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Erin by HPsmartone32
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15: Zero to Two in Nine Months
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Chapter 15: Zero to Two in Nine Months

“Daddy! I can’t find my seeker!” Erin said, searching through the covers and sheets of her hospital bed frantically.

“I’m sure he’s around here somewhere, honey. Mind the IV,” Ron answered from his chair next to the bed, worried that Erin would rip the cord out of her arm searching for the Quidditch player.

“I don’t like the IB. Can you take it out?” Erin stopped searching to ask. Ron knew that Erin was growing restless, spending a week in the hospital wasn’t anyone’s idea of fun.

“No, you have to keep it in for thirty more minutes,” Ron said, “Did you let Jami borrow your seeker?” Ron tried to distract her.

“No, can you look there, please,” Erin asked, pointing under the bed.

“Sure, oh look, he’s right here!” Ron exclaimed.

“What’s he doing there?” Erin asked as she took the agitated –looking figure from Ron.

“Probably hiding,” Ron mumbled.

“What?” Erin asked.

“Nothing, he probably fell after that last game when you flew him into the bed-rail,” Ron added, feeling kind of sorry for the little figure.

“Oh,” Erin said, “Let’s go see Mummy.”

“We can’t, Erin, you need to rest, so you can go home soon. And Mummy is with the healer getting the baby looked at in her tummy,” Ron told her, “but she should be back soon.”

“Okay. Let’s play Quid-inch then, and since Mummy’s not here we can make them play violet-ly.” Erin smiled.


“Well, Mrs. Weasley, everything looks great. The baby is fine, and while your blood pressure is a bit higher than I’d like, that will most likely be down soon. After the final decision is made, right?” The healer laughed. Hermione smiled nervously, still weary from the past few days.

Every witch, wizard, and magical creature now knew about the “Erin Case” as the Daily Prophet had been running updates ever since the discovery of the Horcrux and the attempted murder of the four year old. The Counsel had been reviewing and discussing the evidence for the last day and a half. Soon, everyone involved would appear in court again and a final decision would be made.

“Oh, and here,” the healer added handing Hermione a plain envelope with “Weasley” written on it, “the sex of the baby is written on the paper in there along with the fist picture. I thought you might want to open it with your husband.” Hermione’s heart jumped as she took the envelope. The piece of paper inside made the baby inside of her real in a way that cravings, morning sickness, and hormones couldn’t. It also helped that she could barely fit into her sweatpants nowadays.

“Thanks,” Hermione muttered, sitting up in the bed and staring at the envelope.

She quickly changed out of the hideous nightdress that the hospital had made her wear and back into her own clothes. She walked down the hall of the Maternity Ward mindlessly turning the envelope over and over in her hands.

She didn’t think that she wanted one more than the other. People always say, “We just want a healthy baby,” and that is what Hermione and Ron wanted, right? I mean she wouldn’t be disappointed no matter what, she thought. She hoped Ron felt the same way, actually, she was pretty sure that he would.

With a smile she entered the Spell Recovery Ward and walked down the long hall to Erin’s hospital room.

“Did you really play Quid-inch in school?” Hermione heard Erin ask as she neared the room.

“Yup,” Ron answered proudly.

“Did you get to cob anyone?” Erin asked excitedly.

“Oh, that was one of my favorite ---” Ron started but was interrupted by Hermione walking into the room and clearing her throat, “moves that I never did because cobbing is bad, bad, bad.” Ron saved not looking behind him because he knew the look he was getting from Hermione, and had no desire to see it.

“Mummy, what’s that?” Erin asked pointing to the envelope.

“This is an envelope and inside the healer wrote down whether the baby is a boy or girl,” Hermione explained as she pulled on of the chairs up next to Ron’s.
“Well, open it!” Ron exclaimed a huge smile plastered on his face, “What’s wrong?” he asked that smile fading quickly as he saw that Hermione wasn’t smiling but was staring at the envelope with a weird expression, “Is there something wrong with the baby? Cause if there is that B-A-S-T-A-R-D is going to die for putting all that stress on you, mark my words, Hermione.” Ron announced angrily.

“Yeah, that A-S-R-D is going down,” Erin copied Ron shaking her finger looking stern.

Hermione laughed, “The baby is fine, it’s just,” she paused, “this makes it official, Ron.” She looked up and saw that her husband was confused, “ I know the mood swings and cravings have been here for a while, but I mean as soon as I open this envelope, we have to start picking out names and shopping and making a nursery, and… doesn’t that scare you?” Hermione asked looking into her husbands blue eyes.

“Of course it does, Hermione,” Ron answered, putting his hand on her leg, “But watching you with Erin has reassured me that even if I’m the worst father ever, our little boy or girl will turn out just fine with a mother like you.”

Hermione smiled, “Thanks, and if you are anywhere near as good a father as you are a husband, this baby will turn out just fine.”

Ron smiled his adorable half-grin, leaned in and kissed his wife.

“Ewww!” Erin cried.

Ron and Hermione pulled apart and looked at Erin, “Are you ready to find out if you are going to have a little sister or little brother?” Hermione asked her.


“Alright, Ron,” Hermione handed Ron the envelope.

