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Will of the Sexes by Miss_Magic
Chapter 6 : The Room of Requirement
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Will Of The Sexes

Chapter 6 - The Room of Requirement

*Disclaimer - I do not own anything that looks familiar. It all belongs to the marvelous J.K.Rowling*

Harry sat upright in his bed. The room of requirement?…Ron and Hermione alone…at night…this was bad. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to go spying on his friend but if Ron didn’t have someone there to stop him doing something stupid he was going to lose the bet. He knew that Ron would want him to help.

He quickly got out of bed and grabbing his invisibility cloak, he crept out of the dorm to see Ron’s feet disappearing out the portrait hole. He dashed down the staircase and climbed out, just covering his feet with the cloak, as Hermione turned round to look at the fat lady.


Ron was nervous. He didn’t know why he’d suggested the room of requirement. At least in the kitchens there would be a chance someone would find them before he could do anything stupid. But the room of requirement? That was a stupid idea. He sat there on the sofa he’d imagined, drinking a nice hot cup of hot chocolate staring at the girl he had obsessed over for years. Now she was his…and he couldn’t do anything…couldn’t kiss her…or touch her… he was so desperate to feel her skin again. He was startled by the sound of Hermione’s voice.

“Sorry about this” She said quietly “I didn’t mean to wake you…I don’t know why I came up to your room”.

Yes you do said a sly little voice in Hermione’s head. You know exactly why you went there. Because you want Ron. That’s why you’re here now…That’s why you’re staring at him…you’re staring at him Hermione…HERMIONE!

Hermione jumped as her inner self yelled at her to stop staring at him. Ron had obviously noticed it too. “It’s ok” Ron said after a small and awkward silence “I didn’t mind”.

Of course you didn’t mind Said an annoying little voice in his head. Of course you don’t mind that she came into your room at goodness knows what hour in the morning because you hadn’t slept a wink. Why? Because you were thinking of her…like you’re thinking of her now…imagining that top wasn’t there…staring at her body…her chest…again…her chest…you’re staring at her chest Ron…RON!

Ron looked up into Hermione’s eyes realizing that he had indeed been staring at Hermione’s chest. Hermione was very red in the face and Ron could feel his ears burning. He was so embarrassed. He looked down into his lap ashamed at himself. Then he wished he hadn’t because there was something there that he desperately wished would go away. He quickly grabbed one of the sofa cushions and placed it over his lap, lying his drink on top of it saying it was hot, to cover for his little problem underneath.

Hermione wasn’t stupid though. She’d seen it. And even if she hadn’t she could have guessed what had happened. It was a strange feeling she had at this because Hermione Granger wasn’t one to make a guy look twice…but with Ron…well look what she was apparently doing to him? It sent a wave of electricity through her body to think of what she could do to make him feel more…excited. She had heard from Ginny about all the things she does with Harry to tease him. Hermione had a sneaky little grin on her face.

“It’s pretty cold tonight” She said with a little shiver even though she was perfectly snug in her pajamas. Ron looked up.

“Err…did you want my shirt?” he asked and without waiting had stripped his shirt off his back and handed it o her.

Please take it…anything to cover up your skin to stop me from kissing you everywhere Ron thought to himself.

Hermione took it, numb with the shock of a suddenly shirtless Ron in front of her. She had to snap herself back out of it though. “Thanks” She said putting the shirt over her head and dragging it down. It was a little big for her, but it was snuggly oversized…and it smelled like heaven…it smelled of Ron. Hermione was trying to think of what to do to help herself concentrate on something that wasn’t sexual and/or Ron. That’s when she saw him lean his neck to one side with a slightly painful look on his face.

“Are you alright?” She asked concerned.

“Oh it’s ok, it’s just a bit of a twinge from Quidditch practice. Got a quaffle to the head” He said waving it off.

“Here” She said placing her hot chocolate down and walking around to sit behind him on the sofa. She placed her hands on his shoulders and began moving them in a circular motion trying to relieve the muscles of their pain.

Ron was lost. He didn’t know what to do with himself. Those Hormone Humbugs were playing havoc with his senses. He could smell Hermione’s sweet scent behind him. It smelt so strong and so intoxicating. And her hands…they were working wonders. He felt goosebumps all over his body that he was sure nothing to do with the night air surrounding them. He felt her leaning in towards him.

“Feel better?” She whispered into his ear. He shuddered all over. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He turned himself around so he was facing her dead on. He grabbed her gently behind the neck and pulled her in towards him.

