stopped soon. He saw that Ginny was lying in the bed next to him, her arm wrapped around his stomach, her head lying on his chest. Ginny mumbled slightly and lifted a hand slowly and began stroking her red hair affectionately. He kissed her head softly and stroked her hair over and over again. Soon Ginny slowly lifted her head, and looked around. She sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes.

"Oh, Harry!" Ginny said sweetly. She leaned in and kissed his lips. They kissed for many moments and she slowly pulled away. "I can’t believe all of this. The Battle is Christmas Eve, and...and your the horcrux." Ginny finished, mumbling the last two words.

"I know, Ginny." Harry said, kissing her forehead. "I might not make it, but I will do my best to bring Voldemort down with me." Harry smiled.

Ginny made a sad face, but quickly changed it to a slight smile. "Good for you. Let's get to bed."

"All right, love." Harry replied.

They adjusted themselves to their usual sleeping position, Ginny curled up on her side and Harry, with his arm wrapped around her protectively, gave her a quick kiss before falling into a dreamless sleep.

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Making Good Use of Time Travel: The Horcrux


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