Ron took it and with shaky hands, managed to break the seal. He reached in a pulled out a fold white sheet of paper. As he went to unfold it, it turned blue as blue and white confetti spewed form the center of the paper and a noise makers sounded, “Congratulations, you’re  having a baby BOY!” the paper yelled.

“A brother!” Erin squealed and clapped her hands together.

“A boy!” Hermione exclaimed and hugged Ron around the neck, “We’re having a baby boy!” Ron answered happily. A dark picture fell from the paper and Hermione bent over, with some difficulty, and picked up the first picture of the baby, “Ron look!” Hermione whispered as she watched the white figure that was her child move slightly.

“He’s beautiful!” Ron whispered.

“I wanna see!” Erin whined.

“Here, look,” Hermione showed her, “Here’s his head and his feet.”

“Whoa!” Erin exclaimed, seeing what she hoped would be her little brother for the first time. Looking over at Ron she said, “Daddy, we have to teach him Quid-inch!”

“Yes, we will,” Ron answered, still grinning from ear-to-ear.

“I can’t wait to tell Ginny and Harry!” Hermione laughed, “I guess we won’t be needing Jami’s old clothes.”

“Yeah, no way is any son of mine wearing anything pink --- or maroon,” Ron added thinking back to when he would get those hideous maroon sweaters every Christmas from his mum.

Hermione laughed and sat back in her seat closing her eyes thinking vaguely about what she was getting herself into going from no children to two children in less than nine months.

Knock, knock
someone rapped on the door then opened it.

“Hey, Parvati,” Hermione heard her husband say.

“Blue confetti? Does that mean –”

“I’m getting a brother!” Erin finished.

“Congratulations!” Parvati said cheerfully. Hermione opened her eyes and smiled, “Thanks,” she said, “Look, here he is!”

“Wow, he’s gorgeous.” Parvati smiled.

“Isn’t he?” Hermione admired.

“Well, I also have good news, Erin has, obviously, improved a great deal in the past week, and while I want to keep her just one more night to monitor the last IV dose of medicine she has to take after dinner,  she will be going home tomorrow morning,” Parvati informed.

“Great! Did you hear that, honey? You can go home tomorrow!” Ron said.

“No more IB’s!” Eirn exclaimed happily.

“Nope, not after tonight,” Parvati said, “Oh, and this came to the front desk for you,” Parvati handed Ron a rolled up piece of parchment.

Ron and Hermione looked at the letter in silence, “I’ll leave you three alone,” Parvati exited the room.
“Here, ‘Mione, you open it,” Ron said trying to hand Hermione the letter.

“No, you should open it,” Hermione insisted push the letter back at him.

“I just thought you might want to,” Ron started.

“No, it’s fine.”

“If you’re sure?”

Erin sighed loudly and picked up her Quidditch players and began another rousing game of Quidditch.

“I’m sure, open it Ron.” Hermione answered, without taking her eyes off of Erin.

“Okay,” Ron unrolled the letter and his eyes floated over the paper.

“What’s it say?” Hermione asked looking over at her husband, biting her bottom lip.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Weasley,” Ron began, “The custody case of Erin Myra Malfoy has been under review by the members of Wizengamont and by the minister, himself. After many days of rigorous discussion and a review of the widespread evidence, the aforementioned members of Wizengamont have made a decision. As tradition goes, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Weasley and Mr. and Mrs. Draco L. Malfoy will meet with the minister and the members of Wizengamont  in courtroom twelve at six a.m. on the 20th of January to hear the ruling and perform the closing actions of the trail. Do not be late, as no one will be admitted into the courtroom after six. Signed, Wendy Windell Head of the Court and Justice Department” he finished.

“January 20th, that’s on Monday. Three days,” Hermione stated, taking the letter from Ron to read herself.

“They have to give her to us, they just have to,” Ron said staring at Erin, who was laying back in her bed holding a very angry Quidditch player by his left arm.


“Ron, did you get all of her toys?” Hermione asked as she swept the last of her and Ron’s into the bag she was holding.

“Yes, dear.” Ron answered from the other side of the room, “We don’t get the medicine until we check out at the front, right?”

“Yeah.” Hermione answered looking over the hospital room one last time.

“Don’t forget this,” Erin said handing Hermione the picture of her little brother that she had stowed under her pillow.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Hermione replied taking the picture as putting in carefully in the bag. Erin was sitting on her bed wearing her own clothes for the first time in a week. Hermione couldn’t help but notice how happy she looked to be going home, or what Hermione hoped would be her home.

“I think that’s everything,” Ron sighed, smiling, “who knew that in one week we could accumulate two large bags worth of toys and clothes?”

Hermione smiled, “Well, if that’s all, let’s get out of this place!”

Erin smiled, stood up, and jumped into Ron’s arms, “Bye, room!” she called happily as Ron walked out of the room that Erin had been confined to for what seemed like years.

With one last glance of the room that contained so many memories Hermione followed her husband and Erin out and pulled the heavy white door closed behind her; sighing, Hermione hoped the next time she was in such a room, she would have a son.

A/N: long, long, long wait, I know. I’m so sorry. I hope that you liked the newest chapter of Erin! There will probably be two or three more chapters before its all done. *tear* Anyways, please tell me what you think by leaving a nice little review!

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