Hermione couldn’t believe it; their lips were almost touching when…

“DON’T!!” They both pulled apart abruptly. They couldn’t see the source of the noise, which confused them greatly. But Hermione had put two and two together.

“Harry?” She called angrily. There was a few seconds of silence with nothing but the wind blowing before as if from nowhere, Harry’s head appeared at the door. He looked very ashamed of himself and highly embarrassed too.

“What are you doing here?” Ron asked, his ears burning red, with a slight annoyed tone to his voice.

“I’m so sorry guys, I wasn’t be nosy or perverted or anything like that but I heard your conversation in the dorm and I knew it was trouble. I knew you’d want me to stop you from losing the bet so I thought I’d come to help you out…you know, in case anything went wrong” He said looking at the floor. But he looked up suddenly. “But it was lucky I did really hey? Look what was about to happen” he said indicating the two of them, who were both standing now.

“Oh this bloody bet!” Ron cursed.

“Ron!” Hermione admonished him.

“Well I’m sick of it Hermione. I’m bloody sick of it. It was a stupid bet and we never should have made it. It should just stop”. He finished and before anyone knew what was going on Ron had grabbed Hermione gently by the neck for the second time that night but this time he kissed her passionately on the lips.

Hermione was in heaven. She had kissed Ron so many times but never before had it felt like this. This was …amazing.

Ron couldn’t believe he’d done it. But he was unbelieveably happy he had. It was like a huge warmth and happiness had washed over him. Her lips were so soft against his. He couldn’t believe he had gone without this for …who knows how long…too long.

When they finally pulled they both looked quite shocked. Neither really knew what had happened. Harry was struck dumb.

It was then that Ron felt a strange sensation on his head. Like his hair was growing too fast or something. Hermione gasped.

“What?” He asked.

“Look” She replied showing him to the mirror. Ron walked over to it and was gob smacked to find a pair of red horns sticking out of his head.

“What in Merlin’s name are these?” He asked feeling them and trying to take them off his head.

“They’re horns” Harry replied.

“I can see that Harry” He replied annoyed.

“There’s more” Hermione said from behind them with a slight giggle. She was indicating his back. Ron quickly swiveled round to see his back. Etched into his skin were the words ‘I’m Horny’ in bold red writing to match the red horns on his head.

“What the-”

“It’s Ginny” Hermione said between giggles. “Ginny said she’d put a charm on the bet so that if someone did do something, we would know”.

“WHAT?!” He yelled. He looked furious. “I am going to kill her” He turned back to the mirror to try another attempt at removing the horns. “Stop giggling Hermione, help me get these off” He said frustrated.

“I can’t” She said simply.

“What do you mean you can’t, you’re Hermione, you can do anything” He said still gawping at his new appendices.

“Thank you” She said with a slight blush “but I can’t. Ginny told me what she used to put it there and…well it’s not coming off” She said quietly.

“You’re telling me I’m stuck with these things for the rest of my life?” he asked getting red in the face.

“No, no, no” She said quickly “just for a few days…maybe a week” She said trying not to giggle. They heard a small snigger from the corner too.

“Oh, shut up Harry, this is all your fault” He snapped.

“What?” He asked “I came to stop you, it’s you that chose to do it anyway” He sniggered again.

Ron flopped down onto the sofa with his head in his hands.

“This is a disaster” he said in a pathetically resigned voice “everyone’s going to know I lost”.

Hermione sat softly down on the couch next to him.

“Ron, I’m sorry that you got the horns and not me” she said, lifting his head up gently with her finger and looking straight into his eyes “but if you hadn’t done it then, I would have done it soon after anyway”.

“Yeah whatever” he said skeptically.

“Really Ron, I was struggling so bad, not being able to touch you….to kiss you…but I can now” and with that she brought his lips to hers and gave him a sweet kiss that seemed to last forever. She was smiling blissfully when Ron opened his eyes.

“Well, if I’ve already got the horns…” He said with a grin.

Harry found this a very appropriate moment to slip out of the room unnoticed. The last thing he saw was the two of them entwined on the sofa, kissing and laughing. With a great jolt of jealousy Harry stalked back to his room alone, to lie there…alone…


So, one of the two pairs is out! And it’s Ron’s who caves! Well, this is only half the story though, because we still have Harry and Ginny…who will give in now? Anyway, I love your reviews guys, so please keep them coming. I love to read them and I try and reply to all of them, I apologise for having been slack lately. Anyway, my friends, please keep reading, we’re nearing the end…
Thanks, Miss Magic :D


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Will of the Sexes: The Room of Requirement


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