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Romantica a la Roma by Colleen
Chapter 2 : The Malfoy Mafia
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I can't believe I'm going to Rome with Ron, right now, Ron, my sweet love for how long and he didn't know, Ron, who makes fun of Crookshanks, but I could care less, Ron, oh Ron, to Italy... Oh my gosh! I'm thinking in a run on senence! It can't be! Oh no! Help! What has happened to my grammer? Is it because I am out of school? But now it's just me and Ron... oh no. He's spending all his money for a trip to Rome. He says I shouldn't spend anything. But he's so poor! And he doesn't have a job yet! Stop. Don't worry. You're going to be okay... I don't have a job either? Oh no. That is really bad. Really bad. I have to get one right now. Oh. But I can't because I'm going with Ronald Weasley, the love of my life, to Rome. Right now. With an apparating belt from his twin brothers - AN APPARATING BELT FROM HIS TWIN BROTHERS? WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO? Must calm down. I am going to be okay. I am with Ron, my sweet love-Hermione's thoughts were interrupted with a THUD.
"Hermione? Are you okay?" Ron was getting up from the middle of the street where they had landed. "Mya? We've got to get out of the way? Sweetie? THERE'S A VERY LARGE MUGGLE CAR COMING OUR WAY." Ron attempted to pull Hermione out of the way of traffic.
Hermione's eyes began to open, and she sat up, face to face with a huge crowd. "Oh! We must be in Rome!"
"Yeah, and you were almost run over by one of those muggle cars. I knew I shouldn't have trusted Gred and Forge... we landed on our backs and you conked out! You're not supposed to do that when you apparate!"
"You KNOW what's supposed to happen when you apparate? I didn't think you read that much," Hermione said as she straightened out her skirt. She was now seventeen, as was Ron. They had been going out for two years, but had known each other ever since they started at Hogwarts, seven years ago.
"I've done it before," Ron said.
"Oh. That's right, at the Quidditch Cup in fourth year. Well, let's take the belts off so we don't get into more trouble. I'm sorry I conked out - I was thinking, and then there was a very loud noise, and then I woke up with you screaming in my face something about a muggle car. I suppose you managed to drag me out of the way in time? I'm sorry," Hermione said in one large breath.
"Erm, yeah, it's okay," Ron said, then asked, "What do you want to do first? Wait no, I have an idea." And before Hermione had a chance to answer, he kissed her.
Hermione and Ron had checked into their hotel rooms (Ron's mother had insisted since they weren't married they have separate rooms, and Hermione actually thought it would be a good idea to be chaste; but Ron was somehow paying for both of them), and they were walking the streets of Rome. They ran into a large crowd and ducked into an alleyway for a breather. A rather large man, resembling what Ron thought to be a cross between his friend Harry's cousin Dudley Dursley and his enemy Draco Malfoy, stumbled up towards them. Hermione started to get a little worried, and Ron took her hand, but they stood frozen.
"Ciao! Have you seen Cornilius Malfoyius?" the man asked in a booming voice.
"Er... no," said Ron.
"Yeah? You haven't seen him? Have you seen a fist?"
"Yeah. I have," said Ron, "from someone whom I expect to be your relative."
"Oh yeah? Who? Macho Malofoyo?"
"No, Draco Malfoy."
"Oh, that scrawny kid. Can't stand him. Any enemy of his is a friend of mine. Welcome to the Malfoy Mafia, son. Name?"
"Er, Ron."
"And the girl? Is she your girlfriend?"
"I'm Hermione Granger," said Hermione, "and you are?"
"Sorry, forgot to introduce myself. Name's Victor. Victor Malfius. So you know about the MM?"
"Er.. we're not from here," Ron explained.
"On a vacation then? Where ya from?"
"Yes, we're on a vacation. We're from England."
"Jus' like Draco. Come over here kid." Ron walked over to Victor.
"Look kid. You get rid of Draco, I give you money. You get da money, you buy that girl da ring. She likes you. Ya don't get rid of the scrawny branch, I don't give you da money."
"Uh, look, I don't go picking fights. I know some info on Draco though. You could use it to blackmail him."
"Alright, good enough. Spill."
Ron went on to tell Victor about the time in sixth year when Draco had told Crabbe and Goyle about his secret crush on Penelope Clearwater and Ron had just happened to be right there. Of course, she was Penelope Weasley now, as she had married Ron's brother Percy; but if Percy found out he'd kill Draco for sure, or at least get him in trouble with the Ministry of Magic.
"Good. I tell him, 'I tell dat Percy guy if you don't pay.' He pay da money. I give da money to you. I send da branch a Howler, cuz he 'did not pay the money'. He pay more money. I keep dat money. Deal?"
"I don't really need the money, you can keep it. I just feel happy getting back at Draco. That's good enough."
"Wow. I like this kid. Alright, I keep all da money. You go tell dat girl ya love her. Deal?"
Ron walked back to Hermione.
"What was that all about?" she asked.
"Oh, a little way to get back at Draco."
Hermione laughed.
"Oh, I forgot. The other part of the bargain. Mya, honey, I love you."
"I love you too!"
Hermione couldn't help thinking something else was up with this little way to get back at Draco.

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