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This fic is crap, don't read it by goddessofsnark
Chapter 1 : Crap
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plz rd and revew. I want 2 kno if the relashunship between harry and latrina seems cliche or not. No flames plz! Thankies to LadieSophieKittie and WickedWitch1316 for helping me with this and most of all to TimeTurner for beign the biggest inspriatin 4 this! Enjoy!

"OMG Hermione you have to wear this!" Latrina Shaniqua Tiara Princess Rastafa Jones held up a slinky pink shirt she had plucked from the back of her closet. "I mean, it will go so well with your new haircut." Hermione looked at the shirt for a second. It was pink and had thin straps and a slit all the way up to her chest on the right side. She liked it.

"Oh, I know!" She said, plucking it out of her best friends hand and pulling it on. It fit her curves in all the right places. And looked totally smoking with her tight black pants and four inch heels and freshly died blonde curls. She loved it.

"Are you ready to go to Hogwarts?" Hermione asked and Latrina grinned at her.

"Are you kidding me? Isn't it almost time to get the train? Or whatever you call it here?"

"It's a train. We're not that far behind America. Just a little." Latrina laughed.

"Good. So it's not liek, going to the stone age then?"

"No." With that they apareated with their trunks to Kings Cross station and ran through platform 9 3/4.

"OMG Hermione, isn't that the guy that you have a crush on! It has to be!" hermione followed Latrina's pale white pointing finger. It was, in fact, the guy she had a crush on. Standing off to one side was Draco Malfoy. His blonde hair fell perfectly into place, a bang falling gracefully over one gorgeous grey eye looking so totally sexy. She felt her knees grow week, but quiekly steadyed herself.

"'Mione!" She turned to see Ron and Harry approacing. "Mione, you look amazing!" Ron said, hugging her tightly.

Latrina and Harry looked at each other,and she knew that she was in love. He was just so...gorgeous. With his cutely messy black hair that she wanted to run her fingers through and his beautifully brilliant green eyes, and that sexy scar on his face. She knew that he was the ONE. No one else would do. Hermione would have to set them up.

"So-" Harry said but the train whistle blew and they had to get on the train.


Harry stared at the girl across from him. she was gorjeous. She had long black hair that accentuaed her pale skin and her beautiful violet eyes. He'd  never seen eyes that color before. "So-" He started, choking up a little.

"Yes?" She asked. Even her voice was beautiful. The american accent was music to his ears.

"Why are you at Hogwarts?" He asked her.

"Well-its a long story. See, my mom's a witch, and she died when I was litte, so I was sent to a foster home in the states. And then my foster parents died. And then my foser uncle who was raising me molested me. And then I found out that I actually had a twin sister-" She pointed to Hermione "who was adopted by folks out here and I wrote them and they let me stay with them for the summer and go to hogwarts." Harry nodded sympathetically. She had gone through so much. He wanted to hold her and protect her from the world.


Draco set his trunk down. He didn' know who decided to make the head boy and the head girl share rooms, but he wanted to kill them. He was not going to share his private living space witha  filthy mudblood.

He pulled his wand out, raedy to curse granger and potter wen tehey walked in, but he was surprised to find a gorgeous blond walk in instead. It was only when she set her trunk down that he realized who she was. Granger got hot. Not hot. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Stunning. "You." He said simply.

"Me." She replied, looking at him. He got more and more sexy every year. But he would never love her. She was a mudblood. He was Draco Malfoy.

"So-" He started. "We're sharing a dorm."

"We are."

"And a bathroom."

"We are."

"I shower at night." She stored that snippet away.

"I shower in the morning."

"Good then."



"Harry. Latrina. Dumbledore wants to see you in his office right away." McGonigal walked into Gryffindor common room and told the two who had been siting on the couch talking. Harry wanted to protect her from the world, he wanted to be a knight in shining armor and prtoect her.

"Lemondrop?" The headmaster offered after they went up the staircase to his offfice. "I find they're quite tasty. So lemony and suggary, and they have teh ability to make anyone much more bearable."

"You wanted to see us Headmaster?"

"What? Right, yes I did. See, Harry, Latrina here is very important in the war against voldemort."


"SEe, she is going to help you  She has special powers that will be key to winning the war agains voldemort.."


"She has the power to put love in anyone's heart." Latrina nodded. "And the only way to defeat voldemort is to teach him how to love." be continued....

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This fic is crap, don't read it: Crap


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