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James Potter has betrayed me by maurader fan
Chapter 7 : Moving on
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognise (though I wish I did!)

As Lily was walking down to breakfast the next day, she kept her head down, and looked miserably at her feet. How could she have ever been kind to James? He was the most insensitive person in the whole world!

“Hey, Lily, wait up!” It was the person that Lily would have most liked to avoid.

“So Lily, your hair looks, um, good?”

“Was that a question or a compliment?” Lily snapped. She didn’t need this, not now.

“Will you go out with me?” James asked, as Lily felt tears well up in her eyes. He had hurt her when he asked her out the first time, and she was reliving that pain again. He must have no respect for her as a person, how else could he deliberately opened up the wound that he had delivered when he asked her to go out with him because Sirius said he should, and then stated that her relationship with him didn’t matter, because she would forgive him.

“Lily?” James asked, “Are you crying?”

Lily turned around and started to head back up to her dormitory. She wasn’t hungry, not anymore.

“Hey everybody,” James announced loudly to the corridor, “Lily’s crying!”

People were staring at her and a first year she didn't know was was pointing. How she wished that she could apperate!

Lily felt a heavy hand fall gently on her shoulder.

“I would like to speak with you in my office Lily.” Dumbledore said gently.

“I haven’t known you that long Lily, but I can tell that something is wrong.” Dumbledore said sadly once they were in the privacy of his office. “Is there anything that you would like to tell me?”

“No.” Lily said, not meeting Dumbledore’s watery blue eyes.

“Lily, as head of Gryffindor house, I need to know if something is troubling you, so I can help, even if I just lend an ear.”

“Well, I would prefer if the girls dormitory was off-limits to boys. It’s just well…yeh.” Lily said lamely, not wishing to go into details of James invading her dormitory to talk to her, while freaking out Fay.

“Ahhh yes, I take it you refer to the incident last night in which young James gained access to your dormitory?” Dumbledore asked, to which Lily nodded.

“I see…yes.” Dumbledore said. “There is an ancient rule forbidding boys from visiting the girls dormitories, but it is foolish to assume that the rule has never been disobeyed.”

“Perhaps I’ll enchant it so boys can’t climb the staircase?” Dumbledore said more to himself than to Lily. “Yes. Don’t worry Lily, I’ll enchant it after breakfast.”

Lily rose hesitantly, unsure if she was being dismissed.

“Now is there anything else you would like to discuss with me?” Dumbledore prodded gently.

When he got no response he added, “Anything to do with your friendships? You have been rather sad lately and the rest of the student body has been rather despondent due to the weather you’re causing.”

Lily gasped, “Is that me?” It had been mirroring her moods ever since she had come to Hogwarts, but weather control was meant to be very advanced magic.

 “Yes, I believe you are the student who is unintentionally controlling the weather.” Dumbledore said, before cautiously continuing, “I know you’re going through a hard time at the moment Lily, and I also know that you don’t feel comfortable sharing it with someone who you don’t know that well, like me. But you should talk to someone about it. Perhaps a close friend, or someone not at Hogwarts?”

Lily nodded demurely.

“Now, we better get down to breakfast before it is all gone.”


Lily sat with Fay at breakfast, but that didn’t stop James from coming over before she could leave.

“Lily, you’ve embarrassed me in front of my friends,” James whispered in her ear.

So James didn’t think of her as one of his friends.

“But I’ve decided to be nice and give you another chance.” James continued. “After all, its what friends do.”

So James thought of her as a friend when it suited him.

“James,” Lily said, “Once upon a time there was a girl. She was the most popular girl in her school; everyone was nice to her and wanted to be her best friend. She had three secret admires. And this girl was happy. But there was a boy. He was weird and had no friends. He didn’t even know what a TV is.

The girl felt sorry for the boy, and she gave up all of her friends for him, so that he could have a friend. They were both accepted into a unique school, and they promised to be best friends forever.

But the boy was a selfish git, who ignored the girl and his promise to her. He ran off and made new friends, leaving her all alone. But for some reason, the boys friends wanted him to go out with the girl, maybe they wanted a laugh, so the boy asked the girl. When the girl said no, he reminded her of their past friendship, and tried to use it to force her to go out with him.

 The girl now hates the boy. She hates him as I hate you. The end. Now leave me alone.”

“What’s a TV?” Asked James, “And why does that story sound familiar?”

“Because you’re the selfish, idiotic boy and Lily is the sympathetic girl.” Fay said nastily to James. “Come on Lily, we’re going.” And they headed off, to the girls bathroom.

James stood there feeling odd. He wasn’t a selfish git, was he? Maybe he had hurt Lily. What was he thinking, choosing Sirius over her? He should…

“Coming James?” Sirius called loudly. James obediently returned to his master, all decent thoughts gone from his head as he thought how he could try to impress Sirius.


“He doesn’t deserve you Lily, Just ignore him.” Fay said, trying to console Lily who was staring despondently in the mirror of the girls bathroom.

“I just wanted to be his friend. But now he just wants to impress Sirius.” Lily said to her reflection. “Well, I’m going to ignore him, just like you say.” But Lily knew that it would never be that easy.

When she arrived at the dungeon where they were having the lesson, Lily saw the back of a scrawny, messy-haired boy, and it began to rain again. Ignore him. Forget about him.

During the class, Lily concentrated hard on ignoring the whisperings and murmurings coming from the back of the dungeons, where Sirius, James and Remus were sitting, and just focused on Slughorn.

“Very good work Lily,” Slughorn boomed out at the end of the lesson. “Ten, no, five points to Gryffindor for excellent focus.”

At the end of the day, Fay said, “I can’t believe Slughorn gave you five points instead of ten, because you’re Gryffindor and he’s head of Slytherin.”

“Hmmm,” Lily said distantly. ”Do you want to sign up for the wizard chess club together?”

“Lily!” Fay exclaimed, “You have signed up for everything you can possibly do already.” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “I know you are trying to distract yourself from Potter but honey, you’ll overwork yourself!”

Well, I’ll do it by myself then. Lily thought, before getting back to her potions essay, even though she had already written 6 inches more than what Slughorn said was the maximum length required.

Athors note: Thankyou so much for reading! I hope you are inspired enough to review! 

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James Potter has betrayed me: Moving on


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