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Bex and Co. by Zokara
Chapter 12 : Amuvus Platformia
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Winter had finally hit when Bex was searching the library for some information for her charms essay. As she turned a corner, she bumped right into Severus Snape, who was sitting at a small table in the little alcove. He jumped upright, and the quill he was holding tumbled to the floor. 

“Hey, Snape,” Bex said, grimacing. “What are you doing to that book?” For Snape was scribbling furiously down the margins of his potions textbook. 

“Nothing!” he yelled, slamming the book shut, grabbing his things, and racing out of the library. But a loose page had fluttered from the book and Bex picked it up. By this time Severus was far away from the library. Rebekah glanced at it, and her eyes widened. She pocketed the page and walked purposefully towards the Gryffindor common room. There, she called a meeting consisting of Emily, Lily, and Jess. 

“Look what I found!” she said, her eye brows rising. “Old Snapey’s been making up spells…” 

“Look at this diagram!” said Jess in astonishment. It showed a man’s arm transforming into an ape’s. 

“How grotesque…” Lily said, snatching the paper away, fascinated. 

“We could do this,” Emily piped up. “Make up our own spells, I mean. Bex could do it, she’s really smart. Snape’s not even passing his transfiguration homework. If he could do it, so could we…” She trailed off, thinking she’d said too much, but now the three other girls were nodding, considering. 

“Right then! To the dormitory!” Jess cried. The girls followed her up the stairs, stifling their giggles as they went. 

“Let’s start by saying something random and seeing the result.” Lily said decisively, pulling out her wand and aiming it through the window. 

“Amuka Platuka!” she said. The window smashed and a purple vapour appeared in a kind of platform outside it. 

“Is it solid?” asked Jess, and to test it she put her hand out the window. 


“Amuvu Platform!” tried Jess. The vapour disappeared and was replaced by what looked like a solid sheet of metal. However, Jess could stick her hand through it like the purple vapour. 

“Platformia Amuvia!” shrieked Emily. The metal solidified, but turned papery and thin. When Jess pushed slightly on it, her hand punched a hole in it. 

“Good so far…” considered Bex. “What if we reversed the order back to Amuvia first…” but she mistakenly said, “Amuvus Platformia!” The platform disappeared. Bex cursed. 

“Hold up!” Jess exclaimed, sticking her hand out the window again. “I think… it’s worked! It’s a solid, reliable… um, invisible, platform! C’mon!” Jess climbed out of the window, and felt her way around the platform. 

“Jess! Get back here immediately! We haven’t tested it! The spell might wear off soon!” Lily said, and she anxiously helped Jess climb back through the window. 

“Stick a rock on it and wait to see how long the platform lasts before the rock falls,” suggested Bex, as she conjured a lump of obsidian. They spent almost six hours taking it in turns to watch the rock, before a long beeping warning sounded, and, after a further ten seconds, the rock plunged onto the pavement below, thankfully avoiding the first year walking along the path. 

“We have six hours of time on that platform.” Bex said. After conducting some further tests for safety, Lily decided that the spell they’d made up was okay for use. 

“Although we should really tell Professor McGonagall about it, so she can register it…” she said, as she watched Bex create a series of platforms like stairs so she could touch the ceiling of the dormitory. 

“Not yet! Let’s have a bit of fun with it first!” Jess said, grinning. 

“Ohhh, come on, Lils! We’ll use it for the best reasons before we tell McGonagall. Let’s play a joke on the Marauders! I never got Sirius back for that snowball…” So Lily agreed. 

“By the way, when’s the next full moon?” questioned Emily, suddenly remembering their werewolf suspicions. 

“Oh yeah! It’s tomorrow night, isn’t it? We’d better get prepared. Now that I think about it, this spell could be quite useful if we get into any danger. Wait a minute, can I try something?” Bex flicked her wrist and discovered that the platform spell could create more than platforms. It could also make invisible walls. 

“Yeah, it could,” agreed Lily causally. The four girls made their way downstairs, trying to appear innocent by chatting seriously about Voldemort’s latest murder. 

“The poor little boy was left with no parents, and his grandparents are on the brink of dementia.” Lily said. 

“Oh no!” Emily sympathised. Just then, Sirius and James strolled through the portrait hole towards Remus and Peter, who were relaxing in the armchairs by the fire. Bex immediately pulled out her wand and whispered, 

“Amuvus Platformia!” Black and Potter donged into the invisible wall. 

“What the..?” asked James, putting his hand out to feel his way around the spell. Sirius did the same. After realising there was no way around it, Black turned to the girls staircase, where Rebekah still stood, her wand poised. 

“Get rid of it!” he ordered. 

“I was going to, but you were so rude to me!” Bex said, in mock pity. 

“How’d you do this anyway?” asked James, trying to find weak spots. 

“Severus taught us… a little lesson.” Lily said, on familiar terms with the fact that this would annoy James the most. Potter immediately strode out of the common room, with the purpose of finding Snape and giving him exactly what he ‘deserved’. 

“Come on, Bex, move it!” Sirius said. 

“Why should I?” 

“Because I’m begging you.” 

“I don’t see any bent knees.” 

“Fine.” Sirius got down on the ground. “All hail Rebekah Jennifer!” 

“And a list of my traits?” 

“You’re annoying, cruel, foul, twisted, in need of a counsel-“ 

“I meant my good ones,” interrupted Bex. 

“You’re gorgeous, all-powerful… and that’s about it.” 

“You could just repeat gorgeous over and over. Perhaps throw in a few synonyms every now and then.” 

“You’re very, very gorgeous, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, gorgeous, elegant, gorgeous, attractive, gorgeous, striking, gorgeous, good-looking, gorgeous, dazzling, gorgeous, lovely, gorgeous, magnificent, gorgeous, hot, gorgeous, dignified, and gorgeous. Okay?” 

Bex removed the wall. 

Later on that year, she and the other girls told Professor McGonagall about the spell. While she sent it in to the ministry to get it approved, she told them they weren’t to use it.

Author's note: Review this story or else. I will personally make sure that... eh... Bex traps you in a box made of the platform spell and, um, fills it with snakes!

Or possibly SNAPES!

Yeah, so um, MWA HA HA HA!

Thanks. Remember to review, or you are unhelpful. But I love you anyway.

Although I would love you more if you reviewed.

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